Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 412

Toxicroak suddenly moved his hand and raised his hand to play two very fast Vacuum Waves in an attempt to preemptively attack.

Nidoking watched the two groups of white light hitting, just glanced at it faintly, without the meaning of dodge at all, letting the Vacuum Wave hit him.

Vacuum Wave exploded immediately after hitting Nidoking’s body, but Nidoking did not retreat, and his body was unscathed after being bombed.

Even it growled at Toxicroak, as if mocking.

full beard face changed, my eyes are not contemptuous, and a bit solemn.

“Aqua Tail!”

Drapion responded, sprinting with two pairs of feet, the scorpion tail rounded the Aqua Ring, and pulled back towards Nidoking.

Nidoking raised his right paw at a moderate pace. I don’t know when its paw was covered with frost.

Faced with the lashing Aqua Tail, it stopped Aqua Tail with one claw.

Nidoking’s claws pierced into the water, and grabbed the scorpion tail wrapped in the water.

The key parts were pinched, Drapion complexion changed, and let out a low growl full of warning.

At the same time, the emerald green rays of light lit up on a pair of pliers to pinch Nidoking’s neck, and the scorpion tail was also shaking at high frequency to free Nidoking’s claws.

Faced with Drapion’s X-Scissor, Nidoking had a little disdain in his eyes, and he didn’t want to block it. He wanted to test the hardness of his armor.

Jiang Sheng frowned, exhorted: “Don’t be too big, and end the battle soon!”

Nidoking’s face was stunned, a red flame appeared on his left paw, and his claws fisted into fists. , Slammed his fist at Drapion.

A Fire Punch smashed the X-Scissor that had been hacked, and then hit Drapion’s chest directly.

chi chi …

Green smoke curls, screams again and again, and smells strange.

While the rabbit flew and fell, Toxicroak had not yet responded, and Drapion had already fallen into the wind.

The three Pokemons are experts in playing drugs, and they are immune to each other, which abolished many of each other’s methods.

On the contrary, it is Nidoking, the hexagonal warrior mage with the waist of the bucket, and the attack surface is extremely wide.

Resisting these two Pokemon is like an old sow wearing a bra-one set after another. These two Pokemons, who have just entered the professional level, cannot compete with Nidoking at all.

“Toxicroak, go to the rescue, Cross Chop!”

Toxicroak jumped, crossed his hands across his chest, and slashed towards Nidoking.

Nidoking grabbed Drapion’s scorpion tail, swung forward with his right arm, and smashed Drapion at Toxicroak as a Meteor Hammer.

Toxicroak showed fear in his eyes, and hurriedly reduced the strength on his arm, for fear of accidentally hurting Drapion.

This is exactly what Nidoking wanted, it increased its strength, swung Drapion and hit Toxicroak hard.

Then suddenly let go of his paw, letting Drapion and Toxicroak toss out together.

“Thunderbolt!” Jiang Sheng issued an order.

Nidoking’s eyes faintly showed excitement, and after a low growl, the horn on its forehead burst out with dazzling golden Spark.

The violent electric current is like a golden mad dragon, hitting two Pokemons that were thrown together in a pile, their bodies twitched and screamed again and again under the high-voltage electric current.

The two Pokemon finally fell into the bushes and disappeared. Only a wisp of black smoke rose from the bushes.

“Toxicroak, Drapion!”

The full beard yelled, ignoring Jiang Sheng, and ran into the bushes to find his Pokemon.

Nidoking brushed the horn on his forehead. Just after playing Thunderbolt, there are still some golden lightning arc remaining on it, crackling from time to time.

For these residues, Nidoking’s perception of them is not annoying, his eyes are full of pride.

They are like army medals, demonstrating their strength.

Jiang Sheng glanced at Nidoking and smiled at its kind of child temperament.

“Continue climbing!”

The entire group continues along the mountain road, the top of the mountain is already not far.

Not long after, Jiang Sheng entire group ran into a young monk who only sent a professional Pokemon.

That is an Infernape with 【Iron Fist】Characteristic Trait.

It was this Infernape that made Nidoking into a hard fight.

During the battle, every time he was attacked, Nidoking deliberately guided himself to burst into Rage.

The flame-like aura transformed from anger rises more than half a meter high, constantly exerting mental pressure on Infernape.

This Infernape is best at fist technique.

Blessed by 【Iron Fist】Characteristic Trait, Mach Punch is quick and painful, hitting Nidoking like a bullet hitting Normal;

Fire Punch and Thunder Punch have more With such a powerful force, Infernape’s fists can be evenly matched with Nidoking’s heavy fists for a while;

There is also a strange Power-Up Punch interspersed with each fist, every time it hits the target It will increase Infernape’s power a little, so that Nidoking you can’t guard against it.

But Nidoking also not to be trifled with.

Although you haven’t put on Life Orb yet, the battle strength has not been maximized, but 【forced】Characteristic Trait is enough to enhance the power of the “Farmer Three Punch”.

The two Pokemon fought fiercely for nearly twenty minutes.

Infernape was unable to support both physical and mental strength. Nidoking seized the gap, pierced the shoulder blades with the sharp horn above his head, and fell to the ground unable to fight.

If it wasn’t for Jiang Sheng to look at the face of Monk Fahong, he reminded Nidoking at the last moment that the single horn either pierced Infernape’s throat or pierced its heart.

After the battle, Nidoking was a little weak, and sat down on the road, gasping for breath.

After seeking Nidoking’s advice, Jiang Sheng took it back into Poké Ball, let it rest temporarily, and handed the rest to other Pokemon.

It might be because of Nidoking’s last hand. After Jiang Sheng walked more than ten meters, the monk reminded Jiang Sheng loudly.

The monk said that the next road is his Martial Uncle, his uncle, and a group of Old Guys. The Pokemon in his hand is also quite strong. If you are not sure, turn around and go down the mountain as soon as possible.

Jiang Sheng shook his head and laughed. If he understood, he knew that there was a reminder of concern. If he didn’t understand, he thought it was a provocation in the next chapter.

No matter what kind of old monster is on the next road, he must climb to the top and ask for an explanation.

Continuing to climb the mountain, soon I saw an old monk sitting in the middle of the road with a Medicham beside him also meditating.

As a person who eats mixed meals or Pokemon under Psychic Type, Jiang Sheng can perceive the state of this Medicham.

It is very old, but this does not prevent its body from possessing stalwart power.

Undoubtedly, this must be a 59-level professional Peak Pokemon, who has been trying to hit Gym.

Jiang Sheng can’t help but sigh, it is a big temple that has existed for hundreds of years!

Even if the monks in the temple do not at all deliberately move towards Pokémon Trainer, they usually just treat Pokemon as fun.

But if things go on like this, they still have accumulated a strong foundation, which is far from comparable to the villain group that has just been established for more than ten years.

The old monk did not open his eyes, but Medicham ended Calm Mind and floated in the air, scanning everyone with his vicissitudes of life and wisdom.

Its meaning is self-evident, if you want to pass, defeat me first!

Mo Li stepped forward and stretched out his hand to indicate to the shadow under the tree not far away. Fat Gengar floated out of it and stood beside Mo Li.

“I’ll stay alone, you can go climbing. I’m a little tired and don’t want to go up. I just look at the results of Gengar’s special training during this time.”

“Yes. , You are careful, if you encounter an unstoppable existence, it will burst out directly, and I will deal with the follow-up aftermath.”

Mo Li nodded responded.

She understands what Jiang Sheng means, but she is afraid of the Elite Gengar sneak attack. She is naturally confident of dealing with Elite Gengar when she burst out.

But there are many drones following in the air. The natural phenomenon during the outbreak is not easy to hide.

Jiang Sheng steps forward, but there is no detour, as if he is about to step on the old monk.

When I was about to kick the old monk sitting cross-legged on the road, Medicham shook the head and used Confusion to move the old monk away to make way for Jiang Sheng.

After they walked not far, Jiang Sheng felt a burst of Psychic energy coming from behind.

The battle still fought, and the two sides did not at all sit down and confront each other with no plans to move.

The climbing road is still going on. Jiang Sheng entire group walked to a great merit pool. The pond was nearly 30 meters wide. An old monk sat on the opposite bank of the pond.

Is it another roadblocker?

Where is his Pokemon?

While Jiang Sheng was waiting for the opponent to make a move, he suddenly saw a black shadow expanding in the pond, and then a blue giant dragon jumped out of the pond and landed on the highway, blocking their path. .

Gyarados, Level 61, Characteristic Trait [Overconfidence]!

A true Gym-level Pokemon, or the prestigious Gyarados, the strength of this Kujiao Temple should not be underestimated!

Jiang Sheng faintly sighed in relief after looking up two eyes.

This Gyarados is only more than six meters long. In this race, his size is at a medium level, and his strength should not be outstanding.

In this way, maybe you don’t need Ah Da to play, it should be enough.

Jiang Sheng took off the Poké Ball around his waist and threw it out, a bunch of red light shot out, and a huge monster appeared opposite Gyarados.

Naked eye can be seen, Gyarados’ eyes widened and his face was full of look of shock.

At this time, it has only one thought in its mind.

It looks like me, is this my family?

Why can it have such a showy color scheme?

Also, why is this guy a bald?

(Aber’s Monster:???)

Aber’s Monster has been seen by everyone. Three meters and five meters is the average body length of this family. It can’t be considered in Pokemon giant beast.

But have you ever seen an Arbor who looks the same size as Gyarados?

It “si si hissing” with its tongue out, slowly propped up the upper body, and stretched out its chest and abdomen. The scarlet pattern constitutes a bloody smiley face.

For a time, Gyarados’s appearance was compared to him, as if he became a low-profile version of Arbor.

After a period of food therapy and recuperation, Jiang Sheng’s Arbor monster shed another time, and his figure has increased a bit more than before, and this has the capital compared to the Gyarados family.

More than that, during this molting, it also digested the residual energy of the ancient Arbor Snake Gallbladder, and lost its internal injury with the help of massive Lum Berry.

Although the strength rating has not changed, the overall strength is far better than it was on the island a month ago.

Seeing the existence of the same size, the Abel monster seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, the fighting intent is burning in the eyes.

Jiang Sheng is also very much looking forward to this battle. Who is stronger, Arbor and Gyarados of the same size?

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