Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 408

In the morning on 2nd day, it was Sunday, and the sky was clear, and it was a good day for travel.

Jiang Sheng decided to go to Kujiao Temple today to “seeking advice on Buddhism”.

All members of the division rudder must follow.

But Jiang Sheng only took Mo Li, Qian Yilong, and Zhu Yue, Zhu Xing two brothers, called a Pika, and took Tao Zhong away.

The Kujiao Temple has a history of hundreds of years, and it is famous in Bincheng and even the whole Liao Province.

The mountain gate is very well selected, but there is a wealthy church overeign aura.

The green smoke produced when incense is burnt rises into the air, and the calming sandalwood Fragrance can be smelled far away.

The temple was built on a huge mountain. More than ten years ago, hobby climbers would get up early every day and spend two or three hours from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain to watch the sea of ​​clouds sunrise.

But in the past ten years, the senior leaders of Kujiao Temple suddenly decided to expand the temple and built a magnificent outer temple on the mountainside for everyone to worship and worship the Buddha.

It seems to be a good thing, but they blocked the way of climbing and did not allow outsiders to approach the top of the mountain where the inner temple is located.

If Great Buddhist Monks want to study the Dharma intensively, they close the gates and practice meditation painstakingly, which is barely understandable.

However, the temple’s high-level officials took a different path and gave a wonderful way to the summit.

Only when the donation reaches a certain amount, can you continue to climb up into the inner temple area, listen to the profound Buddhism, watch the sunrise in the sea of ​​clouds, and comprehend the Buddha light illuminating everything.

There is a saying, I don’t want to be forced.

Before it approached the foot of the mountain, the surrounding cars were already crowded. Some people simply parked their cars on the side of the road and walked towards the mountain gate on foot to worship the Buddha.

Qian Yilong and the three people watched Tao Zhong, who was removed from Pika and fixed to the door with ropes, with a bad feeling in their hearts.

Old nature will not do shameful hard work.

Looked towards the fifth person in the same group, a girl who is “feel and weak”.

Although no one in the sub-rudder can beat her except the boss…

Mo Li is not capable of hard work either.

Would you not want the three of them to carry Tao Zhong on the mountain…

They thought they were watching the excitement, but who knew they would have to do hard work.

The three of them looked at each other with bitterness in their eyes.

They just rolled up their sleeves and wanted to go forward to lift the door panel, but Jiang Sheng first pressed them on the five Poké Ball switches on the left waist.

Sentret smiled, life and death are unpredictable;

Tao Zhong lifted and came to the funeral!

Five little cute things, pay respects to!

Xiao Er is the first to come out. He is very clever and knows how to occupy an advantageous position.

Small smoke climbed to the top of Tao Bell, took out a small red flag from nowhere, and sat on the top of the clock happily waving the flag and shouting.

The reaction of Xiao San to Little Liu was slow, and he could only work hard at the request of Jiang Sheng.

They walked to the four corners of the door panel one by one with ugly faces, lifted the door panel with all their strength, and lifted Tao Zhong forward slowly in accordance with the unique melody in their hearts.

The brothers Qian Yilong and Zhu Family stared at the five little ones. They always felt that this scene was very familiar, as if they had seen them somewhere.

“Go, climb!”

Jiang Sheng gave an order, and the three came back to his senses, their expressions straightened, and they followed their boss with their heads upright.

Wu Xiao only followed the door danglingly with the door.

entire group moved towards the mountain gate, and up the winding mountain road, going to the inner temple to “seeking advice on Buddhism”.

Wherever they pass, tourists give way subconsciously, and some even take out their mobile phones to take pictures and record videos.

Anyone with a discerning eye can tell that this is someone who has come to make trouble.

Some people are biased towards Kujiao Temple. They also call the police at Help Temple to report that someone is picking quarrels and stir. up trouble.

Jiang Sheng is not worried. He has already told Wang Lin about his plan today. As long as no lives are caused, no one will interfere.

The temple does not need to pay taxes, and the ability to attract money is very strong. Alliance has long been thinking about how to limit the development of the temple.

In ancient times, there were rulers who fought to destroy the Buddha, not because of how cruel the rulers were, but because the temples were really annoying.

The monks do not give birth, and occupy a large area of ​​land. Absorb the people’s blood, sweat and tears to support themselves and worship Buddha, life is free and easy, and it is extremely shameless.

As the largest temple in Bincheng City, Kujiao Temple is backed by Elite Gengar, and even more unscrupulously amassed wealth.

After Wang Lin came to power, he wanted to beat them a long time ago.

Walking through the mountain gate and up along the winding road, the outer temple is on the mountainside. Normal walking takes more than an hour.

While hiking and climbing, I saw some people descending one after another. I was still persuading others to return and pointed fingers to Jiang Sheng entire group.

Vaguely, everyone heard that the Kujiao Temple was closed today, and they declined to offer gifts to the Buddha.

“Boss, we…”

“Whatever they do, we are here to make trouble, do we have to obey their rules?”

Zhu Yue stopped speaking, and the three of them looked at each other again and silently followed Jiang Sheng.

The flow of people going down the mountain is getting less and less, and the road ahead is soon empty.

On the contrary, behind Jiang Sheng and them, there are many tourists following them in a long queue, quite an imposing manner.

Jiang Sheng glanced back inadvertently, shaking his head and laughing.

It would be great if these people followed their own condemnation of Kujiao Temple. With such power, why not worry about it.

Unfortunately, these boring people are all people who eat melons, and follow up to watch the excitement.

If you want them to do something, you will immediately when the tree falls, the monkeys scatter.

There are a few small internet celebrities who followed Jiang Sheng and the others to shoot and broadcast the scene live.

Among them, there are bold, wanting to come forward and ask them some questions.

I didn’t wait to get closer, Fat Gengar got out of Jiang Sheng’s shadow and opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl to scare people.

Professional-level imposing manner broke out unabashedly, scared witless the net celebrities who approached.

But this did not scare them away, and they continued to broadcast live with their mobile phones behind the team.

Jiang Sheng had no choice but to send a message to Wang Lin’s assistant, asking him to help deal with it.

Move immediately over there and close the live broadcast rooms of these little internet celebrities.

The unfathomable mystery in the live broadcast room was blocked, and the Internet celebrities did not know why.

When they looked towards Jiang Sheng, Jiang Sheng smiled slightly to them and directly stated that they did it themselves.

The opponent was angry and wanted to talk to Jiang Sheng.

But Gengar glare like a tiger watching his prey, the sneer on his face is so permeating that they dare not come forward.

There are more and more people behind him, and the end of the team is no longer visible. Jiang Sheng frowned slightly, and suddenly realized that this would not work.

Although he hopes to make Kujiao Temple shame in front of many people, in this way, some things are not easy to talk about.

Moreover, if there is a fight, he can’t attack him too hard, otherwise public opinion can crush him to death.

“Zhu Yue and Zhu Xing, stop them here, don’t let them go up.”


The two brothers cred out in surprise, the tone is full of regret.

Jiang Sheng glanced back and forth between the two of them, and asked:

“Do you have any comments?”

“No, please rest assured, boss!”

The two brothers threw the Poké Ball very decisively.

The red light shoots out, and two Black dogs appeared on the road, baring their teeth at the crowd below.

Jiang Sheng ignored him and continued climbing with his hands, heading towards the outer temple.

Qian Yilong and Mo Li followed closely, and the five hard-working little ones carried Tao Zhong “hey hey” and moved forward.

After Jiang Sheng left, the two Zhu Family brothers vented their anger on the melon-eating people, shouted loudly with cold faces:

“newcomer stop, this way is nowhere!”

“roar roar!”

“roar roar!”

The Houndoom roared twice, like the dogs guarding the Gates of Hell.

There was an uproar on the mountain road, the crowd was enthusiastic, and the protests were like normal waves.

“What do you mean?”

“Are there any kings?”

“Do you think this is your home? If you don’t let me go Let go?”


Several internet celebrities stood by.

Some are sitting on the sidelines, waiting for things to develop.

Some agitated the masses and wanted to pull a group of people to attack the line of defense, forcing the Zhu Family brothers to retreat.

The Zhu Family brothers have dealt with heretic all the year round. It is not a good thing. The two did not hesitate to give orders to Houndoom immediately.

“Houndoom, Roar!”

The thrilling roar erupted from the two Houndoom’s throats, the wind swept through, and the unstoppable Pei Ran shot from the front. To everyone nearby.

As long as they were within ten meters of the two brothers, they were all picked up by the strong wind and flew to both sides of the highway.

Within ten meters away, the gusty wind made it difficult for people to breathe, and the terrifying Roar sound made people fight against each other.

Several people fell to the ground with their weak legs while retreating in panic, crawling with their hands and feet together, pulling away from Houndoom.

Fortunately, it was just a roar. If it is longer, I am afraid that the Stomp incident may occur.

After the two brothers established their power, no one dared to make a provocation.

Several internet celebrities who were provoking trouble climbed up from the ground and fled down the mountain.

Some people who were covered in dirt because of Roar, with Spite in their eyes, called the police angrily, and the others came over to uphold justice for themselves.

Some people saw that they didn’t have much fun, shook the head, and turned down the mountain.

Qian Yilong looked behind him, just witnessed the scene just now, and asked worriedly:

“Boss, we are so unscrupulous, no Will something happen?”

Jiang Sheng faintly smiled, patted his shoulder.

“You underestimate Alliance’s ability to control public opinion. As long as it doesn’t kill people, today’s events will only spread in a small area.

After a few days, everything will be business as usual. Someone will continue to discuss today’s affairs.”

Qian Yilong is nodded, once again shocked by the boss’s connections, and at the same time he feels happy.

More than ten minutes later, the entire group has arrived at the outer temple.

Therefore, the highway branches, and the road on the right hand side leads to the outer temple.

The outer temple gate was closed tightly, and a middle-aged monk with six young novice monks stood quietly in front of the temple gate.

Going on is the way to the summit of the inner temple.

There is a wooden archway not far away, under which there are sharp-eyed monks with Pokemon guarding the intersection.

Seeing Jiang Sheng’s arrival, the middle-aged monk hurriedly greeted him with the little novice monk.

“The distinguished guest came from afar, this poor monk was unable to meet, and I hope that the distinguished guest will forgive the crime. This poor monk has a descriptive name, please advise.”

Jiang Sheng Coldly smiled, look arrogant.

“Great Buddhist Monk, I am a wicked guest, but I can’t be called your distinguished guest.

Don’t talk big with me, and don’t send some little novice monks out to hope that I will have mercy You guys.

Now, I will ask you to answer.

Who borrowed Elite Gengar from the monastery half a month ago?

As long as you tell me Whoever it is, I won’t be able to use the Tao Bell behind.

In addition, as long as you pay 30 million in compensation, I will return as soon as nothing happens today.”

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