Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 404

When handing over the prisoner with Wang Lin, the old man was very calm.

He just glanced at Jiang Sheng faintly, as if he didn’t know that his savings for many years were exhausted by Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng also has no guilt, and he looks at each other calmly without concealing his domineering nature.

No matter who the old man thinks things fall into, whether it is Wang Lin or himself, it is not easy to bully.

What fell into their hands is absolutely impossible to be recovered.

After returning to Bencheng to divide the rudder, Jiang Sheng sorted out his treasures.

An Alakazite, in the hands of Kadabra.

If Jiang Sheng hadn’t asked Kadabra to teach Nidorino, it would have returned to the dormitory a long time ago and tried its best to improve its strength until the impact eventually evolves.

Maybe other Pokemon needs Assist Pokemon switch to capture the strange electric waves in space and promote their own evolution.

But some amazing Pokemon can evolve with their own power.

For example, Jiang Sheng’s Fat Gengar.

I don’t know how many years are sitting in a different space. Once born, not only the strength has reached the professional level, but also the final evolution has been completed.

For another example, Kadabra, who is also incomparably talented, has the same idea.

A piece of Normalium-Z, almost every Pokemon can be used.

The most proliferation of Z Pure Crystal, the entry choice for all Trainers who have learned Z power.

This unexpected gain can save Jiang Sheng 5000 ancient energy.

A piece of “experience version” of Dragon Z, an item with extremely high collection value, usually as long as it does not exist.

A piece of Sparkling Stone can be polished into a Z-Ring.

I don’t know if it should be given to Mo Li or Li Lan. . . . . .

Uh…It shouldn’t be hacked to death by the looting knife.

Ginger·Practicality Supreme·Made Feeling·Sheng!

Five dragon yuan, bauble is optional.

Interestingly speaking, the old man can get all kinds of rare treasures, but only five yuan for his collection.

I don’t know if it was used by him for research, or if Alliance controls it very strictly, even in his former capacity, he couldn’t get too many dragon yuan.

Jiang Sheng doesn’t care much about this.

Anyway, the last thing he lacks is Long Yuan.

After a while, he will have to send Master and Uncle Yan a copy of their wishes, even if the consumption of human relations is eliminated, he will not use much of the remaining Long Yuan.

He doesn’t have Dragon Type Pokemon, and other Pokemon consume very limited amount.

These are what Jiang Sheng thinks are useful, and the rest are treasures that he can’t figure out the function temporarily.

An armor ore, a wishing star block, and an unknown fire ore.

After cleaning up, Jiang Sheng took four stones to find Zhou Yilin who was doing physical examination for Ah Da.

The extra piece is the Sparkling Stone. Jiang Sheng would like to ask Senior Sister if there is a way to the Hawaii Alliance.

Zhou Yilin played with Sparkling Stone, her eyes were full of splendor, and she was full of curiosity.

Jiang Sheng is suddenly a little worried.

Senior Sister, if you want to smash the Sparkling Stone, use Microscope to study its internal structure, and then write a paper similar to “Sparkling Stone internal structure analysis and energy excitation reasoning”.

How should he persuade Senior Sister to keep his precious stone?

Zhou Yilin said suddenly:

“Lend me for a few days, and when I leave, I will return you a Z-Ring.”

Jiang Sheng’s expression was shaken. , Very surprised, but not too surprised, he is already somewhat numb.

He saw the shadow of Team Rocket two people and one cat on his Senior Sister.

Team Rocket has tried not to rely on the bond between Trainer and Pokemon, let Pokemon force Mega Evolution.

Our Senior Sister also needs to be unique, not relying on Island kahuna, but using Sparkling Stone to create a special z-band.

But this is the case, Jiang Sheng would like to ask:

“Senior Sister, can it work?”

Zhou Yilin glanced at him lightly. The eyes are full of confidence.

“Why not? I dissect the finished Z-Ring, and reproduced a what difficulty is there degree.

If it weren’t for the Hawaiian Alliance’s monopoly on Sparkling Stone and Z pure crystal minerals , I can’t find a piece of material. I can already wholesale Z-Ring.”

Jiang Sheng shook his head and laughed, and continued:

“Senior Sister, I am not this Meaning, I want to say that the Z-Ring you created will be recognized by the Guardian God of the island? Can it inspire Z power?”

Zhou Yilin snered, explaining:

“They Whether you admit it or not has nothing to do with this. They are only a part of Z-Power, not the source of Z-Power.

If there are too few experimental data, it is not clear that these four were in the birth of Z-Power Ring. Whether it’s in a critical link or a dispensable position, I want to imitate a Z-Power Ring.

Now, I can only make this Sparkling Stone into an ordinary Z-Ring. Because I have never seen Z-Power Ring.

If you want a powerful bracelet, return the stone to you, wait a moment.”

Zhou Yilin handed out the Sparkling Stone, Jiang Sheng pushed back again.

“Let’s do it, I am not an insatiable person.”

Zhou Yilin was nodded, she stuffed the Sparkling Stone into the side space backpack, and looked towards the remaining three items.

She lowered her head again to find a scanner in the space backpack before picking up the armor ore in front of her.

The red light shot by the scanner hit the ore, Jiang Sheng was a little curious, and he leaned over and took a look at the screen.

On the screen of the scanner, yellow sand with white steam rising up, forming a scorching sandstorm with a terrifying momentum.

In the end, all the images disappeared and became four characters-“Scorching Sands”.

Jiang Sheng knowingly asked:

“How does it show that Scorching Sands, one of the 18 moves newly developed by the European Alliance?”

Zhou Yilin couldn’t help but laugh Scream.

“What is the newly developed move, the crooked nuts themselves put gold on their faces.”

“The 18 Attribute moves have been used in ancient times. It was developed, but it was later lost.

It was only found in modern times. The practice method of the move was sealed in a block of ore by the ancients.

This is the piece you found. Ore, it is called armor ore.”

Speaking, Zhou Yilin threw the armor ore to Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng hurriedly caught it, afraid of falling on the ground and breaking it.

He has tried it a long time ago. Cheat doesn’t have these eighteen moves, so he is very concerned about the armor ore in front of him.

“These moves are very strange and cannot be taught normally. Pokemon must hold the ore comprehend by himself.

This piece happened to stay in your Bencheng sub-rudder and lean against it. The Scorching Sands move can be a Sect by itself.

If you have the mind, you can apply to Alliance to set up a Level 3 Gym.”

Jiang Sheng’s face was surprised. , Asked:

“Senior Sister, could it be said that this ore can be reused?”

“Of course.”

Jiang Sheng raised his brows and thought I have more ideas.

Previously, it was only when the armor ore was the same as the Dragon Z, but who knew that the armor ore was a piece of gold covered by mud, far from the experience version of Dragon Z.

Level 1 Gym is world level, Level 2 Gym is Alliance level, and Level 3 Gym is Sect by itself.

In this way, it is really possible to develop a Sect by relying on the Scorching Sands in the ore.

If you are thinking about it, you can apply for the establishment of Level 3 Gym and enjoy Alliance policy support.

Maybe this will be an opportunity for Bincheng’s sub-rudder to turn from dark to light. It is not about giving up underground identity, but…

Since then, black and white take everything.

See how, Giovanni boss was also a Gym Leader.

His current strength is unable to obtain the position of Level 2 Gym Leader, but with the armor ore, he has met the hard target of establishing Level 3 Gym.

However, Jiang Sheng has other thoughts in his mind.

If you collect eighteen ore and open them to the members of the Bencheng sub-rudder, you only need to learn a few Special Moves from middle school, which will be enough for them to use for a lifetime.

Thinking of this, Jiang Sheng quietly opened the cheat finger interface, and said silently in his heart:

“I want an armor ore!”

Starry sky vortex There was no response, and there was no light spot to respond to Jiang Sheng’s call.

Jiang Sheng frowned slightly, and said silently in his heart again:

“I want an armor ore that contains Expanding Force moves.”

vortex is still silk Not moving, no light is on.

Turn off the interface silently, Jiang Sheng had a guess in his mind, and asked Zhou Yilin on the side:

“Senior Sister, where is the origin of the armor ore?”

“The place of origin is in a different space. You can treat it as the place where Eternatus sleeps. I don’t need to say who is Eternatus?”

“Alien visitors bring the power of the dark night Legendary Pokemon!”

Jiang Sheng said.

He knew it in his heart and understood why cheat meant he suddenly pulled his hips.

In essence, it is not as good as others, so naturally I dare not “reach out”.

“Does Senior Sister need it? This armor ore can be temporarily loaned to Senior Sister’s Pokemon comprehend.”

Zhou Yilin shook the head and pushed the armor ore handed over by Jiang Sheng go back.

“I want to meet the Poltergeist, other moves are fine.”

“Is this kind of ore not available as a Senior Sister?”

“There are a few pieces, but none of them are Poltergeist. This kind of ore is very rare in East Asia Alliance, but I know who has it.

In order to limit my strength improvement, they are unwilling to cooperate with I did a replacement and would not even lend me comprehend.”

Zhou Yilin sneered, her eyes full of dissatisfaction.

“They are afraid that my strength will increase, and eventually become world-class Ghost Gym Leaders. They will be overwhelmed and share the benefits of Alliance to them.”

Xiangxi more Ghost Type and Bug Type Trainer , Senior Sister became the Ghost Type Gym Leader of Alliance, and naturally became the thorn in the eyes of those Ghost Type Trainers.

If the Senior Sister takes one step further and becomes a world-class Gym Leader, they will have their early days.

Although a Poltergeist can’t change much, it can also weaken Zhou Yilin’s strength.

In this situation, they will be able to defeat Zhou Yilin one day.

Jiang Sheng listened to the anger in the tone of the finished apprenticeship sister, said with a smile:

“haha, I like this kind of guy who loves and feuds with others and has a rich family.”

Zhou Yilin heard the meaning of Jiang Sheng’s words and gave Jiang Sheng a stare.

But being so interrupted by Jiang Sheng, I feel much better.

She looked towards the remaining two things again, and continued to explain their origins to Jiang Sheng.

She pointed to the wishing star block, and said with some regret:

“If it is a complete wishing star, it would be great. I may be able to analyze the key to making a very giant wristband .

This kind of fragment has only one purpose left, as a proof to start the trial, but it can only be used once, not too precious.

If there is an opportunity, you Understand, the trial location is in the different space that I told you before.”

Is it a huge adventure? Is it so exciting?

The thoughts in his heart are flying, but Jiang Sheng’s complexion is still, listening quietly to Senior Sister.

After that, she looked towards the last metal box in confusion, and slowly opened the mechanism on the box.

“What? Is it sealed so tightly?”

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