Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 396

After a while, a charming girl walked out of the office with a serious face.

If you look carefully, you will find that her face is ruddy and there is joy between her eyebrows.

This woman is one of fat person Jin’s female discipline, and what she said is self-evident.

In the office, surnamed Sun made a middle-aged phone call to carefully verify what the other party had said before.

After getting the answer, he hurriedly picked up the briefcase and left the office.

Somewhere in an underground base.

A middle-aged uncle in a white coat with white sideburns is sitting in front of the console watching the surveillance.

In the large-screen surveillance image, six researchers wearing protective clothing are measuring data next to an experimental cabin.

Through the window of the experiment cabin, you can see a girl lying inside.

They are experimenting with a living person!

The door opened slightly, the middle age person turned his head and glanced, then turned off the screen.

“Qirui, what are you doing here?”

The visitor is Sun Qirui, the deputy director of the ancient administration.

He and the middle age person with white temples in front of him are biological brothers, and his name is Sun Qiyu.

“Big brother, there seems to be a large tomb in the suburban forest.”

Freowned Sun Qiyu immediately thought of the previous text message.

“You are talking about the area blocked by the investigation team? It is said that there is a heretic underground base there?”

Sun Qirui was nodded, and talked about what he had previously investigated.

Sun Qiyu’s brows furrowed tighter, and his face was unpleasant.

“How many years have passed, how come you still can’t beat that fat person Jin?”

Sun Qirui smiled bitterly and cried out for injustice.

“Big brother, I really can’t beat him.

As long as he stays in the position of the director of the ancient administration bureau of Bincheng city, I don’t want promotion or leveling. It’s impossible to fight him.”


Sun Qiyu yelled, but he didn’t ask for anything. The matter should have passed temporarily.

There was a brief silence in the room.

After a short while, Sun Qiyu broke the silence and said:

“Since there are tombs, we can’t let it go. Recently, the experiment has reached a critical moment, and all the ancient energy is supplied’ The ancestor, the second ancestor was forced to fall into a deep sleep.

When the doze comes, someone will give a pillow. You can take the second ancestor to a full meal.”

Sun Qirui showed an awkward look on his face.

“Big brother, according to the spy report, Giovanni of Bencheng sub-rudder was also there. Elite Bronzong was hovering in the sky. Many Trainers who wanted to fish in troubled waters turned back halfway.

The’Second Patriarch’…With the strength of the’Second Patriarch’, I am afraid that it would not be possible to get close to the tomb.”

Sun Qiyu showed a little jealousy on his face, after a while, he said:


“Go to Kujiao Temple to donate sesame oil money, and borrow their Elite Pokemon for use.

As long as you hold the Elite Bronzong, you can tell them, it’s best to use Bronzong. Lead away.

After the matter is done, there will be a big report.”

“I see, I will do it now.”

After Sun Qirui left the room, Sun Qiyu turned on the screen again.

In the surveillance video, the experiment continues.

Sun Qiyu’s eyes showed excitement.

“Quickly, be happy, you will see father soon!”


There is always no shortage of fish in troubled in the world People of waters, Jiang Sheng has sent out his arbor monster, but he still seems a little stretched.

Jiang Sheng wanted to ask Senior Sister to help, but saw that she was addicted to studying Long Yuan, so she didn’t dare to interrupt.

In addition, there are plans to use Senior Sister as a means of hiding.

When Bronzong was like an airplane Normal, dragging a white tail flame to the scene, Jiang Sheng sighed in relief.

The Elite Bronzong is always hovering in the air, radiating from the wide and thick Confusion like the sea, leaving all Trainers approaching and trying to get close to the blocked area to be on their backs.

They looked at the blocked valley, and after a sigh, they turned back on their way.

Underground base?

Should we believe what you said?

The investigation team and the ancient administration jointly blockade, there must be treasures inside!

human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food.

This saying speaks out the roots of human inferiority.

But Elite Bronzong hangs high above the sky, and the situation is stronger than that of people. They have to let go of their greed.

Another part of the members of the Bincheng Sub-rudder rushed over. Jiang Sheng selected 16 people who are good at Dig from their Pokemon.

Now a total of 31 Pokemon are mining together, and the progress is very fast. Jiang Sheng is very satisfied.

Ada is still obsessed with advancing his degree of “ancientization”.

However, due to the decline in ancient energy storage in the collar, its progress slowed down.

Jiang Sheng speculated that the reason why the speed was so fast just now was probably due to the aggregation effect caused by the excessive ancient energy.

Now that ancient energy is relatively thin, Ah Da’s utilization rate of ancient energy is greatly reduced.

Jiang Sheng doesn’t know whether he should cry or laugh.

He not only wanted Great Accomplishment to be a real ancient Pokemon, but also wanted Ah Da to save him some soup.

Zhou Yilin has been paying close attention to the situation of Ah Da.

A Pokemon that is being “ancientized” is very rare, and many topics can be extended from it.

When she discovered that Ah Da’s “ancientization” had slowed down through machinery and equipment, she briefly investigated and realized the problem.

Take out eight exquisite antiques from the space backpack and surround Ah Da.

The birthmark is burning, Jiang Sheng’s eyes are red instantly.

According to his perception, none of these eight antiquities are older than the Tang Dynasty.

It turns out that there is no ancient Pokemon to support, and there is no way to use ancient energy to save such a rich family property!

“I promised to provide you with the ancient energy needed by Help Furrret to complete the’ancientization’, but this time I came out with such a little bit. If it is not enough, I can only wait for it later.”


The ancient energy around him became rich again, and Ah Da’s face was intoxicated.

It opened its mouth and sucked, and intangible energy was extracted from the eight ancient objects. The powerful energy fluctuations caused the all around air to be distorted.

The ancient energy entrance, Ah Da’s “ancientization” process, jumped a percentage forward suddenly.

The current progress is “94%”, which is already not far from real “ancientization”!

As night fell, a bonfire rose in the valley, and the Pokemon who had been busy all afternoon leaned against the mountain wall to rest.

Occasionally, members of the sub-rudder who change shifts come to the bonfire and take a short break from the hot lunch.

The five little ones gathered together, lying not far from Ah Da, chewing Pokéblock without a bite, looking at their boss with worry in their eyes.

Just now, the ancient energy of the eight exquisite antiquities was drained and all turned into powder.

Eight small piles of powder evenly surround Ah Da, as if doing some evil sacrifice to Normal.

Jiang Sheng stepped aside, avoided Senior Sister’s sight, and checked the report given in the bracelet.

At this time, Ah Da, the “ancientization” process has reached “99%”, and the strength rating has quietly reached Level 58!

In just one day, you will beat the hard work of half a month!

It can only be attributed to too much ancient energy.

It used to be Ah Da who worked hard to absorb ancient energy tempering his body, now it is ancient energy that is poured into his body hard.

Under Jiang Sheng’s gaze, two numbers quietly changed on the monitoring interface of the bracelet.

His eyes widened, and his heart almost jumped out of his throat.

Level of “ancientization”: 100%

Level: 59

It’s done!

Now Ah Da is a real ancient Pokemon!

It can enlarge the figure like an Antiquity Giant Beast, and the earth will tremble with every step.

As long as ancient energy is sufficient, it is a battlefield meat grinder. In Ancient Era, this kind of Pokemon has the power to destroy a civilization!

When the last moment came, everyone except Jiang Sheng or Pokemon did not react.

There is no imposing manner rising from the ground, only peaceful, just like the “One with Heaven and Earth” widely praised by Taoism.

Until the purple black pattern crawled all over Ah Da, everyone knew that the transformation was over.

The lines are constantly evolving, and a unique temperament radiates from Ah Da’s body, which is inspiring.

Ada seems to have become a history book in front of everyone.

They saw the creation god splitting heaven and earth apart, seventeen stone slabs were born from nothingness, time and space two gods define time and space, the ultra-ancient giant beast dormant… the birth and death of dynasties, the battle for hegemony, natural disasters Descend, loss of life…all things are harmonious, and the prosperous age is permanent…

It seems to have walked out of history, with traces of history imprinted all over it.

When Ah Da opened his eyes, all mutations disappeared.

The vicissitudes of life in its eyes flashed away, and Pure Heart was restored again.

But when looking towards Jiang Sheng, the expression in his eyes became very sloppy, full of pride.

It is showing off to Jiang Sheng the large amount of ancient energy it has successfully used.

Jiang Sheng is very helpless. In the past, Ah Da was a very stable guy.

But when it comes to ancient energy, it is like changing a Pokemon, completely becoming a “cheapskate”, not at all cheap for others to take.

Today’s Double Happiness came, so he would be generous once and not know about it Normal.

It happened that Senior Sister came over and wanted to do a physical examination for Ah Da and get some precious data.

Jiang Sheng readily agreed, and said that she can also be used to study for a period of time in the future, as long as she does not dissect it, she will be harmed.

A sneer appeared on Jiang Sheng’s face with his back facing Ah Da.

Young man, he is still too young!

Putting you on the dissect stage under anesthesia can scare you to death.

As Ah Da was dragged away by Zhou Yilin with a dazed expression, Bronzong suddenly dropped from the sky and a Psywave movement was heard.

“An Elite-level Pokemon appeared and confronted me far away, as if to lead me over.”

Jiang Sheng moved in his heart and understood what Bronzong meant.

“You mean…someone wants to lured the tiger away from the mountain?”

Psywave gave an affirmative answer, and then stopped talking, waiting for Jiang Sheng to make a decision .

“Has someone already discovered that something is wrong here? Directly dispatch Elite Pokemon, the secret of this place is bound to be obtained?”

Jiang Sheng glanced at his head and took a look. Zhou Yilin, who rubbed all kinds of machines on Ah Da’s body, raised the corners of her mouth, showing a playful smile.

He wants to see what medicine he bought in the bottle gourd!

“Have you found a Trainer?”

“There is no Trainer, only Pokemon has come forward. It is an Elite old Gengar.”

Jiang Sheng nodded , Said:

“Go, follow it’s intention, follow it away from here, and pay attention to your own safety.”

After getting the order, Bronzong took off again.

It is like a meteor Normal, pulling out a brilliant white tail flame, moving towards the north galloping away.

“Is anyone here?”

After Zhou Yilin put a tester on Ah Da’s abdomen, she took the time to look back and ask.

“Well, I did feel it with a little eye.”

tone barely fell, Ah Da shivered, freed from Zhou Yilin’s shackles, looked towards the south with solemn eyes.

The small ears stand up and shake slightly, listening to the sound coming from a distance.

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