Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 424

There are some Uproars around, and Lu Song frowned slightly, trying to say something, but when he saw the four students around, he stopped talking.

“Okay, the assessment is over, and I’m going to do my own work. There is nothing for you here.”

He acted impatiently and cleared the room temporarily.

The four of them were swept away by Lu Song’s eyes, and none of them dared to refute. They went back to the previous desk in frustration, and turned their heads absent-mindedly.

“You come with me, I have something to ask you.”

Lu Song turned his head and left, Jiang Sheng followed, thinking of Lu Songyi in his mind What will it say.

In addition to the small treasure house before, there are many rooms in the library.

Lu Song brought Jiang Sheng to a Conference Hall this time.

The innermost wall is completely a large piece of transparent bulletproof glass, which can see the scenery under the sea.

Many fish Pokemon swim in the sea, and a few Tentacruels, gathered by the glass, are very interested in indoor furnishings.

There is a saying, this Underwater Library is definitely the best building Jiang Sheng has ever seen in Trainer High School.

If possible, he really hopes his dormitory can do the same.

A white board was erected next to the glass wall, full of handwriting and scribbled sketches.

Jiang Sheng glanced curiously, feeling that the above content should be an analysis of the structure of an ancient tomb.

With a sound of “squeak”, the door was closed, Jiang Sheng’s thoughts withdrawn.

“Does Teacher come to me to talk about antiquities? My appraisal method was a bit shameless, so I would not take Teacher’s previous words seriously.”

Song raised his hand to interrupt Jiang Sheng, and said indifferently:

“It’s just bauble, I’ll give it to you if I give it to you. Only the last one is more precious, whether you choose to collect it or hand it in to Alliance, or The auction is your own business, and I won’t bother about it.”

Before Jiang Sheng refused again, Lu Song continued:

“I am very good to you just now. Curious, can you perceive the special energy contained in the pearl and the four ancient objects?”

Jiang Sheng looked towards Lu Song, pretending to be surprised, and after a pause, nodded.

“Yes, I don’t know what energy it is, but I can clearly perceive it.”

“I am a psychic, but unfortunately the innate talent is not surprising.

Aptitude is mediocre in the fields of fortune-telling, Future Sight, etc. that Psychic people are good at. The only thing that can be regarded as a specialty is to be good at perceiving the energy flowing in nature.

It is also because of this innate. Talent, I can come out of the Trevenant forest that I strayed into last time.”

The ancient energy that happened to be a little bit in the pearl was deliberately placed in the toolbox for measurement.

As long as you can perceive the pearl’s anomaly and use it as a standard, you can easily determine how much ancient energy there is in the four ancient objects.

Because the four ancient relics are not special and are buried deep underground, the amount of ancient energy equals how many years.

Although this rule is not known by the average person, as long as you are more flexible, you can figure it out by yourself.

This is Jiang Sheng’s perfect excuse for himself.

There are lie in the mouth, and the thoughts are in my mind.

He also doesn’t know if Master Yu Xuan shows off his ability to his old friends?

So he temporarily changed his words, saying that he was good at perceiving various energy flows in nature, not just confined to ancient energy.

This is Innate Ability, no one can covet it.

In the future, if Lu Song encounters some tricky things on the tomb robber, he will definitely think of him immediately.

At that time, he will be able to mix some soup and drink it, and be more cunning, maybe he can steal a big bone or two.

No matter what, it is better than sitting withered in the sub-rudder and waiting for the news of the tomb.

Lu Song really showed interest in his eyes.

But he didn’t at all chasing after what he cared about and asked immediately, instead he caught the forest of Trevenant that Jiang Sheng has been inseparable from in a few words.

“I forgot to ask you, where is the Trevenant forest you kept talking about?”

“In the forest near my neighboring village, the Trevenant forest is surrounded by I broke into the Dragon King Temple by mistake. After I got out by chance, I burned the woods clean.”

After hearing the whole story, Lu Song expressed his opinion about this Trevenant which is related to ancient energy. Lin lost interest and brought the topic back on track.

“In my opinion, your special ability is much rarer than fortune-telling.

Give you a suggestion, you can try to use it in Pokémon battle , Maybe there will be a miraculous effect similar to the first opportunity of the enemy.”

Jiang Sheng’s eyes lit up, as if he was inspired and nodded deeply.

On the face like this, he smiled helplessly in his heart.

It’s just nothing serious. Where are the many Psychic people with special ability in this world?

Not everyone has good innate talents like Sponge, Chu Mengsheng, and Yun Yiyi. Overwhelming majority Psychic are “ordinary people” like himself and Mu Yao.

“By the way, would you like to worship me as a teacher? I can teach you something interesting that will make it easier for you to fulfill your dreams.”

“Teacher is Talk about the doorways of the tomb robbery?”

Lü Song showed a teachable demeanor, nodded.

Jiang Sheng was very happy at first, but suddenly remembered something, and shook his head suddenly.

“Forget it, Teacher, thank you for your love, but unfortunately, I don’t want to be here.

I want to be a powerful Psychic Type Trainer. Historical exploration is just one of my hobby. , I won’t be addicted to it all the time.”

Lv Song regretfully sighed, and didn’t say anything to persuade him, just reminded:

“Then remember, your innate talent Stop telling others, I think of some bad things.”

Jiang Sheng was a little confused for a while, did the lies he made up casually touched on any secrets?

“You said you can perceive the flow of energy in the air. I don’t know how far this perception can be.

But there is a kind of energy that is very dangerous. I don’t want it to be Within the scope of your perception, that kind of energy is called natural energy!”


Jiang Sheng frowned and thought, looking for the memory in his mind, wanting to recall What exactly is it?

Without waiting for Jiang Sheng to recall, Lu Song has already begun to popularize relevant knowledge for him.

“That is a special kind of energy that existed in the ultra-ancient times, which once spread all over the world.

The contradiction between two ultra-ancient Pokemon is not only caused by the expansion of land or sea Disagreement is more about wanting to compete for this special energy. [1]

If you can find this special energy, you can use this energy to control two ultra-ancient Pokemon.

Of course, it is also possible that others threaten you to find out, and then they sit back and enjoy their achievements, control the ultra-ancient Pokemon, and realize their vision!”

Lu Song has a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, and there is no warmth in that smile. , Makes people feel chills.

Jiang Sheng in ones heart trembled, he finally remembered what natural energy is!

Although the term “natural energy” feels unfamiliar, the things it produces after crystallization and the products after polishing can not be ignored.

Vermillion Orb!

Indigo Orb!

The key to two ultra-ancient Pokemon entering Primal Reversion!

If the words just spread out, his future fate will never be better there.

At the very least, the [Siyuan Sea] organization that I have encountered before will look at him first.

“Teacher, I want to say that I made up everything just now. Would you believe it?”

Lu Song’s eyes narrowed and the corners of his mouth pale said with a smile:


“Of course I believe, remember not to make such outrageous things next time.”

Jiang Sheng suddenly nodded, regardless of Lu Song’s believing or not, he won’t dare to do it again next time It’s so eloquent.

Later, Lu Song invited Jiang Sheng to sit down, popularized the concepts of ancient tombs, ancient Pokemon, ancient energy, etc., and introduced Jiang Sheng’s “fake cuteness” into a New World.

“It’s incredible. It’s really a field that people can’t study thoroughly in a lifetime.

Unfortunately, I only treat it as a hobby. My greatest wish is to become a hobby. A powerful Psychic Type Gym Trainer and Elite Trainer.”

Jiang Sheng sighed with long eyes and a little regret on his face.

So far, Jiang Sheng has been maintaining his personality.

He is a pure Trainer, working hard for the pursuit of greater strength.

He has an incomprehensible hobby, he likes to explore (dig graves) in ancient sites, and is a new Macy who has a very innate talent in the field of “archaeology”.

Which powerful Trainer has no quirks. Didn’t you see a champion next door who still likes to dig stones?

The door of the Conference Hall was knocked. After getting permission, Myolie Lin walked in with the test paper.

Jiang Sheng’s score has been calculated.

Jiang Sheng’s answer to the written test is not bad, he scored 56 points in total.

According to its 60% proportion, the final score should be 33.6 points.

Look at the second rank practical exam again.

Jiang Sheng’s four antiquities are all correctly dated and got full marks.

Calculated according to the proportion of 40%, he scored 40 points.

Adding the scores of the two stages, Jiang Sheng scored a total of 73.6 points and passed the pass line.

“Congratulations, you have passed the first rank assessment!”

First Rank?

Jiang Sheng corner of mouth twitching, co-author, there are other programs next!

Only the “written test + practical operation” of this First Rank paragraph can screen out most people.

No wonder that when Clark Li Yuan asked for the news, Li Yuan said that without a recommendation, it is difficult for outsiders to join the [Ancient Mystery] community.

“Teacher, want to join the club, how many tests are there in total?”

Jiang Sheng asked helplessly.

“Not much, just two. Now you have completed the first rank assessment, and then the second rank assessment, we need to examine your practical ability.”

Xiao’er Lin on the side suddenly interrupted:

“Teacher, there are no more exploration missions in the club recently, and they have been taken away by other members.”

“Um… Then go to the ancient association to buy a clue. Anyway, it’s just an entrance examination. It doesn’t need to be too difficult. The tasks of the ancient association that seem right but actually aren’t just right.”

“Teacher, this Nor, I recently went there to check, most of the tasks that were posted were false news, and the remaining few had nothing to do with ancient Pokemon.” Lin Xinger shook her head again and vetoed Lu Song’s proposal.

“It seems that I can only wait for a while.”

Lu Song helplessly laughed at Jiang Sheng and said:

“Look, this It’s a bit of a coincidence that the final First Rank assessment can only be delayed for a while.”

tone barely fell, Lu Song’s phone ringing suddenly rang.

He took a look at the caller ID, frowned slightly, and did not let the two of them dodge, and directly connected the call.

【1】: Natural energy, from the Pokemon special comics, the final battle, Archie and Maxie collapsed, the natural energy recrystallized and disappeared on the ground of Fengyuan, Giovanni who was rushed by the news Find and take away.

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