Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 419

In the small courtyard of the dormitory, everything hasn’t changed much, similar to the scene when Jiang Sheng came back last time.

It’s just that the Pokemon in the yard are missing Skiddo this time.

The guy played happily with Bulbasaur and Ivysaur in the Venusaur garden, and Jiang Sheng didn’t bother him.

Actually, Jiang Sheng was afraid that Skiddo would be obsessed with leaving the garden, so he deliberately avoided Skiddo when he entered.

Then left enough Pokéblock in Bluestone Square, and then quietly left the Venusaur Garden.

He has already made a decision in his mind. If Skiddo can’t grow into Gogoat in this treasure land suitable for the growth of Grass Type Pokemon, don’t think of it.

Raboot is still honing its kicking skills tirelessly, with a golden Electro Ball dancing at its feet.

Even if Raboot wears Macho Brace, his flexibility is affected to a certain extent, but Electro Ball is still controlled by it between his feet, making all kinds of dazzling movements.

Seeing Jiang Sheng coming back, Raboot’s face was happy, kicked Electro Ball to the sky, and then took off his Macho Brace very neatly, and threw himself into Jiang Sheng’s arms.

Jiang Sheng hugged him and put his forehead on Raboot’s forehead, feeling the warm and soft rabbit fur of Raboot.

The little fellow who is more than half a meter tall, the skeleton is lighter, much lighter than a human child of the same height, and will not bring too much burden to Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng squeezed Raboot’s calf with a very dishonest hand, said with a smile:

“Yes, yes, these rabbit legs are really meaty Not bad!”

Speaking, Jiang Sheng also licked his lips, his eyes rolled around, his face was a little moving, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Raboot was shocked, his legs kicked out of Jiang Sheng’s embrace.

The little contradiction that had been forgotten before was once again recalled by it. After an angry look at Jiang Sheng, he turned his hands in his pockets and left.

Jiang Sheng smiled, snapped his fingers softly, and the spiritual crystal he just harvested appeared in his palm.

At the same time, he counted down silently in the heart.




Having empty hands, Jiang Sheng didn’t wait to come to Raboot, instead There was a yellow light passing in front of his eyes, robbing the spirit crystal.

“Yellow Fox!”

Jiang Sheng exclaimed.

In front of the gate of the yard, Kadabra wearing Macho Brace is hanging in midair, looking down at the spiritual crystal he just got.

“There are impurities inside, this thing is useless, it should be specially prepared for Raboot.”

After muttering telepathically, Kadabra threw the spiritual crystal to Raboot.

Raboot jumped up to catch it, and hurriedly put the spiritual crystal into the fire sac, and Jiang Sheng gave Jiang Sheng a fierce look.

After that, he stopped paying attention to Jiang Sheng, dragged his Macho Brace to meditate under the “Sheep Tree”, and began to absorb the energy in the spiritual crystal.

The mischievous molesting was unsuccessful, Jiang Sheng glared at Kadabra and blamed it for being nosy.

Kadabra spreads out indifferently, white light flashed, has used Teleport to return to the previous position, and continues to cross-legged Calm Mind.

Raichu is also in the dormitory, stepping on his tail and floating at the door of the house, quietly watching Jiang Sheng and they are playing, it seems a lot quieter.

Of course, this is just an illusion. It’s still that grumpy old girl who can smash the thunder hammer on your head at any time.

Raichu’s gaze still fell on Jiang Sheng’s waist, and the two Poké Balls hanging on his belt contained only the breath of Metang.

My “good big brother” still didn’t follow, which made him a little bit frustrated.

Jiang Sheng walked to Raichu’s side and touched its head in a pampering way. Comforted:

“Wait for a while, I will take you to see Ah Da, it’s recently I am consolidating my strength and can’t spare time to come over.”

Jiang Sheng didn’t dare to tell Raichu that Ah Da lived outside in a cool manner.

It takes the boys through the forest every day, and has no intention of coming back to see Raichu with itself.

“By the way, Ah Da’s current strength is only one step away from Gym level, you have to work harder!”

He flicked Raichu’s little ear, encouraging Tao.

Raichu looked serious and nodded, body flashed into the room, picked up a book from the sofa and returned to Jiang Sheng, and showed Jiang Sheng the stick figure of a mighty hammer on the book page.

Jiang Sheng’s face changed suddenly, and he reached out and took the book from Raichu’s hand.

“Are you already learning?”

Raichu didn’t understand what was happening, and was nodded at a loss.

“How could you know the words above? You are impossible to know what is written on the book!”

Jiang Sheng frowns questioned.

In the corner of his eye, Jiang Sheng suddenly caught a glimpse of the white light flashed, and Kadabra used Teleport again to wonder where he went.

After a pause for two seconds, Jiang Sheng stared at him and thought of a possibility.

“Kadabra taught you?”

Raichu just wanted to be nodded, but realized that Jiang Sheng’s tone was wrong, and shook his head quickly.

“Oh, you stupid child!”

Jiang Sheng dropped the book on the ground, pressing Raichu’s head fiercely with one hand, and pinching it with the other hand Yellow’s cheeks punish this restless little fellow.

“Do you know how much you will suffer when learning this move development? This move development secret is completely teaching Pokemon self-abuse.”

Raichu has a serious face nodded means that you already know it.

“Kadabra really explained to you?”

Raichu is nodded again, his eyes still firm.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes softened and he gently stroked Raichu’s head

“Okay, I know, tomorrow I will prepare the materials you need for you. If you can’t hold on, just Stop immediately, your safety is the most important.”

Jiang Sheng picked up the book on the ground and returned it to Raichu. Raichu became happy and hugged the book tightly in his arms as a treasure.

Sitting on the sofa in the dormitory, Jiang Sheng opens the [Replacement] interface and prepares to customize another batch of Macho Brace.

With enough ancient energy this time, many Pokemon can have their own set of Macho Brace.

Macho Brace, the core part is its material.

This unknown material will always shoot out special radiation. The special radiation entering Pokemon’s body will increase the Pokemon’s physique and accelerate the growth of Pokemon without any hidden dangers.

As for relying on your own weight to exercise the strength of the wearer, this is just an additional function of insignificant.

This is the information Jiang Sheng summed up during this time.

The feedback from the four Pokemons who previously enjoyed benefits to Macho Brace has been very good.

This time “big purchases”, Jiang Sheng saw all kinds of weird Macho Brace.

Houndoom’s Macho Brace is very scattered, consisting of five parts: angle ring, collar, vest, foot ring, and tail ring.

Speaking of Houndoom, Jiang Sheng suddenly realized that this unscrupulous dog was not at home again, and he would go to the evil courtyard to find him later.

Raichu’s Macho Brace is small and exquisite. The skeleton is similar to the outer skeleton armor, with a sophisticated mechanical helmet used to stimulate the brain to enhance Mental Force.

The two Metangs are cross-shaped back loops.

Metang life is different from carbon-based life. Macho Brace cannot play a role in exercise. It can only rely on the special radiation inside to guide Metang to grow.

At this point, 12,000 points of ancient energy have sprung out like flowing water. In addition to the salted fish Skiddo, Jiang Sheng’s team is equipped with Macho Brace.

In the case of sufficient energy in ancient times, he would naturally not favor one another, and Pokemon under “Giovanni” would naturally have a share.

Gengar’s Macho Brace is a disc-shaped crude embryo, which is suspected to be not an external device and needs to be inserted into its body by Gengar.

The Macho Brace of the Arbor monster is similar to the snake skeleton, the size can be adjusted, and it can completely fit on the Arbor monster.

Nidorino has evolved into Nidoking, and the previous Macho Brace can no longer be used.

Jiang Sheng replaced it with another, the newly tailored Macho Brace, nothing particularly surprising.

As for Dreepy, it is already at an evolutionary pass. Jiang Sheng does not want to waste three thousand points of ancient energy on it.

This time, another nine thousand points of ancient energy came out like flowing water Normal.

Looking at the number “28403”, Jiang Sheng was not in a good mood.

The ancient energy accumulated through hard work is gone, but in exchange it is true that Pokemon can grow rapidly, making his strength far surpassing the same generation of Trainer.

In theory, Jiang Sheng should have been happy, but his heart seemed to be bleeding.

Evolution Stone, Z Pure Crystal, these most valuable things are far away from him.

Distribute the new batch of Macho Brace, leaving the temporarily unowned bag in the backpack, and we will talk about it later.

After that, Jiang Sheng went to the evil courtyard to find Houndoom, who is happy and free.

In the Attribute hall of the evil courtyard, Jiang Sheng saw his Houndoom on the screen of the monitoring room. It was carrying a group of younger brothers arbitrarily galloping in the valley, so majestic.

There are about twenty Houndoom or Houndour behind it. Through the high-definition camera, Jiang Sheng can see the convincing and worshipful color in their eyes.

Jiang Sheng fell into silence.

If he had a choice, he would rather not draw the prize than let Houndour come to him.

Houndoom is a kind of ethnic group Pokemon. No matter how strong the individual is, it aspires to have its own ethnic group, rather than being alone.

For himself, Houndour sacrificed a lot.

“Thank you all teachers for taking care of Houndoom during this time.”

Jiang Sheng thanked the middle-aged Teacher who accompanied him.

“Without and so on, our purpose is not simple.

We know that this Houndour that wants to get you is a wishful thinking, so we retreat and want to get This heir of Houndoom.”

Jiang Sheng frowned slightly, but did not directly refuse, waiting for the teacher’s later words.

Seeing some talks, the Teacher was overjoyed and continued:

“We searched many breeding houses for this small ethnic group, and spent a lot of money to get it together. Every Houndour or Houndoom’s Aptitude is very good, are you satisfied?”

Can be recognized by Houndour, they are not too bad indeed, Jiang Sheng nodded.

“If you can persuade Houndoom to hand over its future heirs to us for raising, this whole group can be packed and taken away by you.”

“Please rest assured, we I will definitely treat that little Houndour well and find a suitable Trainer for it. When he reaches adulthood, he will be full of children and grandchildren.”

“We are pure trainers, not those crazy researchers. You can rest assured of us.”

Jiang Sheng showed a strange color on his face, cracking a joke:

“What if Houndoom’s heir is not Houndour? He likes it. What should I do with other Pokemon in the same egg group?”

The Teacher was taken aback, paused and said:

“Then we hope that the other party can be Dark Type Pokemon, after all, we This is the evil courtyard.”

“haha, let’s talk about it later, I need to think about it.”

“Yes, I hope you can see our sincerity.”



When Jiang Sheng stood on the top of the mountain and overlooked the valley, Houndoom, who was spreading joyously everywhere, gently sniffed twice, carefully distinguishing the familiar smell that suddenly appeared.

After identifying the identity of the smell, it eyes shined and quickly moved towards the top of the mountain.

All Houndoom and Houndour are unknown, but they will not go against the will of the Boss, and they will run wild afterwards.

But Houndoom Howl of Jiang Sheng dispelled them with a sound.

It doesn’t want Jiang Sheng to see this kind of self. It doesn’t need any additional fetters. It’s enough for Jiang Sheng to stay with Jiang Sheng. If you have time, you can come here and try being a Boss. taste.

On the top of the mountain, Houndoom rushed in front of Jiang Sheng. Because of its tall body, its pair of dog eyes and Jiang Sheng’s eyes were facing each other, which was quite fateful.

Looking at Houndoom, whose eyes were slightly serious, Jiang Sheng’s mouth twitched.

This silly dog, he will be tidy up as soon as we meet!

After taking Houndoom back to the dormitory, Jiang Sheng looked at the six Pokemons around him, feeling relieved.

Next, I have to accompany them to grow up, and use my real name to make achievements in the bright world.

In the afternoon, Jiang Sheng went to Li Yuan’s house, mainly to inquire about the club.

After finishing the conversation with Li Yuan, Jiang Sheng played with Little Sponge for a while. He thought that coaxing a child was a happy and easy thing, but Jiang Sheng was extremely tired.

It was mainly hit.

Small Sponge’s Mental Force cultivation base has long been above the “four beads”, and can hold oneself flying.

As for whether there are “five beads” and whether it can be Teleport, when Jiang Sheng asked this little fellow, she just exposed her little tiger tooth and smiled.

It was not until the evening when Xiao Sponge let Jiang Sheng “experience” enough Flying before letting him go.

Jiang Sheng burst into tears in his heart, and his mouth was slightly sour. When could his Psychic level be so abnormal?

He decided to go back and read carefully the notes that Madison gave him to see if there was any way to make his Mental Force grow faster.

By the way, his Mental Force cultivation base is not far from the “Three Pearls”, and he should be able to bless Pokemon right away.

Back in the dormitory, Jiang Sheng did not carry out the plan just now, but first studied the school community.

Li Yuan handed him a task privately, wanting him to join the internal agency of the [Apocalypse] Society to help her monitor a new Coaching Teacher.

As for what is [Apocalypse]?

This is a community of Trainers who love Psychic Type Pokemon. It is divided into an internal agency and an external agency. All members of the internal agency are pure Psychic Type Trainers.

Who knows how the first generation of people who founded the society came up with such a name?

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