Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 411

Primeape leaped forward, raising his hand and standing palm up to strike Ah Da’s head.

Ada’s hind leg muscles broke out, and he leaped sharply.

But its explosive power is much greater than Primeape, and its sprint speed is also faster, just like the name of the move, as if it turned into a sparkling Spark.

Before Primeape could react, when the right arm that was split by the standing palm was about to fall, Ah Da’s head had already hit Primeape’s abdomen.

This Quick Attack looks more like Skull Bash.

The heavy force made Primeape feel abdominal cramps, and almost vomited out all the Berry he had eaten in the morning, and a blue cross was raised on his forehead.

Under a violent Headbutt, Primeape was flew out like a volleyball.

Ada landed lightly, with a little disappointment in his eyes.

Jiang Sheng also realized that he might have missed his eyes, and was baffled by Primeape’s emotional control methods.

As soon as they met, Jiang Sheng could see that Primeape’s quality in all aspects might be inferior to Ah Da.

Make a vivid metaphor.

The levels of the two are close, which can be regarded as two bottles of equal volume.

Ada Neng has such strength, it is filled with ancient energy.

It can be understood that the bottle representing Ah Da is filled with all fine sand.

Primeape can have such strength, it depends on its own continuous training cultivation, and constantly improve itself from various scattered aspects.

It can be understood that the bottle representing Primeape is filled with things that are everywhere, such as stones, fine soil…

Although the bottle representing the latter is also full , But the gap inside is huge, far not as tight as Ah Da’s.

The strength is naturally very different.

As soon as he got hands on, Ah Da discovered this problem.

Otherwise, why would Primeape fail to respond to even the most basic Quick Attack?

The young monk’s face revealed a bitter smile, and bowed slightly and praised:

“Amitabha, the donor means brilliant!”

He pointed to Primeape who stood up from the ground and said again:

“But the little monk’s friends also have a lot of tricks. The Buddha has angry eyes, which is called the King of Ming. Primeape also has angry eyes. Please taste it!”

Jiang Sheng and Ah Da turned their heads to see that Primeape had stopped in place since he got up on the ground.

Its body is shaking, breathing heavily in its nostrils, and the cross veins at the forehead become more obvious.

It is accumulating anger!

Driven by the anger, the blood vessels of Primeape’s arms and legs become very obvious, and the blood vessels in the blood vessels can be perceived to accelerate the circulation.

Its body began to swell slightly, and its muscles slightly bulged, making the whole monkey look powerful and beautiful.

Jiang Sheng knew that this should be the unique strengthening secret technique of the Primeape family.

Through anger emotions, blood circulation is promoted, making Primeape stronger, fist speed faster, and kicking formidable power greater.

“Close Combat!”

Primeape glared at him, completely gave up his defense, and rushed towards Ah Da with brown rays of light all over his body.

A sharp imposing manner assaults the senses, Ah Da’s eyes are dignified, and he dare not entrust him with the powerful Fighting Type Unique Ability.

As Primeape was about to stick to his face, when his fists blasted out to hit his chest and abdomen, Ah Da finally moved.


A cloud of white smoke came out, completely covering Ah Da’s figure.

Primeape’s eyes are sharp, the slightest remaining unmoved, his fists still do not change direction, and he plunges into the white smoke.

With a muffled noise, a silhouette from Mist flew out, looking like Ah Da.

“Ada”, like a rag pocket, Normal just flew out six or seven meter away, suddenly burst open and turned into a ball of Mist.

Ada was blown up alive?

No, that silhouette simply is not Ah Da, it is just a Substitute!

Where did the real Ah Da go?

Primeape noticed that it was wrong, and slammed forward to Mist. The strong wind that came out knocked Mist apart.

Primeape rushed to the air, Ah Da is simply not in Mist.

The young monk eyes shrank, thinking of a possibility, hurriedly ordered:

“Primeape, Earthquake!”

Primeape immediately understood and vaguely guessed Ah Da Where.

Looking down, there really is a small hole on Ground under Mist.

It lifted its right foot abruptly, most of its leg was covered by the yellow rays of light, and it wanted to stamp its foot on the ground, causing a small Earthquake.

“The reaction was quick, but it is still too late!”

Jiang Sheng said lightly.

Primeape doesn’t care, her eyes are sharp, and her right foot falls heavily.

But before the right foot landed, the Ground under the left foot suddenly collapsed, and its body shape collapsed and fell to the ground, interrupting the Earthquake moves.

Taking this opportunity, Ah Da suddenly broke out of the ground one meter behind Primeape and raised his right paw to hit the back of Primeape’s head.

This is the Focus Punch that it has been in the underground Stockpile for a long time. If it is implemented, it is very likely to end this battle.

The young monk also knows this truth, so he is ready to give it a go.

“Primeape, behind you, Final Gambit!”

Primeape right hand supported on the ground, turned around with strength, just in time to see the white light flashing The fist slammed.

It roared, and the anger in its heart reached a peak for a time, and its blood vessels and muscles expanded rapidly.

Even if the next moment suddenly bursts and turns into flesh and blood, no one will be surprised. .

In this state, it has the fastest speed, the strongest strength, and it can strike a Final Gambit!

Primeape is angry at Splash, fist-to-fist, and defend Ah Da’s Focus Punch frontally.


The dull flesh Tackle sounded, and the energies collided with each other, setting off surging air waves.

The strong wind is blowing, everyone’s clothes are hunting and hunting, they all force their eyes to open, looking towards the place where the two Pokemon meet.

In a short while, the collision has had a result. Primeape lost to Ah Da’s punch and was smashed from the air.

Until I hit a small tree, I stopped flying backwards. After rolling a few times on the ground, I couldn’t stand up again.

This is the Final Gambit blow. Regardless of the result, Primeape is impossible to stand up again.

Ada landed lightly on the ground, his right paw was a little stiff, as if he had suffered a little injury in the wrestling.

But it should be just a little trouble, not in the way.

The young monk took out a Poké Ball from the arms of the monk’s clothes, enlarged it, and temporarily put away the Primeape.

Even after losing, his face still has a gentle smile.

“Amitabha, the donor is brilliant, the little monk is not as good as it is. The donor can go to the top of the mountain by himself. No matter what happens, the little monk has a clear conscience.”

The young monk stretched out his right arm and gave a false lead. The heart is the same, and there is no dissatisfaction with Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng couldn’t help but be a little curious and became interested in this delicate monk.

“Monk, I think your Trainer is good, do you have any other Pokemon? Let’s do two more tricks?”

The monk shook his head with a helpless smile on his face.

“Donor, the little monk is just a monk, not a trainer.

Primeape can’t be regarded as a little monk’s Pokemon. The little monk and it are equal friends. This Poké Ball is it. What I handed over to the little monk was not something that the little monk deliberately accepted.

The little monk did not intend to subdue Pokemon to pursue fame and fortune in the dust. I may not be able to satisfy the donor’s wishes.”

The monk has a sincere expression and bows to Jiang Sheng and apologizes.

Jiang Sheng slightly nodded, sighed:

“Along the way, you are the first place true monk I saw!”

The young monk is sincere and fearful , Hurriedly waved his hand to push away:

“The little monk dare not be, the senior brother in the temple is smarter than the little monk. The little monk is stupid. I only wish to devote my life to my Buddha in order to understand the true meaning of the Buddha.”

Jiang Sheng ignored the monk’s humble words and said: “Monk, give up your stand for the time being, how about making friends with you and me?”

“Thanks to the benefactor for the kindness, the little monk is very honored, the little monk’s name Fahong.”

“I’m Giovanni.”

Announce names to each other, and the two became friends.

“Fahong, I want to continue climbing, I have to explain this matter.”

Fahong bowed slightly and asked softly:

“I know that I can’t dispel the donor’s heart, but when climbing the mountain, I also ask the donor to Hold Back.

My Senior Brothers are not orthodox trainers. I may not be able to stop the donor’s footsteps. Killing the industry.

Little monk, I am very grateful!”

The acting style of Monk Fahong made Jiang Sheng feel very comfortable. Even if he became a friend, he did not say to persuade Jiang Sheng to go down the mountain.

“It depends on the situation!”

Jiang Sheng replied vaguely and continued up the mountain road.

“May the donor get what he wants, and may the donor be magnanimous.”

After walking far away, Qian Yilong glanced back, Monk Fahong still standing in place, watching The back of their entire group.

“Boss, this is a true monk.”

Jiang Sheng glanced at him faintly, coldly snorted and said:

“Also use your nonsense. “

Qian Yilong:…

Miaoye, the boss seems to see that I am not very clever in studying, and he dislikes me a bit, what can I do?

At this moment, Qian Yilong had mixed feelings in his heart.

The mountain road was winding upwards, and after a while, the shadow of Monk Fahong was lost.

After traveling to the top of the mountain for more than ten minutes, the roadside finally saw the roadblocker.

This is a middle-aged monk with a rough appearance. There are some unknown debris hanging on the full beard, and the corners of his mouth seem to have an unpolished shine.

Uh…Is this man a Great Buddhist Monk who opened meat?

Isn’t that the current monks must abide by professional ethics, can’t break the precepts during get off work, and can leave at will?

“newcomer stop, today the inner temple does not accept guests, so I will leave quickly.”

Great Buddhist Monk was a little impatient and shouted.

“Monk, get out of the way, I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you.”

Great Buddhist Monk has contempt in his eyes, scanning Nidoking, Ah Da, and the five with the bronze bell behind him. Little only.

“It’s that you brat want to ruin the money of the temple? Today I must give you an unforgettable lesson.”

Jiang Sheng brows frowned, the man in front of him is not like a monk at all, On the contrary, it is like a bandit who takes the mountain as the king.

full beard took out two Poké Ball threw away from his arms, the red light flashed by, and two vicious-looking Pokemon blocked the road.

A Toxicroak and a Drapion are both at the professional level, but they can only be regarded as a professional Early-Stage, similar to Beedrill Level.

Nidoking stepped out, facing off with two Pokemon alone.

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