Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 401

About twenty minutes later, Gengar stuck his head out of the middle section of the cliff and waved to Jiang Sheng.

Kadabra pressed his hand on Jiang Sheng’s shoulder, felt the Psychic mark placed in the base, and launched the Teleport with Jiang Sheng.

In these years, whoever sneaks in from the outside to the inside, the serious people use Teleport to get it right in one step.

Just after leaving the space, Jiang Sheng heard the sound of fierce fighting.

At this time, he was standing in a brightly lit corridor.

Three meters away in front of him, there is a house sign that says “gym”.

Five little ones are squeezed firmly at the door, looking towards the gym with pride.

Jiang Sheng took Kadabra and leaned forward. After the five little ones found out, they quickly made room for the two big men.

The sound of fighting came from the gym. It seemed that Ah Da was facing the attacks of professional Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee alone.

Jiang Sheng looked into the gym, Ah Dazheng confronted Hitmonchan with his unpretentious punches and his punches were as fast as bullets. Four researchers squatted shiver coldly in the corner.

A big battle is going on in the field.

The two Pokemon slammed punch after punch and fought each other, making a dull collision sound.

Even if Hitmonchan’s fist shadow is so fast that it is difficult to capture, it is all blocked by Ah Da.

And every time a pair of punches, Ah Da’s mighty power has the upper hand, shaking Hitmonchan back by half a step, completely pressing it against it.

Hitmonlee’s long legs wrapped in bandages are burning with flames, kicking and hitting them at the weak defenses of Ah Da’s waist.

Ada didn’t care very much. There was an Aqua Ring on his tail. After repelling Hitmonchan, he moved towards Hitmonlee and beat him.

After a few rounds of fighting, Ah Da was slightly disappointed sighed.

The strength of these two Pokemon is too weak, both are about Level 53 or so. It feels that as long as it breaks out, it can split them up and in pieces.

The little ear moved, and he noticed that there was a sound behind him, knowing that Jiang Sheng was here, and he was no longer ready to entangle with the two.

It mobilized a small amount of ancient energy to burst out, and its small paws swelled up and covered with purple black lines.

Fire Punch on the right paw, the flames fly.

Ice Punch on the left paw, frost attacked.

This is the secret technique that Ah Da is best at. It requires the blessing of ancient energy to perform successfully. It was named [Extreme Cold] by Jiang Sheng.

The fists struck each other, the flames collided with the frost, and the white steam rose up and swept toward Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee.

These gases are white and foggy, and look like high-temperature steam, but in fact they are very cold air-conditioning.

As soon as they met each other, the two Pokemon were frozen and stiff, unable to move even a little bit.

They stared with eyes widened and unbelievable. The expressions on their faces and movements on their bodies were frozen at this brief moment.

The hoarfrost quickly condenses, covering the whole body of two Pokemon.

The foot is covered with ice, and the two are completely set on the ground.

If there is no accident, just stay in the air-conditioning for a short while, and the two professional Pokemon will lose Life Aura.

Ancient Pokemon is terrifying!

“Okay, let them live!”

Jiang Sheng spoke, and Ah Da stopped.

The fists are separated, the steam source is cut off, and the mouth is opened again to inhale, and all the escaping Extreme Cold air conditioning is retracted within the body.


Ada fiercely sneezed twice, then looked back and smiled, scratching his head quite sorry.

Jiang Sheng was speechless for a while, and he couldn’t bear the things he made, and he almost had a big embarrassment.

But generally speaking, Jiang Sheng has always been satisfied with the [Extreme Cold air-conditioning] that Ah Da produced.

This move is similar to Volcanion’s Steam Eruption in concept, and has a bright future.

Ada is only good at close combat, but with this method, he can barely make a cameo appearance as Faye.

The five youngsters rushed into the gym, all shivering involuntarily.

There is still some residual air-conditioning, and the room temperature in the gym is temporarily below zero.

For a moment, the five small only got used to it, holding the rope to tie up the four researchers who were in the corner.

The four researchers shiver coldly, I don’t know if they were frozen or scared, so they didn’t dare to see Jiang Sheng, they just bowed their heads and begged for mercy.

Jiang Sheng ignored them and let them fall to the ground begging for mercy.

Five little ones, Gengar, and Kadabra brought other strapped researchers to the gym.

The twenty-seven researchers leaned close to each other, shaking, clamoring, begging for mercy, or scolding.

There is only one old man, sitting quietly on the ground, looking worriedly at two frozen Pokemon.

Gradually, the blood of the two professional-grade Pokemons that had been frozen resumed their flow, and the body produced some heat, melted the frost on the body, and broke free from the ice on the ground.

Some researchers were overjoyed and shouted loudly, wanting to negotiate with Jiang Sheng on the strength of the two professional Pokemon.

Researchers are all smart people. At first, when they saw two Pokemons were frozen on the ground, they naturally did not dare to ask the two Pokemon to kill or expel Jiang Sheng.

I just want to discuss some conditions and seek a way out.

Who knows, the two Pokemon looked at each other, and silently retreated into the corner, not daring to speak.

Seeing this scene, the researchers were excited and their faces flushed and cursed.

The entire base is like a vegetable market, Normal Uproar.

Jiang Sheng frowned, I don’t like it in my heart, so I want to scold it out

I didn’t wait for Jiang Sheng to speak, but an old man wearing reading glasses, white beard and hair, but energetic, was angry. Shouted.

“Enough, shut up!”

This old man is the Chief-In-Charge of the Laboratory, stands by one’s word in the Laboratory, no one dares to disobey him the meaning of.

As soon as he spoke, all the researchers shut up immediately, lowering their heads and dared not speak.

Some of them are weak and still weeping.

old man sighed, looked towards the two Pokemon in the corner, and said:

“I know that you two can’t understand what I have done over the years. Planning. It coincides with today’s event, our fate is over, you leave.”

The two Pokemon did not dare to move their feet, and glanced at Jiang Sheng.

They know who owns their lives.

“Leave, don’t show up in front of me again.”

The old man who was about to speak slowed down, sighed in relief.

The two Pokemon are also such as the amnesty, walking quickly to the entrance of the gym under the stare of Ah Da.

They paused in their footsteps suddenly, as if recalling something, their bodies trembled slightly, both turned around and bowed to the old man, then walked away quickly without looking back.

The old man fixedly looked at the door, his eyes moist.

These two Pokemon were both cultivated by the old man, but they chose to leave when the old man was most in distress.

Although I was afraid of Ah Da’s fierce power, it was more like the old man said.

For so many years, they must have often seen old man experiment with their kind, and they have accumulated a lot of dissatisfaction in their hearts.

This dissatisfaction made the bond between Trainer and Pokemon disappear, and only then did the move to defect on the battlefield.

Pokemon is not a tool. Trainers must know how to take care of their feelings.

Jiang Sheng knows this truth well, so he usually pays attention to his words and deeds for fear of hurting his own group of hairy children.

“One drink and one peck, there are laws.”

“To this step today, you have committed sins. You are full of talents. If you do not do something bad, you must touch Touch those Taboo Domains.”

“The investigation team handles the case, stop begging me for mercy, I don’t count, I’m waiting for the trial of the law.”

” As soon as the three words “Team” came out, many researchers were ashamed, basically knowing how they would spend the rest of their lives.

“Is it my discipline who reported me?”

The old man arched his glasses with his shoulders, wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, staring at Jiang Sheng with burning eyes, and suddenly asked Tao.

“You just want to say this?”

“Yes, I just want to ask this. When I set up this laboratory, I know I will end up like this.


But I didn’t expect, I actually fell into the hands of my baby’s discipline.


I pity him for his extraordinary talents. He learned everything and gave him the right to go in and out of the laboratory freely.

But he is a waste, and he doesn’t even have the courage to do live experiments. Now he is going to the official to report me and let me ten The research topics for the rest of the year became empty in no time.

I hate it!”

The old man roared hysterically, his eyes flushed, like a gambler who had lost everything.

This is the paranoid researcher, the type of person Li Yuan asked him to be careful of.

They completely abandoned courtesy, justice and shame, and only existed for the scientific road in their hearts.

Normal, this kind of person is not terrifying, but terrifying is in case this kind of person is still a powerful Trainer.

For example, Zhou Yilin like…

(Zhou Yilin: ヽ(ー_ー)ノ)

Fortunately, Zhou Yilin is only developing some black technology, not at all do something bad.

Otherwise, she might be able to create a large “heretic” organization that is a headache for Alliance.

“Answer me, did the villain betray me?”

Jiang Sheng brows frowned, impatiently replied:

“The official is Because a missing case was found in your laboratory, no one reported you.”

After that, Jiang Sheng asked Ah Da to take five children to guard these researchers. He went to hunt for treasure with Gengar and Kadabra.

After Jiang Sheng left, the old man was in despair and his eyes were full of disbelief.

“Disappearing? How could it be possible? How could he have disappeared?”

“Could it not be him, because other test objects found us?”

The old man said to himself, thinking of this, he overturned his own speculation.

“No, it has been more than a month, he is indeed missing, where did he go?”


Under the leadership of Gengar , Jiang Sheng walked around the base roughly, preparing to start searching from the outside.

He saw a large number of academic classics, and after reading it briefly, he found that they were all books in the field of life genes, and he did not move them.

I stopped outside the laboratory and saw that the room was full of human and Pokemon internal organs and body tissues soaked in chemical solvents. I turned my head and left, and refused to stay long.

He saw the imprisoned living person and walked into the Pokemon breeding room and the Pokemon egg hatching room.

Looking at people like pigs and Pokemon, he was full of guilt.

I was born a human being, I’m sorry!

Suppressing his inner dissatisfaction, Jiang Sheng felt better when he walked to the door of the warehouse.

This old man was also considered an academic giant when he was young. Although he ran away his family property in order to establish the Laboratory, there must be some good treasures left in his hands.

I just don’t know if it’s in this warehouse.

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