Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 409

“Amitabha, this poor monk is a monastery in the monastery, all faults should be borne by this poor monk.

a monk doesn’t lie, Elite Gengar is indeed loaned out from the monk , It’s not this poor monk cultivation, I was fascinated by greed.

But the other party is a benefactor of the temple, this poor monk doesn’t want to cause them more trouble, so I just hope it will happen. This stops.

If the guests are dissatisfied, the temple is willing to offer compensation.

However, if 30 million is too much, please forgive the guests. The temple is willing to offer three Millions of compensation will calm the anger of the guests.”

Faming Great Buddhist Monk stood on his chest and bowed to apologize.

The young novice monks behind them are blushing with different looks.

Some bow their heads without speaking, and chant the sutra quietly;

Some are full of anger, glaring at Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng is snered in his heart.

This monk is too unrighteous, deliberately showing weakness, planting the seeds of hatred in the hearts of the monks, and setting himself up on the fire.

The enemy is endless, generation after generation, Then The Spring Breeze Will Blow And Give Life To It Once More.

There is a saying that the enemy should be settled but not settled.

But whoever lets the other party offend himself first, if they dare to continue to make trouble afterwards, that gives him an excuse to take Revenge.

So, Jiang Sheng still maintains a domineering attitude, saying with a smile:

“Great Buddhist Monk, your cultivation is really not home, I don’t think you are like a monk. , On the contrary, he is a trader of glib tongue.”

Faming lowered his head and listened without refuting.

The young novices behind him were even more angry, and they wanted to tear Jiang Sheng to pieces.

Jiang Sheng ignored their feelings, each minding their own business said:

“You monk, you are really greedy, and you don’t just want to satisfy my request to trace the murderer. He also gave me a tenth of the compensation.

Very well, since you are not sincere, we can only see the real chapter under your hand!”

Fa Ming at a Moderate pace said:

“Amitabha, I hope that the distinguished guests will think twice. We should not be enemies. Buddhism will save all living beings and say that no distinguished guests will come to our temple to make a wish.”

He is implying Jiang Sheng that if someone else can borrow Elite Pokemon, Jiang Sheng can also borrow it.

The two parties can become partners. The strength of Elite Gengar cannot be underestimated, and may be Jiang Sheng’s best support at some point.

Jiang Sheng didn’t appreciate it, and he still said coldly:

“Hehe, I have the heart to recognize this friend of Buddha, but there is Great Buddhist Monk from which you are a hindrance. Sincerely let me and Buddha has no destiny.

But just tell me who borrowed Elite Gengar before half a month, Buddha and I can definitely become best friends. If you Great Buddhist Monk call me Martial Ancestor!”

Faming hadn’t spoken yet, the novice monk behind him couldn’t help it, and shouted angrily:

“Do you dare to insult the Buddha like this!”

“Buddha shit, do you have to blow when cutting meat and feeding Pidgeot? It’s funny to subdue Pokemon by self-harm. Catterpie is more nutritious than his meat.”

Mo Li:……

Qian Yilong:……

The boss’s mouth is also very good!

The little novice monk flushed, and pointed at Jiang Sheng with trembling fingers, angrily unable to speak completely.


“brat, isn’t it okay to read more books at a young age? Do you have to be a monk in the monastery, do you deserve your ancestor?”

Jiang Sheng glanced at the novice monks, and made no secret of the contempt in his eyes.

Faming finally couldn’t help it, and he spoke to the little novice behind him:

“Shut up, you can’t wait for the cultivation. You just moved anger, go back and copy the Heart Sutra. “A hundred times.”

“Yes, Uncle Jiansi, I will wait for the punishment myself.”

Faming was slightly nodded, and said to Jiang Sheng:

“Listening to the voices of distinguished guests is also a youngster, why are you here so old-fashioned to teach others.”

“I am different from them. I am young and promising. They are less and more important. I can’t say anything!”

Faming’s expression was stunned, but he didn’t expect that there would be such a…thinking person in the world.

He didn’t want to continue to be entangled in this topic, his face was slightly bitter, and he persuaded:

“Whatever you do today, there will be repercussions, and please think twice before you act. If you insist. So, I’m afraid I’m going to invite guests to see my Buddhist Vajra Protector’s methods.”

Seeing Jiang Sheng refused to step back, Fa Ming had to threaten.

“That’s right, I mean it!”

Jiang Sheng coldly snorted, left with his hand, and headed to the archway ahead.

“Ali, Qian Yilong, let’s climb the mountain!”

Qian Yilong looked towards the eaves memorial arch in front of him, his eyes moved on the two guard monks and their Pokemon, his face It was worried.

Success, everyone is happy, the reputation of Bincheng Sub-rudder will rise to the extreme in a short time.

Being defeated, face disgraced, and most of the power accumulated from previous shots will dissipate.

Seeing Mo Li closely following the boss, and the five small eyes staring at him with scrutiny, Qian Yilong sighed in his heart and followed quickly.

Only the five little ones resisted the door, dangling to keep up.

Aware of Jiang Sheng’s determination, Gengar has walked out of Jiang Sheng’s shadow, came to Mo Li’s side, and followed Mo Li at the back left.

What’s interesting is that it will stay in anyone’s shadow, but it will not go to the shadow of Moli.

Under the archway, two young monks with straight stature and sharp eyes stood quietly in front of the barrier.

There is a large merit box next to the monk on the right. Several Meowths lie in front of the box, licking their paws leisurely.

“Amitabha, newcomer stop!”

“How can I live?”

“Please show me your heart and soul, and you can reach the top to listen to the profound Dharma. “

Jiang Sheng sneered and scolded:

“Good bald donkey, this is different from the path-cutting bandits. If you don’t need money, you can taste it with your fist.”

The monk glared at his eyes, like a king of Ming.

“Impudent, dare to disturb me Buddhism quietly, I should teach you a lesson!”

“Medicham Hariyama, come on!”

Calm Mind cross-legged Medicham suddenly opened his eyes and floated in the air, and the Confusion that had been accumulated in his body for an unknown period of time burst out in an instant.

The surging Confusion set off a fierce wind and turned into an invisible big hand, aiming at Jiang Sheng and Tao Zhong who was lifted by the five little ones behind him.

“jié jié!”

Gengar gave a weird laugh, and Malice on his body was like a light in the night.

The energy of evil converged and condensed into a pitch-black magic ball in the palm of its right hand.

Dark Pulse!

The ball was thrown and hit the invisible Confusion in the air.

“jié jié!”

There was another weird laugh, the pitch-black magic ball exploded, and the strong atmosphere of evil swept all around, annihilating Confusion invisible.

A deep Malice enveloped me. Medicham was extremely uncomfortable, as if to be crushed. After shaking his body, he was forced to fall from the air to the ground.

Gengar moved again. Two beams of black light shot out from the blood-red eyes and fell on the shadow of Medicham, setting it on the ground impossible to move even a little bit.

A shadow ball the size of a basketball pulls out a gorgeous purple tail flame, which hits Medicham with lightning speed.

Medicham threw it out and smashed it heavily into the flowers on the side. His body was entangled by a dark purple arc. Umbra energy eroded its body and it rolled all over the floor in pain.

Between rabbits and falcons, a professional battle has ended!

Regardless of its own strength or racial potential, Medicham was overwhelmed by the professional high-end Gengar.

In a daze, Jiang Sheng was a little emotional.

Gengar once didn’t know how to fight and didn’t want to fight.

Now Gengar, his shots are all kinds of violent ball shaking his face, and he has the appearance of Faye.


The monk on the left hurried to check his Pokemon situation, and the young monk on the right spirit slowly recovers and quickly ordered:

“Hariyama, what are you waiting for!”

Hariyama heard the sound and sprinted forward, with brown rays of light appearing on his palms, his palm fan-like hands exerted Arm Thrust, and the goal was Jiang Sheng.

Each step, such as the huge body of the elephant Normal, can cause Ground to vibrate, and the momentum is very shocking.

Gengar has to make a move. Jiang Sheng crossed his left arm to stop its movement, and his right hand pressed a Poké Ball on his waist.

red light shoots out, the mighty and ferocious Nidoking stands in front of Hariyama, and forcibly receives an Arm Thrust.

Nidoking steady as Mt. Tai, never retreat under Arm Thrust’s offensive, blocking Hariyama.

Hariyama’s face was shocked, and the other arm pushed out, continuing the unfinished Arm Thrust.

As soon as he came out, he was beaten. Nidoking stared fiercely at the triangular eyes, his heart ignited with anger, and a flame-like purple red aura appeared on his body.

Red flames ignited on his paws, and Nidoking grabbed his paws and slammed his fists swiftly.

This is the result of its painstaking practice in recent time. It has already used Ah Da’s “Farmer’s Three Punches” in mathematics.

This move is exactly Fire Punch!

The blazing flames rolled, but under the cover of purple red aura, the flames suddenly changed and transformed into purple-red color.

Everyone who saw this sharp punch felt the burst of anger like a living Volcano, which made people fearful.

Hariyama, who faced Nidoking head-on, suffered even more Psyshock.

Hariyama’s eyes were horrified, and her heart was terrified. Her arms were inexplicably soft, which made her unable to exert strength.

Press forward with a heavy punch, smashing away the big hand of the fan that was pushed horizontally, and strikes on Hariyama’s chest.

The purple red flames flutter, releasing terrifying heat.

Hariyama howled miserably, Black smoke curled up, and a strange smell of burning came.

After the punch, Hariyama staggered back a few steps and sat down on the ground, leaving a scorched fist mark on his chest.

It had horrified eyes, trembled, and was beaten down. For a while, it dared not stand up to face Nidoking.

Opponent lost his fighting spirit, Nidoking’s eyes were full of disdain, his anger slowly dissipated, and the purple Black aura on his body disappeared.

Fiery Wrath’s aura dissipated and no longer radiated anger to the surroundings, the expression on Hariyama’s face was better, and the fright was a little slower, faintly sighed in relief.

Hariyama, who is known for her tenacity and perseverance, was actually destroyed by a punch.

How terrifying!

Jiang Sheng is slightly nodded and is more satisfied with Nidoking’s performance.

Nidoking, who has incorporated Moltres feathers during evolution and acquired a special innate talent, should have such strength.

“Continue climbing!”

Jiang Sheng commanded coldly.

Nidoking strides forward and wants to open the way for Jiang Sheng.

Hariyama, who blocked the road ahead, hurriedly climbed up, and after giving way, stood sideways, with high respect for Nidoking.

When passing by, Nidoking lightly snorted, Hariyama’s body trembled subconsciously.

Fortunately, Nidoking not at all means to make another move. He came to the bar and split the bar with a flick of his tail.

The two monks bowed their heads and said nothing, not daring to express their dissatisfaction.

Jiang Sheng entire group followed behind Nidoking, and Grandiose continued towards the inner temple on the top of the mountain.

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