Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 415

The monks staying in the inner temple are two or three big cats and kittens, not at all too strong.

Faced with the threats of Jiang Sheng and Pokemon, the monks’ hands trembled, and they dared not go to grab Poké Ball in their arms.

Not even dare to speak out or step out to stop Jiang Sheng, like a bunch of quail with necks.

The Arbor monster moved forward slowly, the scarlet forked snake head swaying around his mouth.

The icy gaze scanned the monks who were in the way, as if thinking about whom to speak first.

The young monks fought against each other, their faces pale.

The middle-aged Great Buddhist Monks have a slightly stronger concentration. They lowered their heads and dared not look at each other, and sweated coldly on their temples.

Aboguai continued to move forward, to open a way for his Trainer, seeing the bloody smile on his chest and abdomen, he was about to stick to the old monk’s face.

The old monk finally couldn’t help it, took a step back, and gave orders to the monk behind him.

“Let’s make the debut!”

A crowd of monks scattered to both sides, and the old monk also retreated to the line on the right.

Aboguai’s cold snake eyes showed a little triumphant color, and he shook his body and continued to move forward to clear the way for Jiang Sheng.

The temple gate is majestic, about three meters high, and Aboguai can still get through the temple gate with a slight bow.

But when Aber blamed him at the gate of the temple, Jiang Sheng suddenly stopped it.

“Abo, pay attention to the top of your head!”

The Abo was taken aback for a moment, and then he turned his eyes to realize immediately. When he moved forward, he slightly raised his head and hit the upper door frame. Apricot on the wall.

The pain on the forehead, the strange anger in his eyes.

Moving back and looking up, it found an atmospheric plaque hanging on the wall.

Let me pay attention to this thing?

With caress in his heart, the anger in the eyes of the Aberguai became stronger, he stretched his neck and opened the corner of the Bite plaque and took it off.

“No! You…”

The old host didn’t say everything, so he was stopped by Aber’s strange cold eyes, Lock On, and he stopped his voice in fright. .

The righteous and indignant monks on the left and right sides were scanned by the icy eyes of the Arbor Guai, as if being poured with a basin of cold water Normal, all thoughts in their heads died down and they were blank.

This is where the wicked have their own evil snakes!

The anger in the Abel’s eyes did not dissipate. The teeth were deadly and the Bite plaque retreated to the side of the open space. The snake body hugged the plaque, as if venting its anger at the plaque.

The old host’s eyebrows jumped wildly, his expression anxious, but he dared not say anything, he could only turn to Jiang Sheng for help.

“Donor, please help persuade the monster, please be merciful, that is the face of this temple, you can’t afford to lose!”

Jiang Sheng glanced at the monster At a glance, scolded:

“You temperamental guy, didn’t you hear what the patriarch said? Quickly change the lifeblood of others to others.”


Qian Yilong suddenly thought of something and laughed.

After a few times, he noticed something wrong again, his face instantly turned serious, and his smile was suppressed.

“Ah…I am professionally trained.”

He whispered.

But with this opening, he couldn’t hold back his smile. He could only shake his body and make the sound of a pig called Normal.

“hmph hmph…hmph…”

The clever Abel vaguely understood what Qian Yilong was laughing at, and the plaque in his mouth suddenly disappeared.

The eyes staring at Qian Yilong gradually became dangerous, the snake’s body became tighter, and the wooden plaque seemed to make an overwhelmed, crisp sound.

The old host’s chest fluctuates violently. I don’t know if he is worried about the plaque, or because of Qian Yi Dragon Qi, or both.

“Donor, please be magnanimous!”

This sentence seems to be Normal squeezed out of the teeth by the old host.

Jiang Sheng looked helpless and spread his hands.

“This…I’m really ashamed. I just took over the Arbor Monster. It didn’t listen to me very much. Didn’t you see that after I spoke just now, did you get the opposite effect?

By the way, the Arbor blames the moon Eevee before half a month. If you can tell it who is the owner of the moon Eevee, maybe it will release the plaque.”

Ah. Bo Guai quite agrees with nodded.

“hmph hum… hum…”

The sound of the pig calling Normal sounded again, Jiang Sheng looked disgusted and kicked Qian Yilong aside.

After getting along for a long time, Jiang Sheng regrets, why is a good seedling of Dragon Type Trainer not so smart?

I heard that he dropped out of middle school, probably because of the lack of schooling.

The old monk browsed tightly knit, closed his eyes and said nothing, put his right hand on his chest and twisted the beads, silently chanting sutras in his mouth, suppressing his emotions.

To be honest, Jiang Sheng has a bad impression of Kujiao Temple, but he also admires the old monk very much.

For an irrelevant person, a little insignificant incense money will be kept secret to this degree.

If this is the case, then go too far.

“Let’s enter the temple!”

Beedrill flies into the temple gate and enters the courtyard first.

Gengar is not here, Ah Da stands with Jiang Sheng as an alternate bodyguard, behind Beedrill.

Qian Yilong walked with Wu Xiaozhi to help take care of Tao Zhong.

Wait, it’s time for his custom-made Tao Zhong to show off.

Entering the spacious courtyard, Jiang Sheng first stared at the eaves Xieshan bell tower on the right side of the courtyard.

In the bell tower hangs a large bronze bell with a height of one and five meters high, with a fisherman carved into a dragon’s head at the upper end, and an eight-leaf lotus-shaped bumper seat at the lower end.

This is a very traditional bronze clock on which Jiang Sheng can feel the breath of ancient energy.

He turned around and glanced at the pottery bell he had prepared. It was no different in size from the bronze bell in the temple, and it happened to be seamlessly connected later.

Good job, deserve a reward!

Jiang Sheng cast an admiring look at Qian Yilong.

Qian Yilong smiled humbly, and moved more briskly on his hands, and went to the bell tower with his five little ones.

Jiang Sheng released the rested Nidoking and let it follow to help.

It has a pair of Qilin Arms, and it also has Confusion moves. Changing the clock is always a trivial matter for it.

The monks also followed into the compound. When they saw the huge monster Nidoking, the monks’ complexion finally changed, their eyes were constantly moving between the bronze bell and the pottery bell, and their complexion turned red.

Some monks whispered to the host, but the host kept chanting in low voices.

“Old monk, the decision is in your hands. We shouldn’t have done this with swords drawn and bows bent. Now this scene is all made by you.”

Jiang Sheng looked towards the monks behind the old host and began to divide them.

“Now, as long as any of you can tell me who borrowed the Elite Gengar before half a month, I immediately stop Nidoking from asking for compensation and go back down the mountain.”

Compensation is not necessary, but I can’t take a few of the old and corrupt objects in the temple too much?

When a villain is such a thing, it is really with no difficulty!

The monks became agitated, looking at each other anxiously, then secretly looked towards the old host in front, and stopped talking one by one.

They know very little about lending Pokemon, because the old host and several high-level officials in the temple planned together.

Therefore, although they have the heart to save the temple, they have more heart but not enough energy.

There are a few middle-aged monks who, after looking at each other, want to open their mouths to comment to the old host.

But the old host seemed to have felt it a long time ago and chanted “Amitabha” loudly, suppressing everyone’s thoughts.

Jiang Sheng coldly snorted, did not say anything, moved towards great hall.

The old host hurriedly followed with the monks.

One by one, they secretly decided that if Jiang Sheng dared to defile the Buddha’s Divine Idol, even if he tried his best, he would stop it.

The great hall is majestic, with a red card plaque hung on it, and the book has large gilded characters, and its name is “Hall Of Great Strength”.

It looks full of gimmicks, but according to the birthmark test, there is no ancient energy in this plaque, it should be a product of modern times.

Including this magnificent building in front of me, it should be a product of modern times, far less valuable than the Celestial Emperor palace.

There are eighteen arhats on both sides of the great hall, and there is a towering Buddha in the center, and two bhikkhus stand beside it.

Jiang Sheng has no faith, so he doesn’t know the specific identity of the Buddha statues. He only knows that each Buddha statue has the breath of ancient energy.

At the moment when he entered the great hall, Ah Da’s eyes lit up, and his eyes looked at everything all around, like a mouse falling into a rice tank.

Fortunately, it also knows to pay attention to the influence, not at all immediately pounce on the Buddha statue to Absorb the ancient energy.

Jiang Sheng kicked Ah Da’s ass lightly, causing Ah Da to look back at him.

The sights crossed together, Jiang Sheng was slightly nodded to it, and both faces showed a faint smile of fascination.

The monks stood at the door, staring at Jiang Sheng’s movements in fear.

Fortunately, Jiang Sheng not at all did something excessive, but he went forward and gave the Buddha 5 minutes in a satisfactory manner, and threw a red ticket in the merit box beside him.

The monks were sighed in relief, and they couldn’t help but think that Giovanni still has a conscience.

Who knows, things happened suddenly.

While keeping his body leaning forward 45 degrees, Jiang Sheng bowed, suddenly his body shook and looked towards the Buddha statue with shock.

“The Buddha is indeed alive. He sensed my sincerity and wanted to give me the big incense burner in front of me as a Present.”


Old monk:? ? ?

A crowd of monks:? ? ?

“Ada, come and do it quickly, did you hear me saying that this big incense burner belongs to ours?”

Jiang Sheng pointed to the one-meter-high bronze incense burner, Said seriously.

Ada licked the corner of his mouth, her little face was full of surprises, and she felt like she had gained insight again.

What can little Jiang Sheng have?

Like his smart little head.

Ada quickly stepped forward and fiddled with the bronze incense burner.

Jiang Sheng is looking thoughtful at the Buddha statue.

I heard that after the “Battle of Slaying Dragons” was settled, there was still a period of chaos. At that time, someone responded to the above request and destroyed the Buddha statue, and that person soon died.

This matter was uploaded on the Internet, and it was very scary.

Many people commented below, giving various supporting evidence, and persuading some non-believers to be kind.

But he wanted to ask, during the “Battle of Slaying the Dragon”, many ancient Buddha sculptures were destroyed. Why didn’t the robbers from the Alliance appear to die?

Is the golden light shining Great Buddhist Monk also popular?

Or, is it just a rumor from a fanatic?

Jiang Sheng said that this kind of thing is very metaphysical, and it is better to maintain a little respect.

So he just wants to take away the big incense burner in the great hall, which is better to be bullied, and doesn’t want to act on the Buddha statue for the time being.

He must get his hands on the ancient energy in the Buddha image, but he has to change the form, and he can’t do anything wrong in the public court and leave a word for others.

When Ah Da raised the bronze incense burner that was more than one meter high, the old host finally couldn’t bear it.

This time he no longer scared Jiang Sheng with illusory things, but the real thing threatened Jiang Sheng.

“Donor, please put down the incense burner and return the temple plaque afterwards.

These things have been marked by the ancient administration and are important assets of Alliance. The donor dares to do anything wrong, Alliance. The donor will be liquidated.

If the donor really repents, please put things away immediately, and confess your sins deeply in front of the Buddha. Then Lao Na will intercede with the donor in the ancient administration. “

Jiang Sheng complexion changed, and a deep disgust rose in his heart.

He is amenable to coaxing but not coercion. The more threatened by others, the more aggressive he is.

“Old monk, then you go to the Ancient Administration Bureau and see who among us can have the last laugh.”

“I took the incense burner and want to go back. Exchange that person’s information.”

“Ada, let’s go!”

Jiang Sheng walked away, Ada carrying a bronze incense burner larger than it quickly Keep up, and while walking, steal the ancient energy from the incense burner.

Out of the great hall, came to the courtyard, a few monks who remained guarded in the courtyard ran to the old host to report.

“Host, it’s not good, they are bandits who are going to move our big clock away.”

Jiang Sheng took a closer look, Qian Yilong was directing Nidoking to turn the copper Zhong moved to the door panel they brought.

Good guy, this is a beautiful job.

Although the ancient energy on the bronze bell is not rich, but even if a little, it’s still better than nothing, it’s the best to be able to pack it away.

Jiang Sheng gave the daring Qian Yilong a thumbs up silently.

He actually dared to command Nidoking, he didn’t see Nidoking look impatient, wanting to smash the bronze bell on his head?

tsk tsk, if this guy doesn’t know how to read air, he is a real warrior.

When the bronze bell was placed on the door panel in a frightening manner, Qian Yilong skillfully picked up the rope to secure it.

After that, Wu Xiaozi raised the door panel again and walked slowly to the center of the yard to wait for Jiang Sheng, knowing that everything must have a beginning and an end.

Jiang Sheng ignored the monks behind him, waved and led them away.

Outside the gate of the Neishi Temple, he took back the Arbor monster holding the plaque. The plaque was thrown to Qian Yilong to carry, but the incense burner was handed over to Nidoking by Ah Da.

Incense burner, big bell, plaque, three very representative things, enough to make Kujiao Temple face sweeping.

“Old monk, I will take away everything. I want to get your face back and exchange for what I want.”

“Donor, what you do must be Resounding, I hope the donor will not regret what he did today.”

Jiang Sheng coldly snorted, ignoring the threat of the old monk, turned and went down the mountain.

At Bridge, Bronzong is already waiting for Jiang Sheng.

Gengar fell on the bridge and was beaten by Bronzong and lost consciousness.

“Last time I let it run, it just happened to vent this time, do I need to suppress it and take it away?”


“It’s troublesome, I can’t act anymore.”

Bronzong’s cold explanation came from Psywave.

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