Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 414

At the end of the highway, not far away is a wooden Bridge leading to another mountain with buildings.

Below the Bridge is a mountain stream with a depth of more than 100 meters. Looking down, you can see a stream flowing at the bottom of the valley.

The two and a group of Pokemon came to the bridge. The Aberdeen came forward with curiosity to experience the feeling of crawling on the Bridge.

Jiang Sheng was worried about the safety of Bridge and used Poké Ball to force the Arbor back.

When he was about to cross the Bridge, the opposite side of the Bridge was black and light flashed, and a wickedly smiling Gengar suddenly appeared at the end of the Bridge.

Unbridled release in an imposing manner, showing his strength.

Elite Gengar!

“Boss, what should I do?”

Qian Yilong asked with some worry.

He remembered that the boss didn’t seem to bring Elite Bronzong when he came out this time. Are they going to fall short in this trip?

“What should we do? We are bad guys, of course we are going for it!”


Qian Yilong hasn’t finished speaking yet, Jiang Sheng raised his right arm and snapped his fingers to the sky.

He looked up and saw a meteor falling in the sky, pulling out a white flame tail.

Meteor moved towards here, and the distance is gradually getting closer, Qian Yilong’s eyes widened, with a look of shock.

No, it’s not a meteor at all, it’s Bronzong, the boss!

On the other side of Bridge, Gengar also feels and realizes the identity of the visitor.

The first thought that popped up in its mind was to run away. It didn’t want to fight the old pervert at all. It was almost caught by it last time.

Although it is an Elite-level Pokemon, it is a parallel product that has been polished by time.

In contrast, Bronzong was trained by Metagross, who is good at fighting, when he was very young.

I have traveled the world with Metagross and challenged various powerful Pokemons. I have also seen Metagross hit the legend and defeated the epic battle.

Gengar’s combat experience is completely incompatible with mention on equal terms.

All kinds of thoughts flashed by, and finally the thought of “what needs to be done for the people in the temple” gained the upper hand in my heart.

It stood on the spot, looking up at the sky, blocking the other end of the Bridge, and preparing to face Bronzong here.

Gengar’s eyes lit up with purple rays of light, and the shadow behind it stretched for an instant, as if to become an Umbra giant, facing the Bronzong dropping from the sky, reaching out seeming right but actually isn ‘t claws.

Night Shade!

The higher the strength rating, the stronger the Night Shade used!

Bronzong’s body was lit up with brilliant silver rays of light, and he hit the Umbra giant’s hand.

Its strength far exceeded Gengar’s estimate, and it directly smashed the Umbra giant’s outstretched arm.

Then it was like a stream of light, piercing the Umbra giant’s chest, completely breaking the Gengar Night Shade.

Gengar scared witless, only then did he remember to run away.

Although it is formed by gas aggregation, it cannot withstand Bronzong’s Heavy Slam and will be directly smashed away.

Even if they regroup, some of the gas in the body will be lost forever, causing damage that is difficult to cultivate.

As soon as it moved in its heart, it was about to try to escape, but immediately there was a look of horror in its eyes.

All previous escape methods have completely failed.

There are shadows everywhere around it, but it just can’t get into it.

It can perceive that the environment around itself has changed.

The air becomes viscous, like a swamp Normal, let it be stuck firmly in it, unable to move even a little bit.

Confusion, it is Confusion!

Gengar’s eyes are full of bitterness.

The opponent blocked all its retreats with powerful Confusion!

Bronzong has arrived. It is like a giant hammer that wipes out everything, smashing Gengar into a large cloud of gray and purple gas.

Confusion surges, expands the range, and firmly restrains all the scattered gray and purple gas.

Then Bronzong’s body lay horizontally, and the mouth of the bell under his body was like a whale sucking water Normal, sucking all the gray and purple gas into the mouth of the bell.

Jiang Sheng raised his brows, his eyes sparkled, and the fire of interest in his heart ignited.

This is really a very novel method of suppression!

At this time, his thoughts began to spread.

If Bronzong learns Secret Power, he can use Secret Power to open up a different space in the clock body, and then block Pokemon in the different space.

Isn’t it turned into a moving tomb, or a tower of moving souls?

This seems to be a fight with the purple golden bottle gourd of Supreme Taoist in the myth.

In case this kind of routine experiment is successful, he will go out with Bronzong in the future, and when he meets the enemy, he will call out “I call you, do you dare to agree”. Isn’t this more face-saving?

“Quickly cross the bridge, I will hold it temporarily!”

The Mental Force in his mind resonated with the outside Psywave. Jiang Sheng understood this sentence from it, and let him follow Came back to his senses in a daze.

On the other end of the Bridge, Bronzong has been braving underneath him, looking rather evil.

The body of the clock was also shaking violently in a small amplitude.

It is obvious that this method of suppression, even with the strength of Bronzong, is difficult to persist for too long.

Jiang Sheng nodded, Bronzong took the action and plunged into the mountain stream under the Bridge.

Qian Yilong was still in a daze, Jiang Sheng patted his shoulder and asked him to follow him quickly.

He is so innocent and nodded, following the five little ones, but still looks towards the Bridge from time to time, shocked by Bronzong’s strength.

At this time, he really wants to stay here to watch the Elite Pokemon battle instead of climbing the mountain with his boss.

Walking through the Bridge, walking along the bluestone road for a while, finally came to the gate of the inner temple.

A red lacquer plaque is hung under the eaves, and three powerful golden characters of “Kujiao Temple” are written.

Looking at this plaque, Jiang Sheng’s mouth was slightly tilted.

Seeing that the boss was interested in the plaque, Qian Yilong came up and said:

“Boss, this is bestowed by the governor of the previous dynasty, and it is of great cultural value.”

Jiang Sheng, lightly nodded.

Of course he knows that this thing is valuable, and the ancient energy in it has already sold it.

Apart from this, Jiang Sheng also felt the existence of ancient energy from other places in the temple.

He has already figured out an unwritten rule. The more ancient things are closely related to people, the more ancient energy they contain.

The inner temple is different from the outer temple built on the mountainside more than ten years ago.

The inner temple has a history of hundreds of years, and many of them must have been worshipped by humans over the years, accumulating massive amounts of ancient energy.

If Kujiao Temple fails to appreciate somebody’s kindness today, maybe he will make a fortune!

No…Even if the Kujiao Temple is respected, he has to confiscate the ancient energy in the temple as compensation for offending him.

Jiang Sheng has a sly smile at the corner of his mouth, which makes people feel that they have one’s hair stand on end.

Outside the gate of the temple, some monks who normally guarded themselves couldn’t help but shiver.

The old abbot’s heart sank even more, knowing that today this matter cannot be kind.

Jiang Sheng came back to his senses, restraining the smile on his face, and said to the old host standing among the monks:

“Old monk, nonsense, I don’t want to be with you Say more, tell me who borrowed Elite Gengar half a year ago, and then offered compensation, the grievances between us will be wiped out.”

The most important purpose of Jiang Sheng is to know. Whoever releases the ancient Pokemon to engage himself, the compensation is still secondary.

The old monk shook the head, without hesitation, he refused directly:

“The donor, the compensation can be given to you, but the identity of that person really cannot be said. Please also ask the donor for For the sake of the reputation of this temple.”

“Old monk, can you talk and laugh anymore?

Have you not seen the big clock behind me?

If not today If I am satisfied, I will give you a bell in your temple. With these half-hanging trainers in your temple, who can stop me?”

Jiang Sheng’s sight is on the monk beside the old monk one after another After scanning, all the monks turned their heads, no one dared to look at Jiang Sheng.

“Can’t say, monks should keep the promise.”

“So stubborn! Are you afraid that this will affect your mercenary business? Then you can bear to look at the temple. The reputation of the business for a hundred years is destroyed once?”

“The donor, please think twice, don’t insult the Buddha, I have countless Buddhist believers, hope the donor should not make mistakes.”

Jiang Sheng face turned cold, is this a threat?

Threat yourself with mad believers. Once you insult Kujiao Temple, there will be mad believers going crazy Revenge?

It sounds mysterious, but this kind of funny thing does exist.

Some people have a firm belief, and insulting his faith is like killing his father, and it will be absolutely irreconcilable with you.

In the beginning, Jiang Sheng didn’t bother to take care of these lunatics, but who would let them find things for themselves?

If Senior Sister was not there that day, if Ah Da did not complete the “ancientization”.

While Bronzong was confined, he was sure to escape from the mouth of the ancient moon Eevee, who had fallen into madness because he did not find ancient energy.

How many of the members of the sub-rudder in Bencheng can live?

All have to be absorbed by the moon Eevee’s life energy to maintain their own survival.

The underground Long Yuan will also be exposed to everyone’s eyes because of the chaos, and many people will inevitably follow the Bincheng sub-rudder.

These palpitating consequences are all caused by Kujiao Temple’s loan of Elite Gengar.

It’s not that he deliberately finds faults, but Kujiao Temple is bully intolerably. Having committed greed, he no longer deserves to be called a monk.

Jiang Sheng is angry, with a sneer on his face.

“You Kujiao Temple deceived me first, I don’t believe you didn’t know that Elite Gengar was used to deal with me at the beginning.

Also deliberately asked Gengar to lead Bronzong away , Don’t you want my Giovanni’s top head?

My Giovanni is the least afraid of threats. Some Revenge will follow me, but today I can’t get what I want, so I will leave you unbearable. Shame!”

“Qian Yilong, take Furrret with them!”

The monks must act and stop.

Jiang Sheng threw away two Poké Balls, Beedrill and Arbor with face looks sinister appeared in front of everyone.

These two Pokemon are ferocious enough that the monks dare not move.

“You are all watching here, if you dare to make any changes, you may not see blood in front of the temple today!”

Jiang Sheng warned.

Several bloody monks put their hands in their arms, trying to release their Pokemon.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes keep Lock On on them, his eyes teasing, as if he was expecting something.

These people didn’t set up ambush on the hiking trail, so the Pokemon in their hands was naturally not strong.

There are many professional-level Pokemons in a temple, as well as Gym-level and Elite-level Pokemon. The strength is already quite impressive.

But it should be nothing more, and there will be no stronger background.

Now I am feeling angry. If they dare to let Pokemon come out, they will surely give them a broken leg and arm, leaving a deep lesson.

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