Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 395

Jiang Sheng temporarily pressed down on the doubts in his heart, and other people also retreated to the side very consciously, not daring to disturb Jiang Sheng’s work.

Jiang Sheng just wanted to call Wang Lin, but Wang Lin called first.

The villain is the target of terminal monitoring in the province, and Wang Lin is very clear about the movement of the sub-rudder in Bincheng.

When the mutation happened, he immediately understood that the matter was definitely related to Jiang Sheng.

After the call was connected, Wang Lin quickly asked Jiang Sheng what the big news was.

With such a big momentum, the province was shaken, and he was being asked to investigate the source of the earthquake and figure out what happened.

Jiang Sheng talked about the matter roughly, and informed Wang Lin that this place had been taken over by the ancient administration, and asked them to give up the investigation and simply report it.

Someone will cooperate with him over there, and Help suppresses this matter.

Forest rangers, investigation teams, and ancient administrations, these are the three major law enforcement agencies of Alliance. They are at the same level, independent of each other, cooperate with each other, and do not interfere with each other.

Among them, the ancient administration is the most mysterious.

Because it is necessary to protect the secrets of ancient Pokemon and prevent such dangerous methods from being known by ordinary persons.

So, if they want to seal off one place, the other two will cooperate and dare not interfere too much.

After learning the specifics, Wang Lin slapped his tongue on the phone, calling Jiang Sheng good luck, and he was able to dig into the Longyuan Mine.

After reminding Jiang Sheng to be careful, he hung up the phone and went to help Jiang Sheng operate.

After passing with Wang Lingou, Jiang Sheng not at all immediately called the fat person Jin, but first contacted Li Lan.

He told Li Lan to go to the backyard of the Chamber to wake up Bronzong, and asked him to come here.

Elite Bronzong plus Alliance Level 2 Gym Leader, high-end battle strength is enough to deter everyone.

In addition, Jiang Sheng also asked her to send half of the rudder members over, and Help blocked the scene.

After that, Jiang Sheng contacted fat person Jin according to the contact information left by fat person Jin.

The fat person Jin told him that everything has been handled, and he and the two disciplines are rushing to the scene with a special guard belt.

When the warning belt is pulled up, everything will be justified.

Above the sky, a Pidgeot dropping from the sky, Zhou Yilin stepped forward to communicate and identify herself.

After a short inspection, the forest ranger confirmed that this place has really been sealed off by the ancient administration.

This person in front of him is indeed the Alliance Level 2 Gym Leader.

He stopped being wordy, and immediately retreated, no longer caring about the anomaly here.

Earthquake occurred on the outskirts of Bencheng, and there was also a slight shock in the city. Some Trainers were curious and wanted to check the source of Earthquake.

According to records, some small Earthquake is caused by Tyranitars.

Quasi-Legendary is very likely to be infested, which makes all Trainers hot.

But after an official announcement, a basin of cold water was poured over everyone’s heads.

“A large heretic base was found in the northwestern suburbs of Bincheng City. It has been completely blocked. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, please avoid the blocked area!”

The source is …

The investigation team!

All Bincheng Trainers registered with the Trainer Association will receive this message, and Jiang Sheng will naturally receive it.

When he saw this text message, Jiang Sheng fell into a brief silence.

I have a bad hunch…

A strong smell of arrangement!

Also, who did Wang Lin look for to carry him back?

This thing can’t be distributed randomly. You will need to show evidence afterwards. I don’t know what Wang Lin is planning.

But this way, it can indeed reduce his pressure.

As long as no one touches them, no one will find that they are digging dragon yuan mine here, and the three parties can eat it safely.

Although it is revealed that there are ways to deal with it after exposure, it is the best result to eat it silently.

Fat person Jin is rushing to block the scene;

Zhou Yilin persuaded the forest ranger to leave, and the other party will not inspect this place in a short time;

Wang Lin stopped To the curious Trainers, it greatly reduced the difficulty of blocking the scene;

After a while, Elite Bronzong rushed over and hovered above the sky, shocking everything.

He is completely expected to dig out the underground Longyuan Mine before everyone reacts!

After all arrangements were made, Jiang Sheng looked towards Zhou Yilin and asked whether the radiation just now would have adverse effects on the human body.

“There will be an impact, but a good impact.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone sighed in relief.

Although the feeling of the radiant body just now is very fascinating, it also makes them worried, for fear of their genetic mutation and become a mutant species.

Under the gaze of Jiang Sheng and other six people, Zhou Yilin slowly said:

“For human beings, the energy radiation just now is a big deal that can be met but cannot be expected. Good Fortune.

In the future, our bodies will become stronger and stronger, and a targeted exercise will approach the limit physique of an ordinary person, and the lifespan will be longer than an ordinary person.

Don’t be happy too early, the strengthening is only a little bit, it won’t be too shocking.”

Jiang Sheng remembered a title in his mind, are we going to transform into “Mega Real Rookie”?

He remembered some information about the senior management of Alliance, and quickly asked:

“Senior Sister, if you use technology to replicate the radiation similar to the previous one?”


“Yes, but the effect is worse, but it is already a very effective treatment product.

It is also because of this that Long Yuan will be monopolized, and I want to get it in my capacity. Some are very troublesome.

After this time, I have enough experimental materials, and maybe I can study some interesting things.”

After learning about radiation, Zong The brothers Yun Ze, Qian Yilong and Zhu Family were sent by Jiang Sheng to patrol in all directions, driving away the Trainer who happened to touch them.

Mo Li left Gengar and Drakloak with two professional Pokemon to assist the four at any time.

But something unexpected happened to Jiang Sheng, Mo Li couldn’t suppress Drakloak!

Jiang Sheng had to stuff Mo Li a space backpack full of Pokéblock just now, and let Mo Li use Pokéblock to lure two dragons to obey the command.

After the arrangements were made, he and Zhou Yilin went into the mountain again to survey the specific location of the Longyuan Mine.

According to Dragapult’s guidance, the two finally determined the scope of the underground Longyuan Mine.

Draw a circle with a pothole as the center and a radius of 70 meters. Longyuan Mine exists in the underground area.

Jiang Sheng asked Ah Da to dig a few tentatively, and found that the underground is not a large piece of minerals clumped together, but scattered one after another.

Each one has a palm-size, long strip, and dark blue.

Zhou Yilin explained to the side:

“Only this Longyuan Mine is so special. They sublimate and sublime before they become like this.

The Longyuan mines in other places are normal resources like coal, which are distributed in patches.”

Jiang Sheng shrugged, I didn’t care about it, and I was even a little happy.

This kind of minerals is better to dig, without having to dispatch large-scale machinery, just like planing potatoes Normal, all the dragon yuan can be taken out of the ground.

The five little ones were released by Jiang Sheng to mine, and the space backpack was tossed aside. The five little ones would put the dug out Dragon Crystal into the backpack. There was no need for Jiang Sheng to worry about it.

It didn’t take long before the fat person Jin arrived.

Because the Longyuan Mine does not cover a wide area, after the two discussed, they set up a warning belt on the mountains outside the valley and on both sides.

After that, the fat person Jin asked the two disciplines to leave first, and he carried the box and Jiang Sheng into the valley by himself.

The box opened, and it contained ten Poké Balls. Ten Sandslashes were released from the Poké Ball.

They are a special “archaeological team” organized by the fat person Jin to help the Longyuan Mine.

Judging from their work progress, the excavation of Longyuan Mine can be completed in one to two days.

Such speed makes Jiang Sheng very satisfied.

If it ends early, there will be no twists and turns. No one will realize that Longyuan Mine was once produced here.

The fat person Jin sent ten Sandslashes and left, leaving the ten Pokemon temporarily to Jiang Sheng for care.

When everything is over, you can return the ten Pokemons together with his share.

After fat person Jin left, Jiang Sheng began to study Ah Da’s collar.

Without being absorbed by the birthmark, Jiang Sheng imperceptible tells how much ancient energy is in the collar.

But when he hurriedly escaped from the hollow before, he glanced back and the secondary screen showed “23932”.

Close to 24,000 points of ancient energy, Ah Da is really rich!

Jiang Sheng has made up his mind. When there is no one, he will let Ah Da control the collar to “spit out” all this.

The witty Ah Da seems to have clearly understood Jiang Sheng’s ideas.

When the collar was retrieved, it immediately ran aside to cultivation, consuming ancient energy to deepen the “ancientization” process.

Before Jiang Sheng squeezes the collar dry, use more ancient energy on yourself.

In this regard, Jiang Sheng at first is just laughed and does not care.

But after an hour, he found something wrong.

It may be because the ancient energy is too rich, Ah Da’s “ancientization” is very fast.

According to the bracelet monitoring, in just one hour, the degree of “ancientization” of Ah Da has gone from “83%” breakthrough to “85%”, and the strength rating is directly breakthrough professional.

In contrast, ancient energy consumed a lot.

Perceived through the birthmark that ancient energy is getting less and less, Jiang Sheng wants to cry without tears.

The report given by the wristband shows that such a fast growth rate has no hidden dangers to the growth of Ah Da.

Ancient energy has been transforming its fleshy body to ensure that its foundation is perfect, as long as you pay more attention to exercise afterwards and master the skyrocketing power.

In this way, Jiang Sheng had no reason to stop, and could only watch the ancient energy leave him.

The heart hurts, he still has to lie to himself, the ancient energy not at all disappeared, just changed his way to stay with him.

Smile, tomorrow will be better!

But I can’t laugh at all, my heart is bleeding!


Ancient Administration Bureau, Deputy Director’s Office.

Dong…dong dong!

“Come in!”

The middle-aged man who is working in the office raised his head and glanced up, with surprise in his eyes.

“What are you doing? Lao Jin has something to do with me?”

The beautiful female voice sounded in the office.

“hehe, then fatty is busy~ I have something to find you, don’t you welcome me? That person is going to be sad.”

middle age person brows I was surprised by this, but there was a smirk on his face.

“From the very beginning, I can tell you are a Fairy at a glance! Sit over and let you hear what you are thinking.”

After a burst of laughter, two People approached and communicated quietly.

After a long while.

“What you said is true?”

The tone of the middle-aged man suddenly became serious.

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