Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 392

Above his head, Dreepy was still crazy about Stomping Tantrum, and signaled Drakloak to make a decision quickly. His expression was almost dying.

Jiang Sheng in the heart silently gave Dreepy a like.

Brother, I respect you as a foodie!

When you get into my hands, I will feed you this Pokéblock every day.

Although this method is a bit nasty, the intimacy that comes out of eating is also intimacy.

Use good cooking skills to tease girls, this is also a technique that others envy.

Drakloak shook his head, which was really annoying. Not only did this guy press on his head every day, he also kept disturbing his thinking.

But I invited the little brother above my head to make confession while crying.

It made up its mind, yelled at Jiang Sheng twice, and motioned Jiang Sheng to look towards the keel beneath it.

Jiang Sheng was taken aback and looked towards the side subconsciously, but Kadabra was not standing behind him.

At this critical time, suddenly the language is blocked, which is very annoying!

“jié jié 桀…”

Gengar’s weird laughter sounded, Jiang Sheng turned his head and saw Zhou Yilin talking with Gengar.

At this time, Zhou Yilin had actually taken off the gas mask and oxygen tank, breathing freely in the cave.

Seeing that Jiang Sheng didn’t respond, he turned and looked towards behind him, a look of helplessness flashed in Drakloak’s eyes.

It flapped its long Nether Soul-shaped tail and slapped Jiang Sheng constantly, as if blaming Jiang Sheng for being stupid.

Jiang Sheng turned his head and met Drakloak’s disgusting look, and he sighed in his chest, almost angering himself.

I understand this time, are you talking about me stupid?

Have I eaten your rice? mind your own business!

I don’t speak nonsense, but I’m so sorry you!

Good guy, you wait!

Jiang Sheng took another gold Yellow Pokéblock from his pocket and shook it twice in front of Drakloak.

Drakloak’s eyes widened. Dreepy just ate an extra piece. It should be his turn for this piece.

But after Drakloak’s eyes followed Pokéblock twice, he saw Jiang Sheng’s hand stopped on top of its head.

It was just about to raise its head to bite, when Dreepy stuck out his head and swallowed Pokéblock.

Dreepy also stomped twice on Drakloak’s head, telling Drakloak that it was for him.

Drakloak foul-mouthed left the group chat.

Jiang Sheng has a proud face.

Genius lost to foodies.

Want to eat? Please throw your mind away!

On the other side, Gengar and Zhou Yilin’s exchanges also had results.

“It says that it will fight you and decide the future through battle.

If they win, we must immediately exit here, don’t disturb their lives, and go I have to fill this place with the food they ate before.

If you win, the keel will be given to you, and they will follow you, but you must make sure to let them eat that delicious food everyday all Food.”

Jiang Sheng looked at Zhou Yilin suspiciously, with this unscientific look.

Be reasonable, you people don’t have plug-ins, how can you understand what Pokemon means so quickly?

“Senior Sister, is it true? This idiot knows what gambling is?”

Jiang Sheng glanced at Drakloak with disdainful eyes, and compared it to it. Middle finger.

You despise me, do I despise you?

Mentally retarded Ghost Dragon, I want Lao Tzu to kneel and lick you, no way!

In this way, a weird chain of contempt was born. Both Drakloak and Jiang Sheng believed that the other party was a great mental retardation.

Drakloak’s eyes widened and his face was angry, he slammed his head and bumped Jiang Sheng’s back waist, staggering Jiang Sheng.

Zhou Yilin shrugged, her cheek twitched, trying to suppress her smile.

“Now you believe it? Drakloak is very smart.”

Jiang Sheng turned his head and squinted at Drakloak.

He understands one thing, he and Drakloak are violent.

Neither giving way to the other, staring at each other fiercely, each with a ghost in their hearts.

Drakloak: Stupid, you are done! I will lose deliberately later, to see if I don’t give you food and become poor, and when I squeeze you out, I will take my little brother to go elsewhere to have a happy life!

Jiang Sheng: Dragon boy, you are done! I have a “Treasure Item for Ghosts” in my house. If a “superior dog” like you wants to cheat out and kill, there will naturally be someone who will treat you well!

Zhou Yilin frowned, looking at these two guys, helplessly sighed.

Sure enough, it doesn’t look very smart.

“When are you going to fight.”



one man one dragon It seems a bit similar.

I don’t know the Zhou Yilin sighed in the hearts of the two, and some worry about whether the two guys can get together in the future.

“This Cave is well ventilated. We don’t need to wear a gas mask. Your Pokemon can be released.”

Jiang Sheng took a look at all around, this place The acupuncture point is not big, it occupies about 20 square meters of Ground, and the height is close to three meters.

Neither Drakloak nor the Pokemon he will send next is a good battlefield.

Jiang Sheng took off the gas mask on his head and gently took a deep breath. It was indeed normal air without any peculiar smell.

“Senior Sister, this place is too small, it won’t be good if the cave collapses due to the aftermath of the battle, let’s go out and fight.”

He turned his head and looked towards Drakloak:

“Let’s go out and fight, dare you?”

Drakloak lightly snorted, very arrogant nodded responds.

Gengar opened the space again, Zhou Yilin took the lead in it, Jiang Sheng wanted Drakloak to go first.

Who knows, Drakloak glanced at him contemptuously, flicked his tail, and slashed into it.

Phantom Force, it will too!

He kindly fed the dog, Jiang Sheng replaced the Pokemon he was going to send next, and prepared to beat Drakloak.

On the grass outside, Zhou Yilin and Gengar stood in the middle to act as referees, and Jiang Sheng and Drakloak stood opposite each other.

Jiang Sheng took the Poké Ball from his waist and threw it away. A tiger-skinned hornet appeared on the grass, facing Drakloak.

As a child of “Fairy King” (Xerneas:???), how can you prove yourself without slaying the dragon?

Drakloak was stunned by the appearance of Beedrill.

What do you mean by being a helper?

It turned his head and looked towards Gengar, a little angry, asking what was going on?

What about the 1VS2 true male dragon battle that has been said?

After Gengar’s reaction, Zhou Yilin understood what Drakloak meant, and the corners of her mouth twitched lightly.

This Drakloak clearly wants to kill Jiang Sheng, but why does she want to laugh so much.

Jiang Sheng frowned and looked at Drakloak, with an inexplicable bad feeling in his heart, but Kadabra was not there and he couldn’t see what sly plan Drakloak was playing.

Zhou Yilin didn’t know how to explain to Drakloak the process of human Trainer and Pokémon battle and then conquer the opponent.

She can only try to make the game “fair”.

After about 3 minutes of negotiation, Drakloak “reluctantly” agreed to change the way of playing.

From 1VS2 true male dragon battle to 2VS2 true male dragon battle.

When Jiang Sheng wanted to go over and listen to their conversation and so on, Zhou Yilin signaled Jiang Sheng to continue the battle.

Drakloak has sharp eyes and full of fighting spirit.

However, Dreepy above its head spoiled the atmosphere. Dreepy twisted its tail happily, and the whole dragon was excited.

The idiom of dancing with hands is most suitable for Xiong Rong’s current Dreepy.

heaven helps me, the other party actually has a pig teammate!

Jiang Sheng grinned and pinched the keystone to be split in his palm.

“Beedrill, mega evolution!”

Beedrill has a dazzling white light, but the white light doesn’t last long, it’s fleeting.

An unstoppable tail needle!

A lance flashing cold light!

A sharp look like needles!

Mega Beedrill, pay respects to!

Drakloak didn’t react for a moment, his face was blank, and he didn’t understand what happened at that moment.

“Beedrill, Play Rough!”

The pink Fairy Type energy gathered and wrapped around a pair of riding lances. The weird breath made Drakloak feel unconsciously irritated.

Pink light flashed, Mega Beedrill burst into extreme speed, armed with a pair of lances, stabbed Drakloak.

Dragapult is famous for its ghost-like speed. Even if Drakloak has not evolved to its final form, its speed can crush the overwhelming majority Pokemon.

But Mega Beedrill is faster than it, making it difficult to catch the trace!

Drakloak reacted immediately, shaking his head slightly, and the emerald green rays of light shining above his head.

U-Turn, Dreepy is out!

Mega’s big needle subconsciously converges a bit of strength, and lifts the lance to stop it, but the emerald streamer adjusts its position in the air, staggering with its lance.

Mega Beedrill froze for a moment, then became furious and wanted to turn back to rescue.

The opponent’s target is its Trainer!

“Keep on attacking and leave me alone!”

Mega Beedrill’s heart sank, but he did not disobey the order.

Ruby within both eyes burst into a strong anger, no longer converging strength, long spear came out, fiercely stabbed Drakloak.

Faced with the angry Mega Beedrill, Drakloak looked inexplicable.

Isn’t it 2VS2?

What’s wrong with it?

Should it be used to deal with this tricky little girl, the little brother to deal with that weak, arrogant and mentally retarded monster?

Thinking about this in his mind, Drakloak’s slender body danced in a lithe and graceful posture, and the imposing manner suddenly rose a lot.

Blessing power!

Blessing speed!

Dragon Dance!

The dense Haze enveloped Drakloak, Drakloak was like an off-string arrow, turned into a black streamer, and quickly Take Down forward.

Play Rough VSSucker Punch!

The air waves are rolling, the wind is swelling, and the grass turns and rocks fly.

One pink, one black and two streams of light reveal your figure.

The gun hit Drakloak’s head heavily. Drakloak’s eyes were filled with incredulity and he was smashed from the air.


Dreepy was holding Pokéblock in his hand, and Growl was worried, and wanted to return to Drakloak.

Jiang Sheng grabbed Dreepy’s tail and stuffed a Pokéblock into its mouth.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. Just compare it and it will hurt at most for two days.”

Dreepy chewed the Pokéblock in his mouth, and the sweet taste of honey came to his heart, let The dragon was intoxicated.

It squinted his eyes and enjoyed it, and in a flash he threw his good partner Drakloak aside.

Drakloak’s eyes were slightly dull after he fell to the ground and suffered a heavy blow to his head.

In the blink of an eye, it reacted and dark blue energy converged in its mouth.

It opened its mouth and spit out a dark blue beam of light, which stretched to both sides, forming a fuzzy dragon shadow with a wingspan of more than three meters, facing the rushing Mega Beedrill.

The gun sticks out, it’s still Play Rough!

Fairy energy riots, riding a spear down and slashing down, slashing the dark blue dragon shadow from the middle.

The long spear was castrated unabated and continued to fall, hanging one centimeter above Drakloak’s head.

Under the pressure of the sharp edge, mixed with the Fairy aura that made the dragon uncomfortable, Drakloak rushed, not daring to move.

It can’t help but feel a little frustrated.

I wanted to release water before, but now it seems that even if spare no effort, it can’t beat the opponent.

The rifle hung over its head. It dared not make extra moves. It only dared to deflect its peripheral light slightly and take a peek at the situation in Dreepy.

Just one glance, it rolled its eyes and fell to the ground.

Jiang Sheng stroked Dreepy’s back with one hand and his chin with the other. His eyes were full of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Should you not be pissed off?

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