Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 393

Dreepy awakened from his intoxication and turned his head to find Drakloak lying on the ground, immediately anxious.

It’s body flashed, leaning in front of Drakloak, and arching slightly.

Drakloak still has no response, Dreepy is about to cry.

It flew back to Jiang Sheng, crying for help from Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng smiled helplessly and touched Dreepy’s soft body, comforted:

“Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

Jiang Sheng walked to Drakloak By my side, I accidentally noticed that the Drakloak dragon body was trembling slightly.

You, mentally retarded guy with thick eyebrows, turned out to be pretending to be unconscious!

I don’t know if it was because I was defeated, I felt sorry, or I was greedy by Dreepy, and I was ashamed of seeing people.

Finding that Drakloak is okay, Jiang Sheng became very playful and took out a Pokéblock from his pocket on the other side.

Zhou Yilin stood in the distance, her eyes constantly looking at the pockets on both sides of Jiang Sheng’s jacket, wondering what was still inside.

This is a human-shaped Gengar?

Jiang Sheng squatted down, his right hand holding Pokéblock and drawing circles around Drakloak’s nose.

See Pokéblock again, how can this big foodie Dreepy let it go?

At this time, it was only half a palm distance from Pokéblock, and it shook its head with Pokéblock, leaving crystal clear saliva dripping on Drakloak’s head.

Jiang Sheng could feel that Drakloak’s breathing was a little bit short, and his body was shaking more.

At this moment, Jiang Sheng feels a little sympathetic to Drakloak. Dreepy, Brat, is really not easy to bring.

Dreepy couldn’t help it anymore, sticking out his tongue to try.

The lying dead Drakloak opened his eyes abruptly, raised his head a little, and snatched the Pokéblock from the tip of his nose by Dreepy.

Dreepy was taken aback for a moment, with a look of joy on his face.

It knew that it was Pokéblock that caused Drakloak to wake up, and hurriedly sent the Pokéblock it had been holding to Drakloak’s mouth.

Drakloak couldn’t help tearing his eyes as he felt the breath close at hand.

Is the black heart little cotton jacket finally turned?

It’s not easy for me!

Drakloak won’t be polite with Dreepy. It still remembers that Dreepy owed himself two Pokéblocks in total, and opened his mouth to swallow Pokéblock.

Afterwards, it shook its head, and Dreepy immediately understood and stood on Drakloak’s head again.

Drakloak calmed down with something pressed against his head.

The combination of two dragons is the most complete Drakloak!

Jiang Sheng put his hand in his pocket again, two dragon eyes shined, full of hope.

However, Jiang Sheng took out a small blue and white ball this time.

After pressing the switch, the ball instantly zoomed in and turned into a blue and white Great Ball.

“if you agree to bet you must accept to lose, you have to go with me!”



A happy cry.

coldly snorted.

Drakloak still held his head high, his eyes full of dislike for Jiang Sheng.

But when the Great Ball fell, Drakloak did not escape.

The Great Ball opens, and the red light shoots on two dragon bodies to wrap them and pull them into the Great Ball.

The Great Ball fell to the ground, shaking violently and making a rapid beep.

About five seconds, the red light turns on at the knob switch, and the Great Ball stops shaking and makes a “ding” sound.

Drakloak, Dreepy, succeeded!

This is the unexpected result of the Longyuan Mine, and it is completely unexpected.

Since the Senior Sister doesn’t need it, he is impossible to push this kind of powerful Quasi-Legendary to others, and naturally takes care of his income.

Although he has a lot of Pokemon in his hands, it is difficult to provide Drakloak with a platform to improve himself.

But fortunately, it is a Ghost Type, which is highly compatible with ink.

Just like Gengar, you can send it to Mo Li to help her train.

On cultivating Ghost Type Pokemon, Moli Innate’s conditions are suddenly messed up, and it is a bug in itself.

Up to now, Jiang Sheng hasn’t known whether she is a human or a Pokemon, and vaguely speculates that she may be the same type of person as herself.

Bring her out of the mountain village, apart from feeling that her life is pitiful, no one to rely on, and want to give her a little help within her ability.

I also want to train myself a powerful deputy and secretary.

Now that the initial results have been achieved, Mo Li’s work has also been on the right track.

Especially in the rescue operation a few days ago, she took the lead into Mist and retrieved the trapped subordinates, which made Jiang Sheng very satisfied.

Compared to Gengar, Drakloak’s breed is much simpler.

He has Pokéblock with various functions in his hand, which is most beneficial to the growth of Pokemon.

Especially now there are a lot of Dragon Crystals.

Jiang Sheng can also teach him his moves in the way of “enlightenment”, and then Mo Li puts Drakloak on the field while guarding the Stadium.

The power leveling Mo Li is on standby!

Mo Li, who is supervising Fat Gengar practicing Shadow Ball outside Mist, doesn’t know at all, Jiang Sheng throws another big burden over.


The Great Ball opened by itself and Drakloak ran out of it.

It stared at the ball on the ground very curiously, not sure what it was, it could actually put them in.

Dreepy took the Great Ball in his hand, twisted his body, moved to Jiang Sheng’s side, and handed the Great Ball to Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng took the Great Ball and took out a Pokéblock from his pocket and awarded it to Dreepy.

“Congratulations, you have subdued Drakloak. You continue our tradition of this lineage.

My father, I and you, we all have Gengar and Duolong. It’s a good story.”

Jiang Sheng raised his brows and his face showed surprise.

As Zhou Yilin said, this has really become a sign.

He said very modestly:

“Haha, I would also like to thank Senior Sister for the accomplishment.”

Zhou Yilin said nothing, and signaled Gengar to open the space again.

“Let’s go, go to the crypt and simply arrange it, the rest is not difficult to deal with.”

Returning to the crypt again, Zhou Yilin suddenly released four Strength/Machamp.

Under the Help of Strength/Machamp, a thick disk with a diameter of about two meters was taken out of the space backpack.

The plastic shell outside the disc is specially made to wrap the excess parts tightly so that Jiang Sheng can’t see the situation inside.

You can only see the exposed small LCD screen, miniature console, various indicators, cooling fans, and a groove made of special metal in the center, which seems to be used for inlays Something.

Four Strength/Machamp lift the disc, Zhou Yilin drills to the bottom of the disc to debug the equipment.

Jiang Sheng looked down and found that the folded structure resembled the normal table legs, densely packed, enough to have eighteen.

Jiang Sheng reacted immediately, they should represent eighteen Attributes respectively.

After Zhou Yilin found the four breaks, she let the Strength/Machamps let go, letting the disc stand on the ground with four legs, like a round table.

“Senior Sister, what kind of black technology is this?”

“This is a self-developed energy tuner that I learnt from the ancestors to break through different spaces.

This situation is not suitable for tomb raiders. On the contrary, technology is more suitable. You can watch it quietly.”

Zhou Yilin’s reply was vague, and she didn’t even notice it. Jiang Sheng glanced at it and focused on debugging the machine.

She opened the metal box that was thrown on one side. There were three floors in it, and six brilliant glass beads were placed on each floor.

She took out five pearls from it, namely red, green, light blue, light yellow and pink.

Jiang Sheng reacted instantly, thinking that this might be related to the four Attributes of Fire, Grass, Water, Electricity, and Fairy.

Zhou Yilin put the first four pearls into the grooves on the four table legs, and pressed the pink beads into the grooves in the center of the top of the disc.

“These beads are the product of processing and purifying Attribute gemstones. They are a patent of mine.

They can be used as energy sources and can also be used to breed Pokemon to stimulate Pokemon grows.

However, because the energy in it is too large, it will cause some damage to Pokemon’s body when used.”

While explaining the origin of this bead, she motioned to four Strength/Machamp lifted the “round table” onto the two skulls and pressed the skulls underneath.

“I won’t talk to you about the detailed principles, I will just talk to you about the general process.

After the machine is started, it will neutralize the five types of energy according to a certain procedure to produce a burst New energy.

This energy will limit the power in the keel, causing the alien space to shrink, closing the Mist portal outside, until the alien space is hidden.

Go there When the time comes, we can proceed to the next step.”

Zhou Yilin pressed the red power button on Yuantableshan. After the display turned on, her slender fingers beat on the keyboard and typed out a series of codes. It seems to be writing a program.

About ten minutes later, a virtual clock appeared on the display screen.

Jiang Sheng understood this time, this should be used for timing.

The display screen went out, Zhou Yilin began to take all the scattered things back into the space backpack.

“Well, we have one hour left.

In one hour, the machine will start and the different space will begin to shrink until the Mist dissipates and the different space is hidden.

This period of time is enough for me to proceed with the next steps.”

True scientific grave!

Jiang Sheng looked confused, he hurriedly asked:

“Senior Sister, if you use ancient methods, can you achieve similar effects like this big machine?”


Zhou Yilin glanced at Jiang Sheng, nodded.

“Of course, but it’s a lot of trouble.

First, you find five key nodes in different spaces through constant calculations.

After that, you To create five Attribute stone pillars with sufficient energy response strength, the five stones are buried in the five key points in sequence.

Finally, activating the five Attribute stone pillars will also have a similar effect. It can restrict the different Space Power, shrink the different space, close the Mist portal outside, and hide it.”

Jiang Sheng suddenly remembered the four stout stone pillars that he had seen on Dragon Island that restrict the expansion of the Venusaur Garden. , Which is similar to what Senior Sister said.

“Senior Sister, the ancient method does not seem to be difficult, but it is a bit more troublesome than yours.”

Zhou Yilin let out a cold voice.

“It’s really not difficult. I will tell you a lot. There are two key points.

First, you need to create a suitable Attribute stone pillar. Now there are some items. The teacher still inherits this ancient craft, it’s not difficult.

The second and most important point is the activation of the stone pillar level. Pokemon is required to continuously output power to allow Attribute The stone pillar is active.

When the stone pillar is activated, the alien space begins to shrink subconsciously, closing all the portals that enter and exit the alien space.

But these Pokemons responsible for activating the stone pillar Trapped in a different space.

When we are about to destroy the different space at the end, Pokemon, who is trapped in the different space and responsible for activating the five Attribute stone pillars, may survive.”

“This ancient method is also called piling!”

Jiang Sheng suddenly remembered the method Master used when he took him to the tomb for the first time, and the last time he activated the stone in Dragon Island The process of pillar was shocked.

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