Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 380

Li Yuan continued to tell Jiang Sheng about the training ideas of Kadabra, she asked:

“Kadabra’s Psyshock is a bit different, have you noticed it?”

Jiang Sheng Recalling the scene when Kadabra used Psyshock, nodded:

“Others may not feel the difference between Kadabra’s Psyshock, but we Psychic can perceive the existence of Confusion, and we will find that Kadabra’s Psyshock is like The surging waves are Normal.

I have made plans and I am going to find a Pokemon who knows Surf to teach Kadabra.

Although Kadabra can’t learn Surf, I can understand the principles of Surf. Fortunately, then Kadabra will be able to develop his own spiritual Surf.”

Li Yuan is slightly nodded, adding:

“Since you have a choice in your heart, Spirit Hammer Don’t give it to Kadabra because the two development methods for Psyshock are completely different.”

Li Yuan not at all sell Guanzi, continue to explain:

“Spirit The hammer, as the name suggests, is to make the Mental Force as hard as a hammer and bring terrible physical damage to the opponent.

It requires the user’s Mental Force to be tenacious, solid, and nearly substantial.”

“Kadabra’s development method for Psyshock requires Mental Force to be looser, more ambitious, and to have the meaning of Immeasurable Sea.”

“You can’t have both!”


Jiang Sheng squinted, lost in thought.

So, these two ideas are indeed acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose.

But what kind of path he should choose is not for him to decide.

Since you can’t make an adult’s choice, let Kadabra choose.

“I see, I will discuss with Kadabra in detail.”

“Well, Dazzling Gleam and Shadow Ball are both good moves, but in my opinion, it is unnecessary Painstaking development, skilled application as a means to fill the blind is fine.

Of course, this is just my suggestion. If Kadabra is proficient in his own moves, you can study these two moves in depth.”


Jiang Sheng’s nodded cooperation means that he is in the heart.

“The last point is about Future Sight this move.

There is something I want to ask you, why did you choose to use Future Sight to lay a trap on the ground when you played against Gabite “

Jiang Sheng was taken aback, recalling the details of the match in the morning, replied:

“Gabite sports innate talent is too good, the battle field is so big, I dare not let it Kadabra landed.

In addition, Gabite is stronger than Kubfu. I feel that it is likely to escape Future Sight that is about to detonate.

Because of its strength, Kadabra dare not stick to it. Before, I left the mark of Future Sight on Gabite.”

“Very complete idea, but my purpose is not to discuss with you the battle ideas in the game.

I want to tell you that your Future Sight is on the wrong road. This is a way of development with no future.”

Jiang Sheng brows frowned, he recalled the description of Future Sight on Pokédex.

Leave a mark somewhere to make it fall into a future attack state. When the time is up, send a powerful Confusion ball to attack.

The usage of Kadabra should be not at all wrong. Is it true that the usage is like a magic stick to spy on the future?

“What does this mean? Where did I go wrong?”

“Look, I will show you.”

After that, Li Yuan turned her head looked towards Gardevoir, who has been waiting aside, instructed:

“Stand to the center of the training room, and attack me after I say start.”

Body flashed, Gardevoir stood to the center of the training room And closed his eyes.

“That’s good, it’s more obvious.”

Li Yuan murmured, her tone suddenly becoming sharp again.


tone barely fell, white light flashed, Li Yuan used Teleport, no trace.

At the same time, Sinaido in the center of the training room threw away a Confusion and hit her right back.

But there is obviously nothing there!

Jiang Sheng’s Mental Force can capture the invisible and colorless Confusion ball. When the Confusion ball flies about three meters away from Gardevoir, the space fluctuates. Li Yuan suddenly appears, as if she wants to hit the Confusion ball. on.

Li Yuan’s Mental Force surged, which also formed Confusion, offsetting Gardevoir’s Confusion ball, and blocked the attack without any danger.

Li Yuan walked towards Jiang Sheng again, and at the same time asked:


Understand, you are very strong, human Type Gardevoir.

cough cough …close to the subject.

Jiang Sheng reviewed the scene in his mind again.

Undoubtedly, Gardevoir at first knew the direction Li Yuan was about to appear and launched an attack in advance.

I had two Teleport-related battles in the freshman competition.

Metang played against Muyao’s Gardevoir. Even if there was the Eye of Miracle, Help, he only noticed Gardevoir’s traces after Sun Naido appeared.

Kadabra vs. Gabite. Gabite has ultrasound Help. It is also after Kadabra appears that it can react immediately.

This is fundamentally different from Gardevoir’s actions just now. It is like the Prophet Normal.

“The real Future Sight is not used to be a magic stick, not to play timing blasting, but to feed the enemy first and make a target in advance?”

” Yes, Pokemon who knows Future Sight are all used in this way.”

Jiang Sheng felt that Li Yuan was holding back a smile, her eyes were like watching someone smash a walnut with He’s Bi.

“cough cough…but I think timing blasting works well?”

Li Yuan glanced at him, turned and looked towards Gardevoir, lightly saying:

“You probably haven’t delved into the Future Sight move. It’s not good. Remember to study Pokemon’s moves in the future.”

“I will show you what you call the timing blasting function, yourself Look.”

Later, Li Yuan asked Gardevoir to leave the mark of Future Sight on Gothitelle’s arm.

Just wait a moment, this mark will burst open, inflicting heavy damage on Gothitelle.

But the imprint did not wait for the “mature” moment, just after a breath, Gothitelle was surging with Psychic volume, washing the imprint clean.

Li Yuan explained:

“Not only Psychic energy can do it, but other Attribute energy can also do it.

As long as the mark is found, it can be very Get rid of it quickly, the Pignite that you succeeded is a bit silly, and didn’t reveal the abnormality on himself until the last moment.”

Jiang Sheng was speechless.

He really didn’t know that the imprint could be washed away. It seems that this kind of timing blasting can only bully some ignorant people.

By the way, I don’t know if Kadabra can do the Gardevoir’s, accurately predict the enemy’s opportunity.

While Jiang Sheng was thinking about it, Li Yuan gave the order to chase off the guests.

“Okay, that’s all I have to say.

About Future Sight, you and Kadabra will briefly describe it. With its cleverness, you will quickly understand it.

If there is a problem, let it come to Gardevoir in the underground training ground of the office area. Do you have any other questions?”

“Nothing, these are enough, thank you very much Teacher .”

Today’s conversation with Li Yuan, Jiang Sheng has gained a lot, especially the final development method of Future Sight.

If she hadn’t reminded me, I’m still complacent about timing blasting. I don’t know how long it will take to think of the development direction of the enemy.

After that, Jiang Sheng was sent out of the office area by Li Yuan using Teleport.

Jiang Sheng is envious, when can he master Teleport, and when can he lead Teleport.

After returning to the dormitory, Jiang Sheng first read the contents of the USB flash drive.

Inside is a tutorial of Escavalier wielding a rifle. Its appearance is very similar to Mega Beedrill. The video mainly teaches special strength emission skills.

The video has sound, but it is Growl of insect, Jiang Sheng can’t understand it.

Like the USB flash drive that Uncle Yan gave for the first time, Umbreon taught the lesson himself, and he couldn’t understand it either.

This is a move development experience specifically for Pokemon to see, and there will be no gain if you look at it again. Jiang Sheng took the U disk back into the [backpack].

Afterwards, he opened the manuscript belonging to “Spirit Hammer” and read it.

Gradually, his eyes are brighter, and the technique development techniques described in it are breathtaking.

Jiang Sheng finally understands what Li Yuan said before.

He really dare not try this kind of move development skills at will. Even if Pokemon wants to learn, few can stand the pain in the process.

The manuscript first requires Pokemon to change the Calm Mind deposit.

Just like Jiang Sheng’s Calm Mind sustenance is a meteor across the universe, the manuscript requires Pokemon Calm Mind to change its sustenance to a hammer.

As long as it is a hammer, no matter what it looks like.

This is the 1st Step.

2nd Step requires that a set of auxiliary cultivation materials be configured according to the recipe in the manuscript.

Jiang Sheng realized that this should be the essence of the move development secret.

For this recipe, I don’t know how many times I need to experiment. It is no different from real world drugs.

After that, a hammer that is similar to Calm Mind’s sustenance will be created.

The preparation work is now complete.

Third Step, apply the configured material on the hammer. At this time, the hammer will attack the invisible Mental Force due to the material.

The remaining steps are simple and rude, release the Mental Force outside and accept the hammer.

Seeing the last step, Jiang Sheng shuddered, as if someone had lifted his skull and hit it back and forth with a hammer.

This is not Jiang Sheng hypocritical, because it is described in the manuscript.

This is the pain that Li Yuan described earlier!

Using this forging method to make Mental Force stare more, constrain Mental Force into a hammer shape, making Psyshock more harmful.

This is a trick development secret book tailored for Raichu, but Jiang Sheng a little bit does not want Raichu to choose this kind of trick development method.

Too painful!

Too scary!

Raichu should not pay this price for becoming strong.

The bound copy is thrown aside, Jiang Sheng is in a decision.

At this moment, dark red rays of light flickered in the large cocoon in the center of the living room.

Jiang Sheng looked happy, Houndour…

No, Houndoom is coming out!

The cocoon was shaking uneasyly, and the black red rays of light became more intense.

Fortunately, there are only sound and light special effects, no energy leakage, otherwise Li Yuan will be troubled.

A half-meter-long cut was made on the cocoon, a faint Black mist Spit Up, and a black dog got out of it.

Looking at Houndour, who was more than half a meter high in front of him, Jiang Sheng was silent.

At this time, all the childish voices of “Pika” and “Pika” echoed in his mind.

That is Ash’s Pikachu who doesn’t want to evolve.

My Ciao, I have given you such good things. Are you still unwilling to evolve?

My knife is bad?

My pot is not big?

Do you want to open for me?

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