Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 388

The cold Senior Sister was joking seriously, which really made Jiang Sheng a little speechless.

After Zhou Yilin has eaten, Jiang Sheng is going to let her go to the tent to rest for a while, and wait for the morning to deal with the different space in Mist.

Who knows that Zhou Yilin is not a bit exhausted, so Jiang Sheng will give her a detailed account of the situation in Mist.

And said to wait and start acting immediately, and take a rest after everything is done.

There is a sense of “Guan Gong Wenjiu cuts Huaxiong”.

Jiang Sheng told Zhou Yilin about all the subtleties that he had not mentioned with the Master before, and then asked:

“Senior Sister, it is troublesome to deal with such a different space Is it?”

Zhou Yilin did not reply, as if she did not hear it.

She lowered her head in silence, her fingers were constantly measuring on the map, and the mutter incantations in her mouth were all kinds of numbers, as if she was calculating something.

Jiang Sheng didn’t dare to interrupt, but his eyes were also staring at the map, trying to follow Zhou Yilin’s thoughts.

After just a few glances, Jiang Sheng gave up.

He confirmed one thing.

The Senior Sister in front of him is definitely not low on the tomb robbery, and obviously has his own style, which is different from the ancient method of Master inheritance.

It seems that what the Master said earlier did not pass on his tomb-robbing skills to his daughter is true.

Or, maybe Zhou Yilin has read the notes of those ancestors, but has come out on a completely different path.

If his inheritance of ancient methods is biased towards Yin and Yang Fengshui, this Senior Sister’s own approach should be biased towards scientific methods.

After a while, Zhou Yilin said:

“It’s not right, the scope of this Mist is wrong. This is not a small dragon corpse formed by dragon corpse.”

Jiang Sheng looked down at the circled area on the map. The circle was covered by Mist.

Because it is the magic phenomenon caused by dragon corpse, the area occupied is unconventional, which is a big circle drawn with dragon corpse as the dot.

“Senior Sister, how did you see it?”

Zhou Yilin explained faintly:

“My concept of tomb robbery is different from that of old man. It’s the conclusion I reached after careful data calculation, and you don’t understand it.”

Jiang Sheng doesn’t have the strange idea of ​​”how do I understand if you don’t tell me”.

He can roughly guess Zhou Yilin’s methods.

She should have seen similar different spaces, and then put the obtained data into the database, and then encounter similar situations and use the previous data as a template to deduct.

His predecessor’s notes can also be regarded as an alternative “database”. In the past, he used this method to insert the template into reality, and then broke the tomb after obtaining enough information.

Jiang Sheng not at all. Too much curiosity. His hobby is not a tomb robber, he just wants to obtain antiquities and collect ancient energy.

Therefore, there is no need to understand all the methods of tomb robbery, just one.

“Take me to see inside Mist.”

Immediately, Jiang Sheng called Ah Da and attached a layer of Secret Power to Zhou Yilin to take her into Mist.

Who knows, Zhou Yilin didn’t move anymore, she kept squeezing her light gray energy coat with her hands, with an interesting smile on her face.

Jiang Sheng is the first time to see Senior Sister, who is taciturn and indifferent, looks like a scientific maniac Normal.

Speaking of which is quite funny, a Ghost Type Trainer, dealing with mysterious powers all day long, actually pursues the Science Avenue?

“Interesting, really interesting, this is the Secret Power catalyzed by ancient energy? It is much better than the Secret Power I studied before!”

She took it out of the space backpack behind Take out a palm-sized glass Black cube, gently lift the upper lid, and take out a Black coin without any patterns.

There is a pin on the back of the Black coin, and she directly pinned the pin on Jiang Sheng’s cuff.

At this time, Jiang Sheng has not asked Ah Da to attach Secret Power to himself.

He suddenly felt a burst of energy gushing out of the Black coin, which wrapped his whole body, forming an almost transparent energy coat.

This is also Secret Power?

Use Mental Force to perceive carefully. Compared with Zhou Yilin’s energy jacket, his energy radiation is much weaker.

Jiang Sheng reached into Mist and sensed the reaction between this energy coat and Mist.

He discovered that the Secret Power that formed the coat was actually being consumed.

According to his calculation, if you travel in Mist for about 20 minutes, this energy jacket will break, and it will not be comparable to Ah Da’s one.

See Jiang Sheng’s experiment, Zhou Yilin took off the Black coin on Jiang Sheng’s cuff.

“To deal with this kind of different space, you need to work together inside and outside the different space.

Among them, the most difficult point to deal with is outside the different space. Mist must be avoided. It pulls into a different space.

I brought this thing to solve this trouble. Didn’t expect your solution to be better than mine.

The Secret Power that I have stored can be recharged by a Gym-level Pokemon who is proficient in Secret Power.

Nowadays, compared with the ancient energy-catalyzed Secret Power, it is far worse.”


Jiang Sheng looked at the exquisite Black cube, and slapped his tongue for a while.

Is this black technology?

According to Senior Sister’s previous posture, she may have made this thing herself.

Will her innate talent in the field of black technology be comparable to the Team Rocket trio?

Jiang Sheng just thought about it and didn’t ask much.

Afterwards, he asked Ah Da to attach Secret Power to himself.

“When the matter is over, I can let the Senior Sister recharge, and now let’s move into the Mist.”

Zhou Yilin shook the head, staring at Ah with bright eyes. Big, his eyes looked like an idiot.

“After the matter is resolved, I plan to stay in Bencheng for a period of time. I want to study its Secret Power. Can I lend it to me for a period of time?”

Jiang Sheng complexion changed, there are some bad guesses in my mind.

Zhou Yilin immediately realized that Jiang Sheng might want to go wrong, and explained:

“It’s just a pure study of Secret Power, it won’t cause harm.

I’m not a crazy researcher, I’m also impossible to start with your Pokemon, just fade out to analyze this special Secret Power.

In addition, I think it is still advancing its ancientization. ‘The degree, it seems that it is not too far away from success, how about I provide it with all the ancient energy it needs?”

Jiang Sheng did not answer, but asked:

“Does Senior Sister also have ancient Pokemon?

If so, I will let Major Sect use Secret Power. Can Senior Sister get this method?

He You need to do something extra, analyze the nature of the energy, and try to replicate it with technology.”

This is the difference between a pure trainer like Jiang Sheng and a researcher.

He believes that as long as he can use it, he will not do thankless things and pursue the essence of power.

Just like you need a car to travel, but you don’t know how to make a car in detail.

Zhou Yilin gave Jiang Sheng a white look.

“I don’t have ancient Pokemon, I just collect ancient energy for research.

And even with ancient Pokemon, it can’t wake up for a long time, maybe it’s impossible to learn Secret Power at all. illusory’s moves.”

She said irritably:

“You really don’t know the preciousness of this Furrret.

One moves freely The ancient Pokemon, it is a natural disaster for walking.

It has learned Secret Power again. For tomb raiders, as long as it has it, the overwhelming majority tombs in this world will not be able to shut you out.”

Jiang Sheng touched Ah Da’s head, faintly smiled:

“Then Ah Da will entrust Senior Sister to take care of him, and Senior Sister will spend money.”

This is beneficial and harmless for Jiang Sheng.

Not only can Ah Da continue to deepen its “ancientization” degree, it can also save a lot of ancient energy.

It’s convenient for people and yourself, why not do it?

See Jiang Sheng agree, Zhou Yilin nodded.

The two entered Mist now.

The fog is thick, the sky is dim, and the mountain roads are not easy to walk, but the Conference Shiny technique is much easier to use than a flashlight in this special situation.

After walking for a while, the two came to the pothole within the valley.

The Zhu Family brothers raised a bonfire and were chatting on the fire. They were in a good mood.

Since Jiang Sheng came to Bencheng Sub-rudder, the smiles on every member’s face have increased day by day, because they all saw a bright future.

After greeting the two brothers, Gengar sent Jiang Sheng and Zhou Yilin into the foggy pit one by one.

Zhou Yilin carefully inspected the bare bones. She is like Jiang Sheng Normal and did not dig deep into the bones.

“You did good, if you move the position of the bones, it is likely to cause mutations in a different space.”

She first complimented and then continued:

“Congratulations. As I expected, this is not a keel, but two complete keels. The dragon element mine formed is much larger than previously estimated.”

Jiang Sheng raised his brows. With these bare bones, Senior Sister knew what Pokemon it was after just a glance?

Otherwise, how could he conclude that there are two keels here?

“Senior Sister, do you know what dragon Pokemon this is?”

Zhou Yilin did not answer directly, but instead asked:

“Have you seen Dreepy?”

Jiang Sheng’s eyes widened slightly, his face was shocked.

Dreepy is the Ghost Type Pokemon born from dragon corpse. After they become conscious, they will wander around the corpse and refuse to leave.

Thinking of this, Jiang Sheng’s eyes darkened when he thought of the digging hole during the day.

“I know them, but unfortunately we seem to have arrived early. Dragon corpse has not yet produced such unique Quasi-Legendary.”

Zhou Yilin nodded.

However, she is not particularly sorry.

After all, she already has this kind of Pokemon, and it has evolved to the final stage.

Yu Xuan Robber’s tomb half a lifetime, with three dragons in his hands, naturally he will not treat his daughter badly.

The feeling of regret flashed away, Jiang Sheng’s heart was once again occupied by curiosity.

“By the way, Senior Sister, what dragon corpse is Dreepy born from?”

“I don’t know, I only know that it is a dragon that lives in the Sea Territory .

I don’t know if they are extinct now or if they live in the deep sea.

Therefore, researchers have never named them.”

Zhou Yilin again I lowered my head and studied the keel on the ground, got up and said:

“We enter the different space, and first deal with the problems inside the different space.”

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