Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 400

Li Lan is a very good microphone.

After this word came out, the monk came and left in anger.

Until now, even if they knew that Jiang Sheng had ancient Pokemon under his hand, the monks of Kujiao Temple still regarded themselves very highly.

Without him, he is confident in his strength.

There is no shortage of money in temples, and they will naturally domesticate Pokemon, which is called “duhua”.

They do not call themselves Trainer, but call themselves “monks.”

With enough money to support and run out of time, there will always be some Pokemon with good talents who will be promoted to Gym level.

Even like the Gengar with a long lifespan, it took hundreds of years to directly become an Elite Pokemon.

In Giovanni’s hands, there are only professional and Elite Pokemons. There is a fault in the middle, lacking Gym Pokemon.

Although the battle strength is a mess, it is just a “upstart” in the eyes of others.

People are such a strange creature. Although I can’t beat you, it doesn’t prevent me from despising you.

This kind of old temple, which has been inherited for hundreds of years, naturally regards itself highly, and of course refuses to be subdued.

Jiang Sheng is not muddled, how can there be no anger.

For the time being, wait for two days to visit in person, collapse their lintel, and trample their pride under their feet.

Being so domineering!

If it weren’t for Wang Lin’s warning before, Jiang Sheng would like to give them a extinguish sect package.

Until now, Jiang Sheng has been burning with anger in his heart.

With the power of the Quartet, it was hard to eat this Longyuan Mine without disturbing it.

Seeing it was about to happen, I was almost destroyed by a moon Eevee.

Fortunately, the final result was good, and the plan to make a fortune through silence was perfectly realized.

Later, Wang Lin called.

Don’t think about it, I will definitely talk about the things from the previous few days.

When the call was connected, Wang Lin’s voice was brisk, and he was obviously in a very good mood.

“Everything is handled, and I will also find you the backer, which is an illegal research institution. When you go to deal with it, you must not reveal a little bit of wind to conquer the base.”

Jiang Sheng remembered the previous notice issued by the investigation team.

As the Chief-In-Charge of a city’s public security, you can’t talk nonsense.

Wang Lin must produce enough performance afterwards, otherwise his boss will not let him go.

Jiang Sheng had a perfect infiltration ([Psychic Association] Warehouse) experience last time.

There are three ultimate weapons, Ditto, Kadabra, and Gengar in his hand. It is safest to shoot by himself.

even more how lies started because of him, Wang Lin didn’t take advantage of it, and he didn’t want to take care of the aftermath.

“I don’t want to work in vain. I want to study all the resources stored in the organization. The remaining personnel, research materials, equipment, etc., used as evidence can be left to you.”

There was a hearty laughter across the phone, and Wang Lin readily responded.

“I want merit, you want treasure, which is very reasonable.”

After hanging up, Wang Lin shook the head and lost said with a smile:

“It’s different if you have your own power. If you know how to accumulate resources, I am afraid that it will not be much cheaper for Little Junior Brother in the future.”

In the social software, Wang Lin’s assistant has sent detailed information Come here.

Jiang Sheng glanced roughly.

This is an illegal research institution of Ingrain in Bincheng City. The organizer is a talented researcher in the field of life genes.

When he was young, he worked for Alliance, then he withdrew from the official research institute and returned to his hometown for retirement.

However, in the field of research, because of the obsession, I ran out of wealth, spent ten years, and established a secret underground base in the suburban forests.

A like-minded scientific research team was pulled up by themselves to continue their research on the subject.

It wasn’t until a while ago that Wang Lin found some clues when investigating the disappearance of the population, and he found out this deeply hidden scientific research institution.

Before starting the arrest operation, something went wrong on his side, so this poor research institution was threw away by Wang Lin.

Although the document does not say what the other party’s research topic is, it is not difficult to guess the field of life genes.

Organ transplants, mixed humans and animals, cloned lives… and other taboo subjects are all they pursue.

After finding the location of the underground laboratory on the map, Jiang Sheng went back to the school first.

Raboot is still cultivating hard. It looks at Jiang Sheng hopefully.

Jiang Sheng looked apologetic, and touched its head with a wry smile helplessly.

Not yet when the time comes, he can only come back to accompany Raboot to train after this time is completed.

Houndoom is missing.

The past few days Jiang Sheng is not in school, but I have always seen posts about Houndoom on the campus APP forum.

It is now the most popular thing on campus.

With its super-large size, it shocked the entire campus. Countless students have threw away Poké Ball to it, wanting to be a “one ball superman”.

But unfortunately, Houndoom has a master, and Poké Ball cannot take effect on it.

After the incident, all those who dared to throw the ball at it were Houndoom fiercely Revenge.

A vicious dog jumped off the students, until the students were driven into the sea and let them soak in the sea for more than two hours before letting them go.

It is late autumn now, and you can imagine how miserable these people have been.

During this period, it was not that no one rose up to resist, but Houndoom was too fierce. With its poisonous torch, the Pokemon, who dared to besie it, burned the sky and shouted.

Don’t think Houndoom is only Level 37, but if you want to completely suppress it, at least professional Pokemon is required.

After the incident, the Teacher came forward and paid Houndoom a lot of Attribute gems, and Houndoom just stopped.

The Attribute gem is thrown in the corner of the yard.

Jiang Sheng took a look in the past, and there are about that many that can fill two supermarket shopping baskets, all of which are Dark Gem and Flame Gem.

Obviously, this Teacher not at all fooled, sincerely apologized for those Brats.

Jiang Sheng no longer pays attention to this matter.

In the past two days, Houndoom was seduced by the teacher of the evil courtyard to the evil island with food, and spent the whole day in the Dark Type lobby.

Houndoom battles with other Pokémon every day to vent extra energy and master the skyrocketing strength.

Eating, food and medication are all taken care of by the evil hospital. Those teachers who are mainly responsible for the evil hospital are acting as trainer on behalf of Jiang Sheng.

It’s not that they want to pry the corner. Listening to Li Lan, they just want Houndoom to leave an offspring.

Now Houndoom is surrounded by females Houndoom and Houndour, but Houndoom doesn’t know anything about it, so I use them to hit them easily. I really hate them and don’t want them to approach me.

It’s completely like a straight steel man.

Hearing Li Lan describe Houndoom’s current situation, Jiang Sheng almost burst into tears.

Knowing that Houndoom was having a good time, Jiang Sheng did not go to the evil courtyard to look for it.

After resting in the dormitory for a while, he left with Kadabra and Raichu.

Raichu was first sent back to the sub-rudder of Bincheng to teach Nidorino how to better master the Attribute energy.

Kadabra will also appear as a Teacher, but now I will also go with him to the underground laboratory in the suburbs.

After I come back, I need it to teach Nidorino how to better Calm Mind to enhance Mental Force and how to control Confusion in detail.


The moon is clear and the night is slightly cool. It is a good time to dive in.

Beside a deserted beach, Jiang Sheng stood on a reef, looking at the steep cliff more than 30 meters high in the distance, at an angle of 80 degrees to the sea.

The rocks stand in great numbers in the sea at the foot of the cliff, and the road is dangerous.

The mountain is a Wild Reserve, with lush forests and many powerful Pokemons inhabiting it. It is rarely seen.

According to investigations, one of the entrances of the Laboratory is in the middle of the cliff, hollowed out towards the mountain, and this laboratory, which is not known to be specific, was built.

Combined with the information given by Wang Lin’s assistant, Jiang Sheng frowns, I feel that things are slightly tricky.

Too little information is known.

He only knows that there is an entrance here, and he doesn’t know whether there are other entrances or emergency escape routes.

I also don’t know how the guards in the Laboratory are, whether there are strong professional and gym trainers in charge.

After a moment of contemplation, Jiang Sheng stepped on his shadow.

Ask Gengar if you are undecided, first dive in to see the situation.

Fat Gengar crawled out of the shadow, with a wicked smile on his face, stretched out his short hand to patted his chest, and disappeared into the shadow.

After waiting for more than half an hour, Gengar emerged from the shadows and was pulled aside by Kadabra to inquire about the specific situation in the underground base.

Jiang Sheng waited patiently.

After a short while, Kadabra used telepathy to report the situation to Jiang Sheng.

“There are a total of 28 people in the Laboratory, 15 of them have been Rest, 7 are in meetings to discuss research topics, 2 are studying at night, and 4 are exercising in the gym.”

“How is the guarding strength?”

“There are two professional Pokemons kept in the Laboratory, both of Fighting Type, one Hitmonchan and the other Hitmonlee. They are now exercising in the gym.


Their perception of Ghost energy is very weak. Gengar didn’t respond even after turning around them.”

Jiang Sheng shook his head slightly, not feeling proud of it.

“That is Gengar’s original temperament, and did not show the killing intent to them, otherwise the two extremely self-disciplined Fighting Type Pokemon impossible are so stupid.”

Kadabra nodded, no more words, quiet Standing on the side, waiting for Jiang Sheng’s decision.

Jiang Sheng asked again:

“Are all the 28 pure researchers? Are you sure there is no Trainer mixed in?”

“No, in the Laboratory Except for the two professional Pokemon, the remaining Pokemon are for experimental use. The researchers did not carry Poké Ball on their bodies.”

Jiang Sheng couldn’t help but slap his tongue. It seems that this is just a very pure laboratory.

It’s not like those laboratories in anime that are controlled by evil forces and specialize in illegal research.

It’s a pity that their research direction is wrong and they stepped into Taboo Domain.

After all, no one wants to see the strange monster species with human heads appear.

“Then do it, first control the seven people who are in the meeting, then the two who read at night, and then tie up the 15 Rest.

As for the gym Yes, save it for the final treatment.”

Jiang Sheng took six jet black balls from his waist and threw them to Gengar. Gengar one after another caught them and stuffed them into the space under the abdomen, and once again escaped into the shadows on the ground .

One Gengar and six Furrret are enough to take down the entire Laboratory.

Now what Jiang Sheng wants to think about is what interesting spoils of war he will find out later.

This is like opening a blind box, which is very exciting.

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