Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 379


Jiang Sheng suddenly realized that Li Yuan meant that her Pokemon was too complicated.

This point is right, Jiang Sheng cannot refute it.

Take Kadabra as an example, it should be like the Gardevoir just now, digging deeper into the related abilities of Psychic Type.

Especially the root of Psychic Type-Confusion.

But his own Kadabra also learned Dazzling Gleam and Shadow Ball.

The former is used for Dragon Type and Dark Type Pokemon, which is understandable.

The latter is used to target Ghost Type Pokemon and Psychic Type, and it does not seem to be a problem.

The three-series moves are developed in a balanced manner, and they are flexible, and they will be more face-off.

But everything works, everything is loose!

Jiang Sheng’s face is a little hot. After Li Lan said this, he feels like a domestic cat raised by a tiger.

Kadabra’s Psychic Type moves are all about eating innate talent, relying on the powerful Mental Force to crush others.

Shadow Ball is quite satisfactory, without any tricks.

Dazzling Gleam can barely be seen, can’t be considered amazing.

The Raichu mentioned earlier by Li Yuan is now very distinctive, turning Thunderbolt into an electric hammer, as if out of his own style.

In fact, Li Yuan doesn’t know that Houndour and Raboot can be mentioned on equal terms with her men.

In this way, the problem is again with Kadabra.

Li Yuan has always been very concerned about Kadabra, I am afraid that she thinks that she has abandoned Kadabra, so she will persuade her.

Well, this pot has to be dealt with, he can’t get rid of it.

Seeing that Jiang Sheng understood what she meant, Li Yuan used Confusion to pull two chairs from the corner of the training room and motioned Jiang Sheng to sit down and talk.

“About Pokemon breed, you should understand the principle of’seven-point eating three-point training’.

I won’t tell you about eating, I have observed you closely That Raichu has beautiful hair and plump body. It usually eats Peak Level food. I have nothing to teach you in this regard.

I will briefly talk to you about the practice, hope You can think a lot.”

Jiang Sheng’s face was sullen, he hurriedly stood up and said in gratitude:

“Thank you Teacher, this is already the greatest help to me.”


Maybe what Li Yuan is talking about is usually mentioned in elective courses, but Jiang Sheng has no time to listen.

Someone opens a small stove, isn’t it more fragrant than eating a big pot of rice.

He has an old problem since he was a child, and his stomach is not very good. The doctor said that if he can eat soft rice in this life, it is best to eat soft rice.

Li Yuan was slightly nodded, accepting Jiang Sheng’s gratitude, and raised her hand to signal Jiang Sheng to sit down and speak.

“Pokemon training is mainly divided into two parts, physical exercise or Attribute control and move development.

I won’t say much about the first two, but Pokemon needs to work hard to train physique. Or sit down and comprehend.

When I went to your dormitory a while ago, I saw that Raboot and Houndour did a good job.”

Jiang Sheng’s mouth is slightly curved. , His cub was praised, he was very proud.

Li Yuan continued:

“So, in terms of Pokemon training, I will only talk to you about the development of abilities and moves.”

“Ability, This definition is very broad. The most representative ones are Aura and Psychic, which can be described as’omnipotent’ to the extreme.

Secondly, special ones like [oppression], [Unnerve] and [intimidation] Characteristic Trait can be regarded as an ability.

This ability can be understood as a domineering aura attached to Pokemon, which makes the role of aura more obvious, which is the development of abilities.”

Jiang Sheng In my heart, the Lucario mentioned by Li Yuan and Gardevoir’s powerful and unmatched Confusion are all capacity development.

It’s not difficult to do Gardevoir, just accumulated over a long period of time Calm Mind.

Ashamed, Kadabra has been running around with him, and Calm Mind’s time has been greatly shortened.

Seeing Jiang Sheng sinking into thinking, Li Yuan did not stop, each minding their own business’s sermon:

“The development of moves, I divided it into three steps.

To describe in Lao’s words, the three realms are: looking at mountains, looking at mountains and looking at water, looking at mountains, not looking at mountains, looking at water, not water, looking at mountains, looking at mountains, looking at water, or water.

To put it simply, the first realm is to learn moves and use them.

Kadabra’s Shadow Ball stays at this stage. In this world, the overwhelming majority mediocre Trainer stays at this stage.

Second Layer realm is an in-depth development of moves. Your Raichu is a representative of it, so there is no need to talk about it.

The third realm sounds very mysterious, but to put it bluntly, it is Return to the Natural State.


Although some of the moves are still the same as they are, the meaning is different.

How can I not tell you how, each Pokemon has different perceptions, so you cannot generalize.”

Jiang Sheng listened quietly, but wrote them all down, without thinking deeply.

Li Yuan gave a direction. As long as you understand the general direction, you can think slowly.

It can be compared to a mathematical theorem, and how to use it has to be understood by yourself.

Li Yuan called Jiang Sheng over this time, but not only to teach Jiang Sheng something so simple, she went on to say:

“I called it from the school database in the morning After getting all your information, after getting to know it roughly, I have thought of some training ideas for each of your Pokemon.

You just listen to it, and it’s not up to you.”

Jiang Sheng’s eyes lit up. If Li Yuan’s previous words were theorems, then the next words should be compared to formulas.

The former needs to think in terms of actual conditions, while the latter can just copy the known data directly without thinking.

Rather than waiting for Jiang Sheng to say thanks, Li Yuan took the lead in explaining.

“First of all, your Houndour, it is very special, especially the golden flame of Spit Up.

Speaking of which, you have to be thankful that there are no crazy researchers in the school, and in the future When walking, you must always be vigilant and protect yourself and Houndour.

Also, the incident a dozen days ago really shocked me. I hope you can restrain yourself in the future.”

Li Yuan’s meaning is obvious. Normal people know that the Houndour of the Spit Up golden flame is abnormal, and it is hard to guarantee that they will not move their minds.

Even if Houndour is loyal to Jiang Sheng, others will not be able to command it if they take it away, but do you need to know about it?

“Its breed idea, I hope you can focus on Flamethrower and Dark Pulse, and learn these two tricks, it is enough.”

“For Raboot and Skiddo , The school has collected too little data. Skiddo should be regarded as a pet or a land tool pet, I will not mention it.

And Raboot, its Characteristic Trait is rare, its character is hard work, and it is worth training.

I checked some information about Cinderace for you, and I think you should make it focus on the key move of Pyro Ball.

However, the most important task at this stage is to let it complete its final evolution. “

“Your Raichu is very lucky. It has evolved ahead of time and its potential has been greatly reduced.

But according to my observation, you should have made a remedy afterwards to make it physique strong and full of energy. , It has the opportunity to become stronger again.

It will have a smooth road in the future because you have already paved it.

It has a strange electric hammer move, plus This time the Spirit Hammer, the two are very closely related.

In the words of your youngster, you can take the path of’one hammer to break the law’.”

Speaking of which , Li Yuanxiu raised her eyebrows, as if she suddenly remembered something.

“I forgot to tell you that Mental Hammer is difficult to practice and very painful. Pokemon will feel unhappy when practicing, but as long as it succeeds, it will be of great benefit to its Mental Force.”


Jiang Sheng eyes shined.

Doesn’t this also match Kadabra?

In order to become stronger, Kadabra usually eats the most bitter Pokéblock, which is quite ascetic.

If you can become stronger, it is just some pain, it can definitely endure the past!

Li Yuan’s light purple eyes are as cold as Spiritual God Normal, and they seem to be able to see through people’s hearts.

She seems to have clearly understood Jiang Sheng’s idea, lightly saying:

“Kadabra is the last thing to mention, its situation is not suitable for the development method of using the mental hammer.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, remember in the heart.

At the same time, he is also thinking, is it Kadabra at the end?

It seems that Li Yuan is most concerned about Kadabra, and his training ideas are probably the most detailed of all Pokemon.

“You go back to understand the information of the Spirit Hammer. The manuscript is very detailed, and my personal feelings are attached to it. I copied it for you.”

” By the way, you are a human being. Don’t try some wonderful Calm Mind methods in Spirit Hammer.”

Jiang Sheng quickly nodded to agree.

But there is another idea in my mind.

I can eat Pokéblock, should I try it hard when I go back?

However, if this thing is practiced wrong, there is no risk of head exploding, right?

“Next is Metang. I have nothing to say about this unusual big guy in your hand.

Its training idea is very simple, practice various contact physical Move is all you need.

As long as you don’t have a fever and don’t want to cultivate a special attack Metagross, you will not be wrong in cultivating your ideas.”

There was a little helplessness in Li Yuan’s eyes. After sighed, he said:

“Finally, let’s talk about Kadabra, it is a pearl in your hands.”

Jiang Sheng chuckled, but he thought secretly in his heart” Sure enough,” Li Yuan’s ultimate goal is still Kadabra.

“I want to say something more, this Kadabra innate talent is really very good, reaching a level that is rare in the world, I hope you can cherish it!”

Jiang Sheng looks solemnly The nodded, put on an humbly teachable posture.

“First of all, its Confusion is not strong enough. It looks very strong in the eyes of outsiders, but it is not in my eyes.

In the future, you have to urge it to Calm Mind, I mean Not to squeeze out all the broken time Calm Mind, but the super-time, uninterrupted Calm Mind.”

“My Gardevoir may not be as powerful as the Lucario mentioned earlier, but your Kadabra should It is not a dream to rely solely on Confusion to stun the same level Pokemon.”

Jiang Sheng felt that Li Yuan’s words had a strong sense of sustenance.

Wen has no first, Wu has no second!

People always tend to the mysterious Aura brave, worship them and praise them.

But classify the Psychic as an alien, fear them and isolate them.

Perhaps after seeing the unknown powerful Lucario, Li Yuan’s desire for victory or defeat was aroused, and she wanted to cultivate a Psychic Type Pokemon with the same level.

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