Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 398

Faced with Zhou Yilin’s ridicule, Jiang Sheng laughed and didn’t say much.

He is really not a serious person.

I sold the corpse of Ariados for the first time. A few days ago, I bought the snake corpse of the ancient Gym-class arbor monster.

Now I have another professional-grade corpse of the ancient moon Eevee.

He is planning to auction these two corpses to earn some money or ancient energy, and by the way, make Bencheng the sub-rudder.

Antidote is in effect, and Ah Da is no problem.

But the previous high-intensity eruption made it a little tired, and now he is sitting on the ground to rest.

The five little boys gathered around, took out all the good things they had hidden, and piled them in a small pile in front of the boss.

Jiang Sheng took a closer look, there are Berry, Pokéblock, toffee…

Good guy, there is also a little cub who took out two dragon yuan and threw them quickly. In the pile, for fear of being seen by him.

Jiang Sheng shook his head and laughed. The five little fellows were really restless. They liked to hide some “private money” when mining.

Ada glanced at his little brothers with satisfaction, picked out the two dragon yuan, and chewed it up with “ka beng ka beng”.

Zhou Yilin suddenly remembered something and reminded:

“I saw Furrret’s strength before forcibly.

Although ancient energy is supernatural and exquisite, the strength of forcibly ascending will not leave hidden dangers.

But it is best to let it reconsolidate its strength before attempting to hit Gym level.

Other times Maybe it’s a little troublesome, it needs water milling time.

But now you have a large amount of Dragon Crystal, don’t be stingy with it, let it eat frequently, it can increase its strength.

Before being promoted to Gym level, it can also slightly improve some strength.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, should be suggested by Zhou Yilin next year.

He naturally understands this.

The former Ah Da is like an empty bottle, and ancient energy is poured into the bottle like fine sand.

When the fine sand is filled, it seems to have reached the limit, but you can also fill the bottle with water to increase its carrying capacity.

Now, the freshly unearthed Long Yuan can take on the effect of “water” and lay a solid foundation for Ah Da.

“Ada, have you found the trainer of the moon Eevee?”

Ada, who had eaten two dragon yuan, felt a little full and was stretching out his paws. muscle.

Hearing Jiang Sheng’s question, he froze for a moment, then shook the head.

Jiang Sheng looked towards Senior Sister on the side again.

At the beginning, she sent Gengar out, maybe she could find some problems.

“Gengar didn’t notice that all the peepers were spies, and no one cared about the state of Moon Eevee.”

Seeing that this matter was going to be a headless case, Jiang Sheng did not Not in a hurry.

Bronzong also has an Elite Gengar over there, and there must be some clues on it.

The ancient Pokemon slept for a long time. Perhaps no one has ever seen the moon Eevee. I don’t know where it came from.

But Elite Pokemon is different, they are always active, unless it is Wild Pokémon, as long as they have appeared in the human world, there will be traces to follow.

Jiang Sheng looks at the foot of the mountain, eyes slightly narrowed, with a difficult look on his face.

Because of the two giant beasts fighting for the front, a large area of ​​forest is destroyed under the mountain. Such a big movement, I don’t know if an ordinary person has noticed.

The secrets about ancient Pokemon that Alliance has painstakingly concealed, wouldn’t he just lift the lid?

Many “heretic” organizations were born from ancient Pokemon or legendary Pokemon.

Once more people learn about the existence of ancient Pokemon, Alliance may be in chaos.

I don’t know how many “heretic” organizations will rise up by then.

Suddenly, under the moonlight, Ariake Yellow’s construction vehicle came from a distance and was gradually leveling the ground.

Above the sky, an Aerodactyl spreads its wings and soars, moving towards Jiang Sheng and flying here.

Wang Lin is here!

Jiang Sheng’s heart is set.

Someone’s got it, It shouldn’t be too big a problem.


In a farmyard, the TV screen in the house is playing scenes of two giant beasts fighting each other.

When seeing Furrret punched to kill Moon Eevee, Sun Qirui’s face turned white, and Bzz Bzz made a noise in his head, as if he was hit by a heavy hammer.

The young servant standing beside him was shuddering even more.

He is not afraid of the fierce Furrret in the image, he is afraid of the leader Frustration himself.

Suddenly a notice came from the village’s loudspeaker:

“The investigation team is pursuing the wanted criminal. Please everyone who hears this order will not be able to seal the door and wait for investigation.”


Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door.

But the man knew his heart was bad, and was frightened by the sound of the notification outside the courtyard, and he was in a cold sweat, and quickly awoke Sun Qirui who was in a daze.

“Mr. Sun, what should I do? The investigation team has come to arrest us!”

After being shaken awake, Sun Qirui’s face was still pale, and his heart was full of pain, and to Giovanni Hatred.

The “Second Patriarch” is so gone!

The servant was panicked, and made him sigh in his heart. After reaching out and turning off the video on the TV, he shouted angrily:

“You trash, why are you panicking?”

“You are my nephew in name. Is there anything wrong with me when I came to see you?

Furthermore, the investigation team only came to block the scene, not really chasing the fugitive.

And you and I are not fugitives, please calm me down!”


Wang Lin jumped off Aerodactyl’s back, looking at bitter smile, just about to complain to Jiang Sheng.

But seeing Zhou Yilin by the side, her face was grave, and she hurriedly greeted Zhou Yilin first.

“Senior Sister, why don’t Senior Sister come to Bincheng City to tell me, I’ll treat Senior Sister to the best of the landlord’s friendship.”

Zhou Yilin waved her hand. Indifferently said:

“I’m going to stay in Bincheng for a while, and there will be opportunities in the future. Let’s talk, I’m going to do my research.”

After that, Zhou Yilin Pulling Ah Da by the nape of his neck, he went down the mountain.

Ada knew that he could be the shortest eaten by others, and he could become an ancient Pokemon. This woman would account for two successful efforts, so she didn’t dare to resist and let her drag her.

The five little ones caught up with Zhou Yilin and aggressively surrounded Zhou Yilin, fighting for their boss.

A Gengar emerged from Zhou Yilin’s shadow and glared at the five small ones. They were so scared that they dared not yell, and followed behind in a desperate manner.

Compared with the previous fat person Jin, Zhou Yilin’s attitude towards Wang Lin is much better.

After all, fat person Jin just puts gold on his face and forcibly clings to the relationship, but Wang Lin is really a student recognized by Xuan.

He is one of the two great mysteries that he has learned too profoundly.

The reason why it is one third is that Yu Xuan has only one of the methods of robbing the tomb, the secret technique of Phantom Force, and the secret technique of Dig.

After Zhou Yilin’s trace drifted away, Wang Lin dared to speak, whispered:

“This Senior Sister has an indifferent temperament. He is accompanied by Ghost Pokemon all day and is another researcher. Madman, it’s really hard to get along with.”

“You arrange her behind your back, be careful I sue you.”

Jiang Sheng’s ridicule made Wang Lin come back to his senses, Immediately furious, shouting without image:

“You are still embarrassed to speak. What you did just now was to put me on the fire and roast me. I almost got a black hat and went back to my hometown to inherit. Family business!”

Jiang Sheng shrugged.

This is not to blame him, he is self-defense, nothing wrong.

Wang Lin just complained, not at all, he is too harsh.

“Hey, let’s not talk about it, first sign the two documents.”

Wang Lin handed over the folder that had been tucked under his arm.

Jiang Sheng took it over and read it carefully. It was indeed two regular documents, not a confidentiality agreement or a deed of sale that he thought.

One is the “Homeland Defense Agreement.”

The document requires him to contribute to the stability of the Alliance and not to collude with reactionary forces.

If he needs his ancient Pokemon to attack heretic or foreign powers, he can’t just refuse to refuse, he must participate as appropriate.

However, it is not for nothing to let him shoot.

Every time you shoot to guarantee a minimum of 2000 ancient energy, the reward will float upwards depending on the result.

Jiang Sheng slightly nodded, this agreement is no problem and can be signed.

He even hopes to be called up immediately.

The ancient energy scattered in the wild has not been collected by Alliance.

Up to now, Jiang Sheng still remembers the imperial palace that was closed, and there was an ancient Kingdra in it, so there is no need to worry about ancient energy.

The other is “Ancient Pokemon Self-Defense Regulations.”

The document requires Jiang Sheng not to reveal ancient Pokemon in the public; not to tamper with the mountains and rivers of Alliance with the mighty power of ancient Pokemon; not to allow ancient Pokemon to kill wantonly… and many other restrictive regulations.

The meaning between the lines is obvious, that is, I don’t want to let the secrets of ancient Pokemon leak out, nor allow him to rely on the power of ancient Pokemon to act recklessly.

However, there is a note at the back, if you encounter an irresistible attack, you are allowed to burst into self-defense.

There is nothing unacceptable about this document. Jiang Sheng can also sign it.

Alliance hides the secrets of ancient Pokemon for the sake of peace.

The ancient Pokemon had a huge body and a terrifying power. With no difficulty, it can set off riots in the human world.

The lush forest under the mountain raze to the ground is an example.

And if there is no ancient energy support, some brutal Pokemon will devour all the surrounding creatures and keep themselves alive. [1]

speaking from a certain perspective, this is an inexcusable evil.

Jiang Sheng is willing to sign this agreement, in fact, there are personal reasons.

The less people know about the existence of ancient Pokemon, the better it is for him.

If everyone knows about ancient Pokemon and looks for ancient energy, the ancient energy he can get will become less and less.

In a sense, ancient energy is a non-renewable resource.

Just like coal and other energy sources, everyone knows how they are formed, but no one can wait that long.

When Jiang Sheng simply signed the two agreements, Wang Lin sighed in relief.

He is able to deal with each other now, and the black hat on his head is temporarily saved.

But in detail, we still need to watch the development of the situation.

Jiang Sheng pointed to the corpse in the ice block and asked:

“Senior Brother, do you know who this moon Eevee belongs to?”

Wang Lin shook the head. He made sufficient preparations before coming to Bencheng. He knew the details of each family very well, but he did not know who the moon Eevee belonged to.

Jiang Sheng had to change his mind and asked Wang Lin whether he knew which power in Bincheng had Elite Gengar.

Wang Lin looked up at the sky and realized that the Elite Bronzong passed away.

I want to be led away by the Elite Gengar mentioned by Jiang Sheng.

“I know that there is only one Elite Gengar in Kujiao Temple in Bincheng.”

【1】(Refer to Pokemon Animation·Muji, ancient Gengar swallowed people Enter the body and restore your true body shape.

The restored ancient Gengar collided with the ancient Alakazam, which had the power to destroy civilization, but was calmed by the awakened ancient Jigglypuff.

If I want to revisit the original work, about Pokemon Unprinted Chapter, between 70 and 74 episodes, you can find it by searching at station B.)

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