Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 407

In the detention room, the researcher old man is lying flat on the bed, his eyes are fixed on the ceiling, his mind is empty, he doesn’t know what he is thinking.


As soon as the exclamation sounded outside the door, it stopped abruptly.

The white light suddenly lit up in the detention room, and a lithe and graceful silhouette appeared. It was the beautiful white woman named Jessica.

The old man came back to his senses, he glanced at the uninvited guest with his head tilted, no waves in his eyes, turned his head and continued to stare at the ceiling in a daze.

Jessica’s Mental Force, ready to go, calmed down a bit, but still did not relax her vigilance.

Since the other party did not call for help, it means that there is a possibility of conversation, but the other party’s attitude makes her very unhappy.

She frowned, her expression a little reluctant. But still keep an elegant posture to introduce yourself.

“Hello, Mister Yang, my name is Jessica, from the Psychic association.

If you want to come, you should be very clear about your situation. I am here to invite you Start a new life on the other side of the ocean.

We very much welcome you such a talented researcher in the field of life genes. As long as you agree to follow me away, we will provide you with a clear identity and fully protect your Personal rights, and all of these don’t need you to do anything for us to get them directly.

If you want to conduct scientific research, we are willing to invest funds to support you, some detailed regulations we You can talk slowly.


“Okay, don’t bother me anymore. Although I am not a good person, for scientific research by fair means or foul, I have already lost I have a human nature, but I also have a bottom line principle. I will never abandon the East Asia Alliance and join other Alliances!”

Before Jessica finished, Yang’s surnamed old man was quite impatient To interrupt it.

Jessica’s face remained unchanged, even slightly loose.

The purpose of her coming here is not to invite the other party to the Free Alliance, but to complete the task by the way and deal with it in a formal way.

She changed the topic very naturally.

“Okay, let’s talk about other things.”

The expression of the old man surnamed Yang was startled, and immediately returned to normal.

He thought that the other party would take him away forcibly, and then said that he would not call for help, but she didn’t expect that she gave up.

As a result, the old man surnamed Yang felt a little bit ridiculous, face turned cold, and did not reply.

Jessica did not look at the old man’s face, and each minding their own business asked:

“Since the official laboratory resigned, you disappeared for more than ten years. No news, let our people find it easy.

Finally found your trace, didn’t expect you to Thrown Into Prison soon. It is estimated that this life is hopeless to see the sun again.

I have only one question now, where did all your precious collections go?

Especially Alakazite, was it confiscated? Or was it taken away?”

Yang The surname old man suddenly realized and remembered her self-introduction just now.

From the Psychic association, no wonder I am not interested in learning from my brain.

The old man has a softer attitude and makes a transaction request:

“I want to know the whereabouts of my discipline. If I want news from Alakazite, I will exchange news from my discipline.”

Jessica was not surprised by such a simple request.

Before coming, she had investigated everything clearly, understood the obsession of the old man, and made sufficient preparations in advance.

“Your discipline was taken away. The reason is unknown, and the life or death is unknown.

His family reported to the police after his disappearance, and the police found you in the trace The laboratory, so it’s not your discipline that betrayed you.”

Yang’s surnamed old man looked sad, and the answers from the three parties were the same. He finally believed the investigation team’s rhetoric.

Jessica ignored the old man’s emotional changes and immediately asked:

“Is Alakazite still in your hands? Or has it been taken by the investigation team, or someone else Intervene?”

old man shook the head, give a reply:

“I don’t know, all my treasures are under a floor tile in the corner of the Laboratory warehouse, I don’t know Did they find out?

The one who arrested me that day was Giovanni from the villain group in Bencheng. He disappeared for a long time before secretly handing over with Wang Lin.

I don’t know if my hidden treasure was discovered, if he was alone, or even split with Wang Lin.”

“Where is the laboratory’s location?”

“On a steep cliff on the reef beach in the northeast corner of Hekou Village, the treasure room I designed is immune to Mental Force perception. Don’t be careless when searching.

If the treasure room is already empty, you You can go to Giovanni in Bincheng. I heard that he has a Kadabra, and Alakazite will probably fall into his hands.”

The collection for many years may be wiped out by a net, and the old man surnamed Yang naturally feels resentment , Secretly put Jiang Sheng together.

If Jiang Sheng did not touch his collection, he would naturally not be found by Psychic.

But if Jiang Sheng moves his collection, wait to face the chase of the Psychic association.

This is an extremely domineering organization. All the treasures related to Psychic Type Pokemon are their prohibitions.

White light flashed, after getting the information she wanted, Jessica had left the detention room in a cool manner.


I have spent more than ten days in the depths of the Black Mountain, and many old Pokemon have been devastated by Nidoking, and they are miserable.

On this day, that person and Pokemon finally left Daheishan, and all the old professional Pokemon sighed in relief.

If we continue, they might really consider moving.

Back to Bincheng Sub-rudder, Jiang Sheng first asked Qian Yilong and asked if the clock he wanted was arranged?

Qian Yilong took him to the courtyard of the chamber, and a pottery bell with a height of nearly 1.5 meters was placed in the corner.

The pottery bell is hard and has a smooth surface.

There are many fine patterns on the pottery bell, and the name of the caster is also engraved.

The word Giovanni is impressively at the beginning. After him are the members of the sub-rudder of Bencheng, all of whom have their names branded on it.

“Boss, how about? Isn’t the workmanship fine?”

The corners of Jiang Sheng’s mouth twitched. He only wanted a shameless clay clock to humiliate the monks of Kujiao Temple.

Who knows that Qian Yilong got such a magnificent pottery clock.

He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, but he had to accept it.

“Yes, yes, a little lighter, blessed are those monks without being smashed.

By the way, you have such a craftsmanship. Will you be able to do the work of the villain group in the future? Going down, you can eat with this handcrafted pottery.”

Qian Yilong complexion greatly changed, hurriedly explained:

“Boss, I was wrong, how can I get this Thing, this is done by the pottery master I invited outside.”

Jiang Sheng haha ​​smiled and walked away.

He went to the internal affairs office to find Li Lan, and gave her Macho Brace from Persian and Deino.

Go to Stadium to find Moli again, and send the Macho Brace customized for Lucario.

There was no one in the Stadium during the day. Senior Sister’s Gengar was teaching Fat Gengar and Drakloak on the battlefield to learn Phantom Force.

Mo Li sat and supervised.

Mo Li was surprised when he received the Present, but he was not hypocritical. After thanking him, he felt it calmly.

Jiang Sheng stayed on the sidelines to observe the learning progress of the two Pokemons for a while, and then left Stadium after learning that they had both entered Sect.

He went back to the internal affairs office, went into the warehouse and took five cubic meters and two cubic meters of Longyuan respectively and packed them with a space backpack.

The first one was sent to Master’s residence in Zhaoyang City, and the second one was sent to Fengtian General Rudder to Uncle Yan.

Although both parties are elders, they are always close and distant, so they have different weights.

Jiang Sheng called to explain separately to show filial piety.

After hanging up Master Yu Xuan’s call, Jiang Sheng’s eyes were clear.

He just described the specific characteristics of the flaming red ore to the Master on the phone, and mentioned the fortuitous encounter of the Senior Sister, and asked if the Master knew the origin of the ore.

Yu Xuan, who was a tomb robber all his life, didn’t know what the ore was, but he had tested that Alliance was very sensitive to this type of ore.

Combining ancient Myths and Legends with modern history, Yu Xuan had some guesses in his mind.

Under Jiang Sheng’s inquiry, Yu Xuan finally said his guess.

The ore may be related to Dragon Vein, and it is suspected to be a fragment of Dragon Vein.

The power of the complete Dragon Vein is immense. Even the scattered Dragon Vein after being cut twice has created a dynasty.

How can Alliance not keep them secret.

The so-called Dragon Vein is not the illusory of Feng Shui students.

It is real and has a lot to do with legendary Illusory Beast Victini.

East Asia Alliance has an ancient legend “Zhuan Xu cuts the ladder”.

The so-called “ladder” is the Dragon Vein that rises from the ground and bursts out of chaotic power.

It has the power to destroy the entire world.

demonic beast made Zhuan Xu rely on Victini’s power to cut off the complete Dragon Vein that was connected between the continents, and put an end to the rioting Dragon Vein.

After the complete Dragon Vein is divided into multiple parts, the power contained in it is no longer as surging as before.

Even if the power of Dragon Vein is chaotic and riot again, it can only cause a certain area to suffer a major blow and will not affect the entire world.

In the Ming Dynasty, for the stability of the East Asian Region, Victini’s favored demonic beast made Liu Bowen, at the request of the emperor, to start a vast “Dragon Vein” activity in East Asia.

He wandered around the famous mountains and rivers of East Asia, smashing all the Dragon Vein underground, making the danger disappear invisibly, and preventing criminals from using the power of the Dragon Vein to destroy the East Asian Region.

According to the Master’s guess, this special ore is most likely to be formed by the combination of broken Dragon Vein and Attribute energy to have such unimaginable power.

Such treasure, naturally the more the better.

Jiang Sheng in the heart has placed the acquisition of ancient energy and the excavation of “Dragon Vein Fragments” on equal importance.

He also speculated that Victini has not appeared in East Asia for hundreds of years, and his traces have always appeared in the Western world.

This is probably related to the breaking of the Dragon Vein in the East Asia Region, because its power is no longer needed here.

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