Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 389

Jiang Sheng didn’t ask what exactly should be done, completely handed over the authority to Zhou Yilin, and prepared to follow along and study silently.

In a different space, even if there is a fight, Senior Sister alone is enough.

Although I don’t know the specific strength of this Senior Sister, there must be six Gym-level battle strengths, and the battle strength is suddenly messed up.

The two of them were not long-winded, and dispersed the Secret Power on the spot, allowing Mist to wrap their bodies and move them away.

However, before moving, Zhou Yilin grabbed Jiang Sheng, and Jiang Sheng reacted immediately, grabbing the nape of Ah Da’s neck with one hand.

Under the Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, the two and Ah Da have arrived in another space.

Because they pulled each other before, not at all was moved to a different place.

They are now standing on an Overgrow meadow, all around, the terrain is flat and the grass is lush.

In the distance, hidden in the fog are the mountains jungle, and the sky is also filled with thick fog, see never seen the daylight.

Zhou Yilin has let go, Jiang Sheng also lightly opened Ah Da’s nape, pressed twice again, and asked:

“A Da, try to open it. The gateway to the outside world.”

A big pair of small paws swelled up a circle, covered with purple and black patterns, and Secret Power gathered on the paws.

It caught the Mist around twice, regretfully shook the head.

“No, the Space Node is too weak to be a support point for it to open the door.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, the Master has talked to him before, he just wanted Just try it.

Zhou Yilin is worried about Jiang Sheng and comforted:

“My Gengar can use Phantom Force to take us away. Even if Phantom Force alone cannot do it, I can Let it Mega Evolution.

Mega Evolution’s Gengar is the darling of another space and will definitely be able to leave here.”

Jiang Sheng slapped his tongue for a while.

I just don’t know if Zhou Yilin’s keystone and evolution stone were obtained by herself, or if the Master gave them all.

Father and daughter both have matching Items for Gengar Mega Evolution. Yu family’s wealth is too strong.

If you change someone else to Jiang Sheng’s current position, you might already be thinking about how to eat this bowl of soft rice.

“Senior Sister, what should I do next? Do you want to walk in this different space?”

Jiang Sheng doesn’t know much about Dragon Type, and doesn’t have it Dragon Type Pokemon, so he imperceptible the amount of underground dragon yuan.

He can only perceive the special energy radiation coming from under his feet through Mental Force, knowing that there must be Long Yuan underground.

Whether it is to find someone to dig on the spot, or to make preparations, we must listen to what Zhou Yilin says.

Zhou Yilin asked suddenly:

“I heard old fogey say, do you have the ability to locate ancient energy?”

Jiang Sheng turned to face Zhou Yilin’s His eyes shuddered suddenly.

Although Senior Sister’s eyes were more restrained, Jiang Sheng still shuddered, as if he was going to swallow him alive and normal.

Is this the so-called research madman?

I’m afraid! Scared!

“cough cough, Senior Sister, I am a psychic person. The special ability I possess is just like those psychic people who are proficient in divination. It is a mysterious ability that cannot be done for you. Researched.”

Zhou Yilin seems to have studied the psychic ability, knowing that it is an illusory ability.

After hearing Jiang Sheng’s explanation, the expression in his eyes dimmed.

She lightly saying:

“Of the two dragon corpses outside, there should be a missing part.

And that part is in a different space In the middle, as the support point of the different space, I need you to help me find it.”

Before entering, Jiang Sheng had been close to the keel, the birthmark on his hand had been burning all the time, and he had become accustomed to it.

But after coming in, the birthmark still reacted, and he ignored it for a while.

This shows that ancient energies also exist in different dimensions.

Jiang Sheng wanted to perceive a specific location, but affected by the radiation coming from the ground, he could not find the exact location of ancient energy.

Divine light flashed in his mind, he began to use the special search method developed long ago.

Close your eyes and concentrate on the birthmark of your wrist.

Under the stimulation of Mental Force, the birthmark responds, the burning sensation rises, and it hits the brain.

In an instant, Jiang Sheng’s consciousness seemed to be pulled away. When he reacted, he felt as if he was standing in the void, in the darkness.

Just about twenty meters below him, there are two golden light balls that are as bright as the normal star.

They are two ancient relics, which contain a huge amount of ancient energy.

With a movement of consciousness, Jiang Sheng broke away from the special state and reported the specific position to Zhou Yilin.

Zhou Yilin threw a Poké Ball and released a Gengar.

Compared with Jiang Sheng’s fat Gengar, this is a normal Gengar.

It is shorter than Zhou Yilin, but its strength is not weak. It already has Gym-level strength.

Zhou Yilin gave an order:

“Help me to see the underground situation.”

Gengar gave a weird laugh and raised his short hand to draw the space out A crack, then stepped into it.

For a moment, Gengar drilled out of the ground, making gestures and telling a strange smile about what he saw underground.

Seeing that the expression is similar to his fat Gengar, but Jiang Sheng can’t understand it at all.

He can’t help but sigh that Trainer is really a peculiar profession, and he can actually understand what his children want to express.

Listening to Fat Gengar’s account, Zhou Yilin raised her eyebrows slightly, her face showing a little weird look.

Jiang Sheng suddenly became a little curious. I don’t know what Gengar and Zhou Yilin said.

After Gengar calmed down, Zhou Yilin took out two gas masks and two small oxygen cylinders from the space backpack.

“There is a hole in the ground and two key bones are placed there. We need to go deep underground and enter that hole to solve the problem of different spaces.”


“The cornerstone of maintaining the existence of the different space is the Long Yuan under our feet. Although it is less moving, it does not matter.

For the sake of safety, I don’t plan to go down. Dig.

We have to bring gas masks and oxygen tanks in advance, and we will let Gengar use Phantom Force to take us directly into it.

After a little arrangement of methods, we can Leaving the different space.”

Jiang Sheng was stunned for a moment.

That’s the end?

He doesn’t know anything yet!

He hurriedly grabbed Zhou Yilin who was about to put on a gas mask.

“Wait a minute, Senior Sister, can you tell me the detailed plan?”

Zhou Yilin temporarily stopped her actions, nodded, and slowly said the plan in her heart Come.

“Here, the real existence of the supernatural energy is inseparable from the Mist in the dragon bone, which is catalyzed and mutated by ancient energy, and the dragon element mine under my feet.

So, I want to get the dragon Metamines cannot be excavated in different spaces.

Doing so will damage the foundations of the different spaces and may lead to the collapse of the different spaces.”

“My plan is very simple. , For the first time to restrict the different space, let Mist shrink back into the keel, close the door of the different space, and hide it.

Then draw a salary from the bottom of the tank and drain the ancient energy on the keel outside.

Similarly, one of the two supporting points of the different space is missing, and the different space will collapse immediately, and the massive energy in the Longyuan Mine will burst out, dissolving the soil near the keel into the Longyuan Mine.”

“Let the different space collapse, and Longyuan Mine appears in the real world. Although there will be a small amount of loss, it is convenient to mine.”

Jiang Sheng thought for a while and figured out what Zhou Yilin meant. , He continued to ask:

“Senior Sister, the different space collapsed, what about the life in the different space?”

Zhou Yilin shook her head slightly and said:

“I don’t know. There shouldn’t be other Pokemon living in this different space. Those who can enter are strayed into it when Mist spreads.

They may be restricted in the different space. When the Mist shrinks, it is pushed out of the different space.

It may also collapse with the different space, turning into biological energy radiation all around, and becoming a part of Longyuan Mine.”

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