Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 402

Confusion surged, Kadabra violently blasted through the warehouse door, Gengar’s eyes lit up, and he stepped into it first.

However, the warehouse is a warehouse, very messy, not at all the good things in Gengar’s imagination.

It wanted to get some more precious food like genetic potion.

But unfortunately, this wish of it fell through.

Jiang Sheng made a round and was also a little disappointed.

The cold snow area occupies most of the warehouse, which stores all kinds of Pokemon and human plasma, as well as the life essence of male creatures.

There are also all kinds of unopened medical devices, some incomprehensible chemicals.

Most of them are related to academics, which makes Jiang Sheng little interested.

He is more concerned about things that help Pokemon grow.

Unfortunately, the only thing useful to him in the warehouse is the Attribute gems of various families in eighteen small boxes.

But the quantity is so small that it can’t be sold for much.

The most important thing he lacks now is the Attribute gems. Every time he goes out to robber, he needs to bring some.

“This old ghost lives and eats in the Laboratory, and his treasure It shouldn’t be stored outside.”

See Jiang Sheng’s suspicious glance all around, Kadabra Release Confusion to help Jiang Sheng find strange things in the warehouse.

“Forget it, let’s take a look in the old man’s bedroom. If we can’t find it anymore, we will directly ask the old man where we hide the baby.”

tone barely fell, Gengar poked Jiang Sheng in the back.

Jiang Sheng, a shivered, hurriedly covered his back, turned his head and glared at Gengar.

Here is a baby, don’t move!

Gengar reluctantly spread his hands and signaled Jiang Sheng looked towards Kadabra.

Kadabra’s feet are one foot off the ground, hanging in the air, frowning and closing his eyes, as if he is feeling something.

Jiang Sheng did not interrupt. After a while, Kadabra opened his eyes, his brows still frowned.

“There is weirdness, I feel that there is weirdness in this warehouse, but I can’t find the weirdness.”

It told Jiang Sheng of his own telepathy After discovering it, after a pause, it said again:

“Same as when I met you at the time, Future Sight played a role again, telling me that this will be an important turning point in my life.”


As soon as this statement came out, Jiang Sheng was shocked.

He is very convinced of Kadabra’s perception.

It says there is a problem here, there must be a problem here!

“Maybe there is a secret room, who knows how weird these scientific madmen will make, we will look for it.”

Jiang Sheng was about to take a step, and suddenly remembered the notes of his ancestors Some human tombs recorded in.

In order to prevent their tombs from being trampled on by Psychic Type Pokemon, some tomb owners like to blind their perception with objects with Dark Type.

As everyone knows, Dark Type is extremely targeted at Psychic Type and is naturally exempt from Psychic energy.

Jiang Sheng suddenly reminded: “You use the eyes of miracles to look at this warehouse again.”

Kadabra suddenly realized that he understood the meaning of Jiang Sheng, and opened a strange figure behind him. Eyes, re-scan the entire warehouse from an alternative perspective.

With the blessing of the Eye of Miracle, Kadabra finally found something wrong.

In the corner of the warehouse, there is a floor tile shining with black paint.

Under the floor tiles is an oversized Black cube, and Black mist is still rising, which is very evil.

But it knew in its heart that it was not something unimaginable, it was all dark type energy.

“There is a secret room underground, the entrance and walls are covered with this evil energy, so that Confusion cannot detect it.”

Following Kadabra’s guidance, Jiang Sheng found the piece in the corner of the warehouse Brick.

There is no difference from the normal floor tiles. They are 80 cm long and 80 cm wide. The surface of the floor tiles just has a few more black spots than ordinary floor tiles.

Jiang Sheng tapped twice, combined with the knowledge recorded in the notes of his ancestors, and recognized the craftsmanship of this floor tile.

“This is a kind of inert ore, which can suppress energy response.

It is mixed with a little Dark Gem powder, which can isolate the perception of the most probing Psychic Type Pokemon.


It’s a very good thing, I’ve seen it in my notes a long time ago, and it’s the first time I’ve seen it in reality.”

Jiang Sheng put his left hand on the floor tile, and the birthmark seemed to wake up. Slightly hot.

“Good guys, ancient energy can be moderately suppressed. If the tomb is built with such materials, it must be difficult to find.”

Jiang Sheng exclaimed.

Below this should be the treasure secret room, and there should be some antiquities in it.

However, because the energy field generated by the ore inhibits the energy response, at first was not noticed by Jiang Sheng.

Unfortunately, Samson’s evil energy, the energy of failure and evil, was found by Kadabra, who possessed the miracle eye.

Only a floor tile, guard against the gentleman but not the villain.

Kadabra congealed Psycho Cut, smashed the floor tiles, and appeared an entrance for one person to go down.

There are steps under the entrance with bright lights.

Gengar took the lead in the virtual incarnation body falling underground, Jiang Sheng followed, and Kadabra was in charge of the break.

Walking down twenty steps, Jiang Sheng came to the treasure room of the old man.

The space of the treasure room is small, about 17 or 8 square meters.

There is a single bed in the corner, very neat.

Jiang Sheng wiped it away, and a thin layer of floating dust fell on the bed sheet. The old man on it should have not been here for a long time.

There is a showcase in the direction opposite to the head of the bed.

There are four exquisite antiquities on the bottom floor, and on the upper floors there are many small boxes of different colors and sizes, and there are more than twenty.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes widened, and he didn’t think there would be such a Good Fortune underground.

Let’s not mention what is in the boxes above, just these four antiquities are enough to make him worthwhile.

According to Jiang Sheng’s rough estimate, the total amount of ancient energy in the four ancient objects amounts to tens of thousands of points.

Among them, the ancient energy in a small cauldron is the strongest.

Jiang Sheng moved in and took a look. Although his vision was limited, he vaguely realized that this might not be a small cauldron.

This should be an incense burner for sacrifice.

The furnace body is tainted with the spiritual sustenance of a clan, so the ancient energy accumulated far exceeds the age of its existence.

Although he doesn’t have a measuring tool, Jiang Sheng can roughly conclude that the ancient energy contained in it is at least ten thousand points.

Jiang Sheng squatted on the ground, touched the incense burner with one hand, touched the chin with the other, speculated:

“This level of ancient energy should be from a certain royal family in the Zhou Dynasty or the Warring States Period. Incense burner of the branch sacrifice.

If it is an orthodox royal family, it should be far more than this…”

Jiang Sheng can’t stop his tongue, this kind of antiquities is either historically valuable or singular. Among them, the value of ancient energy is not allowed to circulate, but this old man can actually get it.

Researchers are really a very rich group.

Jiang Sheng’s left hand was about to touch the incense burner, a strong wind blew by, and a brown streamer flashed in front of him.

When he reacted, a cute creature was holding his left arm with moist eyes, staring at him pitifully.

Boss, can’t help it, save some soup for the child!

It is Ah Da.

After the floor tiles were broken, it sensed the breath of ancient energy.

When Jiang Sheng wanted to absorb ancient energy, he blocked Jiang Sheng’s movements and wanted to get a share of the pie.

Jiang Sheng’s ill-tempered fiercely slapped his head, and then threw the bronze small seals from the four antiques to him.

I have to sigh again that the researcher old man means Heavenspan, the antiquities he collected are absolutely fine.

These four ancient artifacts are the incense burner, the soldier charm, the official seal, and the crown. They are all objects closely related to the ancient great character, and the ancient energy contained in them has long surpassed their original age.

Xiaoyin Ranked Third has seven or eight thousand ancient energy points.

Jiang Sheng endured the heartache and gave it to Ah Da.

After the negotiation was successful, Ah Da happily ran away with Xiao Yin, and continued to help him guard the researchers.

Jiang Sheng shook the head, brush the three antiquities with the left hand in turn.

When Miriam passed away, the essence dissipated, and the three antiquities turned transient and decayed, worse than Fantie.

Jiang Sheng opened the cheat interface and took a look at his ancient energy balance. It has changed from “14615” to “37027”.

It’s almost 40,000 points of ancient energy. Jiang Sheng has never held so many huge sums of money!

“I don’t know if there is such a laboratory in Bincheng, I really want to rob them all at once.”

When Jiang Sheng was absorbing all the ancient energy from the ancients, Kadabra had a feeling in the heart and grabbed a golden box with Confusion.

When the box was opened, whether it was Jiang Sheng, Kadabra, or Gengar sitting on the bed to amuse himself, their eyes widened and their faces were full of surprised looks.

The box is filled with a pearl, and there are spiral stripes of yellow and purple two colors in the beads.

This is an evolutionary stone.


Jiang Sheng slapped his tongue for a while, congratulations happily said:

“Congratulations, when you evolve into Alakazam, we will try Mega Evolution to satisfy your desire until now.”


Kadabra was so excited that he took the Evolution Stone out of the box with shaking hands.

The most critical step in the wish has been achieved, and it is no longer far away from becoming Mega Alakazam.

It took out its own spoon, changed the shape of the spoon, and solemnly inlaid the evolution stone at the tail of the spoon, and watched Last Resort up.

Gengar’s eyes turned red, and he flew to the showcase, looking for the remaining boxes, hoping to find his own evolution stone.

“Wait, don’t mess around, I’ll do it.”

Gengar sat on the ground, his scarlet eyes staring at the remaining boxes on the showcase. The face of laughter disappeared from the past, so serious.

Jiang Sheng took a small box and opened it, and saw that there was only a piece of paper in it, which said “Firium-Z”.

Jiang Sheng:……


Gengar:? ? ?

After Kadabra calmed down the excitement just now, he teased:

“Is this legendary’Thank you for your patronage’?”

Jiang Sheng’s face turned black. Throw the box aside and open other boxes.

After opening eight boxes in a row, he saw “Electric Z”, “Flying Z”, “Fighting Z”… “Red Flame Roaring Tiger Z” and so on.

Without exception, there is no physical object, it is all papers in boxes.

Jiang Sheng sighed, I understand the meaning of old man.

The old man wanted to collect all the Z crystals, so he made such a funny behavior.

After opening a few more boxes, they are all ridiculous handwritten Z Chunjing.

He stretched out his hand again, Jiang Sheng raised his brow, and clearly felt that the box was much heavier.

He opened it and saw that there was a shameful stone with a strange mark of “Z” on it.

“This is…Sparkling Stone, right?”

“The unpolished Sparkling Stone, what do I want it for?”

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