Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 378

Li Yuan not at all carefully inquired about Jiang Sheng’s affairs, but only knew about matters only in school.

She knows that Jiang Sheng has been skipping classes and rarely comes to school. Pokemon is stocked at home.

In addition, he never accepts quests, and the only quest he accepts is from her, in order to get him out to avoid the limelight.

It is obvious that Jiang Sheng has a secret.

As for what it is, Li Yuan doesn’t want to inquire. After thinking about it, she reschedules her time:

“You come to the office area at four o’clock in the afternoon to find me and take away two moves Develop a copy of the secret book, and then I will talk to you about some things.”

“That’s it, do you have anything else?”

“No, I’ll be there in the afternoon , Teacher trouble.”

White light flashed, Li Yuan has disappeared with Teleport.

Looking at the place where Li Yuan disappeared, Jiang Sheng couldn’t help but slap his tongue, is this still a human?

It’s Kadabra of Human Transformation…No, it should be Gardevoir of Human Transformation.

If Kadabra knows what Jiang Sheng is thinking in the heart, he will definitely use Confusion to dump Jiang Sheng.

We Kadabra clan provoke you? Turn around and call us ugly?


After returning to the dormitory, Jiang Sheng turned on his phone and received multiple messages congratulating him on winning. He responded one after another.

Zhao Hao said that he was going to take him to the city to play, Jiang Sheng looked at the big cocoon beside him, and tactfully refused.

Zhao Hao asked again when he would have time to go to the city for a drink and barbecue.

Jiang Sheng gave a wry smile, and had to tell him that there was a task in the courtyard recently and he had to go out for a long time, so Zhao Hao gave up.

one after another After replying to the greeting in the mobile phone, Jiang Sheng exchanged card 2 and called Zhu Yue.

After the call was connected, Zhu Yuezhen reported:

“Boss, our brother has been staring here, everything is as usual here.”

His tone There are some impatient meanings in it:

“I heard that you left the sub-rudder again yesterday, the boss. I don’t know when you will come back and lead us to this…different space?”

After learning about Dragon Crystal up close, Zhu Yue coveted them and couldn’t wait to dig out the Dragon Crystal underground.

They have a deep understanding of the great generosity of the boss, and they will definitely not treat them badly. When the boss gnaws bones and eats meat, they can make a lot of money just by drinking the soup.

Jiang Sheng replied faintly:

“No hurry, just two days, soon.”

He asked quite seriously. :

“Are you sure those people didn’t contact the outside world before they went in?”

“Boss, there shouldn’t be any. It’s been so long. If you contact an outsider, it should be early Someone came to block here.”

“I see, there are no special changes in Mist recently?”

“No, everything is as usual.”

“Hmm , Remember to throw in some of the living supplies you brought, and don’t let them jump over the wall in a hurry.”

In the sub-rudder, after inquiring about the issues one by one, Jiang Sheng vaguely guessed the difference. Entry way.

As long as someone or Pokemon gold enters the Mist and is wrapped in the Mist, they will be transferred to another space.

This method can be used to send living supplies in, so as to prevent the guys inside from being inseparable from the different space and venting indiscriminately, causing the different space to collapse.


At four in the afternoon, Jiang Sheng came to Li Yuan’s office.

“These are the two tips for the development of moves you want, do you want to see it?”

Li Yuan pushed her computer over.

Two copies, in completely different formats, one is a USB flash drive, the other is a copy-bound manuscript.

“The U disk is the image data, which was left by the Escavalier Trainer. I looked at it roughly. Most of them are strength emission skills, which are not convenient to write in a book.

The manuscript is the development method of “Spirit Hammer”. I have learned it before. It contains mostly theoretical knowledge. If you don’t understand, you can let your Pokemon come to me.”

Jiang Sheng nodded , Raichu is already a mature Pokemon, and will always learn by itself, then let it go to Li Yuan by itself.

“No, go back and look again, Teacher, didn’t you say that there is something else looking for me?”

“Well, there is indeed something. By checking your account records, I found you It seems that I have never taken an elective course?”

Jiang Sheng was speechless for a while and didn’t know how to answer.

Do you tell Li Yuan directly that he thinks Trainer’s courses are not helpful for his own Trainer path?

Isn’t this a disguised scolding of Trainer High School Teachers are all idiots?

Li Yuan did not embarrass Jiang Sheng and said:

“With your performance in the freshman competition, you really don’t need us to teach you anything. But your Pokemon breed has entered a Misunderstanding.”


Jiang Sheng is frowned, and it is unknown.

“Teacher, what’s the mistake?”

Li Yuan got up and walked to Jiang Sheng.

“Go to the underground training ground, I will show you my battle method.”

Speaking, Li Yuan put her hand on Jiang Sheng’s shoulder, white light flashed, weightlessness Came.

Feeling down to earth again, Jiang Sheng hurriedly opened his eyes.

He is in a spacious Dojo with bright lights.

There are many Psychic Type Pokemon around Calm Mind sitting on the ground, and some are playing with Confusion balls or developing moves.

The bracelet was swept away, Jiang Sheng received feedback from the information, the surrounding Pokemon Level is more than 40.

These Pokemon should all belong to the teachers of the Psychic Institute.

“Gardevoir, come here, and two more professional-grade Pokemon.”

Gardevoir in Calm Mind woke up only a dozen meters apart, it still uses Teleport to catch up Go to Li Yuan’s side.

It tilted its head and glanced at Jiang Sheng, froze for a while, then smiled kindly.

Li Yuan discovered this detail, looked at Jiang Sheng weirdly, and said without beginning and ending:

“You are not right!”

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong with me?”

Jiang Sheng looked at Gardevoir, trying to find out the reason from it.

This is a 59-level Gardevoir, and the Characteristic Trait is [telepathy].

Its Psywave is vigorous and agitated, and may be trying to break into the Gym level.

Apart from this, nothing special.

A gentle female voice sounded in Jiang Sheng’s mind:

“You are a little different, but don’t ask me the specific reason, I don’t know. The impression you gave me is like this, very similar to my Young Lord.”

Young Lord?

Small sponge?

Does Gardevoir mean that he is an extraordinary natural talent like a small sponge?

Not right.

Kadabra has confirmed that he has no innate talent in Psychic cultivation, so he can only be supported by spiritual crystallization.

Does it mean that I will become a powerful Psychic like a small sponge?

This is also impossible. Impossible every Pokemon can see the future.

“I don’t know, but don’t think about that many, Gardevoir’s innate talent is not as good as your Kadabra, but it is a well-known figure.

The tradition of our Psychic. You also know that the more Psychic Type Pokemon pays attention, the stronger his innate talent.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, I did not continue to ask.

After a brief exchange, two Psychic Type Pokemon came over.

One Slowbro and one Gothitelle, both Level 57, the strength is not much different from Gardevoir.

“This is the Pokemon of the other two Teachers, first take them to the next machine to test the level, and then I will show you the real Pokemon breed method.”

Jiang Sheng No words, let Li Yuan arrange.

After all, he can’t tell Li Yuan that he can distinguish the strength of the three Pokemons by naked eye alone.

At the end of the level measurement, Li Yuan took Jiang Sheng into a single training room. The space inside was open for Pokemon to compete.

“The three Pokemon Levels are only two levels worse, not much difference.

There will be no crushing situation in normal battles. I will let them compare one after another and show you The real method of Pokemon breed.”

Li Yuan looked towards the three Pokemon and arranged:

“Gardevoir, you will fight with Gothitelle first and follow my command.”

“Gothitelle, you can defend normally, or you can counterattack.”

Jiang Sheng stood aside and looked forward to the next battle.

Li Yuan’s meaning is very obvious, I want him to understand the “correct” way of Pokemon breed through battle.

Two Pokemon are standing opposite each other, their faces are serious.

“Gardevoir, Confusion!”

Gardevoir waved, and a gust of wind blew up in the room. Gothitelle’s eyes flashed red and Confusion was also mobilized to resist the attack.

The two Confusions just collided. The Confusion of Gardevoir, such as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood Normal, dissipated the Confusion of Gothitelle and lost sight of the cast. It shot Gothitelle out and hit the wall.

Gothitelle got up from the ground and wanted to fight back, but Li Yuan suddenly signaled:

“Okay, that’s the end, change to Slowbro.”

Jiang Sheng looked blank.

This is the end? What are you going to explain to me?

“See what… forget it, keep watching.”

Slowbro stood opposite Gardevoir, and the second match began.

“Gardevoir, Hypnosis!”

Gardevoir raised his hand and made a gesture, and the amount of Mental Force spread out, affecting Slowbro’s consciousness.

The red light in Slowbro’s eyes lit up, mobilizing the Mental Force in his brain to resist the erosion of Hypnosis, but in just two breaths, Slowbro was defeated, and his inanimate eyes appeared even more dull.

Li Yuan commanded: “Let it dance in place.”

Gardevoir gestures change, Slowbro dances with the gesture changes, just like the lift between Gardevoir’s palms. Line puppets.

“Do you understand this time?”

“This time is move development, you told me to pay attention to move development?”

Li Yuan nodded, and Asked:

“What about the first time?”

Jiang Sheng frowned slightly, shook the head.

The first time was the unpretentious Confusion confrontation. He couldn’t see any strangeness.

“It’s specialization, I mean let you specialize in the development of a certain ability!”

Li Yuan has a headache and seems to dislike Jiang Sheng’s stupidity.

“To give you an example, Lucario is a very legendary Pokemon. Although it is a bit bad now, it lowers the lower limit of the strength of this family.

I used to I have seen the powerful Lucario, it has developed Aura to the extreme, without relying on the Aura Sphere of the Lock On target, just a mediocre Aura outside, can stun the same as Level Pokemon.”

” I collected all your fighting videos and found that only Raichu can barely watch your Pokemon.

Although other Pokemon have many methods, they have little effect on the battle. Every time they defeat the opponent, they are Rely on innate talent, or by routine.”

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