Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 403

A piece of Sparkling Stone, the material for making Z-Ring.

If people from Hawaii Alliance get it, they will be ecstatic, just like Kadabra got Alakazite Normal before.

Unfortunately, this thing is useless to him.

Now Jiang Sheng holds more than 37,000 ancient energy in his hand, and he can make himself a Z-Power Ring for fun.

Be aware that this broken rock can only be made into a Z-Ring, and some special Z crystals cannot be placed on it.

Z-Power Ring is the cream of the crop Items that uses Z power.

It takes four Guardian Gods from the island to dance and pray for them to upgrade Z-Ring to Z-Power Ring.

And this is just a piece of Sparkling Stone, which belongs to the rough embryo of Z-Ring, which needs to be polished and manufactured into Z-Ring by Island kahuna Help.

The Hawaiian Alliance is on the other side of the sea, and it is very close to the Freedom Alliance, and there is a slight gap with the East Asian Alliance.

Even if Jiang Sheng took the Sparkling Stone to find it, he might not get the Z-Ring.

Otherwise, what the old man collects should be a finished product Z-Ring, not a rough embryo.

After playing twice, Jiang Sheng put the stone in the [backpack], and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

“Just take it back and fool the Abel monster to make it a little miss.”


Gengar: “jié jié (Quick release box) )!”

It pointed to the remaining box on the showcase, looking anxious, like a monkey Normal.

“Now, what’s the hurry!”

There are small boxes and large boxes on the showcase. In order to find Z pure crystal and evolution stone, Jiang Sheng specially selected small boxes to disassemble.

After taking out a few more “Thank you for your patronage”, they finally shipped.

Jiang Sheng frowned and looked at the deep blue Z pure crystal between the two fingers, always feeling something wrong.

This piece of Z pure crystal is not much different from the Groundium-Z that Jiang Sheng exchanged from the cheat finger, except that the color is different and the pattern inside is also different.

In this piece of Z pure crystal is a simple stroke of half dragon wing.

This is a piece of Dragon Z.

For the Dragon Type Trainer of East Asia Alliance, this is definitely the treasure of the Mega Evolution stone.

After all, not every Dragon Type Pokemon has Mega Evolution, and Z Power is more applicable.

This old man means so Heavenspan?

This thing is not an evolution stone. It can be found in the wild by good luck alone.

Z Chunjing will only appear on the Hawaiian Islands!

old man have what skills and abilities can get a piece of dragon Z that is very precious?

If he has a monstrous network behind him…

Wouldn’t he be sent in today by himself and Wang Lin. He stayed in there for a few days, and then he would be accused of various Reasons for release.

According to some examples, there is really no guarantee.

When you take his baby by yourself, there will definitely be big trouble.


He won’t vomit again when things are in his hands.

In the dark, Jiang Sheng always feels something is wrong with this dragon Z.

He took out his Groundium-Z and compared it with it. He always felt that there were some differences between the two.

He told Kadabra this doubt. Kadabra looked up two eyes, his eyes turned, and thoughts in his heart, and asked:

“Do you not feel that your Groundium-Z is better than Is this Dragon Z more’heavy’?”

Jiang Sheng slapped his forehead and suddenly realized that he knew what it was.

In the anime, Kapo·Mingming once gifted Z-Ring and Dian Z, the stupid things.

But that piece of electricity disappeared after only one use.

This dragon Z should be the same as that electric Z, it can only be used once, it is a Z power experience card.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes showed disgust.

Can only be used once, then this thing really only has collection value, not use value.

Jiang Sheng suddenly became a little distracted, and put Long Z and Groundium-Z away together.

Continue to open the box, Jiang Sheng has gained something again, this time it is a white Z crystal.

It has two concentric circles drawn inside, and the outer ring has cracks on the upper right and lower left, dividing the outer ring into two.

This is Normalium-Z!

It can unleash Z power and upgrade the Normal Type attack moves to “Ultimately Invincible Clash”.

Congratulations, this is a real Z crystal!

Same as Groundium-Z in Jiang Sheng’s hand, it can be used indefinitely and is worth 5000 ancient energy.

Jiang Sheng put it away with a smile and continued to open the box.

When all the small boxes are taken apart, there is no gain.

Jiang Sheng is not greedy. It is a good harvest to get a Sparkling Stone and 1.1 Z crystals.

There are four big boxes on the top of the showcase. Kadabra took them down with Confusion and placed them in front of Jiang Sheng.

“It’s heavy, there are things in all four.”

Kadabra reminded.

Jiang Sheng raised his brows, and the smile on his face remained unbroken.

“That’s great.”

The first box opened. It was a pink spar, very beautiful.

But apart from this, nothing unusual.

Jiang Sheng frowns, turning over the extremely long memories in his mind.

“This seems to be armor ore…”

In the original work, armor ore is a precious stone that can only be found on the Isle of Armor. With armor ore, you can learn a lot Strange moves.

He didn’t expect to see this kind of ore in reality.

“What’s the use of this thing?”

Jiang Sheng couldn’t help looking towards side Kadabra.

Kadabra spent a period of time in Trainer High School, was valued by Li Yuan, and he had heard many secrets.

The first time he heard of [Psychic Association] was in Kadabra’s mouth, maybe it knew the usage of this thing.

Who knows that Kadabra shook the head, which means that it has never even heard the words “armor ore” and does not understand its effect.

Jiang Sheng couldn’t help but shook his head and laughed.

This is it?

Who talked with me for the first time, planning the path of life, and talked about learning Expanding Force and let me cultivate a Pokemon with [spiritual maker]?

Now, the objects closely related to Expanding Force this move are not recognized in front of my eyes.

“Forget it, go back and ask Senior Sister, she should know.”

Putting away the armor ore, Jiang Sheng opened the second box.

He silently received the contents inside [backpack], his face was very plain.

Five pieces of Dragon Crystal, a dispensable harvest.

Another box was opened, another palm-size ore, dark in the form of Black, as if aura was embarrassing.

Jiang Sheng corner of mouth twitching, I don’t know how to describe the old man above.

This Old Guy collection is really shocking. They are treasures of cream of the crop in this world.

The ore in the box in front of him, if he expected it well, is most likely a wishing star block, something closely related to Dynamax.

Jiang Sheng does not know what is the use of this thing.

After all, the original is the original, and reality is reality.

Jiang Sheng doesn’t know whether the effect of the wishing star block in the real world coincides with the effect in his own memory.

But he knows that the complete Wishing Star must be used to make Dynamax’s important Items-the extremely giant wristband.

Thinking of this, Jiang Sheng looked towards the last box. Will it contain a complete wishing star?

He reached out and grabbed the last box, but as soon as he started, he found something wrong.

Different from the material of the previous boxes, this seems to be a metal box.

Jiang Sheng directly tore the outer packaging of the box and found that it was a silver white metal box.

But fortunately, it’s not at all special locks. It’s just that there are more mechanisms. It took a little thought before opening the sealed box.

A scorching breath spreads over the surface, making Jiang Sheng heart shivered with cold.

He glanced carefully, and found that it was a fiery-red ore with a burning meaning.

If it weren’t for the heat insulation effect of this specially built box, it would have been burnt red.

Jiang Sheng and Kadabra big eyes staring at small eyes, no one knows what it is.

As for Gengar, seeing that the last box is not its evolution stone, he is sitting on the bed wu wu crying.

While crying and glancing at Jiang Sheng, seeing Jiang Sheng ignore it, I cried even more sadly.

Jiang Sheng said that this is Gengar, the master of the show. There is no ancient energy to lie to him!

“This is Flame Gem, right?”

Jiang Sheng said with some uncertainty.

Kadabra’s eyes widened, as if looking at an idiot.

As long as you are a normal person, you will definitely not recognize this thing as Flame Gem.

You haven’t seen Flame Gem. You have also seen those oversized Attribute gems on Dragon Island. Which gem has this kind of power?

Kadabra said nonsense seriously, “Maybe this is the core of a certain star.”

Jiang Sheng:…

“Are you reading a novel? Isn’t it good to read more and learn more about science? There is no such thing as what you said in this world.”

Kadabra rolled his eyes and did not speak any more, and went to comfort Gengar.

Jiang Sheng silently put the metal box into the [backpack], and he has already guessed the origin of this ore.

It may also be some kind of strategic material, like Dragon Crystal, it is monopolized by Alliance, so he has never heard of this thing.

After tidying up the treasure room, Jiang Sheng did not return to the gym.

He took the treasure of the old man and didn’t want to see the painful look of the old man.

Wait for Wang Lin to come, after he handed over all the researchers to Wang Lin, he sat on Gengar’s back and returned to Dahei Mountain.

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