Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 420

The [Apocalypse] matter is temporarily set aside.

If it weren’t for Li Yuan to ask him to help monitor Coaching Teacher and provide some prestige for the Psychic Academy’s club, Jiang Sheng might not have noticed this strange club whose name is slightly second.

His most important purpose is to join [Ancient Mystery] in order to meet more tombs, antiquities, and ancient Pokemon.

Wang Lin had talked to him some time ago and told him that the level of secrecy regarding his false identity was very high.

You can even use the identity of “Giovanni” to become a Gym Leader, which gave him a reassurance.

With such convenient conditions, why didn’t he try to contact the ancient administration as Jiang Sheng’s innocent identity?

Although the Master said that the welfare inside is not good, all the ancient energy has to be turned in, not even a tiny bit, but at least the official institutions are well informed.

During this period of time, he has suffered from the lack of news, and there has been no news of large tombs for a while.

The ancient association has always been paying attention to Zheng Zhi. During this period of time, the tasks hanging out are all small troubles, which completely makes Jiang Sheng uninterested.

Although “Giovanni” is acquainted with the fat person Jin, but he is not a senior and junior brothers, he will not tell “Giovanni” everything.

So Jiang Sheng believes that if necessary, he can get in touch with the ancient administration.

But to be honest, he doesn’t like the kind of nine-to-five work. Now he is more accustomed to being wild, and he doesn’t want to go to culture classes.

So, it’s best to be able to rub around [Ancient Mystery] and get some gains at a very small price.

After arranging his schedule for tomorrow, Jiang Sheng found out the fresh Berry sent by “Berry King” today, and prepared to make a special Pokéblock.

This time, Pokéblock is specially for Raboot. The main ingredient used is powder made from ore suspected of Dragon Vein.

The hot steam flooded the room, and the Pokéblock manufacturing machine was red all over, as if it was about to burn Normal. It might not be able to carry the massive energy in the machine.

The Pokéblock maker swayed and seemed to explode suddenly at any time.

Under the nervous gaze of Jiang Sheng and the crowd of Pokemon, Pokéblock finally took shape.

From the outlet below the Pokéblock manufacturing machine, pieces of foreign matter like a hot red soldering iron are spit out.

The burning air assaults the senses, which made Jiang Sheng’s facial skin a little uncomfortable, and he couldn’t help swallowing.

Now, he doubts whether this thing can be eaten.

When Pokéblock cools, it turns from a soldering iron into a blazing crystal, pure and flawless.

Jiang Sheng picked up a warm Pokéblock, be eager to have a try in his heart, intending to taste the taste.

Remember that Zhou Yilin told me not to give non-Fire Type Pokemon to consumption, otherwise there may be a danger of self-immolation. Only then did he stop thinking of death in his heart.

In other words, since there are ore of Fire Type and ore of Ghost Type, there must be Psychic Attribute.

Maybe I can taste it by then.

Houndoom’s dog head leaned into the window, staring at the Pokéblock in Jiang Sheng’s hand with scorching eyes.

Raboot was standing in front of Jiang Sheng, the power of fire radiated unconsciously, his small tongue licked his lips, his eyes were hot.

This is Jiang Sheng’s own new gadget, mixed with some high-end Berry, but I dare not give them the dose given by Zhou Yilin.

After more than half an hour of careful experimentation, Jiang Sheng found the right dosage and set a strict eating plan for the two Pokemon.

Finally, he was still worried, and received all the Pokéblocks in the [Backpack], not allowing them to eat more.

In the following time, Jiang Sheng studied Madison’s notes for a while before he took out the spiritual crystal to hold the Pokemon egg and Calm Mind instead of sleep.

In the early morning of 2nd day, Jiang Sheng rushed to the auditorium of the Psychic Academy.

【Apocalypse】The recruitment of new clubs is held in the auditorium.

As the facade club of the Psychic Academy, the auditorium is also the activity room of the [Apocalypse] club. The battle field inside can be used by members of the club, and members do not need to crowd the public battle field at the Normal Academy.

The recruitment of new clubs has lasted for a week, and it will be closed in two days.

When Jiang Sheng entered the auditorium, there were not at all many people in it, not as crowded as he imagined, and it seemed a little deserted.

If you think about it carefully, there are less than a hundred freshmen in this Psychic Academy. Unless the students in other schools are Psychic, otherwise the average person is not interested in the [Apocalypse] club.

On the battle field in the center of the auditorium, there is a Drowzee and Xatu fighting.

Jiang Sheng took a half circle in the audience and walked to the registration point opposite.

Students who are responsible for registration at the registration point are swiping their phones and are not interested in the following battles.

When he noticed someone coming, he raised his head and glanced up, then he was taken aback for a while, then his eyes lit up.

“Junior Brother Jiang, are you also here to join the [Apocalypse] club?”

Obviously, Jiang Sheng is not an unknown person in the school, this person recognizes it at a glance Out of his identity.

“If it is you, then there is no need for assessment, but you still need to fill in the application form and take a form to formally join the club.”

“[Apocalypse] The club is specialized Established for those of us Psychic Type Trainers, the Senior Sister here is super beautiful, and the Senior is super warm-hearted. Everyone is a talented person. It’s nice to speak.”

This time it’s Jiang Sheng’s turn to be stunned. I felt it and made sure that the person in front of me was really a Psychic.

Is there anyone who didn’t expect Psychic like this?

A piece of A4 paper is handed to Jiang Sheng, and Jiang Sheng came back to his senses.

He stretched out his hand to take it, and when he saw the big characters on the head of the watch, his brows frowned slightly.

This is an application form for joining a foreign agency, but Li Yuan asked him to join an internal agency.

“Um…Is there an application for joining the company? I want to join the company.”

Jiang Sheng asked.

The young man showed a look of surprise on his face, and slowly explained:

“Junior Brother, you may not understand that the inner club of the [Apocalypse] community cannot be directly joined. .

All students must join the foreign club first, and then after a period of investigation, can they join the inner club after being recognized by all members of the inner club.”

“Now [Apocalypse] club There are only seven members of the inner club, and each of them has the same rights as Coaching teachers.

In this way, Junior Brother, you should understand the real value of the inner club members.”

Jiang Sheng frowns, with an awkward look on his face, helplessly said:

“But Li Yuan Teacher asked me to come over to join the news agency, did she say it wrong? Or me Did you hear me wrong?”

At this time, I can only move out of Li Yuan.

Since Li Yuan asked him to help, she must not be rejected by the internal agency.

“Wait, Junior Brother, did you say Li Teacher asked you to come over?”

Without waiting for Jiang Sheng to answer, the door of a compartment behind the youth suddenly opened.

“Xing Junior Brother, don’t worry about this, I’ll take care of it.”

The young man’s expression was lifted, he hurriedly turned his head, and agreed: “Okay, President !”

Jiang Sheng followed.

This guy who is respected as the “President” is a young man who looks extremely gentle.

He always squinted his eyes and smiled at the corners of his mouth, looking harmless to humans and animals.

But the Mental Force in his mind gave Jiang Sheng a completely different look and feel, making his mind tense all the time, as if he was an ominous beast that was chosen and devoured. It will swallow accidentally without leaving any bones.

This is a very powerful Psychic!

Moreover, Jiang Sheng dared to pack a ticket, this man’s Mental Force must be a little special.

The Mental Force innate talents of other Psychic people have been added to special methods such as Future Sight and fortune-telling.

His Mental Force innate talent may have been added to the means of destruction.

Therefore, no matter how well he constricted the Mental Force in his mind, Jiang Sheng felt a hint of irritability.

Such a special Mental Force blessing on Pokemon, I am afraid that Pokemon’s destructive power will be qualitatively improved.

“This is the president of our [Apocalypse] Club, named Chu Mengsheng.”

The young student surnamed Xing helped introduced.

Jiang Sheng nodded, also introduced himself.

“Psychic Academy, Freshman, Jiang Sheng.”

“haha, you are the leader of this year’s high school freshman competition. You have won great honors for our Psychic Academy. I don’t know you.”

Chu Mengsheng walked over quickly, took Jiang Sheng’s shoulders, and pulled him into the previous compartment.

“Let’s go, let’s talk inside. Teacher Li told me about you. I stay here to wait for you.”

Although Chu Mengsheng’s Mental The breath exuding in Force is daunting, but his impression of Jiang Sheng is not bad, and the smile on his face is very sincere.

Into the compartment, Jiang Sheng found that there was Heaven and Earth inside, and there was actually a small Conference Hall here.

There are three other people in the house, two women and one man.

Two of them were acquainted by Jiang Sheng. They were his classmates, who broke into the quarterfinals of the freshman competition with him, the siblings of the Psychic Aristocratic Family.

There is also a petite girl sitting in the corner reading a book, her head down.

“Hey, you are the one who defeated my elder sister. You haven’t been to class for a long time, so I can find it easily.

Boy, let me tell you , You’re up to the matter, there’s a custom in our family, which boy beats my elder sister, he will marry my elder sister.”

Just finished speaking, there was a powerful Confusion in the Conference Hall. Photographed the boy of the pit sister directly onto the wall.

Jiang Sheng laughed awkwardly, looked towards Mu Yao who was shot, she was playing with a spoon in her hand.

“Sorry, there is no such rule in my house, he is talking nonsense.”

“Sister, I’m not doing it for your good, I’m afraid you won’t get married in the future.” p>

The young man got up from the ground and said earnest and well-meant advised.

Mu Yao’s pretty face is blushed, and the spoon in her hand is bent at a right angle. Confusion is surging again in the Conference Hall.

This time, the boy who owed his mouth was directly stuck on the wall. No matter how Struggle was, he couldn’t get rid of it. The mouth was stuck to the wall, and zhi zhi wu wu couldn’t speak clearly.

“Everyone treats him as if he doesn’t exist.”

Jiang Sheng has cold sweat flowing out of his temples, and now he has another thought of death in his heart.

He really wanted to ask Mu Yao’s idol if it was Li Yuan.

These two people are probably the masters of “no peace, only widowed”.

Whoever dares to strike up a conversation with such a dangerous person, no wonder he owes the young man to his elder sister’s lifelong affairs.

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