Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 405

The box opened, a hot air assaults the senses, Zhou Yilin eyes shrank, her face was shocked.

This is the first time she lost self-control in front of Jiang Sheng.

“It’s actually this thing, you are blessed!”

Jiang Sheng must have in his heart that Senior Sister, as an upper-level member of the Alliance, really knew the origin of this ore.

“Senior Sister, what is the use of this ore?”

He asked in a low voice to remind Zhou Yilin to come back to his senses.

Zhou Yilin calmed down her excitement, but not at all told Jiang Sheng directly about the origin of the ore. Instead, she said:

“Jiang Sheng, I will ask you two questions .”

“I am 29 years old this year and I have only been a Trainer for 13 years. My father is 62 years old and I have been a Trainer for more than 40 years.

But we are both at the Gym level. Trainer, if you fight against each other, he will never equal to me, do you know why?”

“Even if there is a big net worth, Trainers like to cultivate a series of Pokemon, which is called by The Union. There are other reasons, do you know why?”

Jiang Sheng’s eyes were solemn, looking towards the ore in the box, with a vague guess in his heart.

In fact, he has always had doubts. Before the Gym level, the strength growth was very easy, but after the Gym level?

Those Elite Pokemon rated seventy-eighty, they think how difficult it is to have a little breakthrough.

Uncle Yan and Master have spent their entire lives, both of which are only Gym-level trainers, but why are the four elites used by Alliance as a facade only thirty-forty years old?

Are they really talented?

Or, could it be Rare Candy or experience candy.

The former is impossible, and there is no shortage of geniuses in the world.

The latter is also a joke.

Although his cheat means that he can create something from nothing, he has tried it. There is no Rare Candy in it, and no experience candy.

Now Zhou Yilin points out these questions, then the answer is self-evident.

“Is it because of this ore? Does Senior Sister have a similar ore?”

Zhou Yilin was slightly nodded, with joy in her eyes.

“When I first debuted, I stolen an Elite Pokemon tomb and found a piece of and the others high black ore at a depth of 5,000 meters directly below the main tomb.

The ore is very mysterious and will pull away from the life Essence Qi of the creature. Standing next to the ore will feel very cold, and will feel tired after a long time.

The ore represents the Ghost Type, It is precisely because of that ore that my Pokemon strength will be advanced by leaps and bounds.

Now my main Pokemon are suppressing strength, only waiting for the world-level Gym Leader battle to start and win in one fell swoop After he was relegated to the world-level Ghost Gym Leader, he broke through as an Elite-level Trainer.”

Jiang Sheng was not surprised to say so wildly.

He has seen the strength of Gengar and Golurk with his wristband a long time ago, so he has no doubt about the words of Senior Sister.

“and so on, your ore is definitely not Flame Gem, it should be of the same kind as mine.”

Jiang Sheng looked towards the fiery red ore in the box, Only as big as two fists.

And the ore of Senior Sister is as high as a person, at least one meter six, but I don’t know the width.

The difference is too big, his part is a bit shabby.

“So, it helps Fire Element Pokemon grow?”

Jiang Sheng moved his mind, his eyes scanned the surface of the ore, thinking about how to scrape off this hot ore powder.

With powder, it can be made into Pokéblock and can be eaten by Pokemon.

“Yes, the effect should be the same, and it can only be used for Fire Element Pokemon. If other Pokemon absorbs too much, it may burn itself, or it may be another way to die.”

Jiang Sheng was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly he was endlessly afraid.

I thought it was the same thing as Long Yuan, but Norman was so arrogant that its effect was so overbearing.

“It and Longyuan…”

Zhou Yilin shook the head, her expression gloomy.

“I’m just a Gym Leader, a civilian researcher who has not been hired by Alliance, a scientific tomb thief who has won the legacy of the predecessors and brought forth the new through the old.

It’s hard for me to know what this treasure monopolized by Alliance is? And what is the difference from Long Yuan?”

“It was also through countless tragic experiments that I found out that the ore could improve the Ghost Type Pokemon’s strength, how to eat the ore, and how much to eat at each stage.”

Jiang Sheng heart shivered with cold, needless to say how to experiment, he seems to have seen a sea of ​​blood on the corpse mountain.

Perceiving the change in Jiang Sheng’s expression, Zhou Yilin laughed at herself.

“You said I was an executioner, I also recognize it, I also want to blame Alliance for concealing so many secrets, I just want to seek the truth, I only hope that this life will not be mediocre!”

Jiang Sheng His cheeks twitched slightly. I just saw the evil Laboratory tonight, and I heard that Senior Sister also has a bloody and cold side.

But his concept has changed a little since he first discovered Volcarona’s egg.

Adding to the fact that the person opposite is his Senior Sister, I can’t help but have a double standard in my heart.

Previous life also has scientists using little white mouse and monkeys as experimental materials.

And this life, Pokemon only has Pokemon in the world, and it is understandable that they were caught and used as experimental materials.

But he didn’t agree with mixing people with Pokemon and studying the kind of subject in Taboo Domain.

Just tonight in the Laboratory, he was really angry because he saw human beings raised as pigs.

A researcher who dared to attack his fellow clan is almost crazy.

Although he will not ignore Pokemon’s life, but he is not to the point of saving all the suffering Pokemon in the world.

After all… the tongs of the steel arm cannon shrimp are really delicious, but unfortunately they are too expensive.

To use a Pokemon of Level 37 or higher as the food, the cost can be imagined.

It’s like… Stewing your own black dog and eating meat.


Jiang Sheng condensed his thoughts, coughed slightly, and expressed his attitude.

“Cough…cough, as long as Senior Sister does not use people to do experiments, we still have to stick to the moral bottom line.”

Zhou Yilin gave him a white look and hummed:


“You have a conscience. In that case, the ore should fall into your hands.”

“This ore should be refined into a pill. I doubt the ancient call of gold and stone pill. Concocting, the material in it should contain this kind of ore.

But I don’t know who can refine it, and I don’t want others to know that I am like this treasure shell. I usually let Pokemon take the powder directly.


You are blessed, I can give you a copy of the safety meter, so you can avoid detours.”

Because of Jiang Sheng’s chaos, Zhou Yilin warned repeatedly:

“Remember, don’t give it to non-Fire Element Pokemon. The dosage table is for reference only. There are too many variables and may not be completely applicable.”

Jiang Sheng repeatedly nodded.

This is the same as taking medicine, the usage and dosage should follow the doctor’s advice. If you dare to act recklessly, you don’t need to think about the consequences.

Maybe it is the self-immolation that Senior Sister just mentioned.

But Fire Element ore may be self-immolation, what will be the consequences of excessive intake of Ghost Type ore?

Jiang Sheng wanted to test the hardness of the ore in the past, but as soon as he moved his hand, there was still more than 20 centimeters away from the ore. He could not withstand the heat of the ore and had to take it back.

“Senior Sister, is there anything to pay special attention to when making powder?”

Zhou Yilin glanced at Jiang Sheng, and said slowly:

“There are a lot of things to pay attention to. Do you want to listen to me one after another?”

“Forget it, please Senior Sister help me. If you can encounter this kind of ore in the future, please contact Senior Sister. Sister asks.”

After clarifying all the effects of the harvest, Jiang Sheng left Zhou Yilin and went to the depths of Dahei Mountain.

Raichu is taking Nidorino to train in the mountains, and he is going to accompany him.

Nidorino has been committed to improving physical fitness, resulting in very weak control of Attribute energy.

Evolution is the enhancement of Pokemon in all aspects. Jiang Sheng will never let Nidorino have shortcomings to complete the final evolution.

Don’t think that Raichu is weaker than Nidorino, but in terms of Attribute energy control, it is not weak.

Especially the Electric Type energy control, it has the complete inheritance left by the Elite Raichu in its mind, with sufficient theoretical knowledge, but lack of practice.

Starting from the control of Electric Type energy, Raichu mainly explains the application of Thunderbolt, hoping to inspire Nidorino.

Kadabra teaches Calm Mind’s experience, teaches the micro-manipulation of Confusion, and controls the timing of Disable.

There is also a trick Sludge Bomb, which Jiang Sheng specially selected for Nidorino.

However, none of his Pokemon masters is proficient in this move style.

Nidorino can only explore by himself, use Electric Type energy control experience to push Poison Type energy control, and refine Sludge Bomb.

Training day and night, Calm Mind has completely replaced sleep. Although Nidorino is tired, the look in his eyes is getting brighter and full of Light of Wisdom.

Five days later…

On the glade, Nidorino stood proudly, with his waist slightly arched, accumulating strength.

The golden spark on the single horn of his forehead vibrates, “pi pa” explodes, like the thunder in the sky, domineering and violent.


Jiang Sheng gave an order, and Nidorino’s horns bloomed with a thick golden electric current that hit a small tree ahead.

Jiang Sheng stood far away, and when the current was horizontal, he could vaguely smell the burning smell in the air, and his hair and hair also generated static electricity, which was slightly upright.

The golden electric current covers the whole body of the small tree with a thick bowl mouth. The water in the tree will be evaporated clean after a while, and the green smoke will not be produced, and it will turn into a small pile of carbon dust.


Jiang Sheng ordered again.

Nidorino’s eyes lit up with red light, and the invisible Confusion turned into a big hand of baring fangs and brandishing claws, grabbing a large bluestone of 300 kilograms nearby, and throwing it away very lightly.

The huge boulder was thrown away, the strong wind howled, and another bad luck tree was smashed.

“Yes, yes, finally looks decent!” Jiang Sheng clapped his hands and praised.

After hearing the praise, Nidorino turned his head and looked towards Jiang Sheng, with hope in his eyes.

“It is true that when the time comes. After evolution, with the blessing of [Forced] Characteristic Trait, you can do better!”

Nidorino jumped from the ground excitedly The strong four hooves fell to the ground, causing Ground to tremble slightly.

The height of Nidorino is close to one meter, and the size of Nidorino is like a calf Normal, and the weight can be as light as possible.

Jiang Sheng waved his hand, the oversized Moon Stone the size of a human head appeared on the grass and took out a light purple pendant and hung it on Nidorino’s neck.

This is the pendant with the Moltres feathers, which had been in Li Lan’s hands before.

Now that Nidorino is about to evolve, Jiang Sheng retrieved this treasure that closely matched it.

It was Houndoom’s evolution that inspired him. He hoped to see a different Nidoking under the intervention of external forces.

Oversized Moon Stone and Moltres feathers, these are rare treasures, and the mellow breath makes Nidorino breathe a bit quickly.

It forcibly resisted not looking at the Moon Stone in front of him, not looking down at the pendant hanging on the neck, and looking up at Jiang Sheng.

“It’s up to you next, I hope I can see a unique and unmatched Nidoking!”

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