Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 422

After spending half a day in the small Conference Hall, Jiang Sheng filled out an application form before leaving the Psychic auditorium.

Chu Mengsheng told Jiang Sheng that other members of the internal agency are performing tasks outside, and they can only be introduced to Jiang Sheng when they meet next time.

About the special resource he mentioned before, it is a kind of nutritional pill, which is only for Psychic Type Pokemon and will be provided once a month.

It happens that the quota for this month has not yet come down. After reporting his quota two days later, the Senior in charge will adjust the quota and send the quotas of their three Rookies together.

For this, Chu Mengsheng also registered the number of Psychic Type Pokemon held by Jiang Sheng.

I talked about the new Coaching teacher. The above just arranged a position for her, but the other party has not come to report, so at this stage, Jiang Sheng needs to do nothing at all.

After leaving the Psychic auditorium, Jiang Sheng went to the Big Island of Normal Type.

He is a busy man, and he has to go to another place.

Normal Type office building, Jiang Sheng took the elevator and went underground, to enter the Underwater library again.

When the elevator door opened, a girl with a nice face and a cold temperament appeared at the elevator entrance and stopped Jiang Sheng.

He happens to know this person.

No, it should be said that “Giovanni” happened to know each other. She was one of the “pig teammates” Jiang Sheng met in Mojiacun-Lin Xing’er.

For this reason, Jiang Sheng secretly reminded himself not to show his feet.

Be aware that he did not have Ditto at the time, and his disguise skills were not superb. Naturally, his identity cover was not perfect.

What’s worse, Abra was almost recognized by her!

“High school freshman?”

Jiang Sheng nodded.

“What are you doing here? This is the activity room of the [Ancient Mystery] club, and idlers are not allowed to enter.

Because the archives in the activity room involve Alliance secrets, such as unauthorized access Take legal responsibility, please leave as soon as possible.”

Speaking, Lin Xing’er raised her hand and pressed the elevator button to the side to close the elevator door and send Jiang Sheng up.

Jiang Sheng pressed the switch in the elevator to prevent the elevator door from closing, and said hurriedly:

“Senior Sister, wait, I’m here to join the ancient society.”

Lin Myolie frowned slightly, still blocking the elevator door, and asked:

“Do you know that our club is going to do and so on? We are different from other clubs. , Is not recruiting new people.”

This Jiang Sheng knows very well that Normal can join [Ancient Mystery]. They are recommended by people from the tomb-robbing community at home. It is an extremely exclusive society. .

With the title of “Netherworld Earth Dragon”, Jiang Sheng can be regarded as a guest by Lu Song.

But unfortunately, the dísciple of “Netherworld Earth Dragon” is “Giovanni”, not his Jiang Sheng, so he has to join the club on his own.

“Senior Sister, I have carefully understood it. I know that joining the company requires a series of rigorous examinations. I have specially prepared for this and I am confident to pass the assessment.”

This is the news that Jiang Sheng got from Li Yuan, which proves his sincerity.

Hearing about the exam, Lin Myolie’s face was slightly less cold.

This is enough to prove that Jiang Sheng didn’t come here by accident, but as he said, he made preparations in advance.

“Well, you come with me.”

Only Lin Xing’er stepped aside and Jiang Sheng was able to step out of the elevator.

Looking into the activity room or the depths of the library, what is the difference from not at all when he came last time.

There are four students sitting at the table, immersed in the book, as if they did not notice Jiang Sheng’s arrival.

Following Myolie Lin walked in, beside the bookshelf in a corner, Jiang Sheng saw Lu Song, Coaching Teacher of [Ancient Mystery].

After Lin Xing’er reported his incident to Lu Song, then she turned and left.

Lu Song glanced at Jiang Sheng, thought for a while before remembering Jiang Sheng’s identity, smiled and patted Jiang Sheng’s shoulder, and said:

“didn’t expect It’s you brat! How is Scorbunny now? I also paid attention to the last freshman game. I didn’t see Scorbunny playing. It’s really a shame.

However, I also want to congratulate you. The leader position, the strength is very good!”

The attitude of Lu Song made Jiang Sheng feel a lot closer.

He shook his head and smiled bitterly, with a little helpless tone in his tone.

“The competition in the freshman competition last time was too fierce. If I send Scorbunny up, I’m afraid I will lose the championship early and won’t win the championship.”

“Right, Scorbunny It has evolved a long time ago, and now it is Raboot.

Recently, I got the spiritual crystallization of [Intimidation] Characteristic Trait. Its original moves have become more and more perfect, and I have the opportunity to show it in front of the Teacher. ”

Lü Song gave a startled suspicion, and browsed slightly by surprise.

After a pause, he tentatively asked:


“Teacher bright vision like a torch!”

“What’s wrong with this? It’s not hard to guess. Those who will intimidate are reckless men. Only Stantler is good at Psychic Type moves.

It’s that you are really good. Did you dug it out from the ground?”

Lu Song asked tentatively.

Jiang Sheng smiled but said nothing.

“Now I believe you came here on purpose. Maybe it is really possible to pass the assessment and join the club.”

Lv Song has already made a brain supplement in his mind. It is believed that the spiritual crystallization was dug out from the ground by Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng’s original intention was to create this kind of misunderstanding and improve his score in Lu Song in mind.

“Okay, let’s not talk too much nonsense. This paper has been prepared for a long time. Even among the members of the community, few can get more than half of the score.”

“Tell you in advance that it takes 60 points to pass the test.”

Jiang Sheng’s eyebrows twitched, and he didn’t say anything. He could only sigh [Ancient Mystery] is really an exclusive society.

The official members of the society are unable to pass 50 points, which is enough to show that they did not join through legitimate channels.

Lu Song took Jiang Sheng to a desk by the window, and asked Jiang Sheng to sit down temporarily, while he went to prepare the papers.

I heard that Rookie was going to take an exam, and the four students who were immersed in the book finally reacted.

Along with Myolie Lin, a total of four women and one man, they quickly found the best position and sat at the table near Jiang Sheng, waiting to watch the exam process.

Jiang Sheng smiled at them and said hello.

After a while, Lu Song came back with four printed A4 papers. Not at all immediately, he handed the paper to Jiang Sheng, but asked:

“Jiang Sheng , Do you really know our [Ancient Mystery] community?

Although we correspond to the ancient administration of Alliance, one of the three major institutions, we are not a subordinate organization.”


“Teacher, I don’t understand the difference between the two organizations. I’m only interested in monuments and antiquities.

I have survived in an incredible monument and have been Overwhelmingly, I like the excitement.

I love to explore the strange monuments, and I like to collect all kinds of treasures just unearthed.”

Jiang Sheng look Excited, eyes shining, full of longing.

If Kadabra is here, I must be amazed: Little Jiang Sheng? The old actor!

The corner of Lu Song’s mouth curled up and joked.

“haha, it’s a very unique hobby, don’t say it outside, or you’ll have to wear a silver bracelet.”

The students on the side also have a big laughter.

“roar! If he joins in, those hard-working lunatics will have to add another General.”

After the laughter, the only male student teased.

“Who do you say is a lunatic?”

Lin Myolie turned her head and glared at him, scared that person waved his hand quickly.

Jiang Sheng laughed in his heart. Judging from Mojiacun’s time, Lin Xing’er should also be the hard worker in his mouth.

“Okay, don’t make any noise, it’s time for the exam.”

After comforting the other members, Lu Song said to Jiang Sheng:

” If you can join us, you will be able to go one step further from your dreams. I hope you have real materials.”

Speaking, Lu Song passed the paper in his hand to Jiang Sheng.

“This is a theoretical question. It will give you 80 minutes and the score will account for 60%. After you finish it, I will tell you about the next stage of assessment.”

Jiang Sheng nodded should Next, start answering questions with your head down.

The first module is a simple history question.

From the record of human civilization to the modern “War of the Dragon Slaying”, a total of ten questions were selected during this period of time. In the whole paper, the scores are not much.

Jiang Sheng is very interested in the history of this parallel world and learned it carefully when he was very young.

So these questions are not difficult for him.

The next modules include the analysis of ancient characters, the association of the content of ancient murals, the history of changes in earth veins and rivers, and the textual research on customs…

Jiang Sheng looked a little confused.

Fortunately, some customs and anecdotes are recorded in the notes of the ancestors I have read, which broadens Jiang Sheng’s knowledge.

This made Jiang Sheng faced this paper, although he was a little stretched and struggling to cope, but he was not completely unable to find a way to answer the question.

Jiang Sheng is very familiar with the last module, and the corners of his mouth are slightly raised.

There are only two questions in this module, which belong to theoretical questions, and they are all related to the Attribute-inhibition theory used when breaking the tomb.


There is an ancient Pokemon sleeping place, and the Pokemon is the Brikalong of the “Grass+Fighting” series.

There are four different landforms in four directions on the periphery of the main tomb.

It is known that there is a large plain in the east, loess is full of the sky, and many Ground Type Pokemon survive;

There are rivers passing by in the south, and there are many kinds of fish Pokemon;

To the west is a large forest, where there are many Dark Type Pokemon living in the forest;

Please envisage the topography of the north based on the above conditions, and give the Pokemon group most likely to live in it.

This question is very similar to the first tomb the Master brought him into.

Master once said that it is the most formal tomb and it is most suitable for teaching.

Now that the Master’s words are being fulfilled, [Ancient Mystery] also uses similar tombs with the same principles to investigate the student level.

The answer is very simple. There is a possibility that there will be a Rock Attribute sub-cemetery in the north. The terrain may be stone mountain, stone forest, barren Valley…

Pokemon is most likely to live in the north. Both are Rock Type Pokemon.

If you want to be specific, Geodude, the Rock Type Pokemon that can be seen everywhere, must be indispensable.

The last question is a little bit level, but with the knowledge recorded in the notes of the ancestors, it is naturally difficult for Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng still kept his mind, and only answered the superficially, not at all for in-depth analysis.

This is an extremely xenophobic society, Jiang Sheng suspects that there may also be views inside.

So he has to mold himself into a genius without inheritance, so that others will not be behind him if they have any good things.

He can make a fortune in the [Ancient Mystery].

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