Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 397




There was a rapid and dull sound, as if beating a drum.

Ground is shaking slightly, which is different from the shaking of Earthquake. Jiang Sheng is more willing to believe that this is a giant traveling.

A member of the guard ran to within the valley in a panic, and gasping for breath shouted:

“Old, boss, it’s not good!

Suddenly there appeared a giant beast with pure black hair and golden light on its body in the south,

According to visual observation, it was as high as the 6-7-Layer building, and it was moving towards this side and rushing over.”

Jiang Sheng and Zhou Yilin looked at each other, both eyes were grave expressions.

There is no doubt that the person who came is a real ancient Pokemon, and it has released its suppression, showing its true body!

“Go and see!”

Zhou Yilin released Golurk, stood in one of Golurk’s palms, and signaled Jiang Sheng to go to the other side.

Ada will also have to do a ride, cling to it, and firmly grasp Golurk’s head.

Golurk leaped up suddenly, with his legs retracted into his abdomen, flames spurted out of his body, flying from the valley, moved towards the top of the mountain.

Mo Li called Gengar, sat on Gengar’s back, and then lifted into the air. Drakloak danced his body and followed one side.

The five little ones only looked anxious, but no one cared about them, so they had to find a not steep mountain wall by themselves, and Rock Climb went up.

Standing on the top of the mountain, Jiang Sheng looked southward, and at a glance he saw the giant beast in the mouth of the sub-rudder members.

It is really six 7-Layer tall, with pure black fur, and golden rings on its ears, forehead, limbs, and tail, making it bright at night.

It kept kicking and breaking the trees under its feet, moving towards the valley and rushing towards it.

Ancient Pokemon, Moon Eevee!

The distance is too far, Jiang Sheng could not detect its specific information with his hand ring.

So I looked towards the Senior Sister on the side and wanted to hear what Senior Sister said.

Zhou Yilin frowned and gestured to the moon Eevee with her finger as a reference.

After a short while, she looked towards her shadow, and Gengar got out of it and exchanged a few words with her.

Zhou Yilin said slightly nodded, and then said:

“It should be a professional-grade moon Eevee, just awakened from sleep, because I don’t know how much ancient it has absorbed. Energy, so I don’t know how long it can stay in this state.”

Zhou Yilin looked towards Ada’s back in front of her, and asked:

“Furrret has just become an ancient Pokemon and should not be able to control it. Good for your own strength, do you need me to take action?”

“End Mile!”

A yelled, and instead of Jiang Sheng, he denied the proposal.

It looked towards Jiang Sheng firmly, its imposing manner was high, and its eyes were full of desire.

Jiang Sheng was moved by Ah Da’s fighting intent, his mouth cocked.

“It can, I believe it!”

Jiang Sheng pointed to the moon Eevee, which was rushing in the distance, and gave the order:

“Go ahead , Ah Da! Let me see the true strength of ancient Pokemon!”

“Tail Mile!”

After giving Jiang Sheng a response, Ah Da rushed forward and landed on all fours. Rushing down the mountain, running in both directions with the moon Eevee.

The five little ones just climbed to the top of the mountain, exhausted gasping for breath, but saw the boss running down the mountain, each one sitting on the ground with dull eyes, as if life had lost hope.

Ada like Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain, his imposing manner is getting tougher.

With a bulging Rock, it jumped up, the purple black pattern crawled all over the body, and its figure swelled suddenly.

When it landed again, it had turned into a giant beast.

When lying low on the ground, his height is as high as four or five stories, and his tail is more than ten meters long. It is as thick as a supporting heaven giant pillar.

Another giant beast appeared, and the moon Eevee stopped to look, his eyes scarlet.

Eat it!

must eat it!

The vivid Life Aura!

Uncountable ancient energy!

As long as you eat it, Gym level is no longer far away!

The moon Eevee state seems crazy, moved towards Ah Da rushed.

Giant beast confronts, not only Jiang Sheng, Mo Li, and Zhou Yilin are watching.

The members of Bencheng Sub-rudder are also watching.

Seeing the giant beast traveling, the members yelled happily, as if incarnation is the trainer of the giant beast, and you are proud.

“Ooooo, rush, fuck the monster opposite!”

“Furrret! Furrret!”

“Boss Giovanni! Boss Giovanni!”


The mountains and plains are full of cheers, and everyone is very excited.

Zhou Yilin glanced around, with a faint smile on the corner of her mouth.

“didn’t expect your leadership is quite strong, can be recognized by so many people.”

First time praised by Senior Sister, Jiang Sheng laughed shyly .

“They are all in love.”

In addition to watching the battle, there are also spies sent by various parties peeping in the distance, and they use ultra-high-pixel cameras to transmit the scene. Back to the back.

In the video, all influence saw two ancient Pokemon fighting in the suburbs. It felt like the sky was about to collapse.

Wang Lin leaned back on the sofa, looking painful.

After taking a few deep breaths, he loudly shouted:

“All TM will be dispatched to me, don’t care about anything tonight, just one request: lock the scene!”

“Never let the news of ancient Pokemon spread, or we will return to our hometown!”

Ancient Administration.

In the computer video, two ancient Pokemon collided together.

The fat person Jin was dumbfounded. After a moment of stunned, he flew out the laptop on the table with one hand.

“Check, check it out for me. Whose ancient Pokemon is, I want them to live and eat for the rest of their lives!”

It is conceivable that if the ancient Pokemon really existed The news spread, and the entire Alliance will be in chaos.

Who doesn’t aspire to have a giant beast that can only attack the city?


After the figure is enlarged, the journey down the mountain is no longer far away.

After a few ups and downs, Ah Da came to the foot of the mountain, and Yue Eevee had already charged.

The color of the golden ring on its body is slightly dim, showing a strange color.

This is a sign of its attack!

Due to the long-distance rush, the moon Eevee has Toxic sweat flowing out of his body, which evaporates into the air, forming a light purple mist.

It leaped forward, opening its mouth to reveal its sharp fangs.

The dark type energy is entwined on the fangs, and the sharpness is directed at Ah Da’s neck.

As soon as Ah Da approached, he found the shadow of the moon Eevee.

But I was really helpless to poison mist. I had to brace oneself to fight, just to solve the battle as soon as possible.

It got up and punched, frost shrouded in its right paw.

The punch came out, as if blowing up Blizzard, dispelling a part of the poison mist.

The punch hits the moon Eevee’s cheek and knocks it out. This is far more shocking than punched flying a heavy truck.

On the top of the mountain, Zhou Yilin suddenly said:

“It’s really surprising. The opponent’s real level is probably not as high as Furrret, and the strength is far below Furrret. This battle is no longer possible. There is suspense.”

With one punch, Great Ascension won the pursuit.

The figure jumped up, the waist twisted, and the thick tail was shining with silver light, like a huge steel pillar falling across the sky and hitting the waist of the moon Eevee.

The moon Eevee slammed heavily on the ground, and his body pulled out a dozen-meter-long drag mark on the ground, causing dozens of nearby trees to suffer.

It struggle to get up, and Rage’s roar sounded, but it didn’t seem to be a problem.

The moon Eevee’s hair trembled, and the deep purple mist sprayed out, covering the entire range of his body within five meters.

Different from the toxins naturally mixed in the previous sweat, this is the Toxic fog formed by the Toxic moves.

The surrounding trees that touched the purple mist all turned yellow and withered, and after a short while, they made the sound of “chi chi” erosion, and pus continued to be left on the trunk.

Ada is heart trembled, and is extremely tired of this sinister guy.

The moon Eevee pounced again, lifted his paws, and trampled towards Ah Da.

Fighting skill·Double Kick!

Ada was faster and turned into a black streamer. Eevee didn’t react in time on the moon and directly knocked it out.

Only fast, nothing can compare to Sucker Punch!

Even though Ah Da has closed his nose and mouth tightly, a purple halo inevitably appears on his face after the Toxic mist touches his body.


It’s still Toxic!

Aware that his physical condition is declining rapidly, Ah Da knows that there is not much time left for him.

Although it has the physique enhanced by ancient energy, the poison of the other party is not ordinary poison, it is catalyzed by ancient energy.

One trades and the other grows, which means that neither party has an advantage.

The moon Eevee once again flung out like a rag pocket Normal, this time it opened its mouth and moved towards sky and spit out a bunch of white light.

It was a half-meter-diameter white ball of light, hanging low in the air.

There are many light spots in the air moved towards the ball of light converging.


The white ball of light will return to Moon Eevee’s body after accumulating enough power to treat Moon Eevee’s injury.

Ada raised his head and glanced at the ball of light, sharpened his eyes, and chased the moon Eevee, which was flying out, on all fours.

The thick and long tail entangled the moon Eevee’s neck, led it to Ground and tightened suddenly, making it almost suffocated.

Ada took the opportunity to sit on the back of the moon Eevee. No matter how strong the moon Eevee was, he could not get rid of the suppression of Ada and was firmly imprisoned on Ground.

The right paw lifted up and Stockpile quietly.

Fighting Type gathers energy to form a pale white True Qi gathered on the paw.

At this time, Ah Da is like holding a small sun.

The right paw was hit with Focus Punch fiercely, and it hit the moon Eevee’s chest and heart.

Moon Eevee’s eyes were round, his body suddenly stiffened, and his scarlet eyes were full of unwillingness.

A hit, Dalian hurriedly got up and flung the moon Eevee away with his tail to prevent it from suddenly counterattack.

Another jump, using Fire Punch to disperse the Wish ball of Stockpile in sky.

The last thought was shattered.

After the moon Eevee lay on the Struggle for a while, his scarlet eyes glared at Ah Da, unwilling to let out his last breath.

When the breeze blew, the Toxic mist that had enveloped the moon Eevee disappeared.

Its body shape shrank like normal, shrinking rapidly, and the remaining ancient energy in the body began to dissipate.

Ada found the collar from his body and clamped it between the two toes of his claws to guide the dissipated ancient energy into the collar.

When the moon Eevee’s figure returns to normal, the body will collapse as the ancient energy dissipates.

Ada lightly taps on it to lock the last ancient energy into the body and preserve the corpse in good condition.

Afterwards, it held the corpse in its mouth and ran towards the top of the mountain.

In this way, the spies from all sides who were secretly watching the battle beat their chests and feet.

The corpse of the professional-level ancient Pokemon, which is a rarely seen treasure, just missed it!

A General Moon Eevee’s body was thrown beside Jiang Sheng, his figure shrank back to its original appearance.

At this time, his face turned purple and his vision was a little blurred.

Jiang Sheng reached into his pocket and took out a bottle of Antidote, let Ah Da open his mouth and sprayed it twice.

Medicine efficacy broke out in an instant, the purple halo on Ah-Da’s face slowly disappeared, and the state recovered slightly.

Zhou Yilin took her Antidote back and stared suspiciously at Jiang Sheng’s pocket.

But soon after, her attention was attracted by the body of the moon Eevee.

She took out an Item similar to a dry powder fire extinguisher from the space backpack and sprayed it on Moon Eevee’s body a few times.

This strange Item can actually make ice cubes, and the corpse has been sealed in hard ice.

The final aftermath work was completed, Zhou Yilin couldn’t help teasing:

“It seems that this is not the first time you have done such a thing. The corpse is so complete, and you did good, at first glance, it seems to be rich from ancient Pokemon corpses.”

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