Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 399

Speaking of Kujiao Temple, Wang Lin frowned and slowly said what he knew.

“It is better to say that this is a temple than a’mercenary institution’.

They have expanded greatly thanks to the stubborn Gengar left by their teacher hundreds of years ago Business.

As long as they give enough money for incense, they are willing to lend Elite Gengar to others, which is known as’Wish-Repay’.

Although they are hypocritical, they claim to never Killing, but indirect killing is a lot of work.”

Wang Lin shook the head, his tone full of sighs.

“Just like this time, Gengar took your Bronzong away, so you lost the means to counter the ancient moon Eevee.

The moon Eevee rushed over and found that there was no ancient energy here. , Maybe I will eat you all as food.”

Jiang Sheng has a cold color on his face, and he hates this Kujiao Temple in his heart.

Wang Lin’s eyebrows were jumping wildly, and he inwardly shouted badly. He quickly persuaded him:

“I know you are angry in your heart, but you must be moderate when you vent, don’t give it to me. What an extinguish sect tragedy, I won’t be able to take it anymore.”

Jiang Sheng faintly smiled, nodded.

After that, Jiang Sheng took Wang Lin down to see Longyuan Mine.

The water-blue spar is too much for Wang Lin.

From Wang Lin’s mouth, Jiang Sheng learned that with Wang Lin’s contacts, there is no way to get many dragon yuan, and every piece of use must be carefully calculated.

Wang Lin was very discreet, and even though he was greedy, he did not propose to exchange resources.

This makes Jiang Sheng sighed in relief, otherwise they will refuse at that time, and both of them will not look good.

In front of these Dragon Yuan mines, 40% of the senior Sister and fat person Jin are allocated, and the rest is his share.

Of those shares, he still has to send a part to the Master.

Then Mo Li and Li Lan shared most of them, and the remaining few belonged to the members of the sub-rudder.

There is not much!

After seeing Longyuan Mine, Wang Lin left.

He is very busy, and he will continue to deal with the aftermath to calm the storm caused by the ancient Pokemon.

Tonight, the entire city of Bintang can’t sleep.

The information about Giovanni and ancient Furrret is on the table of all influence.

Regardless of whether you have known Giovanni before, after a short analysis, everyone is silent.

This is a Heavenspan with strong connections, strong background, strong and vicious and merciless.

The major changes in the two important forces in Bincheng City (Youdao Feeding House and King Berry) seem to be behind him.

What’s more terrifying is that his ancient Pokemon is different from other people’s ancient Pokemon.

His Furrret is an ancient Pokemon in the youth stage, not restricted by lifespan and ancient energy.

You don’t need to fall asleep, you’re always “alive”!

Except for the fact that there are Gym-level Trainers or Elite-level Pokemon in the family, all other forces list Giovanni as an incurable existence.

As for what is in the blocked area, everyone no longer cares.


Sun Qirui’s identity is sufficient to deal with the investigation of the investigation team. He left the blocked Region early and returned to the underground base.

At this time, he is standing in front of Sun Qiyu trembling with fear.

Learning that the “Second Patriarch” was killed and even the corpse could not be brought back, Sun Qiyu’s expression was extremely bad.

Sun Qirui secretly glanced up at the big brother’s face, cautiously asked:

“big brother, do we still want to Retaliate? Or I will bring “big ancestor” over Try it?”

Sun Qiyu clenched his fists and slammed heavily on the metal console to vent his Rage.

After several deep breaths, Sun Qiyu’s face returned to normal.

“Forget it, let’s put it down for the time being, it’s Elite Pokemon, and ancient Pokemon, we can’t beat him.

The situation of’Great Ancestor’… is not optimistic. , We may not be able to Retaliate.”

He is sighed, with a strong sense of self-blame in his eyes.

“Oh! It’s our greed that caused the death of the’Second Patriarch’!”

Sun Qirui’s eyes were dim and he dared not talk.

The source of the matter is still on him. If the big brother Frustration is on him, he can only silently swallow the bitter fruit.


The sun rises, Jiang Sheng awakens from Calm Mind.

Thirty-one Pokemons have started to excavate.

Only a few members of the sub-rudder stayed in the valley, and the others were on guard in the valley and forests to prevent people from approaching.

Listen quietly, and you can hear the intermittent sound of heavy machinery moving.

That was the construction team called by Wang Lin to level the ground and remove the traces left by the two ancient Pokemon after the battle.

A member hurried over with a basin and towel to serve Jiang Sheng to wash.

His eyes are full of admiration, and there is no complaint when he does the work of the servant, and he is even happy.

In his eyes, Giovanni boss is like a god.

It’s not just him, but the members of the sub-rudder who saw two giant beasts fight yesterday think so.

They were all shocked by the terrifying destructive power of Ah Da.


At dusk, the underground Longyuan Mine has been fully mined.

Because it is packed in a space backpack, the unit of measurement is expressed by “cubic”.

There are about 220 cubic meters of dragon yuan stacked in the valley.

Fat person Jin came here once to talk about ancient Pokemon.

He is also sending someone to verify which party the ancient moon Eevee belongs to. The solemnly vowed guarantee must give Jiang Sheng an explanation.

As Long Yuan completed all the inventory, the fat person Jin left with the ten Sandslash with his share.

There is still about 176 cubic meters of Long Yuan left, belonging to him and Senior Sister, and they are going to bring them back to Bincheng first.

For the sake of privacy, Jiang Sheng asked people to carry Long Yuan one after another with a space backpack.

Bencheng sub-rudder has four space backpacks, each with a capacity of two cubic meters.

Zhou Yilin lent him a space backpack with a capacity of five cubic meters, which adds up to twelve cubic meters.

Zong Yunze took the people back fifteen times, each time he was accompanied by Fat Gengar.

It wasn’t until dawn on the 2nd day that all the work was completed, and Long Yuan was transported back to Bincheng sub-rudder, and Jiang Sheng took everyone to evacuate.

Zhou Yilin followed along to the small town of Daheishan, preparing to live here for a while.

In order to facilitate Zhou Yilin’s rest and display various experimental equipment, Jiang Sheng temporarily lent her the backyard of the chamber and his own residence.

He moved to the cubicle of the monitoring room, planning to live there temporarily during this time.

Zhou Yilin is not eating for nothing. She knows that Jiang Sheng has not mastered Yu Xuan’s Phantom Force secrets. She proposed that during this time she taught his Pokemon to learn this move style and helped them to perform their moves. Development.

Jiang Sheng is overjoyed and shoves both Gengar and Drakloak over.

After thinking about it, he stuffed Mo Li over again and asked her to learn some Ghost Type Pokemon breed knowledge from Zhou Yilin.

Zhou Yilin nodded responded, and took Mo Li and two Pokemons to start closed training in the backyard of the chamber.

After arranging Zhou Yilin’s board and lodging issues, Jiang Sheng still has a lot to do.

He divided the Long Yuan he brought back into two parts, and Zhou Yilin’s part was temporarily sealed up and taken away when she left.

The rest of those belonging to him have been sent to the underground warehouse.

He enters the warehouse alone and puts Long Yuan into the [backpack], leaving only about 20 cubic meters outside.

The remaining 20 cubic meters are mostly used by Mo Li and Li Lan, and a few are other sub-rudder members.

Although nearly eighty-and-a-half percent of Long Yuan was taken away at once, Jiang Sheng thinks he is already very kind.

He Jiang Sheng is not a big capitalist. He has changed other bosses to come here. It is estimated that he is just giving out some bonuses to fool the people, even the soup will not let them drink.

Seeing the massive Dragon Crystal, the happiest people in the whole sub-rudder are Li Lan and Qian Yilong.

Especially Li Lan. Her Deino is known for its long developmental period. With some of these Dragon Crystals, she finally sees the hope of catching up with those well-known figures in the freshman competition.

After dealing with Long Yuan, Jiang Sheng has found Ah Da again.

Ada clutched his collar tightly, his eyes were moist, and his eyes were full of stubbornness.

Jiang Sheng seemed to hear a pitiful sigh:

Life is finally about to do something to my cute flat-headed brother!

Under the pressure of Jiang Sheng, Ah Da obediently exported the ancient energy in the collar for Jiang Sheng to absorb.

Jiang Sheng borrowed Zhou Yilin’s measurement tool and measured “14789” points of ancient energy left in the collar.

He reserved “7000” points for Ah Da.

Leave it into the surrounding utensils for the rest, and then he inhales the birthmark one by one.

At this time, cheat already has “14615” ancient energy in it.

Jiang Sheng Can still remember that the ancient energy in the Venusaur garden has not been completely absorbed by Ah Da.

After collecting all of them, his ancient energy balance may break 20,000 points.

He will return to the most beautiful time.

Not long after he was happy, Jiang Sheng realized that these ancient energies were only enough for one Houndoominite, and his face turned gloomy again.

Ada suddenly lost a lot of ancient energy, and his expression was gloomy.

The two faces of the main pet were synchronized, sitting on the steps in front of the chamber, extremely funny.


In the evening, the black market opens.

Li Lan suddenly found Jiang Sheng and reported that Kujiao Temple sent monks to apologize and brought two large boxes of Attribute gems as a reward.

Jiang Sheng coldly smiled, not planning to see him.

He asked Li Lan to ask if he had brought information about the instigator the night before.

After a while, Li Lan came back with a sullen face, shook the head to Jiang Sheng.

“He said, “Brother Sheng, please sell them a favor, accept the Present, and don’t pursue this matter anymore.”

Jiang Sheng face turned cold, his heart became angry and said coldly :

“Oh, I will give them face? Who will give me face?”

“Let them bring that bit of tatters to me. After a while, I will come to visit , And learn about the Dharma of Kujiao Temple.”

“Also, remember to tell them that I feel the Buddha is great, and I am going to give them a bell, let them take off the original bronze bell and make it in advance Get ready!”

Li Lan gave a bitter smile, and quickly reminded:

“Brother Sheng, the temple has no such taboo, they are more willing to ask for a bell.”

Jiang Sheng sneered, and said:

“Wait later, I will find Qian Yilong, and let him find someone to squeeze a bell for me out of mud, and I will bring it with me when I reach the gate of Kujiao Temple in a few days. “

Li Lan:……

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