Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 417

“A white man is visiting? Talking about cooperation? It’s not the Reporter who got in, right?”

Jiang Sheng frowned speculated.

Except for the identity of “Reporter”, he really couldn’t think of any intersection between him and people from outside Alliance.

Although the black market provides a living soil for smuggling activities, I have never participated in smuggling activities.

Bencheng Sub-rudder’s appearance has also been working closely with the government to combat smuggling.

Zheng Zhi shook the head, saying that he was unclear, and asked again:

“Boss, see you?”

“Let her come in, I want to see what medicine she sells in bottle gourd!” After Zheng Zhi exited the chamber, Jiang Sheng shouted “A Da” to the outside, and Ah Da reluctantly rushed. Entering the chamber, he woke up at Jiang Sheng’s feet.

Flicked Ah Da’s little ear with his fingers, Jiang Sheng felt a little peaceful.

Gengar studied Phantom Force in Stadium, so his guard job is temporarily held by Ah Da.

After a while, Zheng Zhi brought a tall white woman to the chamber.

The moment Jiang Sheng saw her, Jiang Sheng’s heart was suddenly inexplicably excited, expressing desire.

This makes Jiang Sheng puzzled, he has never encountered such a strange situation.

What seemed to be a heartbeat just now?

It’s ridiculous!

When did you become a hungry ghost in sex?

Furthermore, the woman on the other side is not beautiful…

Except for the body of the devil Normal, other aspects do not conform to his aesthetics.

She has a dazzling golden wave, tall, plump and hot.

But her face is plain, her face is slightly dull, her pores are thicker, and she is very old.

Jiang Sheng slightly frowned, he feels a sense of disharmony in the opponent.

That beautiful blond hair, obviously belongs to a white girl with full of energy.

But how does the person in front of me look like a poorly maintained white woman, her face is gray and her age seems to be close to thirty years old.

The heart is still beating abnormally, telling Jiang Sheng that this person in front of him is very attractive to him.

Jiang Sheng stood up slowly, and slightly kicked Ah Da with his feet to keep him vigilant.

When the white woman saw Jiang Sheng, her face also showed a slightly different color, and her nose was slightly sucked twice, as if she was recognizing the smell.

“Madison Onassis, take the liberty to visit, but I hope Giovanni boss will not mind.”

The woman extends the hand and first expresses her kindness to Jiang Sheng.

Her voice is very good. She speaks the language of East Asia Alliance in a fair and standard manner.

“Onassis? It’s not that Onassis, right? I didn’t expect that I could see such a great character.”

Jiang Sheng was joking , Shook hands with her and introduced herself.

“The villain group has a separate rudder in Bincheng, Giovanni!”

Although Uncle Yan was stirring the wind and the rain in the underground of the Free Alliance, it was only then, and now the times have changed. .

The villain group now is far worse than it used to be. Jiang Sheng just mentioned a name, not at all, to remember the glory of the past and cling to the relationship with the other party.

The white woman was always smiling, and when the two approached, she took a few mouthfuls with her nose very frivolously.

This makes Jiang Sheng frowned and somewhat unhappy.

“I still hope to forgive my sins, there is a strange Fragrance on Boss Giovanni, which really makes me a little curious, I wonder what brand of men’s perfume Giovanni uses?”

Madison Realizing that his actions were a bit abrupt, he smiled apologetically and explained.

Jiang Sheng eyes slightly narrowed. I don’t understand what the other party means. He can only replied according to his normal thinking:

“No, I never spray perfume, and I don’t have any special The taste.”

Zheng Zhi on the side was also a little confused, helping Jiang Sheng testify.

“Is that so? I may smell the wrong thing. I am a little uncomfortable with the air on the other side of the ocean. There may be a problem with my nose. I will go to the hospital tomorrow.”

Two People didn’t continue to struggle with the issue of “Fragrance”, Jiang Sheng led Madison to sit down and talked to the other party about business.

Through detailed conversations, Jiang Sheng knew what the other party was coming from.

Her background is indeed not small, she is Captain, the guard of Little Princess of the Onassis family.

At the same time, she is also a successful Psychic in cultivation. The host family is optimistic about her innate talent, so she gave her the surname Onassis.

But she retired some time ago and is now traveling the world.

After arriving in Bencheng recently, she fell in love with this offshore city on the other side of the ocean and wanted to stay in this city for a while.

She also heard that in this country, the identity of foreign teachers is very popular, so she wanted to experience the life of a teacher.

However, she is not going to teach foreign languages, but to teach Calm Mind skills and to guide people with Aptitude in the cultivation Psychic.

This kind of training class is very sensitive. Alliance citizens have to review it at various levels. It will definitely take about a year for her to get a business license from an outside Alliance.

That would be a waste of time.

So she found a black market with no taboos, and wanted to borrow a piece of land from Jiang Sheng for a training course.

Jiang Sheng didn’t want to take this muddy water trip, but the other party gave too much.

Her cultivation notes, among which is included Calm Mind know-how, Mental Force’s tips, how to bless Pokemon in the “three-bead” cultivation base, how to support the “four-bead” cultivation base, flying… etc. Many valuable cultivation experiences are recorded in the notes.

I also gave another piece of Pokemon with a strength level of 30-40, the spiritual crystallization left after his death.

The other party gave it away as a useless thing, but Jiang Sheng regarded it as a treasure.

This piece of spiritual crystal does not come from the orthodox Psychic Type Pokemon, so it has a lot of impurities inside, and it is almost impossible to be used by human Psychic.

It comes from a Stantler who has a 【Intimidation】Characteristic Trait, and there is the residual rhyme of 【Intimidation】Characteristic Trait in the spiritual crystal.

Stantler is a very magical Pokemon, it is a Pokemon of Normal Type, but it has extraordinary Psychic accomplishments.

It is an expert in creating phantoms.

If you encounter a powerful Stantler Trainer in the future, you can let Kadabra learn more from it.

Its pair of big horns is even more mysterious. The curvature of the horns can subtly change the air flow around them, creating a magical space.

The topic returns to the spiritual crystallization, which is what Raboot needs most.

There is a [Intimidation] Characteristic Trait mystery in it, which can greatly contribute to the power of fire moves developed by Raboot.

Finally, the other party also promised Jiang Sheng that the proceeds from starting the cram school will be distributed to Jiang Sheng 50%.

Isn’t this just a virgin who gave money? How could he not be moved?

Speaking of which, the abnormal heart when I saw this woman just now was not because I foreseeed that the other party was going to give me money and was overly excited?

Jiang Sheng not at all was dazzled by the huge benefits, not at all agreed.

He made it clear that he would ascertain her identity before making a decision.

If what she said is not true, she must be handed over to the investigation team.

The other party responded with a smile, his face remained unchanged, as if he was not worried.

In this way, an agreement is reached between the guest and the host, and only after Jiang Sheng confirms the identity of the woman, and then nodded to sign the agreement, he can get the above three benefits.

Walking out of the black market town in the Black Mountain, Madison’s expression changed, and the affinity in her eyes turned cold.

She took out a white crystal pendant from her chest and took two deep breaths in her nostril. Her eyes were slightly narrowed and her expression was intoxicated.

“It can’t be wrong, it’s the smell, exactly the same!”

“What a not simple person, I suddenly became interested in you.”

This white crystal is her heirloom, a symbol of every generation of family leaders.

Her family can rise, and it is inextricably linked with the owner of this thing.

Everything stems from a chance encounter, and the bold wish of the young man.


After Madison left, Jiang Sheng immediately called Wang Lin to check the identity of Madison Onassis.

And asked Wang Lin whether he cooperated with her and violated the relevant regulations of Alliance.

About half a day later, Wang Lin’s assistant replied, telling Jiang Sheng that everything is true and that this person does exist in the Onassis family.

She is an innocent Psychic person. She has not found any connection with [Psychic Association], so I can believe her temporarily.

But he hopes Jiang Sheng can arrange the training class under his nose, and have more contact with her, and try to monitor her behavior.

Compared to letting a Psychic from a foreign Alliance wander around the land of the East Asia Alliance, it is more reassuring to watch her in one place.

Jiang Sheng gladly accepted, and told Madison the news in the afternoon and assigned her the courtyard closest to the town center.

Madison is also very prosperous, and delivered the first two things promised in the evening. As for the final profit distribution, we need to discuss after the training class.

Sweeping a circle of the empty yard, Madison’s cold face changed, and the corners of her mouth curled up.

She took out her mobile phone and flipped through a message sent from across the ocean not long ago.

The light from the screen shines on her face, making her gray face present a strange color, just like a pale dead skin Normal.

She muttered to herself:

“Giovanni …Giovanni …what a strange name! This is not like the name of the East Asian Alliance, it should be a pseudonym. What will happen under your disguise A face?”

“Wang Lin and Yan Lin, these two people are hard to approach. Those two rangers are sensitive and cannot move.

We can only approach Li Yuan first , Jiang Sheng gave it a try, it just happened that these two people got together and it was not difficult to get close.”


In the evening, Li Yuan received a call from the school’s high-level executives. The eyebrow questioned:

“Why do I need to place a person from outside Alliance in my Psychic Academy? How can the training system allow people from outside Alliance to participate? Are you not afraid to train students with abnormal views? “

“The other party gave too much, and his family was innocent. The visitor was just a Little Princess who wanted to experience life. It shouldn’t be too long to stay for too long and there won’t be a big mess.


In addition, we have other arrangements for her, so that she won’t let her touch the core secret.”

The high-level school officials on the opposite side of the phone promised earnest and well-meant advised.

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