Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 423

After answering all the questions on the four sheets of A4 paper, Lu Song was watching.

When he saw Jiang Sheng giving the answer to the penultimate theoretical question, he was not calm, his eyes were full of surprise.

When Jiang Sheng put down his pen, arranged the papers and handed it to Lu Song, Lu Song asked:

“Do you have no Teacher? About archaeology?”

Jiang Sheng was taken aback, and asked in surprise:

“Archaeology? Does it mean the exploration of monuments? Does it still need a Teacher?”

(Yu Xuanzheng riding Salamence Come, I said I didn’t want to talk to Jiang Sheng, and threw a Wigglytuff at Jiang Sheng.)

Lu Song nodded, seriously said:

“Of course it is necessary, such as this The second problem is the most common situation we encounter in archaeology.

If there is no teacher to teach you how to crack, you may be trapped in the cemetery and cannot get out.”

” Graveyard? It turns out that the community can take us to the tomb. Are there any cemetery-style monuments?” (Mengxin.jpg)

Jiang Sheng’s eyes lit up, as if he had thought of something, and he was convinced. Nodded.

“The monument I visited before was a Dragon King Temple, surrounded by a strange forest made up of Trevenant corpses. It took me a lot of effort to escape from the forest.

In this way, the place I have been to is regarded as the ancient tomb of Trevenant and it is also said.”

During the talk, Jiang Sheng compiled his resume little by little to perfectly clear.

At the same time, I am also full of my own “genius cute” character.

“Then you are so lucky. What we call’archaeology’ is actually related to ancient tombs. We will excavate people or Pokemon’s tombs, and often go in and out of Trevenant woods similar to the ones you have encountered. Such dangerous places are very likely to have mortal danger, can you accept it?”

Jiang Sheng replied without thinking:

“It’s okay, the spirit I said before The crystallization is found from the underground. I am not at all taboo about those things.”

Lü Song is satisfied and nodded.

Jiang Sheng took the opportunity to ask:

“Teacher, what is the ancient Pokemon mentioned in the previous topic?”

Lv Song not at all immediately reply, first Handed the paper to Myolie Lin who was aside.

“Go and check the answer, quickly calculate the score.”

After Lin Xing’er left, Lu Songcai said to Jiang Sheng:

” Regarding the ancient Pokemon, it involves the secrets of the Alliance. After you join the club, I will give you a detailed introduction.”

Jiang Sheng is nodded, saying:

“No Said that there is a next stage of assessment? Do you have to wait for the paper to be separated? Or start now?”

“Start now.”

Lü Song turned his head and looked towards the excitement The four students of, ordered:

“Go and find the four task items that have just been unearthed. Get them here, and you will use them later in the assessment.”

The four complied , Act immediately and ran to the small room Jiang Sheng entered when he came over last time.

After two 3 minutes, they each took out a box made of wooden boards and put it on the table in the vicinity.

Lü Song again looked towards the only one of the four boys, and instructed:

“Zhang Xuyang, you go get my toolbox.”

Zhang Xuyang ran back again with a look of decay, and carried out a long strip box from the inside. Under Lu Song’s instructions, it was placed on the table in front of Jiang Sheng.

Lu Song opened the toolbox and Jiang Sheng looked down curiously.

There are all kinds of grotesquely shaped gadgets, such as magnifying glass, flashlight, magnet, small brush…

Jiang Sheng also sensed the micro in the glass beads on the side of the box Uncheckable breath of ancient energy.

Lü Song took out a small crowbar over 30 centimeters long and pried open the lids of the four wooden boxes one by one, revealing the contents of the box.

Jiang Sheng had known what was inside, he had sensed the strong breath of ancient energy.

Obviously, the box contains antiquities.

Even though every ancient object was wiped clean, there is still a smell of soil on it. Indeed, as Lu Song said before, it was just unearthed.

The antiquities buried deep in the ground are the most honest.

Unless some special cases, the amount of ancient energy contained in it is traceable.

Overwhelming majority must follow the rule of waiting one year in one point ancient energy.

Of course, special objects such as ritual vessels and sacrificial vessels are excluded.

For example, he found the incense burner for sacrifice in the Laboratory.

Jiang Sheng has already guessed Lu Song’s plan, this second Rank assessment, I am afraid that he will tell the ancients!

Meow, it’s a pity that I don’t become an Appraisal Master of cultural relics!

“The assessment of the Second Rank section is very simple. You need to use these tools in front of your eyes to determine the age of these four antiquities.”

Jiang Sheng is the upper body of the dramatist, with both eyes. Shining, staring at the four antiquities in front of him with scorching eyes, making no secret of his love for them.

He rubbed his hands and made a look of embarrassment.

“Teacher, can I touch your baby?”

In the library, the atmosphere instantly became a little joyful.


Lu Song looked blank, and then fiercely glared at Zhang Xuyang, who was about to smile.

Immediately, he said to Jiang Sheng:

“Yes, they are not at all so delicate. What people like us value is not their collection value. You will understand later. .”

“Let’s do it, there are a total of four antiquities in front of you, as long as you break the right one, I will give you one.”

“Teacher said that, The students can only be disrespectful, and I hope the Teacher will not repent.”

Jiang Sheng doesn’t know what sorry is.

Without waiting for Lu Song’s reaction, he immediately took the first antiquities out of the wooden box filled with shockproof materials.

This is a white copper gilded embossed bamboo ink cartridge, an object used by ancient scholars.

There is still uncleaned soil at the corners of the relief, which is obviously a funerary object, which was unearthed only recently.

There is not much ancient energy in it, about 300 points.

If there is no accident, it should only have a history of more than 300 years.

Jiang Sheng has a brainstorm. Although he knows the age of antiquities, how to say exporting is a technical job.

He rolled his eyes and thought of the unremarkable bead in the toolbox.

This bead with ancient energy cannot be used for decoration, right?

Thinking this way, Jiang Sheng pulled out the glass bead from the toolbox, frowning and staring at the bead.

“Teacher, is this bead also a tool?”

Lu Song’s expression congeals, nodded replied:

“Naturally, everything in the box is A tool for you to use.”

Jiang Sheng showed a confident smile at the corner of his mouth, and stuffed the beads back.

“In my opinion, this cartridge has a history of more than 300 years, Teacher, I don’t know if I’m right.”

Lu Song did not respond positively, but the four onlookers The student gave the answer with his own expression.

They all have a look of shock, and their eyes are uncertain.

Are you going to capture a wild boss today?

“Continue, next one.”

Jiang Sheng took out the second antique, this time an antique with considerable collection value.

A bottle of famille rose, about 30 centimeters high, is well-preserved and the paintings are lifelike, without any damage.

“Cannot read the signature, because it is a genuine product.”

Lü Song reminded him.

Jiang Sheng didn’t do too much action either. He just put it on the table and touched the bottle, then said:

“It’s worse than the ink cartridge just now. There are too many, only less than two hundred years of history.”


Lu Song seems to have become a feelingless person who only says “continue” machine.

The third antique is a copper mirror, which should be the mirror on the dressing table of a large family in ancient times. It is also very well preserved, with only a small amount of patina.

“copper mirror is good, but unfortunately this thing is not valuable, and its age is not good, about 600 years of history.”

Jiang Sheng is still thinking about it At once, the four students followed nodded with deep conviction, and they also studied this deeply.

“Last one, I will tell you the result after the end.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, reached out and took out the last antiquities.

In his perception, the ancient energy in this box is the strongest, and the antiquities in it must be good, so it was placed last.

What he held out was a bottle of azure glaze three-legged wash!

Jiang Sheng jumped at the corner of his eyebrows, and almost threw this thing with a shake of his hand.

Those with a little bit of knowledge will suspect that it is a fake.

But according to the perception given to him by ancient energy, this azure glaze three-legged wash should indeed be from that era.

Jiang Sheng suddenly remembered something. The second time he saw Master, Master deceived himself with fake porcelain.

Some antiquities look like Western Zhou Dynasty, but they are actually from last week!

Lu Song will not play this one for himself again, right?

Three-foot washing is a classic type of Ru kiln porcelain in the Northern Song Dynasty, and Ru kiln has only been fired for more than 20 years, and only 70 pieces of Ru kiln porcelain have been handed down.

Only one azure-glazed three-legged wash has been handed down and is kept in the museum.

How could Lu Song get the same bottle again?

It is afraid that it is not a modern imitation, and then it was poured into ancient energy by ancient Pokemon.

At this level of fraud, you can really only look at those experts.

He can’t tell the truth from the false anyway.

“Teacher, this thing is not fake, is it? Wouldn’t it be bought from Bixixi last week? If it is true, it will have a history of nearly a thousand years.”

Lu Song didn’t have time to pay attention to Jiang Sheng’s jokes, his face was shaking, it was obviously the expression that his heart was bleeding.

“It’s true. I just found it some time ago. It was supposed to be my collection. Now it’s cheaper for you.”

“The four are all right, now they are all It’s yours!”

Before Jiang Sheng could speak, the Senior Sister and Senior onlookers cheered first.

“Wow, what a big man!”

“Wow, I sent it, I sent it, Junior Brother sent it!”

“From now on we will take Junior Brother go to Antique Street, wouldn’t it be possible to make a fortune!”


The four Senior Sisters and Seniors stared at the treasure boy Jiang Sheng with their eyes bright, then He looks like he can’t wait to swallow Jiang Sheng into his stomach.

The main reason is that the collection value of the last antiquities is too great. As long as you let the wind go, someone might come to Jiang Sheng with a pennant tomorrow.

Prosperity antique chaos gold!

Even in this parallel world, this principle still applies.

Last time Zheng Zhi didn’t understand his request, so he spent a lot of money to buy him a few good-quality collection antiques. His heart is bleeding now.

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