Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 383

Houndoom may not quite clear what special abilities it has.

But after Jiang Sheng’s reminder, it vaguely remembered what Jiang Sheng said.

It stepped lightly, walked to a clearing, bowed its head and fell into thought.

It’s rare to see Houndoom solemnly once, Jiang Sheng didn’t bother, and Kadabra watched quietly from the side.

“Dark Type energy is gathering.”

Kadabra suddenly reminded him, and then retreated far because of not adapting to the rich Dark Type energy.

Without relying on Mental Force’s perception, Jiang Sheng’s eyes have already noticed the abnormality.

Under a clear moonlit night, there is no wind in the mountains.

Gradually, the invisible and colorless breeze has deteriorated and turned into a black breeze like a normal tulle.

It is the dark type energy that has gathered. Because the energy is too strong, it is already visible to naked eye.

A huge amount of Dark Type energy is gathered on Houndoom’s back, forming a pair of black and red wings that look like big hands, no different from the Dual Wingbeat on the Yveltal phantom that appeared more than ten days ago.

Jiang Sheng cried out in surprise:

“Oblivion Wing?”

He shook the head again, whispering another guess in his mind:


“No, Oblivion Wing is Flying Type’s move, Houndoom is Dark Type’s Oblivion Wing!”

On the glade, Houndoom looked back and looked at Leer with three wingspans on his back. Mido’s energy wings were a little dazed for a while.

Erha bludgeon!

What are you doing?

It turned to look at Jiang Sheng, then looked back at the extra pair of wings on its back, as if asking Jiang Sheng why this is?

Jiang Sheng touched his chin, his eyes were full of weird colors, and said:

“Flap your wings twice and try, you should be able to fly.”

Houndoom tried to control the energy of Dual Wingbeat, and the black and red wings really moved.

Dual Wingbeat slowly fanned, and a whirlwind was rolled in the ground. Driven by Dual Wingbeat, Houndoom really got off the ground with all four feet.

The moment Houndoom sensed that he was floating, Houndoom’s eyes widened, which was incredible.

In surprise, Dual Wingbeat lost his balance and just floated half a meter high, Houndoom fell to the ground again.

Some legendary Pokemon will not, a dog can actually fly, there is no one in this world.

Realizing that he could fly, Houndoom looked ecstatic, fanned his energy wings again to lift his body, and then tried to adjust the direction and move freely in midair.

Because of its unskilledness, it flies tremblingly, and there is always the risk of “crash”.

I am happy to be able to fly, but Houndoom crude in most matters, but subtle in some, I have a B number in my heart.

Never try to ascend to a very high altitude, only fly more than three meters above the ground, so as to avoid unexpected accidents.

Seeing this, Jiang Sheng put his heart down, he was really afraid of Houndoom the immensity of heaven and earth, and acted recklessly.

If you suddenly “crash” after flying to an altitude of more than 20 meters, although it will not be fatal, it will definitely be impossible to run the disabled.

Flying can be considered pros and cons.

Jiang Sheng stood on the ground and advised:

“Houndoom, for your own safety in the future, don’t fly too high.

Also, without my permission , Don’t show this special ability in front of people.”

Houndoom nodded promised to look up Howl to vent the excitement in his heart.

Jiang Sheng hurriedly threatened:

“Don’t howl, do you want to wake up the old dog-eater dragon on the island?”

Houndoom, hurry up Stop, Howl got stuck in his throat and couldn’t scream.

After hovering in the air two more times, it didn’t believe Jiang Sheng’s words, and stared at the island center begin to stir.

Last time I saw that old dragon, it did not seem to show a tendency to eat meat.

Also, it’s just a stupid guy who can’t fly, even if it wants to eat the dog?

Is it available?

toad lusting after a swan’s flesh!

The black Houndoom and the shameless self-comparison swan.

After the evolution, with the Flying method again, Houndoom felt a little wandering, and felt that he was doing it again.

Just as it was thinking about whether to trouble the old dragon, a feeling of fatigue was sent from the body to the brain, and the pair of energy Dual Wingbeat began to fade.

Houndoom knows exactly why this is, and it won’t last long.

After the flapping energy Dual Wingbeat landed slowly, Houndoom panted slightly.

Jiang Sheng handed out a few pieces of Pokéblock on the side. Houndoom lowered his head and rolled his tongue into his mouth, chewing with a big mouth, making a crisp sound of “ka beng ka beng”.

Jiang Sheng frowns, being able to fly is a good thing, but maintaining the energy Dual Wingbeat consumes a lot of Houndoom.

Thinking about this, he was taken aback suddenly.

Something is wrong, this pair of energy Dual Wingbeat is not only for flying!

“Houndoom, the wings just now should be used to attack, wait for you to try again.”

Houndoom gave Jiang Sheng a faint glance, and lay down lazily. He opened his mouth to Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng smiled, sat opposite Houndoom, popped the Pokéblock like a glass bead, drew a beautiful parabola, and fell into Houndoom’s open dog mouth.

The unique feeding method, even after evolution, can not change its dog habits.

After eating more than ten Pokéblock, Houndour regained his vigor after a short rest.

It once again gathered the evil energy to form a pair of wings. After taking off, Houndoom began to focus on the attack ability of the wings.

After Jiang Sheng tapped and understood the key points, Houndoom successfully activated the black red energy Dual Wingbeat, and the Dual Wingbeat was wrapped with Haze like a normal tulle.

When it wielded Dual Wingbeat and flew through the forest, the already slightly withered leaves seemed to be drained of Life Essence Qi and turned into the deadly Normal Yellow.

Jiang Sheng stepped forward to check, and as soon as he touched Leafage, the leaves turned into powder and fell on the ground.

Jiang Sheng was horrified, and hurriedly took out a sickle from the [backpack] and cut fiercely against the bark.

Touching the moist wound of the tree trunk, Jiang Sheng is both fortunate and regretful.

The scene just now is really alike!

It is said that after Yveltal woke up, all creatures were petrified and died.

Fortunately, Houndoom’s strength is not at all so appalling, otherwise he really doesn’t know how to face Houndoom.

After that, I couldn’t help but feel some regrets.

Houndoom’s “Oblivion Wing” can only affect the insignificant Leafage, and does not cause much damage to the trunk.

Not to mention that this kind of lethality acts on the strong Pokemon, even if it is used against people, it should not have much impact.

I don’t know when Houndoom will be able to develop its lethality.

In the experiment, Jiang Sheng discovered that “Oblivion Wing” can not only absorb Life Aura, but also has a good hacking ability. The seemingly illusory energy Dual Wingbeat can actually affect reality.

I have seen the special Innate Ability after Houndour has evolved into Houndoom;

I have seen special flames related to the sun;

I have also seen inheritance from Yveltal” Oblivion Wing”.

Houndoom had no other special ability. Jiang Sheng took it back into the Poké Ball and returned to the dormitory yard.

After returning, he used Poké Ball to put away the Skiddo who loves Slack Off, making Skiddo look confused and don’t know what happened.

Raboot guessed that Jiang Sheng was leaving again, and stood in front of Jiang Sheng, and wanted Jiang Sheng to take it out.

Jiang Sheng gave a wry smile. He was going to Bincheng to settle the tombs. He really couldn’t take Raboot out to play.

Even if they are taken away like Metang, Raboot can only stay in Poké Ball and cannot come out and breathe by “Giovanni”.

It’s better to stay at home and not delay training time.

Two Metangs are taken every day, because Jiang Sheng is afraid that someone will steal the house again.

Under the encouragement of Kadabra and Raichu, Raboot finally stopped holding Jiang Sheng and ran to practice kicking skills.

It is paranoid that it is not strong enough, so Jiang Sheng is unwilling to take it out to play.

So it has to become stronger!

Leaving this time, Jiang Sheng only took away two Metang and Skiddo.

Kadabra, which was used as a life-saving hole card, was also left in the dormitory by Jiang Sheng.

He should not sacrifice Kadabra’s innate talent for his own safety.

In this way, Kadabra really becomes a tool man.

It has always wanted to fulfill the desire of Mega Evolution, eager to keep getting stronger.

The story of hurt Zhongyong is very common in Trainer.

If Kadabra has been wasting time with himself, it will inevitably have grievances in its heart with high IQ.

By then, the team will not be easy to lead, and it will not be far from falling apart.

Right now, Raboot has a similar problem, Jiang Sheng really has no time to solve it.

Jiang Sheng went back to the Bincheng sub-rudder first, took Gengar away from Moli, and then went to the backyard of the chamber to take Beedrill away.

During this period, Jiang Sheng also checked Nidorino’s training.

It took down half of the Dragon Crystal, and the dragon and tiger were made up. It was carrying Macho Brace for Performance training in the middle of the night.

Compared with the lively and active Raboot, Nidorino’s irritable personality has changed a lot, and it is much more calm.

The Levitate breath on its body is uncertain. In Mental Force’s perception, it is like a lively Volcano, as if the next moment is about to explode.

Jiang Sheng knew in his heart that Nidorino was not far from the professional level, and it was about to evolve.

The physique has been able to withstand the power of the large Moon Stone, but after evolution, it will be transferred to the mage and needs to make some plans in advance.

Jiang Sheng has already arranged his next training plan in his mind, but he has to wait until he comes back to execute it.

When the training plan is completed, then Nidorino will be in perfect condition.

It will welcome the final evolution in the best state!

Aboguai was left to guard the Dragon Crystal. Jiang Sheng did not intend to take it away this time.

Li Lan and Mo Li are also taking Dragon Crystal. In order to protect their secrets, it is not appropriate to put it in the [backpack].

It just so happens that the Arbor monster of the dragon group has a high degree of compatibility with the Dragon Crystal. It can be watched while eating. The radiation field emitted by the Dragon Crystal aggregation is also of great benefit to it. The Arbor monster is the most suitable As a caretaker.

Explore tombs in different spaces, Moli can be used as an insurance, and Jiang Sheng needs to find another insurance now.

Go to Longdao and invite Ada Buddha!

For tombs in different spaces, Jiang Sheng has only learned a little bit.

Not as good as own master, relying on Gengar and Dragapult to have the ability to walk ghostly.

He just relied on Ah Da’s Secret Power and made great achievements.

Of course, Ah Da relied on the ancient energy to bless Secret Power to bring him so much Help.

If it’s just a simple Secret Power, it’s far from being able to reach Ah Da.

It’s really that simple. Jiang Sheng can spend 700 ancient energy to learn Secret Power for any Pokemon.

There is no need to bother Ah Da who is deepening his “ancientization” on Long Island.

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