Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 384

Bringing Gengar, Beedrill and two Metangs, Jiang Sheng headed out to Long Island.

Before this, he called Wang Lin again and asked for a real map of the area near Mist.

The place is now shrouded by Mist. Jiang Sheng can’t check the topography and landforms in the past. He can only pin his hope on the real map, hoping to see some differences.

After boarding Long Island, Jiang Sheng not at all was busy entering the different space, first went to five caves and took a look.

Although Jiang Sheng has been away for a while, the fear of him in the hearts of the five arbor monsters has not diminished.

When he came to the door, every monster was docile and obeyed the instructions.

Jiang Sheng asked them if any outsiders had landed on the island, and the five arbor monsters shook the head and gave a negative answer.

Because Kadabra is not here, Jiang Sheng cannot communicate with them at a deeper level.

After checking ten nodes without problems, Jiang Sheng left the last cave and headed to the top of Dragon Island Lord Peak.

On the top of the mountain, Jiang Sheng took out the longevity lock and jade vine to open the door to the different space and entered the garden of Venusaur.

This time the portal opened directly in the center of the garden, and the five little ones were playing with the newly met Bulbasaurs on the bluestone square.

Seeing Jiang Sheng’s arrival, the Bulbasaurs did not have stage fright, standing in the distance and watching curiously.

The five little boys left their other friends and ran to Jiang Sheng, circling around Jiang Sheng, eyes shining.

Jiang Sheng stroked their heads one by one, and threw out two space backpacks.

Two Furrrets snatched their backpacks and took them to share food with their friends in the distance. The other three ran away.

Jiang Sheng shook the head, secretly cursing that these five little fellows are all thankless wretch.

The two space backpacks, each with a capacity of two cubic meters, contain a lot of Pokéblock and a little junk food, which they like to eat.

Taking off the Poké Ball from his waist, Jiang Sheng released Skiddo.

Skiddo was a little confused at the beginning, I don’t know what Jiang Sheng brought it out.

But after looking at the all around environment, it shines.

It is also very curious about the world outside. It has always wanted to see the scenery outside, but now it has come true.

“This is a blessed place suitable for living in Grass Type Pokemon. You will live here for a while. Are you still satisfied?”

Skiddo is nodded again and again, and then Sahuan The ground jumped into the woods and disappeared.

At the moment when the different space opened, Ah Da noticed the arrival of Jiang Sheng, but he was absorbing ancient energy and could not immediately get out.

After a short while, it stopped the process of “ancientization”, flew down from the top of the bluestone altar, and ran to Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng stretched out his hand to stroke Ah Da’s head, while checking Ah Da’s condition with his hand ring.

The “ancientization” has not been completed yet, the bracelet has given accurate data, and the degree of “ancientization” is now 83%.

As a result, the strength rating of UAE is still soaring, and it has now reached Level 48.

Jiang Sheng speculates that if Great Accomplishment is a real ancient Pokemon, its power rating may break through to the professional mid-to-high level.

“Is the ancient energy under the altar enough? Can you guarantee the completion of the’ancientization’?”

Ada held his chin with his small paw, and after a moment of contemplation, nodded.

Jiang Sheng sighed in relief.

If it is not enough, this will be another big eater of ancient energy, and he will almost be drained by them.

“Tail Mile…Tail Mile…”

Ada tilted his head and asked Jiang Sheng if there was anything else besides seeing them this time.

Jiang Sheng tells the truth:

“I want to go to the tomb. It is related to the different space. I will ask you to go back and help.”

A big nodded, nothing It’s easy to clean up, and directly signal Jiang Sheng to go.

Jiang Sheng grabbed Ah Da’s nape and stopped it.

This time I entered a different space, but I didn’t just come back to invite Ah Da.

He has to take away some tree sap to give to Abel and Nidorino as food.

In addition, I have to go down to the cellar once to get Skiddo some grass essence.

The lamb doesn’t want to make progress, Jiang Sheng had to open it properly, and strive to ride the goat as soon as possible.

After the three barrels of sap were installed, Jiang Sheng took Ah Da and Wu Xiao to leave the different space, leaving the lamb alone in the different space, and accompanied by those Bulbasaur and Venusaur.

After returning to Bencheng from the sea to divide the rudder, the sky was already bright.

Jiang Sheng stayed up all night and was on the go.

Fortunately, Jiang Sheng is not an ordinary person. There is Mental Force in his brain, which makes him full of energy even if he stays up all night.

He started to check the real map sent by Wang Lin without stopping, observing the mountains and the direction of Canalave, and wanted to clearly understand the tomb structure in advance.

The notes of the ancestors are in the [Backpack]. If there is something you don’t understand, you can find the notes at any time.

One morning passed, Jiang Sheng looked at the pile of materials in the room, sighed.

I can’t find a nodded thread, there is no constitution.

“Hoo…it seems to have to do field surveys.”

Jiang Sheng muttered to himself.

After that, he found Mo Li, Zong Yunze and Qian Yilong, and prepared to take them to the scene.

Li Lan wanted to follow, but Jiang Sheng persuaded him to come down.

There are only three of them in the sub-rudder, and one must be left behind, and they can’t come out.

Before leaving, Jiang Sheng asked Bronzong to move and put it in the courtyard of the Office of Internal Affairs, instead of Abo, responsible for guarding the Dragon Crystal.

This time to the tomb, Jiang Sheng took Ada’s family, Beedrill, Gengar, Arbo Monster, and two Metangs hidden away from the silhouette.

This time it is completely the “Giovanni” lineup, a tomb robbery belonging to “Giovanni”.

The four of them took the Flying Pokemon and left Dahei Mountain, heading for the Northwest of Bencheng.

About forty minutes later, we can already see the weird Mist with extremely low visibility permeating the mountain nest.

According to the actual map given by Wang Lin and comparing with the actual situation here, Jiang Sheng inferred that the Central Zone of Mist is a large and deep valley, which is most likely the Place of Origin of Mist.

Mist spreads, shielding the ridges nearly 100 meters high on both sides tightly, and then spreads all around, wrapping several nearby hills inside.

After that, it was as if the stamina was weak, and it didn’t spread all around.

Listening to Qian Yilong and the others, as long as the body is wrapped in Mist, it will have the feeling of moving stars and fighting, and when they react, they have already transferred to a different space.

When exploring toward the edge in a different space, you will hit a barrier, and there will also be barriers after reaching a certain height.

The barrier is strong and unshakable, making people feel like trapped in a glass box.

Listening to them, Jiang Sheng laughed and told them that even if they are stronger in the future, if they encounter such a situation again, don’t try to break the barriers of different spaces.

Different spaces cannot be broken by violence. After breaking, it will only make you fall into Space Crack instead of returning to the real world.

At that time, unless Palkya kindly pulls you, the probability of survival is extremely slim.

The four of them were still approaching the area shrouded in moved towards Mist. Before flying to the vicinity of Mist, Jiang Sheng raised his brows and the corners of his mouth raised in a good mood.

Good guy, at such a distance, my left hand seems to be burned Normal.

It is true that the ancient energy in the tomb has leaked.

Jiang Sheng’s birthmark captures the breath of ancient energy from a long distance, and the amount is very large.

Jiang Sheng is happy and has a good harvest!

After arriving at the target location, Jiang Sheng not at all immediately went to find the Zhu Family brothers, but asked Gengar to take him around Mist to make sure that no one else was watching here.

After landing at the agreed place, Zong Yunze and the four of them were already waiting.

Fearing to attract outsiders’ attention, the Zhu Family brothers didn’t at all set up a tent when guarding, and then shrank in the bushes to monitor the surrounding situation.

Jiang Sheng immediately asked them to take out the tent in the space backpack and set up a temporary headquarters first.

Since he is here, he is not afraid that someone will come over to get a share.

According to the birthmark guidelines and comparing the real map, Jiang Sheng has locked on the location of ancient energy.

The only trouble now is the Mist in front of him. Jiang Sheng couldn’t see the situation inside, didn’t understand the specific situation around the tomb, and couldn’t analyze the structure of the tomb.

For the different space here, I don’t know whether to choose to invade from the outside or to choose to break through from the inside.

Jiang Sheng also thought that in order to avoid the Mist on the surface, a tunnel was dug from the ground to the location of ancient energy. Go and see the situation.

In the underground maze of Onix Valley, Jiang Sheng was the positioning function of birthmark, Lock On tomb location.

But as soon as the idea came up, it was dropped by Jiang Sheng pass.

The gathering point of ancient energy was underground, and the Mist formed by the leakage of energy in the tomb came from the underground.

Dug a tunnel underground, the space inside will definitely be filled with new underground Mist, and he will be involved in Mist.

Thinking hard to no avail, Jiang Sheng released Ah Da, hoping that Ah Da, who is quite successful in Secret Power, can give himself some ideas.

If he doesn’t have a clue, he might really have to enter a different space first to see the situation.

“Ada, there is a different space in front of me. As long as it is wrapped by Mist, it will be drawn into the different space. Is there any good way to avoid it?”

Squinting his eyes, he looked at the rich Mist who had less than one meter of visibility in front.

After a while, its right paw swelled up in a circle, and it was covered with purple and black lines, showing signs of “ancientization”.

It approached the past and grabbed a ball the size of a basketball with its right paw, such as Cotton Normal’s Mist.

After that, Secret Power surged on his paws.

As soon as he came into contact with Secret Power, Mist disappeared quickly at the speed that naked eye could see, but in Jiang Sheng’s perception, Secret Power grew a bit.

Is this… absorbed?

Jiang Sheng raised his brows, and secretly thought: There is a show!

After that, Ah Da was wrapped in Secret Power, and without even saying hello to Jiang Sheng, he went straight into Mist.

“Boss, this…”

Qian Yilong saw Ah Da’s operation, his eyes were shocked, and he stopped talking.

Jiang Sheng did not look back, but waved his hand to the direction behind him.

“It’s okay, it has a sense of measure.”

Qian Yilong didn’t speak any more, and continued to set up a tent with the two brothers Zong Yunze and Zhu Family.

After more than ten minutes, Ah Da got out of Mist unscathed, and ran to Jiang Sheng while screaming and making gestures.

After one minute, Jiang Sheng understood what Ah Da meant and rubbed his head as a reward.

After that, Jiang Sheng stood up and said:

“Ali, Zong Yunze, Qian Yilong, get ready, I will follow me into Mist, Zhu Yue, Zhu Xing , You continue to guard outside.”

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