Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 418

As night falls, the black market town comes alive again with Splash.

The results of yesterday’s action have been announced, especially for the same Elite, but Bronzong strongly suppressed Gengar, who restrained it, and made everyone endlessly afraid.

Therefore, the stall owners or customers in the black market tonight are very low-key, the stability maintenance team is very leisurely, and rarely encounters thorny big conflicts.

In Stadium, there is a professional level Trainer challenge today, and Mo Li is taking Drakloak to participate in the battle.

After more than half a month of running-in, Drakloak has initially recognized Mo Li and is willing to follow her instructions.

The Dreepy on top of its head is more intimate with Jiang Sheng, and likes to rely on Jiang Sheng to ask for Pokéblock.

After seeking the consent of the two, Jiang Sheng separated the two and packed them with two Poké Balls.

Mo Li holds Drakloak, and he holds Dreepy.

However, considering the peculiarities of the two, Jiang Sheng has always maintained a stocking attitude towards them, letting Dreepy lie on Drakloak’s head.

The two are the same as Gengar, and they are usually trained by Moli.

Jiang Sheng arranged perfectly clear for Mo Li, which perfectly displayed her characteristic trait.

It seems that from the first meeting in Mojiacun, the identity between Mo Li and Jiang Sheng has some problems.

It happened that Mo Li himself sent him to the door. Poor Mo Li lived so humble.

Under the cover of night, Jiang Sheng sat on Gengar’s back and secretly left the sub-rudder.

He came to the Kujiao Temple again, but this time he did not climb the mountain properly, but let Gengar carry him up.

Half a long way around, avoiding the Gym-level Gyarados in the merit pool.

When he came to the gate of the inner temple, Jiang Sheng took a look at the gate of the temple, and it was empty. The fakes made by fat person Jin had not been delivered yet.

Quietly came to the bell tower, Tao Zhong was replaced, the bell tower was empty.

Gengar dragged him to find Tao Bell in an inconspicuous corner of the courtyard.

Jiang Sheng’s mind bursts with bad taste. If he comes for a surprise inspection tomorrow, will the monks hurriedly hang the pottery bell back?

Jiang Sheng once again sensed the ancient energy in the inner temple. Most of the reaction points are in Hall Of Great Strength, and they should all be Buddha statues.

After all, other antiquities placed on Ground are far less precious than those underground. Only Buddha statues, incense burners, etc. are often contaminated with popularity, and special existences that are spiritual sustenance possess powerful ancient energy.

Jiang Sheng hid in the corner, released Ah Da, and after a simple order, let it go to Hall Of Great Strength.

There are so many ancient energies here. The official registration is only simple, and no special guards are sent. How could he let it go.

As long as Ah Da pays attention to the amount he draws, leaving some ancient energy in the Buddha statue to maintain its form, it will not be discovered in a short time.

Half an hour later, Ah Dazhi came back with the collar under his neck triumphantly, as if his neck was weighing a heavy burden.

Ada looked up at Jiang Sheng, his expression on his face instantly became serious.

A pair of small paws were changed into a cover, like a thief, the small orb in front of the collar was tightly covered.

Jiang Sheng with a smirk at the corners of his mouth, throws Poké Ball on Ah Da’s head, and returns Ah Da into Poké Ball to prevent it from trying to escape and swallow it.

Gengar touched his stomach, his fat face showed a look of luck.

Fortunately, Jiang Sheng can’t drink genetic potion, otherwise it is as sad as Ah Da, and most of the good things will be given to Jiang Sheng.

Following the shadows, Assist Gengar helped to cover up. Jiang Sheng came to the monk’s house in the backyard. After a short pause, he vaguely identified which was the high-level temple and which was the residence of ordinary monks.

But each monk’s room is next to each other, separated by a wall, it is very difficult for Jiang Sheng to break in silently.

Even if a monk is waiting outside to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, he may not have good results, and may even beat the grass to scare the snake.

This “Kujiao Temple Incident” cannot be compared with the previous two.

The first two killings of Sun Youdao and Li Wentao, he did not leave any hands behind, and he handled it perfectly afterwards. The most important thing is that both of them are there’s a path to death.

One is a shameless poacher, the other is an executioner who cares for human life.

He can be regarded as enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven.

This time things are different. The Mental Force in his mind vaguely warns him that something bad will happen if it takes a human life.

Wang Lin also reminded him before, don’t make life in the Kujiao Temple.

All this must not be groundless!

Staring at the monks’ rooms, Jiang Sheng pressed his restless heart.

This is the end of the matter, and I can only wait for news from fat person Jin.

Or suppress Gengar for a while, forcing Kujiao Temple to make concessions.

But if it is the latter, you have to consider Bronzong’s feelings. After all, they are not their own Pokemon, so it is very inconvenient to call them up.

Sighed helplessly, Jiang Sheng took Gengar and left Kujiao Temple.

The matter will not end like this, he will not give up easily!

Shortly after Jiang Sheng left, a middle-aged man opened the door and walked out of the monk’s room, staring at a corner of a courtyard, muttering to himself:

” It’s really a vicious killing embryo. Fortunately, he still has a little brain and didn’t do anything stupid.”

“However, the guy who did it is not a good person. Find a chance to sell that guy. Don’t let it. This killing embryo has been thinking about these poor monks.”

A Pokemon that looks like an alien is holding the thigh of a middle-aged man, and its jewel-like eyes are staring at him. This is where Jiang Sheng stood previously.

Dark Ghost double Attribute, Sableye!


After returning to Bincheng to divide the rudder, Jiang Sheng released Ah Da, blocked it in the corner, and squeezed it well.

Finally, leaving it a little and a half ancient energy, Jiang Sheng harvested more than 8,000 ancient energy in total.

It looks like a lot, but it is assigned to the eighteen arhat statues, the statue of Venerable Ananda Kaya, the Buddha statue, and many Bodhisattva statues. Among them, the ancient energy content is not too much.

It’s far inferior to the previous three-piece plaque, bronze bell, and incense burner.

If the monks knew that Jiang Sheng had taken away the overwhelming majority ancient energy from the Buddha statues in their temples, they would still dislike the ancient energy they had accumulated over hundreds of years, and they would not know if they would be mad. explosion.

During the day, Jiang Sheng walked around the black market town, mainly glancing at Madison’s courtyard.

He not at all found the silhouette of Madison, but there are a large number of workers decorating the courtyard.

The construction team where the workers belong is a very famous construction team in Bincheng. Not at all special, Jiang Sheng also feels relieved to leave.

He went to the internal affairs office to take another look. Many members were queuing up here to receive Pokéblock.

At first, they were more resistant to receiving new Pokemon food.

But after a few times, they found that their Pokemon love to eat this new type of food, and according to Pokemon’s feedback, the energy contained in the small cube is more refined than that in the pill, which is more important for growth. Helpful.

One by one, I can accept it with ease.

Even some salted fish Trainers have aroused the desire to become stronger, and they are keen to perform scattered tasks and earn contribution points in exchange for more Pokéblock.

Jiang Sheng is very pleased with this situation.

As long as two or three months, with the effect of Pokéblock, the strength of Pokemon in the hands of the overwhelming majority Trainer will grow to between 20-Level 25, and it can be called a qualified soldier.

When Pokéblock was used as the last piece of the puzzle to complete, the Bincheng Sub-rudder had begun to enter a stage of steady development. For all the members, they only had time.

In this way, Jiang Sheng is relieved to go back to school.

Before returning to school, he deliberately went to the backyard of the chamber to meet the Senior Sister.

During this time, Bronzong was unable to act in suppressing Gengar. If there is a sudden occurrence, please ask Senior Sister to help settle it until she leaves.

Zhou Yilin also gave the fruits of her hard work during this period to Jiang Sheng.

A white bracelet with a diamond groove in the middle like a watch.

A metal bottle, which is filled with scorching red powder, is polished from the ore that is suspected of Dragon Vein fragments.

Jiang Sheng rubbed the warm metal bottle, and remembered the spiritual crystallization sent by Madison old iron in [Backpack], and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

These two treasures are prepared for Raboot, this time it will always be happier.

Before leaving, Jiang Sheng gave Nidoking to Zhou Yilin for a period of time.

The Pokemon under her, not only learned Yu Xuan’s Phantom Force, but also gained Dig’s true biography.

Now Jiang Sheng doesn’t need to deliberately find the Master. You can learn the two unique secrets of the Master directly from the Senior Sister.

Master’s Dig is different from other Pokemon’s “pit digging”. He developed Dig’s moves to turn soil into mud, which is almost like earth escape, which is a magical skill.

I saw Wang Lin perform it once before, and he was very greedy.

However, you must require Ground Type Pokemon to learn.

He can only wait for Nidoking to evolve before letting it try to learn and develop Dig moves.

There have been a lot of bad things recently. In order to prevent being ambushed, Jiang Sheng secretly left Bencheng to divide the rudder.

Because he only carried two Metangs on his body, the other Pokemon remained in the sub-rudder of Bencheng.

Kadabra closed-door cultivation in the dormitory, Gengar learned Phantom Force in the Stadium, and the two imperial guards were not there, Jiang Sheng had to be a low-key person.

But he did not at all go back to school directly, and went to Longdao again.

Entering the Venusaur garden, down to the basement of the square, Jiang Sheng asked Metangs to fish out most of the antiquities sinking in the Poison Essence Pond, collect the remaining ancient energy inside, and obtain a total of 3000 More ancient energy.

Now that the total amount of ancient energy is approaching 50,000 points, you can try to change an evolution stone.

However, he does not have what he urgently needs now, so he can save these ancient energies temporarily.

After dealing with these matters, Jiang Sheng returned to school, ready to taste the club life.

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