Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 416

Staring at Gengar lying on the ground, Jiang Sheng was lost in thought.

According to Bronzong, Gengar must not be suppressed for too long.

But what he cares about is not how long he can suppress, but the face problem.

“Suppress Gengar first, let me see the situation.”

Jiang Sheng touched his chin and said.

Bronzong did not reply, and fell directly on Gengar, sucking it into the bell belly.

Strongs of black air kept coming out from below, and Bronzong’s clock body was trembling slightly.

Gengar has lost consciousness, but he still held such a posture when suppressed. This is probably because the energy contained in Gengar is too great for his bell belly to bear.

When he came earlier, a similar situation occurred. He thought it was caused by Gengar’s violent Struggle inside.

“In this state, I cannot move. I must stay awake all the time and fight against it. I don’t want to stay in this state for too long.”

Psywave heard the news, Bronzong expressed his demands.

“Enough, suppress it for two days, then let it go.”


After talking to Bronzong, Jiang Sheng makes money Yilong cleared the door panel and placed the bronze bell he had snatched from the temple on the back of the door panel.

Nidoking again lifted Bronzong to the front of the door, and fixed the two clocks again.

There are two bronze bells of five-six hundred catties in total. Four Furrrets are already very difficult to move. Xiao Er and Ah Da also joined them, carrying the door panels forward.

The monks in the inner temple watched Gengar being taken away, no one dared to step forward to stop him.

Walk across the Bridge and come to the merit pool.

Gyarados raised his head in the water, staring at them with angrily, but not at all made an attack.

The old monk still sat cross-legged on the other side of the merit pool, lowered his head as if he was asleep in Normal, and did not make any response.

Jiang Sheng had some guesses in his mind. From the names of the host, the monastery and the monks who just blocked the road, he found that the generation of the monks was extremely unreasonable.

Maybe there are some changes in the temple that cause it to not be monolithic inside? The old monks of the previous generation were excluded from the management center?

Continuing down, Mo Li took Gengar and waited by the highway. The old monk and Medicham who had blocked the road had disappeared.

“Resolved, do you want to leave?”


Continue down the road, Monk Fahong is still waiting in the distance .

Looking at the harvest of Jiang Sheng entire group, Monk Fahong shook his head and sighed.

“It seems that the donor failed to do what he wanted.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, pointing to the plaque carried by Qian Yilong and said:

“Look at your deep Dharma , The Pokemon in my hand is not weak, it should be considered as a high-level temple in the temple, do you know who borrowed Elite Gengar half a month ago? If you can tell me, this plaque can be left to you.”

“The little monk hopes to save the face of the temple, but the little monk is a shallow monk, usually only knows the cultivation of the sutras, and does not know what to preside over what they set.”

“There is no way, I can only I vented my anger in other ways.”

Jiang Sheng shrugged.

Monk Fahong laughed bitterly, bowed and chanted the chant, then continued:

“The monk’s residence is on the mountainside, and there is only me nearby. It is easy to identify. The donor has the opportunity to visit.

As entrusted by the Senior Brother, the little monk has tried his best. Although he could not stop the donor, the little monk has a clear conscience.

So, the little monk for the time being I quit, the donor cherishes it.”

After that, Monk Fahong left along the path that stretched out.

“tsk tsk, if you have a strong ability, you will be squeezed out. The Buddhist school who originally called All living things are equal also talked about this set of unwritten rules.”

Qian Yilong is holding it hard The plaque suddenly murmured.

Jiang Sheng glanced at him in surprise, as if he had known him for the first time, such a look made Qian Yilong’s face flushed.

When I came to the outer temple, Monk Faming also waited here with the novice monks.

Seeing Jiang Sheng entire group coming down from the mountain in large and small packages, the monks are all darkened.

Faming was going to negotiate. Nidoking stared at him, and slapped the big incense burner in his hand, as if to pat directly on Faming’s face, and he was so scared that Faming stopped.

Faming wanted to stand in the distance and shout again, Nidoking did not give him a chance under Jiang Sheng’s vague gesture.

Nidoking roared and activated Fiery Wrath’s special aura again. A purple “flame” ignited on his body, just like Demon King Normal.

Faming lost his voice immediately, rolling his throat up and down, but he didn’t dare to make a sound, like a duck caught in the neck.

Nidoking made another move, shooting a beam of golden electric current from a single angle above his head, hitting the plaque of the outer temple, and splitting the plaque into two scorched black sections.

He not only wants to take away the “face” of the inner temple, but also destroys the “face” of the outer temple, so that Kujiao Temple is completely discredited.

This is the end of take the side of the evil-doer!

In the future, whoever wants to directly or indirectly subordinate the rudder to Bencheng will be madly Revenge afterwards.

There is “Berry King” in front, and Kujiao Temple in the back!

Bencheng villains have to establish their position in Bencheng with a domineering attitude.

Along the road to the area guarded by the Zhu Family brothers, the two brothers saw the gains of the entire group going up the mountain, their eyes were full of surprise and excitement. After a moment of stunned, they hurriedly took two Houndooms in front open circuit.

Even though a long time has passed, there are still many boring people waiting here, wanting to see the final result of the troublemakers.

When Jiang Sheng and the others came down from the mountain, there was a tumult in the crowd, and many people took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

Jiang Sheng doesn’t care. Anyway, these videos will be blocked or restricted when they are posted on the Internet. After that, they will reduce the recommendation and gradually fade out of everyone’s vision.

In the East Asia Alliance, as long as there is no human life, nothing on the Internet cannot be suppressed.

There are also some bold people who want to come forward and ask something, but Nidoking keeps his shoulders and scans the crowd, and these people immediately dispel the thoughts in their hearts.

Some people with identities looked at Bronzong, who was being lifted on the door panel, and the dark breath was constantly rising from his lower body. Thinking of some bad things, they couldn’t help but step back a few steps, with eyes full of The fear of the leader-Giovanni.

Although there are crowds on the highway, a group of vicious-looking Pokemon opens the way. Jiang Sheng’s journey down the mountain is not difficult.

At the foot of the mountain, the little Pika hired earlier was still waiting there, putting the spoils of war in Pika’s rear carport, and everyone started to return.

On the way back, Jiang Sheng received a call from Li Yuan.

Jiang Sheng knows that he may not have much happy time left.

Gengar, they are already at professional level, and there will not be much breakthrough in a short time.

Going back this time, it’s time for him to train his true direct descendants of Pokemon.

Li Yuan’s main purpose is to inform him that the club recruitment has started, and quickly put aside the outside affairs and go back to the courtyard.

Attribute Academy, community, internal library and external library, these are the three unique training systems of Trainer High School.

The club life is rich and colorful, Jiang Sheng naturally wants to see it.


In the dim Conference Hall, the image stopped abruptly, and Wang Lin turned and looked towards the brains of the think tank.

“Let’s talk about it, everyone, what do you think.”

“The trend is over!”

“Black and evil new stars!”

“Unstable factor!”

“Lastly like Poison Type’s Poison Type Trainer, if you compete for Level 2 Poison Type Gym Leader, you will have unexpected surprises.”

As soon as the words came out, everyone looked at each other and smiled, thinking of extremely interesting things.

The battle between Poison Type Trainers is definitely the most ridiculous.

If you want to defeat the opponent, you must abandon the Poison Type field you are best at and rely on various “off-the-board moves” to win.

Everyone is a thousand-year-old fox, are you still playing chat with me here?

Of course, [Corrosion] Salazzle is not considered.

The atmosphere gradually became more active, Wang Lin reminded:

“This is our ally, Alliance has other arrangements for him, so don’t worry about his impact on Alliance’s law and order.


We only discuss his potential. We have also shown some textual information about him before. The fighting video is very difficult to find. I just took this opportunity to collect some.

Combine these information , I mainly want you to comment, does he have the potential to compete for the world-class Poison Type Gym Leader?”

“This time change?”

Someone asked.


“This…I am afraid it is impossible.”

“Yes, it should be too late in time.”

“He doesn’t even have a Gym-level Pokemon, and you are far behind the Gym Leader.

Forgive me to speak bluntly, even with the current strength of the Gym Leader, in this session of the Gym Leader competition It’s also difficult to occupy a favorable position in China.”

“Will the old Gym Leader temporarily suppress the strength?”

“No, the old Gym Leader is in his prime, and he has to compete for the fourth The position of the Big Elite, how can it be trapped in the position of Gym Leader and Sky consumes time.”

gradually, the topic gradually diverges, but nothing more than it is around the world Ranked as the top Gym Leader and the top four Elite.

the rising wind forebodes the coming storm!

Wang Lin, who is eager to find allies, and Zhou Yilin, who suppresses her strength and waits for promotion…

Maybe it’s time for all influence to “shuffle the cards” again.

This is the best time and the worst time. Who can seize the opportunity to take advantage of the wind?


The temple facade was snatched away, Elite Gengar was suppressed, and Faming Jiansi immediately contacted his benefactor.

This matter started because of him, and the missing things are also related to his organization, of course he must be settled.

The old host did not sway Jiang Sheng. Some things in the temple had long been marked by the ancient administration.

Fat person Jin is sleek, and normally looks soft and cowardly, but its methods are not bad at all. The ancient bureau of Bincheng City has built it like an iron bucket Normal.

Although Sun Qirui, the deputy director, has rights, some actions that intervene in the name of the ancient administration must be approved by the fat person Jin, otherwise no one dares to execute it without authorization.

After receiving the cry from Monk Faming, Sun Qirui immediately drafted a plan to arrest Giovanni, retrieve the stolen antiquities, and severely punish him.

The copy was handed to fat person Jin, and fat person Jin glanced at it and burned it directly in front of Sun Qirui.

fat person Jin’s small eyes closed slightly, lips moved, and he whispered:

“This person is the discipline of the’Netherworld Earth Dragon’, a famous big man in the tomb robber world, You should know the personal connections behind this old man. If you move your pig’s brain, can you afford to provoke it?”

Sun Qirui complexion changed, suppressing the inner Rage, lowering his head to make a shameful listening state.

Fat person Jin no longer has the flattering attitude in front of Jiang Sheng and Zhou Yilin, and finally reveals the dignity that a superior person should have.

“It’s just a group of smelly monks, some under-aged antiquities, a little insignificant ancient energy, what are they worth doing for them?”

“Wait for some high-level imitations If you wake up an ancient Pokemon and inject a small amount of ancient energy into it, isn’t it? I’m an expert. I said that the thing is genuine. Who dares to refute it?”

” Did you hear it clearly?”


Sun Qirui answered aloud.

“Why don’t you go, do you want me to do it myself?”

Sun Qirui was full of unwillingness, but calmly turned around and left the office.

Looking at Sun Qirui’s back, fat person Jin squinted his small eyes, his body exuding sharp meaning.

When the door was closed, fat person Jin muttered to himself:

“Is it you? It should be you! But unfortunately, no evidence was found, so it’s not easy for people to act without authorization. Otherwise, I can just let Giovanni write down my favor.”

“murder a person with a borrowed knife?”

“Hehe, dare not, dare not, this guy is a murderer , I’m not a powerful Trainer, I don’t want to be watched by him.”

“Poor’Berry King’…”

Evening At that time, fat person Jin called and told Jiang Sheng that he had taken care of everything about Kujiao Temple, and there was nothing left behind.

Now those antiquities belong to him, and no one can snatch them in the name of “unnecessary”.

This made Jiang Sheng didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, the bait he brought back was destroyed by fat person Jin.

The fat person Jin told Jiang Sheng again that he was helping to investigate the owner of the ancient moon Eevee, and he would definitely give an explanation at the end.

This made Jiang Sheng very satisfied. After thanking him and making an appointment, he hung up the phone.

Jiang Sheng sighed for a while, once he was just a small character who needed to rely on Wang Lin.

Now his strength is increasing day by day, his assets are gradually expanding, and he has opened up many contacts. He finds that he is also a great character with some energy.

All this, tmd is like a dream.

The plaque, the incense burner, and the bronze bell have all become their own. Jiang Sheng will naturally not offer them, and ask Ah Da to help extract the ancient energy from them.

The reason why he didn’t do it himself was because he didn’t want to destroy three antiquities.

The birthmark on his left hand is very hungry, and there is no such thing as controlling the intake. As long as the hand touches it, all the ancient energy will be absorbed immediately, and the antiquities will be immediately scrapped.

This kind of meticulous work should also be done by Ah Da, which can leave a small amount of ancient energy in the antiquities and keep them in their original form.

A total of more than 6000 points of ancient energy were obtained from the three antiquities.

After a wasted negotiation, Jiang Sheng only got more than 4,000 points, and the remaining 2,000 points were intercepted by Ah Da.

Considering that Ah Da’s Help is needed when stealing the ancient energy from the Buddha statue, Jiang Sheng had to let it go.

After thinking about it for a while, Jiang Sheng spent 2000 ancient energy to buy a large Pokéblock maker, and handed it to Li Lan together with the basic Pokeblock Recipe.

After that, Zong Yunze was asked to negotiate with Dingsheng Medicine Pill, and the two sides changed their cooperation method.

It is best to change the processing pill to a pure rake, or let the other party provide a certain amount of Top Rank pill.

He only set the general direction, and left the rest to Zong Yunze to find professionals to complete, and he no longer intervened.

In Jiang Sheng’s view, it is enough to provide basic Pokéblock to the sub-rudder members. The special Pokéblock is not suitable to be exposed and is only available to close people such as Li Lan and Mo Li.

So, the supply of some Top Rank pill is also essential.

In the morning of 2nd day, when Jiang Sheng was about to return to school, Zheng Zhi suddenly came to report and said that there was a white girl from Free Alliance outside asking him to talk about cooperation.

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