Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 413

Hi…si si …

After having fighting intent in his heart, the Arbor is not honest at all, provoking Gyarados with his scarlet forked tongue.

The nature of the Aboguai race has always been sinister and vicious.

Don’t look at your own arbor monster as a mudslide of its kind, with a dull and silly personality.

But when it comes to ridicule and provocation, it is not weak at all.

Seeing the provocation of Aboguai deserves a beating, Jiang Sheng frowned slightly, and he suddenly realized something was wrong.

What kind of Pokemon are in Giovanni’s trumpet?

Furrret, a tattoo tycoon with purple and black lines all over his body after ancientization;

Fighting, he loves to poke the key, and possesses the [Snipe Shot hand] Characteristic Trait, which can strike a high amount of crit, extremely Beedrill, who is good at playing dead hands;

face looks sinister, irritable, and at first glance is Nidoking, the villain’s must-have Pokemon;

Gengar, who likes to live in the shadow all day long. I don’t see the sun, it’s good to be greedy…I don’t know if it’s good or not;

In addition, Aber blames this Pokemon that makes people look like have one’s hair stand on end.

Jiang Sheng fell into silence for a while, and finally could only sighed silently, in the heart sighed:

With such a foundation, I would not be a villain.

The two giant beasts stood confronting each other. Facing the provocation of the arbor monster, Gyarados reddened his eyes, lost his reason, and fell into rage.

Who is not a grumpy Old Brother?

Gyarados’ tail hit the ground, and a light blue wind was set off. The wind became stronger in an instant, and it hovered into a tornado, rolling towards the Abel.

The Aberdeen looked fixedly, letting Twister hit him, trying to roll himself up.

Twister hits the Arbor monster, and the invisible wind is like a normal blade, which is scraped on the snake scales of the Arbor monster with the force of a spiral, making a slight rubbing sound.

The Aber’s monster was taken aback for a moment, and then he was fascinated in his eyes, slightly stretched his muscles and bones, as if he was doing a Normal massage.

The pale blue tornado only existed for about three seconds, and it spread out due to the influence of Arbor’s huge body.

It is like planting many trees along the coast to weaken the formidable power of the typhoon blowing from the sea.

The Arbor monster is like a Heaven Supporting Pillar, completely unaffected by Twister, and relying on its own body to destroy the structure of Twister and disperse it.

The Aber monster had disappointment in his eyes, looked towards Gyarados on the opposite side, as if mocking “this is it”?

Gyarados let out a low growl, opened his mouth wide, and gave Spit Up a mouthful of blue flames.

Dragon Rage!

A very unscientific move, whether it is a weak Pokemon or a powerful Pokemon, Spit Up’s Dragon Rage formidable power is exactly the same.

This is a scientific research topic that has troubled researchers for a long time.

Feeling the formidable power of Dragon Rage, Aboguai’s face is a little more solemn.

The tail moved towards the ground with a twitch, cracking the sturdy asphalt road, and forcibly raising a few black pieces.

The tail flicked again, and several clods were wrapped by the Yellow energy of the earth, turning into small balls, moving towards Dragon Rage and galloping away.

Mud Bomb!

A move that Arbor monsters rarely use at ordinary times. This time it was used to collide with Dragon Rage and add some blockage to Gyarados.

Several small yellow balls hit the blue flame, and the energy impacted each other, making a blast, and then exploded.

A puddle of Black liquid shot out from the center of the explosion without warning, and poured onto Gyarados’ head, which greatly affected Gyarados’ sight.

Jiang Sheng’s mouth twitched slightly, and he glanced at Aboguai’s back curiously.

Who is affected by it, and how can it be so black-belly?

Obviously, you can just and honorable frontal confrontation, but you have to use small tricks to make others mentality.

Gyarados was taken aback by the pungent Black liquid, and then immediately fell into anger.

The energy of the water in the air moved towards it gathered, and the tiny stream of water appeared out of thin air, constantly beating, washing away the unidentified liquid on its face.

Small Aqua Rings circled Gyarados, Gyarados’s tail rushed out with force, and moved towards the Abel monster.

Vaguely, Jiang Sheng seemed to see a carp swimming against the water.

It has to rush from the end of the waterfall to the upper reaches of the waterfall, such as climbing the mountain Normal climbing the waterfall, looking for opportunities for Dragon Transformation.

The first two confrontations were just trials, this time the waterfall climb is the real explosion of Gyarados!

Gyarados is coming fiercely, and the Abel is not afraid… a ghost!

Aboguai couldn’t find the same powerful explosive moves to block this move to climb the waterfall. It had to…

Aboguai bowed slightly and moved the center of gravity forward. , The sturdy snake tail is wrapped in deep blue energy, exuding a majestic and domineering atmosphere.

At this moment, it is no longer a cold Viper, and the whole body looks more like a domineering dragon.

The strengthened snaketail twitched at Gyarados, who had collided and wanted to use it as a stepping stone to climb.

After a muffled sound of “Pa”, a strong wave of air erupted from the intersection of the two giant beasts.

The unparalleled charge of climbing the waterfall was broken in an instant!

Gyarados was affected by a strange repulsive force and was lifted out more than ten meter away.

Although there is no injury, but some are covered in dirt.

Twin Strike, forced displacement!

This move style never exists for hurting the enemy, it’s more for disgusting opponent.

Aboguai retracted its tail, curled up, bowed slightly, and took the opportunity to accumulate strength for the next time.

Jiang Sheng is standing behind the Aberguai, you can clearly see that the snake tail hidden by it is slightly stiff and still trembling slightly.

In front of me, this is a Gym-level Pokemon, or a Gyarados known for its ferocity and brutality. Its waterfall climbing is not so easy to stop.

The violent charge was blocked, and he made himself covered in dirt. Rage in Gyarados’s heart rose to a new level.

There is a clear record in Pokédex that if Gyarados is in a bad mood, it will start to explode without a brain.

Gyarados, a dozen meters away, has scarlet eyes, wide open mouth and a dazzling white light.

Normal Type is one of the Great Unique Ability, the extremely rich, magnificent, and reputable Hyper Beam!

The infrared system of Aboguai can perceive the terrifying heat gathering in Gyarados’ mouth, just a little bit of induction, it feels hot all over, the formidable power can be imagined.

Dangerous rays of light appeared in its eyes, and its expression was slightly ruthless. After the last Stockpile, it took another risk.

Twice Stockpile, the irritable energy is compressed in the body, it feels like it is going to be burst.

For this, it lowered its body slightly, and the chest and abdomen were about to stick to Ground.

It carefully channeled the energy within the body, bringing them all under its control, waiting for an outbreak.

Gyarados has already taken the lead, shooting a piercing beam full of destruction aura from its hideous mouth.

The Arbor monster was pulled by the opportunity, and in this brief moment the power accumulated twice in the body burst out.

Stockpile-Stockpile-Spit Up!

Spit Up after a stockpile, there is already a terrible formidable power, and once again, its formidable power will be directly doubled on the original basis.

If you use numerical values, you can tentatively set the damage of Hyper Beam to “150”, and the basic formidable power of this attack from the Arbor monster is “100”, which is doubled as ” 200″.

This is absolutely rarely seen, with devastating energy impact!

Except for Final Gambit moves such as self-destruct, Explosion, and Z moves, there is no such thing as mention on equal terms.

Two energy beams, one white and one brown, strike together, and there is a harsh explosion.

In an instant, the world seemed to have lost its voice, and a second sun appeared on the sky.

Hot, restlessness, destruction, erosion… Jiang Sheng can feel all kinds of negative feelings surrounding him.

Everything around all around is shaking violently, poor he is like duckweed in the wind, as if the next moment will be torn apart.

Ada hugged him tightly to prevent him from falling to the ground or being swept away by air waves.

At this time, Jiang Sheng’s mature mentality can’t help but his face pales slightly, and his heart is more yearning for the power of Psychic.

If I can be like Li Yuan, in such an environment, It shouldn’t be so powerless.

Qian Yilong ignored his embarrassment a long time ago and plunged into the pool of merit.

He was scared by the energy strikes on the sky, and he was immediately prepared to save his life.

The five little guys threw the door panel to the ground and protected Tao Zhong together, fearing that the strong wind would blow it out and break it.

It may be just a moment, or it may be a few minutes. Jiang Sheng was lost for a while, but after a moment he came back to his senses.

The battle in front of him has ended. The Arbor slumped on the ground, shaking violently in his chest and abdomen, but his body was not at all scars.

It’s just a little weak.

The power accumulated after two stockpiles is not so controllable, and it is a profound test of its control power when it blows out.

Now, it only feels very tired, but there is also a sense of joy in his heart, entering the sage time.

A dozen meters away, Gyarados was lying on the ground with a lot of scales falling off. It looked quite embarrassed. There was a white arc of light beating on his body, which made his body appear slightly stiff.

The former is the injury caused by the Spit Up of the Arbor Monster after it dispersed the Hyper Beam.

The latter is the repercussions left by using Hyper Beam, it will be unable to act for a short time.

So, even if the current Gyarados did not lose consciousness, he could only lie on the ground and do Leer.

In the air, there is still a little hot air, emitting a little ruinous smell, indicating that a strong energy hedge has just occurred here.

“Send it back.”

Jiang Sheng gave an order to Ah Da, and he leaned to the head of the strange snake Abo, covered it with his huge snake body, and gave it to Ah. Bo Guai feed Pokéblock.

Ada approached Gyarados, and Gyarados immediately became vigilant, and barked his teeth to warn Ada.

But Ah Da ignored him and walked to Gyarados’ tail. In Gyarados’ face of shame, his little paw grabbed Gyarados’ tail and threw it into the merit pool after two laps.

Ah, horror is so big!

The waves splashed and one silhouette was caught by Astonish jumping out of the pond. It was Qian Yilong who escaped.

Seeing his wet and embarrassing appearance, Jiang Sheng looked disgusted.

This guy reads little, his head looks really awkward.

Jiang Sheng complained about Qian Yilong, completely forgetting the fact that he was skipping class now.

Qian Yilong lowered his head in shame, Jiang Sheng not at all said more, just let him and the five little ones follow up and move on.

In the magnificent inner temple on the top of the mountain, a young novice monk broke into the great hall, bowed and said to the old monk standing quietly at the foot of the Buddha:

“Host, it’s not good, merit The Gyarados in the pond lost and they are about to climb to the top of the mountain.”

The old monk’s hand twisting the beads stopped, and the young monk faintly heard him sighed.

After a while, an old voice came from the front: “Go to Gengar, and be sure to stop them!”

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