Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 390

This Senior Sister is really a fierce person. She won’t forget that there are outsiders who strayed into this different space, right?

Jiang Sheng hurriedly persuaded:

“Senior Sister, we need to wait a while before going down. First, we must find someone from the ancient administration in a different space. The Master said this time to divide the dragon. Yuan Mine, it’s best to bring them.”

Zhou Yilin was taken aback, her face showed a daze.

She almost forgot this important matter just now.

She took the gas mask and oxygen tank back into the space backpack, whispered:

“Indeed, if they don’t join us, we won’t be able to get the right to mine.

At that time, someone will take the opportunity to pick quarrels and stir up trouble, and add trouble to you.

You are too weak now and can’t restrain the greed of those guys.”

Although it was a bit harsh, Jiang Sheng had to admit it nodded.

Start mining, how can such a big movement be hidden from everyone, and it is not feasible to develop secretly.

Only get the official first, and then the mining rights given by the Assist official take over the righteousness, which can eliminate more than 80% of the hindering forces.

The remaining 20% ​​of the hindering forces will only make secret moves.

Professional trainers who act recklessly jumped out, Jiang Sheng was confident to shoot them to death one after another.

The powerful Gym-level Trainer jumps out, and it is naturally handled by Senior Sister.

If someone comes over with a rare Elite Pokemon, the fun will be great.

The momentum created by the Elite Pokémon battle is like destroying heaven extinguishing earth Normal, which will attract other official forces to intervene.

Jiang Sheng has the endorsement of the Ancient Administration Bureau, and he must have the upper hand after the incident.

Actually, if Senior Sister and the Ancient Administration Bureau are aside, it can be developed jointly with Wang Lin.

But in contrast, the Senior Sister who has just met is closer. She is her family.

This is like the father brothers of the uncle’s family, much closer than the fathers brothers of the aunt’s family.

even more how Longyuan Mine’s mining method is given by Senior Sister.

As for Wang Lin, Jiang Sheng thinks he has given Wang Lin a lot, and there is no need to send him resources all the time.

Jiang Sheng released five small animals to find human traces in a different space.

After a short while, a Furrret returned to lead Jiang Sheng and Zhou Yilin.

Enter the jungle, close to the green hills, and walk into the valley along the newly opened trail.

In the Cave that opened on a mountain wall, Jiang Sheng met five people from the ancient administration.

On the first day of the new year, the five of them all looked happy.

They have found the supplies put in by the Zhu Family brothers, and they know that someone outside knows that they are trapped in a different space, so they are not at all too desperate.

The four young men and women looked at each other with excitement on their faces.

The two girls hugged each other in excitement and yelled. The two youths became calmer due to their long time with the fatty, but their faces were still full of joy.

The middle-aged fatty is not so optimistic, with a deep worry in his eyes.

I knew that he stopped pretending to be a cup at the time, and now he is beaten in the face.

He knows nothing about tomb robbers. He is the real master in the identification of antique art.

But as the four-person Master, the backbone of the team, he must stand up at this time.

The middle-aged fatty, lightly sighed, with a sleek smile on his face, walked out of the Cave and asked:

“Hello, my child is Jin Hongchang, may I ask if the two of you entered here by mistake, or came in from outside for search and rescue……”

Just halfway through the conversation, this fatty saw the appearance of Jiang Sheng and Zhou Yilin clearly, his small eyes were round. The fat on his cheeks trembled, and there was mist in his eyes, full of grievances.

“Senior Sister, Senior Brother, you guys finally came to save me, I am so touched!”

Zhou Yilin:……

Jiang Sheng:?? ?

This person is also Master’s discipline?

No, it should be the Honorary Disciple of Master, right?

Maybe like Wang Lin.

Jiang Sheng couldn’t help looking towards Zhou Yilin on one side, asking what was going on with his eyes.

“Fat person Jin, don’t call us that, my father didn’t mean to accept you at all.”

Fat person Jin scowled and said quickly:

“Senior Sister, this statement is wrong. Although Old Mister did not accept me as a discipline, he pointed me to the master and disciple. I respect him in my heart and regard him as Senior as a teacher. “

Zhou Yilin showed helplessness in her eyes, turned her head and explained to Jiang Sheng:

“This person has a very thick skin. As long as he sees a tomb robber with powerful methods, regardless of age, Go ahead and ask for advice immediately.

As long as you give him an answer, he will brazenly call people his Teacher.

Therefore, he has formed a deep network in the tomb raiders.

Although this person has a very thick face, but his temper is not bad, you can have deep friendship with him.”

Zhou Yilin said this middle-aged fatty, but this fatty is not at all annoying, she squinted. Small eyes, a proud look.

With a deep smile on his face and a pleasing look on his face, he extended his chubby hand to Jiang Sheng, lowered his posture, and said:

” I’ve seen and heard about the peerless style of Senior Brother, breaking the Elite tomb, driving away the ancient Ditto of Elite, and benefiting Bincheng City. Such a great achievement is really a role model for my generation.

I’m afraid it’s too abrupt if I don’t have the reason to see you. I’ve been looking for Senior Brother.

This time, Senior Sister has spoken, and I will ask Senior Brother to take care of it in the future.”

The old saying goes well, reach out and don’t hit the smiley person.

Since everyone said he is a worthy person, Jiang Sheng is also happy to befriend him.

Jiang Sheng immediately bowed slightly and reached out to hold it.

“You are the leader of a round, I will trouble you to take care of me in Bincheng from now on.”

With a wry smile on his face, he said:

“Also, the title Senior Brother is really unacceptable.”

This middle-aged fatty is old enough to call him his uncle, so he still calls himself Senior Brother?

fat person Jin understands what Jiang Sheng means. When the hands holding each other are released, he said with a serious expression:

“This is not good, we robber the tomb world You should not rank seniority based on your age, you should judge heroes by means. And the two true teachers of the two teachers deserve the title of Senior Brother and Senior Sister.”

Zhou Yilin elbows. Take a look at Jiang Sheng.

“Forget it, just call what he likes, don’t forget the business we came here this time.”

After a brief greeting, the two did not enter the Cave, but Take the fat person Jin to the side.

Next, straight to the point, I talked in detail about the plan previously set, and asked whether the fat person Jin would be willing to participate.

fat person Jin touched the chin, lowered his head into thought.

After a while, his face solemnly said:

“You can do it! Fortunately, after I came in, I didn’t talk to the disciplines about the Profound Mystery of Space, just let them wait. Rescue, so there will be no leaks.

After I go out, I will issue you a secret order to block this place in the name of the ancient administration.

At that time, you will only be responsible for mining, Just be guarded and leave the rest to me to handle.”

“However, I can help you one after another to block all the official temptations.

But secretly, my strength is low and I cannot help, so I can only rely on Senior Sister and Senior Brother.”

“Finally, I want two minerals! This is a very troublesome thing, Senior Sister. 、Senior Brother can’t let me do it for nothing.

I still need to do things up and down, so that these shares are not counted as lion’s big mouth.”

Fatty is a seasoned person, well-versed in human relationships, and you can tell at a glance Jiang Sheng is the person in charge of this matter.

He blinked his small eyes and looked at Jiang Sheng, waiting for a reply.

This is his bottom line. If this Senior Brother is unwilling to separate reasonable interests, he can only do business.

Negotiating things like this is not about sitting down and asking prices.

It’s not that you just stare at your eyes and say the number, and you can just say it to the heart of others.

Yu Xuan knows that Jiang Sheng has short experience and may grasp the scale of benefit distribution when negotiation is not allowed, so he has already divided the appropriate benefit distribution standard for him in advance.

Twenty percent benefits, in exchange for other official forces to get out of the game, is definitely a trade that makes money without losing money.

Jiang Sheng didn’t frown, but after fat person Jin made a request, he simply nodded agreed.

Fat person Jin put a sleek smile on his face again, and said:

“Hehe, this is easy. Without further ado, please ask Senior Sister to send us out. I might as well sign the secret order as soon as possible, so as not to have more dreams at night.”

He looked towards Jiang Sheng on the side again, and the respect in his eyes became stronger.

“Senior Brother is so happy to do things, it really makes me admire.

This time it’s a bit too late. When we deal with the Longyuan Mine, I must have the wine with Senior Brother. Yan Huan, I would like to invite Senior Brother to appreciate it.”

The previous fat person Jin respected Jiang Sheng for his tomb-robbing methods.

The current fat person Jin, because of Jiang Sheng’s style of behavior, values ​​Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng nodded should be under.

He also wants to communicate more with fat person Jin, and it is best to get some tomb information from him.

Fat person Jin returned to the Cave and informed the disciplines of the good news that he could go out. There was a hoarse cheering in the cave.

Afterwards, Zhou Yilin’s Gengar shot, opened a crack out of thin air, and led the five people out of the different space.

About ten minutes later, Gengar fell from the sky and returned to Zhou Yilin to inform her that everything was done.

Zhou Yilin took out the gas mask and oxygen tank again and threw them to Jiang Sheng, and put them on immediately.

“Let’s go, go to the cave now.”

Gengar opened the space again, Jiang Sheng followed Zhou Yilin into it.

There was darkness in my sight, and I felt falling.

About two breaths, Jiang Sheng perceives the presence of wind, and a sense of down-to-earth comes from under his feet.

“We are here!”

Zhou Yilin’s voice came from the left.

But Jiang Sheng is still vigilant and presses his right hand on Poké Ball.

Why didn’t you release Pokemon before and bring it into this cave?

If you don’t know what the environment is, if you bring Pokemon in, you may kill them.

Only special lifeforms like Gengar and Metang can be used to explore the way.

After carbon-based life comes in, if it encounters an oxygen-free environment or the air is toxic, it will be a disaster.

“jié jié!”

Gengar’s voice also came from behind, Jiang Sheng sighed in relief.

But Gengar’s opening, or its Gym-level imposing manner, seemed to stimulate something.

A monster wakes up from the darkness, and four orange lights shoot out from the front.

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