Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 425

“What? Are you sure there is something there?…Wild’s? It’s really not dangerous?…Is it enough to just collect information?…Okay, then I get it!”

After hanging up the phone, Lu Song showed a smile on his face and said to Jiang Sheng:

“I really mean Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here, here is the task.

Just collect information. Yes, it won’t let you risk it.

On the outskirts of Bincheng City, our informant found a strange big Eevee and suspected it was related to ancient Pokemon.

I’ll send you the location, so you can check it out.”

Lv Song was a little worried and warned repeatedly:

“Remember, just collect the information. If you find something, don’t get too close to the other party, and it’s strictly forbidden to fight with the other party, or take responsibility for the consequences.”

Jiang Sheng looks serious and nodded.

Afterwards, Jiang Sheng exchanged contact information with Lu Song and Lin Xing’er before leaving the [Ancient Mystery] activity room.

He has not yet become a full member, so he is not used to interacting with those students too much.

Of course, this is just Jiang Sheng’s own thoughts.

The three women and one man really want to communicate with Jiang Sheng. They really want to take Jiang Sheng to the antique street to take advantage.

One of the girls has a big mouth and can’t hide things at all. She posted a post on the forum that day.

The post said that Jiang Sheng, the top freshman in the first year of high school, is a big man in the literary and entertainment world, and is very likely to be the only one who has passed the assessment to join the [Ancient Mystery] in the past ten years Ghost.

This post, not at all, caused too much heat, with only a few dozen comments, and it quickly sank.

In the evening, Jiang Sheng received detailed information about the second rank assessment.

All relevant information is sent from the private account in the campus APP, which is regarded as a private commission from Lu Song. Credits will be credited after completion.

The mission location is a wild nature reserve called Tianmen Mountain. There is a torrent from the mountain. The terrain is more dangerous and it is a good place for extreme drifting.

However, due to the strength of Pokemon in the mountains, except for some powerful Trainers, few people go in for danger.

There were also developers who wanted to develop this treasure, but the development plan had to be suspended due to the fierce rebound of Pokemon in the mountains.

In the information sent by Lu Song, relevant information of the developer was also specifically mentioned.

Jiang Sheng took a curious look and found that the developer was a consortium in the field of biological genes, and the manager of the consortium was named Sun.

A bio-genetic person who actually gets involved in the entertainment industry such as extreme rafting and castle vacation?

This is because the market in the field of biological genes is not good. Are you ready to change careers?

Unfortunately, it failed in the end.

In the yard, Jiang Sheng told all Pokemon that he was going to perform a mission in the field tomorrow.

Among them, Houndoom and Raboot are particularly excited.

These two guys have been “trapped” on the island for several months, and have long wanted to go back to the land to stretch their bones.

Jiang Sheng deliberately checked their current level with a hand ring, and was very satisfied with their progress during this period.

In the early morning of 2nd day, Jiang Sheng brought six Pokemons: Houndoom, Kadabra, Raboot, Raichu, Metang (X2) and set off for Tianmen Mountain.

He seems to have “persecution delusion”, and this time he did not leave school through formal channels.

He first let Kadabra teleport to the buoy dropped a long time ago with a long-distance Teleport.

After three consecutive transmissions, Jiang Sheng did not release Metang until the Psychic mark of Kadabra disappeared nearby, sat on Metang’s head, and followed the instructions of the mobile phone navigation to move towards the target location Tianmen Mountain and flew away.

About noon, Jiang Sheng landed.

He wanted to go directly to the hinterland of Tianmen Mountain and investigate the traces of the so-called ancient Eevee.

But Houndoom, they are not willing, they have to come out to breathe fresh air.

Jiang Sheng had no choice but to let Metang put him on the outskirts of the forest, and then hike into the mountain.

Kadabra rests in the Poké Ball and restores the Mental Force that was previously consumed at sea.

Raichu is obsessed with Calm Mind, but also can’t get out of Poké Ball.

It recently changed its Calm Mind sustenance and replaced it with the hammer mentioned in the “Spirit Hammer” secret book.

It’s not the hammer on that stick figure.

It is the “Meowth hammer” left by the Elite Raichu!

Because Calm Mind is much simpler than using abstract paintings as sustenance, so it has been successfully converted into sustenance in more than ten days.

Recently, I am familiar with the new Calm Mind method and increase the fit between them.

After a while, you can use the recipe provided on the secret book to train in the Second Rank segment.

That is the most difficult one. I don’t know if Raichu can survive it.

There is also a Metang that is inconvenient to release and is held in the Poké Ball.

So, now only three Pokemons, Houndoom, Raboot and Metang, accompany Jiang Sheng to hike into the mountain.

Houndoom raised his head and gave a Howl sound after he came out, and the jungle actually echoed one after another.

Next, other Pokemon in the forest can suffer. A team of vicious dogs is gathering quickly, moving towards Houndoom and rushing in the direction.

The line has only moved forward in the woods for more than 20 minutes, and a group of dark-haired dogs surrounded them.

A tall and fierce Houndoom Boss brought five other Houndooms to their front, blocking their way.

Jiang Sheng glared at his Houndoom unhappily. This trouble was caused by it.

This Houndoom Boss is fully Level 41, and the remaining five Houndooms are also quite good.

Obviously, they are one of the “local tyrants” in the Tianmenshan area.

These guys are based on ethnic groups. This level must have siege moves, maybe they are the overlords of this area.

Raboot be eager to have a try, his eyes are moving around several Houndooms, his eyes burning intently.

Houndoom stepped forward and talked with the boss opposite.

Jiang Sheng is not curious about what they are talking about. Anyway, the stupid dog Houndoom doesn’t settle the matter today, he is going to ask Raboot to eat dog meat hot pot.

The famous idiom-“Kill the dog and scare the rabbit” comes from here.

Houndoom:? ? ?


After an annoying howl, the two reached some agreement.

Houndoom Boss Howl screamed, and their Houndour and Houndoom surrounding Jiang Sheng scattered, forming a big circle again and enclosing the two Houndooms inside.

Jiang Sheng They have also become part of the big circle, and they put on a battle like the normal game of throwing a handkerchief in their childhood.

Even if Jiang Sheng hadn’t seen the match between Furrret and Houndour a few months ago, he could guess what Houndoom meant at this time.

Is this “the king sees the king”?

Does it mean that his dog wants to conquer an ethnic group?

This prodigal dog does not consider his master’s financial resources!

Think of this, Jiang Sheng suddenly stared, and his heart was ecstatic.

Wait, this is a good thing!

Let them change their habitats, from Tianmen Mountain to Dahei Mountain, and then let the members of the Fenruo team build bonds with them, which is simply one move, two gains …No, a good thing about three gains.

It can not only feed the entire Houndoom clan, but also bring a stable source of troops to the sub-rudder of Bincheng, and finally fulfill Houndoom’s “dog king dream”.

In this way, it does not need to live a group life with the Houndour and Houndoom groups in the evil courtyard. He also has his own ethnic group.

Unfortunately, the dreams of the teachers of the evil courtyard are shattered, and their efforts during this period of time may be overwhelming.

However, these are just conjectures of Jiang Sheng.

How things will develop depends on what Houndoom thinks.

With one person and a crowd of Pokemon onlookers, the battle in the field has begun.

The two Houndooms are bathed in red flames, and they chose Flame Charge to start the first encounter.

Horn Attack of the curved forest bones together, Jiang Sheng’s Houndoom took advantage of his size and knocked the opposite Houndoom Boss down and flew out.

After exiting three meters away, Houndoom Boss has grave expressions in his eyes.

On the contrary, Jiang Sheng’s Houndoom is very proud.

It shook its head, making the flames ignited by Flame Charge more vigorous and appearing majestic and mighty.

I got two legendary Pokemon legacy. If it is only comparable to Level 41 Wild Houndoom, it is really ironic.

Houndoom Boss noticed the gap between himself and the opponent, took a deep breath, and no longer prepared to use conventional means.

After a horror Howl of send cold shivers down one’s spine, a thick Malice enveloped the audience.

At this moment, the evil energy around has completely entered a state of rampage.

One after another black shadow flew out from each Houndour and Houndoom, like a ghost Normal attacking Houndoom of Jiang Sheng.


All members of Instruct attack. The more Pokemon in the same industry, the more the number of attackers.

At the moment, it is Houndoom Boss who borrowed the power of the entire group to besiege Houndoom of Jiang Sheng together.

Because all Houndour and Houndoom are in a circle, the black shadows flying out of them come from all around, which can be called an all-around attack without a trace of blind spots.

However, Jiang Sheng’s Houndoom didn’t panic at all. The flame remaining from Flame Charge on his body suddenly became vigorous, and the flame rose four or five meters high.

In the blink of an eye, the flame began to twist and spin, forming a large Fire Spin over four meters high, wrapping the Houndoom in a whirlpool.

All the black shadows that hit the Fire Spin, were stirred by the whirlpool, and then extinguished, failing to cause any damage to Houndoom.

Looking at the huge Fire Spin that wraps the opponent tightly, Houndoom Boss expression congeals, you can only brace oneself personally.

It is 【Flash Fire】Characteristic Trait, which can attack the opponent through Fire Spin without hindrance.

Houndoom Boss lowered his body, tapping his four claws on the ground, like a hunting leopard.

The blazing Fire Spin blocks the line of sight, making it unable to see the specific location of the opponent, only knowing that the opponent is hiding in the Fire Spin.

But it does not matter.

Houndoom Boss twitches his nose gently, detects the smell, and Lock On the opponent’s position.

It’s there!

Feint Attack!

Houndoom Boss slammed into the center of the whirlpool and hit the Houndoom hiding in it.

Only half a meter away, seeing Houndoom Boss about to plunge into the Fire Spin, a steel whip with white light smashed out of the Fire Spin.

Iron Tail!

Houndoom Boss was pumped out on the spot!

“roar! roar! roar!”

Three domineering roars shook the Fire Spin apart, revealing Houndoom’s stalwart body.

Three black apertures spit out from its mouth and hit Houndoom Boss, suppressing it to the ground, unable to move even a little bit.


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