Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 387

“The method is very simple. The key point is on the person trapped in the different space.”

Jiang Sheng immediately understood the meaning of Master.

py transaction?

He was afraid that he had lied about the military situation before, so he quickly explained:

“Master, my subordinates just vaguely heard them talk about’Juli’, whether it is really the ancient bureau or not. Unconfirmed, I just guessed it would be them.

And I haven’t entered a different space yet, I don’t know if they are trapped inside or are planning something else.”

Yu Xuan seemed to think of something interesting, and after chuckling twice, he said:

“Don’t worry, 100% are from the Bincheng Ancient Administration Bureau. The leader should be their director. I am very Understand him.

He is a very reasonable person. Although his ability is limited, he has a wide network and does everything right.

Ah…the most important thing is that there are people on the top, relying on the rest of the family. Yin sat in this position.

He is a good teacher, he likes to collect disciplines very much, and he takes the disciplines for field trips every month.

This is definitely him, maybe After being stimulated by something, I went up for a while, stunned and plunged into the different space, and got trapped inside.

As long as you convince him, you can divide this dragon yuan mine.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, frowning lightly: “It’s me and him? How to divide it? Half and half?”

He is not familiar with this person, does not have a good grasp of it, and does not know how many chips he should take. negotiation.

“However, only you two won’t work. The combined strength of you two is not enough to deter Alliance.

At that time, it will not only cause him to lose the black hat on his head.

In case someone makes a big fuss again and slaps you with a bribe, you may have to go in and stay for a while.”

Jiang Sheng suddenly, this is the same plan he had just thought of .

Introduce a big fish to prop up the facade, first try to muffle and make a fortune, if you can’t hide it, you will take the Longyuan Mine.

After all, it is a small mine. If the Master allows him to occupy it, it means that Alliance will not care too much.

“Does the Master want to participate? With these dragon elements, the Master may have Elite Pokemon in his hands.”

“I can’t, don’t find me, you miss me Isn’t it guaranteed for the evening festival? I am not a positive person, and this kind of sensitive matter will be targeted.”

Jiang Sheng laughed helplessly.

They really deserve to be the master and disciple, neither of their identities can make it onto the table.

Yu Xuan continued:

“I will find your Senior Sister later. This matter is most suitable for your Senior Sister to come forward.

This mineral, you Senior Sister takes 20%, the fatty inside takes 20%, and you take the remaining 60%.

The three parties work together to eat, are you willing?”

Jiang Sheng immediately agreed:

“Of course, it’s better than eating alone but not being able to eat my mouth.”

Although he agreed, Jiang Sheng has been frowning and thinking about what Master said just now.

Senior Sister?

When did I have an extra Senior Sister?

Um…Master is talking about his daughter, right?

I heard the Master mentioned before, but he hasn’t seen the other party for so long.

“Master, what is Senior Sister’s status? Do I want to divide more Senior Sisters?”

Jiang Sheng’s wishful thinking is playing loudly, Senior Sister’s is Master’s, Master The more you are happy, the more rewards you will give yourself. This is an investment that will never lose money.

“No need, two achievements are enough.

Her Pokemon is special and doesn’t need to be used too much. She has passed the age of consuming a lot of resources.

On the contrary, you need this Dragon Yuan mine.

As for the identity, she is the Alliance Ghost Type Gym-Nether Gym Leader!”

Jiang Sheng’s eyes widened, very Surprised.

A Level 2 Gym Leader? !

Jiang Sheng never thought that this Senior Sister, who had never met before, had such strength.

Think carefully, and it makes sense.

Master has robbed the tomb for half his life, saved a lot of money, and can definitely support an outstanding Trainer.

Moreover, the Ghost Type Pokemon of the Master is very powerful. Gengar and Dragapult, two Pokemons close to the Elite level, support the facade.

There is also the stunt of “Walking Nether”.

Senior Sister is definitely not weak in the cultivation of Ghost Type Pokemon!

“Your Senior Sister’s name is Zhou Yilin, remember it, she will contact you later.”

Listening to this tone, Master is about to hang up, Jiang Sheng hurriedly stopped. I asked one last sentence:

“But Master, you haven’t told me how to deal with this different space?”

“You Senior Sister has a solution, you It’s just fine to observe from the sidelines, this time it’s not a tomb, it’s not in your business scope.”

This time Jiang Sheng has no other questions. Yu Xuan hung up the phone and went to contact Jiang Sheng. Zhou Yilin.

Jiang Sheng sat on the rock and recollected the information he had just harvested.

Senior Sister is the Alliance Gym Leader?

This is a very explosive news!

I don’t even know, the backer behind me is so big.

As the other party, there is indeed the capital to seize the Longyuan Mine.

Gym Leader is a very unique identity in Alliance, and each one is like a great official in frontiers.

The rest are some lace conjectures of Jiang Sheng.

If he remembers correctly, the Netherworld Gym should be in Xiangxi, right?

Master is in Liao Province, and the father and daughter are far apart.

Master’s surname is Yu, Senior Sister is actually surnamed Zhou.

He has never seen his wife, nor has he heard Master mention it. I don’t know what happened to Master’s house.

Various brain supplements frequently appeared, Jiang Sheng shook his head quickly, letting out his thoughts.

After that, he sent a message to Wang Lin, asking what kind of person the chief of Bincheng Ancient Administration Bureau was.

The answer given by Wang Lin is similar to that of Yu Xuan.

He is a middle-aged fatty who treats people kindly and has a wide network of contacts.

After waiting for about half an hour, the phone rang.

The unfamiliar number should be Senior Sister who has never met before.

Senior Sister’s voice is a bit hoarse, biased towards neutral, and the tone is slightly cold, which makes Jiang Sheng feel a little uncomfortable.

However, the other party explained in advance, let Jiang Sheng don’t think too much, she didn’t deliberately targeted Jiang Sheng, she was born like this.

Ghost Type Trainer, it is not surprising that you are withdrawn and indifferent.

She and Jiang Sheng asked for a specific location, and said that she had already set off, and she would arrive in the early morning about tonight or tomorrow morning.

Jiang Sheng asked if he needed to make preparations in advance.

The other party told him that he didn’t need it, as long as she prepared her warm food in advance, she was too busy to eat in the sky.

Jiang Sheng wanted to make her go slower, first go to Penang city, take a good rest for a while, and then deal with the affairs of the different space, but the opponent refused.

Thinking that the owner of a hall might be busy with official duties, Jiang Sheng did not waste her time.

As night fell, a large bonfire rose outside the tent, which could act as a “lighthouse” to facilitate Zhou Yilin’s identification.

The Zhu Family brothers, Qian Yilong and Zong Yunze take turns to guard the potholes in Mist.

Mo Li and Jiang Sheng stay in the tent.

One for Calm Mind.

A special ability is released and blessed on Gengar, trying to resonate with Gengar to exercise Gengar’s strength.

At about two o’clock in the morning, the vigil Zong Yunze awoke Jiang Sheng and said that he saw a Meteorite smashing here.


Deoxys is here?

I have missed too many classes recently, and I rarely read. Don’t lie to me!

Jiang Sheng’s first reaction is impossible, and impossible is Meteorite. Counting time, it should be Senior Sister’s arrival.

I just don’t know what Pokemon is that can create a momentum like Meteorite Normal.

He thought that Senior Sister would, like the Master, cultivate a Salamence and come across provinces by Salamence.

It seems that he guessed wrong, Salamence’s trip will definitely not cause the momentum of Meteorite Normal.

After getting out of the tent, Jiang Sheng raised his head and looked at the sky, and Southwest pulled out a brilliant orange and Yellow tail flame towards an unknown flying object.

Jiang Sheng squinted his eyes and fell into doubt, what kind of pokemon is this?

“Golurk, my parents used to have one. It was very strong and it was Gym level.”

Mo Li’s tone was very cold, as if he thought of the betrayed Golurk again. ,Not in a very good mood.

Jiang Sheng suddenly realized that if it were Golurk, then it made sense.

Golurk can put the legs into the abdomen, and the whole waist becomes a jet device, flying in the air.

And a pair of fists can also be retracted into the wrist, thinking of two auxiliary jet devices to speed up the flying speed.

Flying from Xiangxi to Liao Province, Senior Sister is a fierce man!

With a bonfire as a guide, Golurk quickly approached, adjusted the direction with the auxiliary spray device in his hand, and fell heavily on the ground.

The Golurk, which is nearly three meters high, is tall and straight, in sharp contrast with the petite silhouette sitting on the shoulders.

Zhou Yilin wore a pink motorcycle helmet on her head and a heavy cotton jacket on her body. She jumped into Golurk’s open palm, and was slowly lowered to the ground.

She is about 1.65 meters tall, which is considered petite among women.

Even if you are wearing thick cotton clothes, you can still see the thinner body in the cotton clothes, which is quite stunted.

Some Ghost Type Pokemon will suck the anger from human beings. I don’t know if Senior Sister looks like this because of dealing with Ghost Type Pokemon all day long.

This kind of thought passed away in a flash, Jiang Sheng made the look in his eyes calm and composed again, and then quickly stepped forward to catch the helmet that Senior Sister took off.

“Senior Sister, it’s cold all the way, let’s go to the bonfire and roast the fire.”

This Senior Sister looked up at Jiang Sheng, and Jiang Sheng was also looking at her. .

She is mediocre, with very delicate features and delicate features.

The face is white, but unfortunately, there are some gray freckles on the cheeks on both sides, which affects the appearance.

With her dark black hair dangling out of her head, it was tied into a ponytail after taking off the helmet, looking capable and indifferent.

“Why is it different from the photo, you are…”

Now he is playing as “Giovanni”, Jiang Sheng still has a mask made of Ditto on his face .

As Jiang Sheng frowned, Zhou Yilin understood Jiang Sheng’s meaning and didn’t say any more.

She turned her head and glanced at the others, her eyes staying longer on Mo Li and Gengar beside her.

Jiang Sheng carried Zhou Yilin’s helmet in one hand and her helmet in the other hand, leading the other person to come to the campfire to keep warm.

Qian Yilong hurriedly delivered two boxes of prepared self-heating lunches.

Zhou Yilin frowned lightly and looked towards Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng gave a wry smile and explained:

“In the wilderness, we rough people didn’t prepare, only these self-heating lunches. After we solved this matter, I will definitely set up a banquet for Senior Sister in the best restaurant in Ben Thanh.”

Zhou Yilin shook the head and said:

“It’s not that, it’s all my family. You’re welcome, I want to say that one box is enough, I’m not a rice bucket.”

Jiang Sheng thinks about it, said with a smile:

“Senior Sister is just as casual, two The boxes are of different flavors. I don’t know what Senior Sister likes, so I prepared them specially for the selection of Senior Sister.”

Jiang Sheng gave himself a thumbs up in his heart. This is high emotional intelligence.

“Oh? Are there any other flavors? I don’t like either. Why don’t you heat up each flavor in a box.

This brand I have an impression of the self-heating box lunch, I remember there are six flavors.”

Jiang Sheng:……

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