Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 377

Amplified by the loudspeaker, Li Elite’s arrogant words spread throughout the audience.

Uproar’s Stadium fell into silence for a moment, and the students looked at Li Elite on the battlefield with various eyes.

Li Elite’s face remained unchanged, his head still held high, with an arrogant appearance.

He took out the Poké Ball and took away the fallen Gabite, then controlled the elevator platform to slowly descend.

It seemed that he suddenly remembered something, and shouted to Jiang Sheng:

“Since you defeated my Gabite, I would like to call you the strongest of the freshmen Trainer!”

“It won’t be too long, this name belongs to me, just let you experience it for the time being!”

Suddenly have a burst out of the calm audience big laughter.

A group of senior officials also shook their heads and laughed.

This student is too arrogant and talks too much.

The leader of the teaching and research team of Dragon Academy bowed his head and sipped the tea in the cup, losing both the championship and the face. This is too difficult.

The Dragonite behind him has sharp eyes, staring at Li Elite, gearing up, as if he can’t wait to get fat and beat Li Elite.

Li Tian left the scene blankly.

This surprised Jiang Sheng.

He thought that with the character of Li Elite, he would yell after losing the game, blame the gods and accuse others.

But he didn’t expect that he would be so calm, without a trace of resentment in his eyes, and accept the failure plainly.

Li Elite has retired, but he still can’t.

The elevator was manipulated by the staff to move to the center of the field, and Kadabra flew up and stood beside him.

Under the signal of the staff, Jiang Sheng released Raichu and Metang again, let them surround him and enjoy the cheers from the audience first to the winner.

After the game, I took a photo with his subordinate Pokemon. The photo was logged in Hall of Fame.

What makes Jiang Sheng happy is that there are no cumbersome steps such as group photos and high-level leaders’ speeches.

In fact, when the game was over, the director, Vice Principal and other high-level officials did not even look at him and left the game first.

After that, the teaching and research group leaders also started to get up and leave.

Then, the lifting platform slowly dropped and Jiang Sheng was able to exit.

Although he won the game, Jiang Sheng felt strange in his heart.

According to the concept of his previous life, one should not build a podium, and then the leader will give the award, the winner’s speech, the winner’s Academy leader’s speech, the school leader’s speech, the host’s passionate speech, the closing ceremony music… etc. Can a set of tedious and boring steps be regarded as the end of the closing ceremony?

Also, what about your own rewards?

The top executives have all gone, who will lead them?

Forget it, the style of Trainer High School has always been the same.

Wait to send a message to ask Li Yuan, she must know where to get the reward.

Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived.

When the elevator fell underground and waited for the War Zone, Jiang Sheng found that Li Yuan was waiting for herself in the War Zone.

“Teacher, what’s the matter?”

Li Yuan smiled at the corner of her mouth, teased: “Do you want your reward?”

Since Li After Yuan’s temperament changed, she began to exude a beautiful and alluring charm that a woman should have, coupled with the dim lights of the War Zone, it has a different taste.

Jiang Sheng came back to his senses just for a moment.

“Yes, how can I not? Why didn’t I reward me for participating in the freshman competition? It’s just that no one mentioned it? In the crowd, I also asked sorry.”

Jiang Sheng Suddenly remembered something, and quickly asked:

“Teacher, I this can be considered to revive the glory of the Psychic Institute, won’t the courtyard give me some rewards?”

“It really should be.”

But after finishing talking, Li Yuan frowned and fell into thinking.

The atmosphere fell silent, Jiang Sheng sorry laughed:

“Teacher, don’t take it seriously, forget it, I’m cracking a joke.”

Li Yuan shook the head, frowning, shook his head and replied:

“The Psychic Academy is not short of money and will not treat those who have done meritorious deeds. Pokemon cubs, move teaching, move development, credits, etc. Academy can give You.”

Li Yuan stared at Jiang Sheng closely, her eyes sharp, as if she could detect the essence.

“Can you tell me, are you missing these things?”

This question hit Jiang Sheng’s heart, is he missing these rewards?

He is not lacking!

What he lacks most now is antiquities and a small amount of spiritual crystals.

It would be a bit difficult for them to call the Psychic Institute for antiquities. The courtyard does not study ancient energy.

Even if you can find it for yourself, say a few hundred points less and two or three thousand more points.

It’s completely an utterly inadequate measure, just learn a few tricks for Houndour.

As for the spiritual crystallization, don’t embarrass the teachers of the Psychic Institute.

The spiritual crystallization that is useful to him now is at least professional grade and gym grade, which are rare treasures.

Unless Li Yuan is allowed to spend the admission quota to exchange in Neikuli, otherwise the courtyard should not be available.

The internal library is not opened by Teacher’s own house, and they also need to make contributions in order to be admitted.

The value of the reward is too great to be taken out in the courtyard.

Li Yuan suggested:

“Would I use my contacts to help you find an outstanding Psychic Type Pokemon cub, or give you a lot of credits as a reward?”

Jiang Sheng shook the head and denied this proposal.

He doesn’t want to cultivate a new Pokemon now, he already has a lot of them.

Raboot is still having trouble with him because he can’t play, so he has no intention of bringing other babies.

Credits are of little use, he is not short of them now.

If the Psychic Academy were to award credits, he would lose a lot.

“Forget it, I’ll talk about it later. The courtyard remembers me well. If I need help in the future, don’t turn away in the courtyard.”

” Oh, you have a good calculation, but I promised.

I’ll talk about the rewards in the courtyard later. Let me talk to you about the rewards given by the school.”

Jiang Sheng lifted his spirits and finally reached the key point. The lovely and mysterious Dragon Valley beckoned to me.

Is there a special Dragon Type Quasi-Legendary waiting for me in Dragon Valley?

An Elite Quasi-Legendary Dragon Race wants to leave me alone?

This is too exciting to think of!

Although I don’t want to bring a baby, but if it is a special baby like Metang, and you let me bring six at once, I can say that it’s hard for (fen) it (bu) ( yi) acceptance.

“Eight rounds of the game, you have won all of them. According to the previous rules, a total of 800 credits have been credited to your campus account.

Secondly, it is Elite. Tips for the development of moves.

You should be able to see all the tips for the development of moves that can be exchanged in the library interface of the campus APP. If you decide, tell me about it, and I will help you get the copy.”

Jiang Sheng didn’t think too much, and said directly:

“I want that X-Scissor move development secret.”

Li Yuan was silent. For a while, it seemed to search X-Scissor’s memory in his mind.

If it’s other teachers, you may not remember any trick development secrets in the school, but Psychic is different. Their memories are always clear.

After a while, Li Yuan looked at Jiang Sheng with weird eyes and said:

“You are a smart person, this is not a good choice!

Let’s not mention whether you have Pokemon under your hand and really need the X-Scissor move.

forgive me to speak bluntly, this is a rubbish move!”

It’s ugly, but This is a fact.

Bug Type moves and Grass Type moves are the worst.

Moreover, both are moves named after “cross”, X-Scissor is far worse than Cross Chop and Cross Poison.

The latter two specialize in key points, and can hit normal damage.

And X-Scissor is a simple and unpretentious Bug Type attacking technique without any special effects.

The development of X-Scissor should be a slightly valuable Kung Fu routine, which can also be called a slightly lethal fist embroidered leg.

Jiang Sheng is also helpless, otherwise, what else can he do?

Beedrill can’t. Drill Run will be the next shot. There is no other means of attack besides Poison Jab and Fell Stinger.

Although Beedrill’s moves are far more than this, the rest are functional moves, which are suitable for some special occasions and are not suitable for strong attacks.

“Teacher, I know very well that the Elite move development secret is going to be X-Scissor.”

Li Yuan did not persuade, nodded agreed:

“There is one more admission quota for the internal library. Credits are allowed to be exchanged for an item. This is a reserved right. Do you want to use it now?”

“Use it now, ask for Gym The development secret of the first-level move is created by a Trainer from Golduck, which can develop Psyshock into a mental hammer.”

“Well, this is a good choice. You can use the 20% off right of the Psychic Academy. This move development secret requires 1600 credits, should you have enough credits?”

Jiang Sheng nodded affirmed.

“Well, there is the last item left. Bring out an item with a price of less than 10,000 credits in the inner library and a quota for Dragon Valley access. Choose one of the two, which one do you choose? “

Jiang Sheng didn’t think about it. It was a decision made long ago, and he blurted out immediately:

“I want a place in Dragon Valley!”

When speaking, Jiang Sheng kept watching Li Yuan’s face.

She didn’t change her face, as if she didn’t care, and she seemed to have known it.

Jiang Sheng also doesn’t know whether Li Yuan knows what he is talking with Xiao Sponge.

Although I used Li Yuan’s cell phone to chat, as everyone knows, the chat history can be deleted.

The little Sponge is big and the little ghost is very precocious. This operation is not difficult for her.

He has never regarded the sponge as a child, since the last time the Faceless Man happened, he has regarded the sponge as peers.

“Well, I see, I will report to the school later, and the school also needs to report for approval, so it will take a while.

Two copies of the move development secrets, I I will pick it up for you later, and learn the branch directly from your account.”

Li Yuan paused and said:

“Tomorrow, I have time tomorrow afternoon , You come to the office area to find me a copy, I have something to tell you.”

After arrangement, Li Yuan turned to leave, Jiang Sheng hurriedly stopped her.

“Teacher, can the time be changed to today? I am in a little hurry. I may be leaving school tonight or tomorrow morning.”

After monitoring by the bracelet, I slept for more than ten days Houndour is finally coming out of the cocoon, and the time for the cocoon given by the bracelet is about tonight!

In addition, the Mist tomb cannot be delayed and must be resolved as soon as possible.

This morning, the Zhu Family brothers sent a message saying that a group of people claiming to be in a certain game had entered the Mist.

Jiang Sheng’s head buzzed, like being hit by a heavy hammer Normal.

Ancient Administration?

I am really afraid of what will come. The previous plan may be revealed.

Although he is confident that few people can break the tombs related to the different space, he is afraid that they will be trapped in the different space and mess around, destroy important nodes and destroy the different space.

Don’t be afraid of knowledgeable people, just afraid of people who are dissatisfied with half-bottle sloshing wildly!

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