Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 394

Different from what Zhou Yilin said, in the first two activations, Pokemon did not pay the price of life.

And this time, Pokemon will be trapped in a different space, and the stone pillar will continue to be activated until the different space collapses. The five Pokemon responsible for this matter will never survive.

Jiang Sheng suddenly realized that the Master might have left a hand for himself.

Those more cruel methods of opening tombs were hidden by him, and he did not give himself the notes of the ancestors involved.

However, Jiang Sheng doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all in his heart. He thinks he can’t do such a thing as a living sacrifice to Pokemon.

Even the enemy’s Pokemon, if not too stubborn, he will give them a chance to survive instead of killing them completely.

He really loves Pokemon, he has been paying attention to his words and deeds, considering the feelings of his children.

These thoughts flashed in his mind. Jiang Sheng no longer entangled in the question of “driving piles”, and asked:

“Senior Sister, this energy FM Can the device be reclaimed?”

“It should not be possible anymore. Until the alien space collapses, its task is considered complete, but by then it cannot be recovered.

However, this is a consumable, so it’s not a pity.”


Jiang Sheng moved in his heart, rubbed his hands, and said:

“Senior Sister, how much is this thing, can you sell me a few?”

Zhou Yilin smiled narrowly at the corner of her mouth, shook the head:

“No way, this thing cannot be sold to you in ten years.”


“Because you want to inherit the old man’s old method of robbery, if you take my energy tuner and other extension equipment, you can destroy more than 60% of the tombs in the world without thinking.

to At that time, you won’t be able to delve into the old man’s tomb-robbing inheritance, and his ancient methods will be lost.”

Zhou Yilin said earnestly:

“Technology is sometimes poor Also, people still have to rely on their own brains. Only when they are strong can they be truly strong.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, did not mention the energy tuner, and left Zhou Yilin in a different space.

The two appeared outside Mist, then entered Mist again, and went down into the pothole.

Zhou Yilin began to dig out various equipment in the space backpack again and assemble it into a large machine.

“After the two skulls appear, I will use the machine to extract the ancient energy from the bones, but these ancient energy cannot be stored, which is a pity.”

She looked towards While staring at the dragon bone licking his lips, Ah Da said regretfully:

“It is still far away from the complete’ancientization’, otherwise it can extract all the ancient energy from the dragon bone and deposit it into its body within the body.”

Except for the real ancient Pokemon, other Pokemon cannot store ancient energy within the body for a long time.

Even Ah Da, whose degree of “ancientization” is more than 80%, will not work.

Jiang Sheng suddenly asked:

“Senior Sister, are you just missing a storage container?”

“Well, I have not found a suitable one Container.

I have tried many times and found that the ancient energy extracted by my machine is very different from the ancient energy transformed in the ancient Pokemon body.

The ancient energy extracted by the machine is more violent and full of destructiveness, even some ancient large pots cannot carry it.”

Jiang Sheng was amazed, and his heart was full of admiration for this Senior Sister.

He only knew that ancient Pokemon could extract ancient energy at will. Didn’t expect this Senior Sister to study ancient energy so thoroughly that he can extract ancient energy with machines.

Her research on ancient energies, I am afraid, has reached an extreme point.

She is both a genius Trainer and a genius researcher. She is a rare genius in ancient and modern times, and her status in Alliance is absolutely very high.

Jiang Sheng stretched out his hand to fumble around Ah Da’s neck, and when Ah Da was extremely reluctant, he took off its wire collar.

“Senior Sister, try this.”

Zhou Yilin stretched out her hand to take over the collar, and looked at it carefully. The brighter her eyes become, the more joyful her face becomes.

“Miracle! Miracle! Wonderful work!”

After three consecutive praises, Zhou Yilin ignored Jiang Sheng, and each minding their own business started an experiment.

She directly put the collar on the machine’s energy output port, and put a palm-size delicate porcelain bottle on the other side of the input port.

The machine starts, and the porcelain bottle is exploded.

The screen showed energy flow, and the collar placed on the tray on the other side shook slightly, and there was a blue arc on the surface of the collar.

The specific value is given on the secondary display. The ancient energy in the collar has changed from “5966” to “6900”. The added number represents the ancient energy in the porcelain bottle.

Looking at the ancient energy approaching “7000”, Jiang Sheng felt sour in his heart.

Ada’s assets have surpassed him. He Jiang Sheng is already a waste dog who will not earn ancient energy.

The collar was taken for an experiment, and Ah boldly frightened, for fear that the collar would be destroyed.

But when the ghost spirit saw the ancient energy in the collar increase, he immediately opened his eyebrows and smiled, rubbing his small paws, expressing generously that Zhou Yilin could use it casually.

After the experiment was over, Zhou Yilin remembered to ask Jiang Sheng what this is.

Jiang Sheng told the truth, telling the story of how he obtained the ancient fruits, but replaced the “cheat finger” with a passing wandering Items division, and Help created this Items himself.

“I never knew that the ancient Pokemon with [Harvest] Characteristic Trait would leave such a treasure after death!

It seems that I have something to do in the next period of time I have to go to the wild to look for it carefully!”

After feeling, Zhou Yilin began to debug the machinery and equipment, preparing to use the collar as a container to carry the ancient energy extracted by the machine.

Jiang Sheng watched silently.

In fact, he can replace the machine, but it is a bit too shocking, he should be honest.

Furthermore, the ancient energy stored in the collar can make Ah Da “spit out” it again, and finally it must enter the birthmark and become a cheat deposit, but there is only one more step.

About forty minutes later, Qian Yilong on the pothole suddenly shouted in panic:

“Boss, something went wrong, and the fog started to fade. , Zong Captain went out and took a look, saying that the peripheral Mist had begun to shrink.”

Jiang Sheng didn’t reply, turned his head and looked towards Zhou Yilin.

Zhou Yilin’s lightly saying:

“It has already started, let them quit. It is best to retreat 500meter away from the edge of the previous Mist envelope, so as not to leave Pidgey to reach them.”

Jiang Sheng shouted to the top:

“Have you heard? Go away!”

Qian Yilong hesitated, he hesitantly asked:

“Boss, what about you?”

“We have our own plans, don’t care about us.”

“Yes, boss, take care!”

Qian Yilong and Zong Yunze retreated, Jiang Sheng and Zhou Yilin also temporarily left the pothole, standing on Ground and waiting.

Mist looked back, and the pit he dug out seemed to come alive, opening the abyss and swallowing Mist.

About half an hour later, when the sun was shining, no matter it was in the low valleys or in the potholes in front of you, there was no trace of Mist.

The two descended into the pothole again.

On the previous soil platform, there were two more triangular skulls, exactly the two they saw in the crypt.

The energy tuner like a round table Normal does not appear here.

Jiang Sheng understands in his heart that it should never reappear, being used as a “living pile”, and will be destroyed together with the different space.

“I’m going to start the machine, let them come out for the last look.”

Jiang Sheng released Drakloak to tell them what is going to happen next.

The eyes of the two dragons were quite sad, and they kept circling around the keel, and couldn’t let go.

Jiang Sheng ran outside, put a basket of Pokéblock in a small basket, and let Drakloak hold it in his hand.

They just stopped, leaving the keel, standing behind Jiang Sheng, quietly waiting for the arrival of the last moment.

The machine starts.

The massive ancient energy surges and the machine trembles violently. Jiang Sheng is very worried about whether its next moment will suddenly explode.

The collar was also trembling, making a soft whistle of “Bzz Bzz,” and there were blue arcs on it.

Ada hugged Jiang Sheng’s thigh anxiously. At this time, he regretted it, fearing that his “plug-in” would be damaged.

Twenty minutes passed in fear of the master and servant.

The tremor of the machine slowly decreased, and it seemed that it was not at all dangerous.

But Jiang Sheng was flustered for no reason, the Mental Force in his brain kept surging, as if a stick was stirring Normal in his head.

This is Mental Force warning!

They are reminding Jiang Sheng that there is extreme danger here, and you must escape immediately!

The machine suddenly stopped vibrating, Zhou Yilin’s right hand wearing special gloves protruded abruptly, grabbing the collar on the tray, and Jiang Sheng with the other hand.

“Hurry up, the energy storm is coming!”

Gengar has already opened the space, Zhou Yilin pulled Jiang Sheng and ran inside, Ah Da and Drakloak followed closely behind.

When Space Crack closes, produce transformation abruptly in the pothole.

A dazzling white light erupted from the two triangular skulls on the soil platform, and a deafening rumbling sound rang.

The pothole was instantly blasted, earth and rock splashed, and massive energy radiated to the four directions.

In front of the newly erected tent, Mo Li and the other four stared at the distant mountains and forests, with a little worry in their eyes.

Suddenly, a dark crack appeared beside them, and the five of them watched nervously.

Zhou Yilin pulled Jiang Sheng and jumped out from inside, followed by Ah Da and Drakloak.

It was Gengar who was responsible for the break. When it came out, the pitch-black cracks naturally closed.



Without waiting for them to ask, a harsh explosion sounded, making everyone instantly deaf.

The earth shook violently, and everyone could not stand firmly, and one by one fell to the ground.

The powerful Heat Wave came on, and the air pressure was so low that it was almost suffocating.

Everyone clearly perceives that there is strange energy intruding into the body, and energy radiation penetrates into the body, making everyone feel warm, as if they are in paradise.

Jiang Sheng holds a stone to prevent him from being swept away by the strong wind.

At this moment, his heart is very heavy.

This situation reminded him of a nuclear explosion.

The strange feeling just now, isn’t it just like the harmful energy radiation like nuclear radiation?

The natural phenomenon only lasted for about one minute, the Heat Wave stopped, the Earthquake stopped, and the embarrassed people were able to get up from the ground.

Jiang Sheng looked towards Zhou Yilin, want to ask what happened to the radiation just now.

Zhou Yilin first said:

“The momentum is too great, first stabilize the investigation team, and then breathe with the fat person Jin. The forest ranger should also come later.”

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