Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 421

After a small episode, the boy named Mu Yue was finally put down from the wall by his elder sister Mu Yao.

Mu Yue glanced at Jiang Sheng and wanted to speak again.

But Mu Yao frowned, he immediately covered his mouth, his face flushed.

It seems like killing him by not letting him talk.

“haha, the youngster is so energetic!”

Chu Mengsheng said with a slight smile.

“Senior is only a third year in high school this year, just two or three years older than us, right?”

Mu Yao said quietly.

“Yes! That’s it!”

Mu Yue followed.

“Go to the corner, and think about it!”


The spoon that Mu Yao had just straightened in her hand was about to bend again, scared Mu Yue quickly changed his mind.

“Fuck, go right now!”

After speaking, Mu Yue ran into the corner and stood upright facing the corner, for fear that his elder sister would shoot him into the corner with Confusion .

Chu Mengsheng just smiled helplessly, but he didn’t at all explain it.

During this period of time, he also learned about Mu Yue’s temperament. If he was allowed to stay here honestly, they might not be able to talk about it later.

“Junior Brother Jiang, Teacher Li and I mentioned you, everyone’s tasks are actually the same, and I would like to ask you to take care of it. Let’s take care of the big family of Psychic Hospital together.”

Jiang Sheng understood the meaning of Chu Mengsheng’s words, raised his brows, and mourned the new Coaching Teacher.

The members who have the most contact with Coaching Teacher are the members of the internal agency. Now all members of the internal agency are staring at him. It is really difficult for him.

Chu Mengsheng dragged Jiang Sheng to sit down at the conference table, and motioned for Mu Yao to come together.

“I want to sit too.”

Mu Yue in the corner said quietly.

“Shut up!”

Although Mu Yao was fierce with him, Confusion moved and picked up a chair and fell behind Mu Yue, slamming behind his thigh, making him Sit down on the chair.

“Thanks Elder Sister Xie, I will definitely find a good home for you!”

“Shut up!”

Mu Yao finally No more fights, just tired sighed.

If there is a choice, she should kick this funny younger brother to death when she was in the mother’s belly.

Chu Mengsheng is introducing Jiang Sheng to the [Tianqi] Neisha situation.

“Internal clubs are not compared to foreign clubs or other clubs. It is a very special and pure place.

To be honest, if it were not for Teacher Li’s request, this year’s new students would only have Two of their siblings can join the inner club, and no matter how good the others are, they can only be members of the outer club.”

Jiang Sheng was not upset, but curiously asked why.

Chu Mengsheng tells everything.

“We only need the real Psychic Type Trainer. Although everyone has signed an agreement before joining the Psychic hospital to guarantee the training of four Psychic Type Pokemon, you should know that they are not counted.”

“A Trainer will definitely not only train six Pokemon, but his team has been changing into a branch at the professional level and the gym level.

No one can say that he will become A pure Attribute Trainer, or a Trainer with various team styles.”

“Take you as an example. You have been vacillating between Fire Element and Psychic Type. If you are asked to train another Only with Fennekin, you are even more dangerous.”

“The [Apocalypse] community can develop to the point where it is today thanks to the free donations of graduated seniors.

This unique Pokemon growth resource will be distributed to members of the internal society free of charge, only to cultivate the emerging Psychic Type Trainer and contribute to the strength growth of the Alliance Psychic world.”

“Our wish is very simple, we just want to have One day, the world-class Psychic Gym can settle in the East Asia Alliance, allowing the entire world to see the Psychic of our East Asia Alliance.”

“Therefore, our internal resources cannot be wasted at all. Everyone with vested welfare , We must work hard for our ultimate desire.”

Jiang Sheng was immediately in awe.

What he immediately thought of in his mind was those athletes who had won glory for the country in his previous life.

But it is obvious that [Apocalypse] Neisha’s vision is deeper.

If you force the world-class Psychic Gym as a metaphor, it is like the normal position of the five permanent members of a world organization in Jiang Sheng’s previous life. It is a symbol of national strength and has a transcendent status in the world.

Jiang Sheng knew in his heart that he owed Li Yuan a favor.

According to Chu Mengsheng’s statement, this big cake originally had no part of her own, but Li Yuan forced herself in and gave herself a piece of cake.

Now Jiang Sheng is a little curious, what exactly is the treasure resource that is so nervous by members of the inner society?

His gaze glanced at Mu Yao and the petite girl sitting in the corner reading a book, but unfortunately he didn’t see a different look on their faces.

“I have said so much, it is really a bit long-winded.

No other ideas, just hope to strengthen your Psychic Type Trainer path, for our [Apocalypse] societies countless Work hard on behalf of the members’ final vision.”

Maybe I accidentally noticed Jiang Sheng’s eyes, afraid that Jiang Sheng would think too much, Chu Mengsheng said again:

” I think that your arrival will not diminish our interests. I will report your quota at that time, and the seniors who graduated will approve additional resources.”

“Counting you three, we There are only ten members in the inner society. The resources are provided once a month, and seniors can still get it.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, asked:

“I need me Do you do something?”

Chu Mengsheng chuckled again, and asked:

“You should know about scholarships in ordinary high schools? Those seniors who provide scholarships have requirements Do the students who get the scholarship do anything?”

He explained with earnest words:

“This is a kind of funding. All seniors hope that the recipients can be in Psychic Type Trainer has been going on this road, working together for our common vision, let the world-class Psychic Gym settle in the East Asia Alliance!”

“I will.”

Jiang Sheng gives himself Replies.

He is keenly aware that this kind of resource will not be easy, and of course he will not miss this opportunity.

“haha, in fact, you still need to do something and so on.”

Jiang Sheng:……

“Senior, I want to make it clear in advance Right.”

“Don’t worry, it’s very simple. You don’t need to do anything for three years in high school. Just worry about improving your trainer level.

After graduating from high school, you will give You are a group for you to add. If there are extra Psychic Type resources that you don’t need, please contact the group management. He will find a way to transform it into the kind of special resources we will use in the future, and then give it to the new generations of [Apocalypse]. .”

Jiang Sheng slightly nodded, this request is not unacceptable, it is only passed on from generation to generation, this is a virtue.

If the special area in his yard cannot be taken away after graduation, it can happen to be handled by the internal agency.

“Okay, Senior, what do I need to do in the future? Which rules should I follow?”

At this time, Jiang Sheng did not give Chu Mengsheng the opportunity to refuse, as if Think of yourself as a member of the [Apocalypse] Inner Society.

Chu Mengsheng shook his head and laughed, and sighed:

“Junior Brother is also decisive!”

Jiang Sheng smiled and said nothing, in order not to waste Li Yuan’s work Well, I’ll take advantage of it.

As for the task that Li Yuan explained, in return, he will inevitably be very attentive and mourn for the poor trust Coaching Teacher.

“There are not many rules in the internal agency, but please remember that as long as you are in school, you must come to the auditorium to participate in at least one battle every day, and you can play against members of the internal agency or members of the foreign agency.”


“This is the rule set by the sixteenth president. The reputation is that we must always keep motivated and motivate ourselves to move forward.”

” Coaching Teacher is present, there will be rewards and punishments for the victory or defeat. With within the body, let me send you a document through the campus APP account for you to read.”

Jiang Sheng suddenly interrupted Chu Mengsheng and curiously asked:

“Senior, how many generations are you president?”

Chu Mengsheng touched his chin, his eyes showed memories.

“Me? It seems to be the 46th…No, it is the 48th generation!”

Jiang Sheng’s eyes jumped, one generation is one year, this is really long enough!

“The rest is nothing. I will give you the permission at night. You can swipe the tasks assigned by our internal agency in the campus APP.

Do more tasks, more Earn credits and work hard to become stronger. This is my only requirement for Rookies.”

“By the way, you have more time to coach and train with members of the foreign agency. You are all geniuses. On the Trainer road Shang Yuan walked in front of them.”

Jiang Sheng was a little surprised, waved his hand again and again, and declined:

“I may not be able to do the last one. I feel like I am nothing. Powerful.”

Mu Yao’s face turned dark, what does this bastard mean, he defeated him, is he so unbearable?

“haha, Junior Brother, don’t undervalue oneself. Your Kadabra’s control of Confusion and Metang’s use of Psycho Cut make me amazed.”

Jiang Sheng touched his chin , Nodded should be under.

It turned out to be taught by Kadabra and Metang, then I’m fine.

“Do you still have questions?”

Jiang Sheng glanced at Mu Yao, Mu Yao shook the head, Jiang Sheng then asked:

“Senior, what about our new Coaching Teacher? Do you know any news?”

Chu Mengsheng began to talk about the poor Coaching Teacher who was to be monitored by everyone.

It is said that she is a foreign girl, Little Princess of a business empire, born Psychic, come here to experience life.

Jiang Sheng squinted his eyes, and suddenly remembered Madison Onassis who should be “monitored” by Giovanni.

This bad luck child is not her Little Princess, right?

Afterwards, after a few people introduced themselves, they started chatting briefly.

The petite girl that interests Jiang Sheng the most.

She is called Yun Yiyi, and she is also a born Psychic person. She is not an Acquired cultivation like Jiang Sheng, but possesses extraordinary innate talent.

Her special innate talent is not as abnormal as Little Sponge, but it is rare enough.

“Super Memories”!

It is not clear whether it is a disease or a special innate talent.

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