Pokemon’s Ye You Chapter 271


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“Are they always like this?” Gragio asked.

This scene is a bit different from what he knew.

In his perception, Ye You, although a guy who abducted younger sister, has good character, good strength and mature work.

Gary, I have known each other not long ago, but through communication, I can also perceive that the other person is a reasonable person.

But now this scene is a bit like a child arguing.

“It’s always been like this, but it won’t be noisy for a long time. Through childhood, Gary has never beaten Ye You.” Ash Carefree said, “Gragio, do you have any amazing Pokémon here? I accept it. Taillow, Treecko, and Corphish.”

“I didn’t conquer so much, just conquered a Mudkip.” Gragio replied.

“Mudkip? I saw it in the Laboratory of Professor Birch. What about Pokémon, which is very difficult to deal with.” Ash exclaimed.

This is perhaps the most similar place between him and Ye You.

Faced with choices, the first instinct is to want them all.

Yusanjia in Hoenn Region, he likes it very much.

Hearing Ash’s admiration for not adulterating, Gragio was in a good mood and said: “Treecko is also very difficult to deal with, and I will suffer if we fight against each other. Mudkip is the final evolutionary type. Swampert is water. , Ground double Attribute, four times restrained by Treecko’s final evolution type lizard king.”

“But the game does not rely solely on Attribute. Or we are on the Hoenn Alliance, we will use the newly acquired Pokémon in Hoenn Region to fight.” Ash suddenly have a thought.

Gragio hesitated for a moment, nodded and said: “Yes, this is another form of restart. Everyone is on the same starting line.”

Always use the Pokémon of the past to fight, keep training, and becoming stronger is one way.

But continuously meeting and parting with the new Pokémon is also a kind of training for the heart.

Standing on the same starting line?

Gary, who was arguing with Ye You, heard these words, his expression lightened slightly, and said, “Ye You, dare to join? Instead of using the Pokémon in the past, use Hoenn Region to subdue and have a duel. It’s purely up to ours. What is your training ability!”

“Only Pokémon subdued by Hoenn Region? Are you sure?” Ye You suppressed a smile, looking at Gary with a weird expression.

“I’m sure, don’t you dare?” Gary said aggressively.

“Joke, what you dare to do, how could I not dare? Just don’t need old pet, Blastoise can’t Mega Evolution, your strength is greatly reduced.” Ye You said.

“A big reduction is a big reduction, everyone is the same. You dare not, are you afraid?” Gary said with a smug face.

“Are you sure you want to fight, don’t you regret it?” Ye You said.

“Don’t regret it.” Gary cut the line firmly.

“Okay, so be it.” Ye You said, wait, Evergrande Conference, I will let you know what terrifying is ruled by the three gods.

“Okay, just look at it now.” Gary said.

“Now? Wait a minute.” Ye You raised his brow. The three pillars were not together, and the shock was not enough.

“No, it’s rare to meet today, just today. Is it possible that, are you scared? Counseling?” Gary said with an arrogant expression.

“Counsel?” Ye You’s eyes changed. Since you are so dead, don’t blame me, “Well, compare, one-on-one, just warm up.”

“I taught you how to be a man.” Gary said.

“Teach me to be a man? If you don’t lose the game, play autism, give up martial arts, and become a Pokémon researcher. It’s great.” Ye You looked disgusted.

“You will be beaten to be autistic!” Gary retorted not to be outdone.

“Well, let’s see who is beaten to shut down.” Ye You said.

“It must be you, or come to warm up now! Just use Pokémon that you just conquered.” Gary said.

“Don’t be forced, let’s put Pokémon.” Ye You said.

“Come on, I’m afraid of you.” Gary came to the beach aggressively, throwing the baby ball, and releasing a huge shark.

“Sharpedo. It’s really shameless with your demeanor. It’s a fair game. You have to choose a battlefield that is beneficial to Sharpedo. You have the ability to switch to land and see if I can hammer you.” Ye You said.

“Sharpedo is Water Type Pokémon, where is it not in the water, where is it? There are Rocks there too. I choose the venue and give you the first attack, which is fair.” Gary said, Sharpedo is known as a water hooligan. It travels at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour in the water. If the land is lost, then it will be a waste!

“Okay, my lord has a large number. I don’t care about you, just let you see why I am Ye You master and you are only the challenger Gary. I am brave, I will throw you away.” Ye You go to the side of the atmosphere.

“I think you are going to take out the Electric Type or the same Water Type Pokémon.” Gary said.

“Registeel, come out!” Ye You didn’t talk nonsense with Gary, directly took out the Registeel he had just conquered, and stood on a huge rock with his heavy body.

“Registeel? When did you take it?”

When Gary, who was originally very confident, saw Registeel, his facial expression was instantly distorted.

The legendary giant, Registeel!

What are you kidding?

Is it not enough to have unique and unmatched exclusive Z moves and Mega Evolution?

Divine Beast was overwhelmed!

“half a month ago. Calm, just woke up, the strength has not fully recovered yet, you still have hope to win, come on.” Ye You said with a smile.

Gary looked at Ye You with a grimace, through childhood, he was the child of someone else’s family.

Especially compared to Ash, he is a perfect child of others.

But through childhood, he also heard a child from someone else’s family, Ye You.

A guy who pressed his head everywhere.

I originally thought that after getting Pokémon and becoming a Trainer, this situation would change.

But as a result, the gap is even greater.

Even if I study with my predecessor Elite Blaine, even if I don’t drive a luxury car or bring my girlfriend, I will go to Kalos cultivation.

Today, Blastoise Mega Evolution is almost invincible under Elite. Arcanine and Nidoking both have quasi-Elite strength, and dozens of elites remain.

But still not enough!

“Now the one-on-one match between Ye You and Gary begins.”

Brock, who is still used to be a referee, recovered first and said the opening remarks.

“Registeel, you are welcome, Zap Cannon will make a meeting ceremony.” Ye You said.

Choosing the sea battlefield can give full play to Sharpedo’s speed advantage.

But the sea, you are all water!

Registeel waved his hands, and an Energy Ball full of Electric Type power condensed, and moved towards Sharpedo in the sea.

“Sharpedo, Aqua Jet!”

Gary hurriedly ordered. Although the appearance of Regigigas was completely unexpected, he still wanted to fight.

Sharpedo immediately flew up, the water surging on his body, jumped out of the water, turned into a dodge Zap Cannon with a poor hit rate, and rammed into Registeel.

“It’s now, Iron Head!” Ye You said.

Registeel’s head was shining with white light, and he suddenly exerted his strength and was very vigorous. After the hair came first, he knocked Sharpdo out and fell into the sea together.

“It’s now, concentrate on slamming!” Ye You said.

Registeel’s right fist exerted force, the white light was strong, and it suddenly fell. It hit Sharpedo. Wherever Iron Fist went, the sea was completely empty and formed a hollow. After the fist was raised, it fell back again.

But Sharpedo has completely lost the combat capability and Levitate comes up like a salted fish.

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