Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 406

Nidorino suddenly nodded, his eyes firm.

As he lowered his head, the single horn of his forehead touched the Moon Stone, and the white light enveloped the whole body.

The final evolution has begun!

In the dazzling white light, you can only see the fuzzy silhouette of Nidorino, which raises its front feet and stands upright on its two hind legs.

Its figure is becoming more plump and stronger, and its forehead horns are sharper and stronger, but its two sturdy front hooves have changed and become a pair of strong arms.

The thick tail flicks behind, this tail can entangle the enemy, and then brutally break its spine.

In a short while, evolution has been completed.

But when the white light is slightly dim and about to dissipate, purple red rays of light emerge from Nidoking, replacing the evolutionary white light to completely cover it.

The purple black energy rises, like Haze Qi, rendering Nidoking like Supreme Great Demon coming out of the seal.


Jiang Sheng secretly thought, no surprise in his heart, but a slightly nervous gaze in the field, watching the subsequent development.

In just a few breaths, the purple Black rays of light disappeared, and the evolved Nidoking appeared in front of Jiang Sheng.

It is no different from normal Nidoking.

His mouth is full of fangs, he walks on two feet, his arms are strong, his horns are sharp, his tail is thick, his skin is as hard as Rock Normal, and he looks like he is wearing armor.

But the pendant on his chest has disappeared, leaving a small rope to float in the wind a few times, and then slid to the ground.

Moltres’ feathers are gone, such as Houndoom Normal, which blends into the body during evolution and turns into its own growth resources.

A closer look, Jiang Sheng finally discovered what makes Nidoking unique.

The look!

Although its eyes are also triangular eyes, they look fierce and brutal.

But its eyes are very clear.

This is absolutely impossible. Nidoking is a kind of irritable Pokemon, who is in a rage almost all the time.

Confident, powerful, violent, arrogant, Rage!

This is the true portrayal of Nidoking. Although Rage is not desirable, a Nidoking impossible lacks the inherent emotion of Rage.

Jiang Sheng thoughts move, suddenly shouted:

“Nidoking, you hide the golden Yellow Pokéblock in the corner of the chamber yard, thoroughly dug out by Gengar to eat, don’t you? Don’t you feel Rage?”

As soon as this word came out, Nidoking’s eyes were angrily, and anger rose in his heart.

Pu chi!

On its body, the purple black flame suddenly rises.

The purple black flames that are more than a foot tall make Nidoking look more vicious by three points.

The flames were tumbling, and the meaning of Rage spread, making Jiang Sheng panicked and could not help taking a few steps back.

At this moment, the Nidoking he saw in his eyes seemed to be the flame Demon King made by incarnation.

Mental Force surges, resisting the invasion of the meaning of Rage, protecting Jiang Sheng’s mind, so that he no longer fears.

Rage is still spreading, but as the master, his eyes are still clear, his thinking is still normal, and he is not blinded by anger.

Nidoking saw Jiang Sheng’s situation was wrong, and quickly suppressed the raging anger in his heart.

The anger in the heart extinguished, and the purple black flames rising from the body surface slowly extinguished, and Nidoking returned to its normal appearance.

After stabilizing his mind, Jiang Sheng’s eyes were bright, looking at Nidoking as if he were looking at a rare treasure.

What was that just now?

He will never understand it wrong, that should be the unique Ability of the European Alliance variant Moltres-Fiery Wrath!

It can transform Rage into a flame-like aura to attack. The spreading meaning of Rage will make the scared witless Flinch not move forward!

The purple black thing that looks like a normal flame is actually not a flame, but a special aura transformed from Rage!

The bracelet has displayed Nidoking’s information, Jiang Sheng hurried to open it for viewing.

Nidoking, Level 55, Characteristic Trait [Forced].

Genetic moves: Confusion, Disable, Counter, Endure

Comprehensive moves: Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Fury Attack, Horn Attack, Help, Toxic Spikes, Flatter , Thunderbolt, Sludge Bomb, Poison Jab, Mega Horn, Fiery Wrath

The super-large Moon Stone plus a Moltres feather, the massive energy contained in it is not wasted, so that after the evolution of Nidoking, the strength rating not only Rush to the professional level, more advanced by leaps and bounds, to the mid-professional level.

Jiang Sheng continued to check the rest of the physical examination report and saw that in the end he was already overjoyed. After turning off the bracelet, he admired the armrest.

“Miao, Miao, I have accumulated a lot of strength, and there will be a period of soaring strength, but…”

Jiang Sheng said after a while, looking towards Nidoking .

It fell to the ground while trying to walk, and didn’t know how to stand up for a while, just as it was in Nidorino, maintaining the posture on all fours, it was not embarrassing.

Aware of Jiang Sheng’s gaze, his face was embarrassed, and his limbs glared at him. The anger ignited in his heart, and the purple red aura rose again on the surface.

“Oh, the steps are too big, it’s an egg.”

Jiang Sheng couldn’t help but tease.

Nidoking is more Rage, the purple red aura, which is like a flame, is more vigorous.

The dignity of a male beast should not be provoked!

Jiang Sheng shook his head and burst into laughter, muttering to himself:

“Let’s prepare a new Macho Brace for it first and let it adapt to the skyrocketing power.

In addition, I also need to teach it how to walk on both legs. If it is not easy to walk, talk about participating in the battle.

That’s all that’s all, I’ll talk about Kujiao Temple in a while.”

Jiang Sheng wanted to use the Kujiao Temple as a stepping stone to become famous after Nidorino’s evolution, but Nidoking in this state is also embarrassing to send.


In the magnificent great hall, an old monk stands in front of the golden body of the Buddha statue and chants quietly.

The middle-aged monk beside him has poor concentration and browses slightly wrinkle.

He has things hidden in his heart, and he cannot concentrate even when chanting.

“Faming, your heart is in chaos.”

The old monk closed his eyes and said indifferently.

The middle-aged monk bowed to ask for sin, his tone was full of eagerness.

“Senior Brother atones for sin. I am a monastery monastery, and I have to worry about the temple’s comfort. I have to be upset.

The wicked group’s Giovanni put down his harsh words a few days ago and said he wanted to come home. Asked for advice, but I still haven’t come to this day.

I’m worried, I don’t know how to resolve it, and how to gain the reputation of my temple.”

The old monk’s face remains unchanged, but still closed. He turned the prayer beads on his hand quietly, slowly said: “yellow mouth child, don’t worry, confront soldiers with generals and stem water with earth, just chant sutras with peace of mind and practice your own body.”

“Yes, Senior Brother.”

The middle-aged monk still looks worried, but he can only respond.


In the Greater Black Mountains, Kadabra and Raichu have already left after Nidoking evolved, leaving Jiang Sheng to coach Nidoking in adaptive training.

Two days later, Nidoking can finally walk on his feet proficiently.

3rd day, Nidoking wore Macho Brace, practiced Horn Attack, Poison Jab, Mega Horn and other Close Combat fighting moves, stretched muscles and bones, and adapted to strength.

On the fifth day, Nidoking made a round of strength and was able to grasp the skyrocketing power with ease.

It began to practice Confusion, Thunderbolt, Sludge Bomb and other moves, determined to become a muscle master.

On the tenth day, Nidoking cultivation Perfection, holding armor ore in his claws, meditating on comprehend.

Cultivation continues…

In the dormitory, Raichu finished his morning exercise and is cleaning the room.

Suddenly, it took out a thick manuscript from under the sofa, and after careful inspection found that it was not damaged, it sighed in relief.

If this manuscript is something extremely useful to Jiang Sheng, but it is accidentally damaged by them when they are making trouble, then the sin is serious.

After carefully turning a few pages, it was attracted by the simple strokes of a domineering hammer in the manuscript.

It held the book and stood there for a while, until Kadabra entered the house to fetch something, and then awakened it.

“Lei Lei… Lei Lei…”

Raichu asked Kadabra humbly.

Kadabra has an excellent IQ, and human writing is not difficult for it. It has been mastered as early as the Abra period.

It immediately picked up the manuscript and read it. Gradually, it was also aroused by the things described in the manuscript.

After more than ten minutes, it returned the manuscript to Raichu, and telepathically sounded transmission saying:

“This is a trick development secret, called’Spirit Hammer’ , It’s very troublesome to learn, and I need to endure great pain.”

Raichu’s eyes flashed, holding the manuscript and asked:

“Lei Lei… Lei Lei…”

“Is it awesome? I think it’s okay. It’s quite good to be able to develop Psyshock to this level, and this kind of move development is very similar to you.”

“Lei Lei ……”

“Do you want to learn? I can teach you.”


In Jiang Sheng, take Nidoking and go deep into the Great Black Mountain to challenge many Wild Pokémon, Help It’s adaptive training. During this time, Li Lan went to the mountain to find him once.

Uncle Yan finally sent the collected artifacts to Li Lan.

Li Lan can’t wait to know the specific information of the Items division who can forge Macho Brace.

Jiang Sheng went back to the villain group with her. After receiving the antiquities containing more than 6000 points of ancient energy in the space backpack, they left the villain group and entered the Great Black Mountain.

Li Lan had already argued that the two places were given to Persian and Deino this time.

Persian is already in its final form, and you can continue to use it after having Macho Brace.

Deino’s growth cycle is too long. After having Macho Brace, it can greatly shorten the growth cycle by feeding on dragon yuan every day.

Just as Zheng Zhi bought back a batch of antiquities, Jiang Sheng took these antiquities away.

In addition to the ancient energies that Li Lan had produced, I added some more and collected 3000 ancient energies to create a Macho Brace for Lucario in Moli.

The three Macho Braces are all placed in the space backpack. They will only be taken back to them when Nidoking finishes training and returns to Bencheng to divide the rudder.

Suddenly, the yellow sand in the depths of the Great Black Mountain was all over the sky, which shocked many weak Pokemon to the periphery, causing a lot of riots.

Under the reassurance of the members of the Pendow of Bencheng, the restless Pokemon tribe did not have an impact on the villages outside the mountain.

On a large yacht, a pair of white men and women stand on the deck, blowing the cool night breeze, seeming to admire the sea and sky.

But if you look closely at them, you will find that this is not the case.

Middle-aged man has a blond and golden beard with a tall nose, deep eye sockets, and sickly pale skin.

He is closing his eyes at this time, and the whole person exudes an inexplicable breath, like a Spiritual God who has lost the world.

The white woman on the side is very young, white and beautiful, with big golden waves spreading out, full of mature charm.

She looks indifferent, but sometimes she can vaguely catch a flash of joy in her eyes.

After a while, the middle-aged man finally opened his eyes and broke the silence.

“It’s really unexpected that Edward, who was known as the’son of God (Family of God)’ died like this?

He was the best at life-saving guy in the association, he tried all the best It was predicted that the innate talent could not make him avoid his Death Tribulation.”

The middle-aged white man shook his head slightly, and finally there was a different color in his indifferent eyes, a little bit more regretful.

The white woman is lightly snorted, not sad for the passing of her colleague, her face is mostly mocking.

“Although I don’t know what happened at that time, I am not surprised. Seek luck and avoid calamity is the instinct of the weak.

He can hide from the first year of the junior high school, but he can’t. Fifteen.

Only by constantly strengthening one’s own strength, can you calmly face the Death Tribulation that you have foreseen, instead of being complacent every time you escape Death Tribulation.

Never as he thought, foreseeing that the innate talent has made him, but foreseeing that the innate talent will harm him and make him lose the possibility of bravery and diligence.”

Middle-aged man will not argue, shrugged .

“haha, you are better than him, you are right.”

After the joke, the middle-aged man’s face was solemn and said:

” It’s a matter of business. We came this time with the task of forming an association. We are going to take over the position of Edward and spread the Psychic glory all over the world.

Secondly, try to bring the researcher back to Alliance and get it. He got Alakazite by accident.

Finally, if there is an opportunity, you can try to help Edward Retaliate.

Wang Lin, Li Yuan, Yan Lin, two forest rangers, and High school students who can’t remember their name must kill at least one person. The association must not be humiliated and their sins must be washed away with blood.”

“His name is Jiang Sheng!”

Woman Added a cold sentence.

“Oh, yes, yes, his name is Jiang Sheng, a little fellow with overestimate one’s capabilities, an irrelevant character.

It’s best to kill him easily, if you can only kill He alone, the world will laugh at our Psychic association.”

The woman’s eyes are slightly narrowed, and the excitement in the jade-green eyes cannot be suppressed.

“I will perform the last two items, and you will take over the task of Edward, do you have any comments?”

The voice is cold, not in a negotiated tone at all, but in an order .

The middle-aged man stared, and his face looked like Normal after eating a fly.

“Oh, no! Jessica, I think we should go on the second mission together. The researcher is currently in custody. I’m afraid you can’t handle it alone. If something happens to you , I think I will be labeled as an idiot when I go back.”

“Also, you can’t be so overbearing. Everyone knows that the researcher is a collector. You can’t monopolize all the benefits.”


The beautiful woman named Jessica remains unmoved, turning her head to stare at Chatter’s middle-aged man, her eyes full of killing intents.

She coldly said:

“Klin, Alakazite is mine, Z Chunjing is mine, and everything else is mine. Do you have any comments?”

For a short while, Klin was defeated and unwilling to spread his hand.

“Well, you are Eldest Miss, you have the final say, I just hope you can remember this favor and give me some benefits when I return to the association.”

“Yes Yes.”

When Jessica Confusion moved, a Poké Ball on her waist floated into the air and opened, and the red light shot out. A Metagross floats on the surface.

She body flashed and landed on top of Metagross, Metagross carried her moved towards the coastline not far away.

Watching the lithe and graceful figure drifting away, Klin was rather unwilling to sighed, but he dared not speak.

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