Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 391

Jiang Sheng’s first thought is regret.

I regret leaving Fat Gengar to Mo Li, instead of leaving the Aber Monster to Mo Li and bringing Fat Gengar into a different space.

Fat Gengar and Mo Li are very close together. If an emergency occurs outside, she can command Fat Gengar to have a battle.

And Mo Li’s control over the Arbo Monster is very low.

The last time I was able to take it away from the sub-rudder of Bencheng, it was all Gengar restraining him from the side. Only then did the Abel obey Mo Li’s orders.

Pokemon is not a tool. It does not mean that you can use it to command without hindrance, especially the indifferent Pokemon like Arbor blame.

At this time, facing the unknown Pokemon and the underground environment is unclear, Jiang Sheng dare not let Beedrill, Aber Monster, and Furrret come out. He can only hope Senior Sister Yu Zhou Yilin.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid, they don’t have Malice.”

Zhou Yilin suddenly spoke, and then the flashlight in her hand emitted white light to illuminate the entire crypt.

Jiang Sheng first looked towards the opposite side, the four small orange lights had disappeared and turned into four eyes.

There are two Pokemons opposite them!

These are two Pokemon with flat airplane heads, one big and one small, the small one is lying on top of the big head, staring at Orange and looking at Jiang Sheng with big eyes.

The big one is just like a deformed Dongfang Long, slender, light blue, with arms and legs, and the tail ends gradually transparent, much like a Nether Soul.

The small one is just dark green, about half a meter long and looks very thin.

According to the Pokédex record, this small Pokemon can’t even beat a human child, and it is considered to be a more hip-blooded existence in Pokemon.

Drakloak, Level 57, Characteristic Trait [Penetration].

Dreepy, Level 49, Characteristic Trait [Curse body].

These two Pokemon are the guys Jiang Sheng had previously thought about. They were not found on the dragon corpse outside. They didn’t expect them to live in a different space.

Thinking about it, there is Longyuan Mine in a different space. This kind of living environment is like a greenhouse for them. Naturally, they prefer to live in a different space.

At this moment, two dragons are lying on two stacked triangular skulls.

These two skulls are the key parts Zhou Yilin said. Jiang Sheng perceives a huge amount of ancient energy on the bones.

They just didn’t expect that they didn’t stay outside, and they actually acted as key nodes in different spaces in different spaces.

Seeing Jiang Sheng looking at them, the two dragons also stretched their necks and stared at Jiang Sheng.

Fortunately, they have not yet shown a desire to attack.

This kind of Quasi-Legendary Pokemon is born from dragon corpse, will wander beside the corpse, most likely will have the habit of guarding the corpse.

But the two dragons on the opposite side were only curious about the appearance of Jiang Sheng, Zhou Yilin, and Gengar, not at all immediately attacking.

“Let’s talk to them in the past. These two little fellows not at all showed too strong offensive. If you are lucky, maybe you can take them away.”

Jiang Sheng’s eyes lit up and turned to look towards Zhou Yilin.

Is this the mind of Senior Sister?

Plain but broad-minded [squinting smile jpg.]

Faced with two powerful Ghost Type Quasi-Legendary, are you not moved?

Give yourself this good opportunity?

Each minding their own business, Zhou Yilin took out strange devices from her backpack, and explained in a faint way:

“I have a Dragapult now, our this lineage is just you No, you can try it. You’d better conquer them.”

“Gengar, protect him.”

“jié jié!”

After that, Zhou Yilin stopped talking and immersed herself in debugging the equipment in her hand.

Gengar shrank in the corner, grinning openly to Jiang Sheng, showing the wicked smile of the Gengar family, Jiang Sheng nodded salute.

He began to approach the two dragons in small steps.

At the beginning, the two dragons were just expression congeals, their waists straightened slightly, and they became vigilant.

But when Jiang Sheng was only two meters away from them, the two dragons suddenly bared their fangs at Jiang Sheng and let out a harsh roar.

At this moment, Jiang Sheng’s muscles are tight all over, for fear that Drakloak will throw Dreepy on his face.

But after a while, the two dragons not at all started to attack, just warning Jiang Sheng.

Even so, Jiang Sheng did not dare to go forward and test.

He put his hand in his pocket and turned into two Pokéblocks with intimacy, placed it in his palm, and handed it to the two dragons.

In the beginning, the two dragons were extremely unstable, thinking that Jiang Sheng would attack them.

But seeing Jiang Sheng spread out his palms, a strange Fragrance floated out, and the eyes of the two Pokemon went wide.

They can’t keep calm anymore!

For a long time, they have never seen such a wonderful smell.

Even if the group of guys who rushed into the outside world abruptly before, they looked a lot like this guy, they usually eat far less than what they see now.

Dreepy was the first to take the lead. The green light flashed on his body disappeared from the top of Drakloak’s head.

When Jiang Sheng reacted and heart startled, the two Pokéblocks in his hand had disappeared. Dreepy returned to the top of Drakloak’s head.

It threw a piece of Pokéblock into Drakloak’s mouth and stuffed one piece into its own mouth.

Two dragons closed their eyes and indulged in the delicacy.

Jiang Sheng sighed in relief, and began to recall the emerald brilliance just now.

Dreepy just used the Bug Type move, U-Turn known as repeated horizontal jump!

This is a very interesting mechanism, but few people use it in reality.

This move style will make Pokemon attack the opponent at a very fast speed, and if a hit or miss, it will pull Pokemon back to the original standing position.

Although this move has a weird mechanism and an extremely fast speed, it has a heavy burden on the body and is not very practical. Therefore, there are very few Pokemons that use this move in reality.

Didn’t expect this little fellow can actually use it, and this Drakloak must also be very skillful.

Jiang Sheng looked towards The eyes of the two dragons can’t help but become strange.

A while ago I just discovered that my fat Gengar has the potential to become the head of the dark, today I saw Sword Soul [1]?

After Pokéblock digested, two Dragons stared at Jiang Sheng with their eyes shining brightly, their tongues were licking their lips, begin to stir.

Good guys, it’s fine if your heart is moved, just because you have no desires and desires, and nothing is greedy.

Jiang Sheng took out two more Pokéblocks from his pocket and held them tightly in the palm of his hand.

Although you can’t see the contents of Jiang Sheng’s palm, two Drakloak can smell it.

There was a hint of doubt in their eyes, some wondering how this smell appeared out of thin air, but soon they didn’t care.

Because Jiang Sheng unsatisfied, he took another step forward!

The two dragons have fierce eyes and growl in their throats to warn Jiang Sheng not to come close.

But Jiang Sheng spread his palms, and the hard low growl in the throats of the two dragons slowly softened, until it was more like Charm in the end.

Dreepy is going to grab again, but with lessons learned, Jiang Sheng’s Mental Force is highly concentrated. When he caught the energy fluctuations of the Bug Type, he quickly closed his palms and disappeared the two Pokéblocks.

Jiang Sheng is totally playing with fire!

No one knows the nature of these two dragons, and no one knows whether the sudden disappearance of the two Pokéblocks will make them go crazy.

The low roars of the two dragons changed again, from the previous pleasing to the voice of mourning.

Jiang Sheng even saw tears flickering in Dreepy’s eyes.

Not very tough? A big foodie?

That’s even more = easier!

Jiang Sheng’s heart moved, two Pokéblocks appeared in the palms of his hands again, and Fragrance floated into the noses of the two Duolongs again, and they stared directly at Jiang Sheng’s clenched hands.

Actually, if it weren’t for the Senior Sister at the back, Jiang Sheng would be able to make use of the [Backpack] function, and use its storage function to perform tricks for two Duolongs.

But now there is Senior Sister staring at the back, Jiang Sheng can’t show the magical function of [Backpack].

Especially this Senior Sister is still a research madman.

Release the palm, and there really are two golden yellow Pokéblocks inside.

Jiang Sheng took the opportunity to take two big steps and approach Drakloak.

The two dragons became nervous in an instant. If they were fur animals, their hair would have exploded at this moment.

Jiang Sheng put the Pokéblock in his hand to the sides of two dragon’s mouths, and with the peculiar effect of increasing intimacy energy, the tension between the two was relaxed.

“Come, please eat.”

Jiang Sheng said softly, and let Mental Force release a friendly signal.

Drakloak was still a little hesitant, but Dreepy above its head moved first, swallowing one piece into his own mouth, and one bite into Drakloak’s mouth below him.

Jiang Sheng smiled, and took two Pokéblocks from his pocket and fed them.

After that, on a whim, he fed a few more dollars

He seemed to be addicted to feeding, completely forgetting that he was not alone in the crypt.

Behind Jiang Sheng, Zhou Yilin squinted and stared at Jiang Sheng’s pocket, frowning slightly.

Fifth feeding, Jiang Sheng woke up suddenly, his spine was startled with cold sweat.

“haha, the inventory I brought is so much, not at all. If you go out with me, I will still have a lot outside.”

A total of five times, Ten Pokéblock is still in my pocket.

By the way, Senior Sister should maybe it shouldn’t be just looking at me, right?

But he dare not turn his head to take a peek now, so he can only brace oneself and communicate with two dragons.

Jiang Sheng raised his hand to touch Drakloak’s belly. Drakloak’s body was tight, but he did not attack.

Until Jiang Sheng put his hand on Drakloak’s stomach, Drakloak still restrained himself and did not launch an attack on Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng just touched it twice, did not dare to continue to stimulate Drakloak, and put down his perverted hand.

In the past, he touched Abel’s Weird in this way to enhance the relationship between each other.

The creatures of their size will try to protect the abdomen. If they can be touched by outsiders, it means they have recognized the person.

“Will you go with me? As long as you are with me, I can give you a lot of the previous delicious food.”

Jiang Sheng from his pocket again Take out a Pokéblock and use it as an example to gesture to two dragons.

Dreepy had saliva left in his mouth, and he rushed out to take the last piece of Pokéblock Swallow.

After that, he kept stomping on Drakloak’s head with his feet, looking eager.

Drakloak has an awkward look, his eyes are constantly flowing on the keel below him and Jiang Sheng, falling into a decision.

How long have they been here?

Not sure!

Since they were born, they have no concept of time. They only know that they instinctively guard the bones and exercise together to become stronger.

Now they are invited to leave.

What does it mean to leave?

He said that he can eat such wonderful things all day.

Are there really many such delicious ones?


What is outside, outside of Mist?

Drakloak is in distress.

It doesn’t want to leave here, but it is not willing to be here forever.

The kid wants to go out and have a look, what choice should he make?

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