Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 372


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The burial world, which was trembling, fell silent again.

Immortal Restricting Six Seals, although impossible will seal the burial world forever, there is no problem maintaining it for at least dozens of hundreds of years.

Although for the cultivator, dozens of hundreds of years are still not long.

But at that time, Jun Xiaoyao’s cultivation base was estimated to have reached a terrifying level.

When the time comes sweeping the burial world, isn’t it simple?

So Jun Xiaoyao doesn’t care that the sealing time is too short.

Just give him time, when the time comes, even if the burial world is broken, he can still suppress everything.

Seeing that the burial world is sealed again, those who have ran out before have mixed feelings in their hearts.

Who would have thought that the funeral world that was destined to be broken would be sealed by Jun Xiaoyao once again.

He did it, what his father did.

tiger father will not beget a dog son, this is true!

“Young Master’s methods, Li Xin admires!” Li Xin cup hand to hold fist, he really took it.

Although Li Xin agreed before, he was more or less, with some doubts.

But now, all problems are disappeared.

“It doesn’t have to be this way, this burial world is not sealed by me alone, but by everyone’s strength.” Jun Xiaoyao not at all takes the credit for himself.

Now that the crisis is lifted, the burial world is sealed, and Jun Xiaoyao also gets the Nine Wonders of Reincarnation Undying Grass.

This trip to Eternal’s burial ground is a perfect end.

Jun Xiaoyao’s goals were all achieved.

But Jun Xiaoyao is not going to leave directly, but to digest the great opportunity of the reincarnation pool of sentient beings.

Next, Jun Xiaoyao also asked Li Xin and the others’ thoughts.

Li Xin still wants to continue guarding the Wanling Cemetery.

Jun Xiaoyao did not advise anything, this is Li Xin’s performance.

Moreover, the burial community does need a powerhouse guard. When the time comes, you can contact him in time.

Jun Xiaoyao pupil light looked towards the depths of the burial world.

Although Li Xin didn’t tell him the secret of the burial world.

But Jun Xiaoyao seemed to see that his father, Divine King Jun Wuhui, swept the burial world alone and fought with the great terror in the burial world.

Jun Xiaoyao is indeed very strong now, but only in the younger generation invincible.

What Jun Xiaoyao will do next is to surpass the same generation step by step, and even compete with the older generation powerhouse.

“One day, I will go deep into the funeral world, and there will be those great horrors for a while.”

“There are also the reasons for the creation of Eternal burial soil, and why father sealed the burial world. These secrets, I will one day understand.” Jun Xiaoyao swore in his heart.

With his current strength, even understood the secrets of the burial world, he cannot help Jun Wuhui.

So becoming stronger is the only thing Jun Xiaoyao needs to do.

After the burial realm was sealed, the burial creatures from outside not at all left, still immersed in shock.

On the contrary, Langhuan carried a self-deprecating smile on her face.

“His Royal Highness, what’s wrong with you?” Qin Xian’er noticed and asked with concern.

“Xian’er, I originally thought that I was worthy of Jun Young Master. Now it seems that I really think highly of myself.” Langhuan smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Unimaginable, with extremely noble status, Langhuan, who ranked 2nd on the Burial Land Beauty List, was able to say this.

Qin Xian’er wanted to comfort him, but found that it seemed to be the case.

Jun Xiaoyao’s excellence is beyond their reach.

Here, Jun Xiaoyao is preparing to enter the cultivation of the reincarnation pool of sentient beings.

But before that, he still looked towards the Queen of the Burial with Ghost Face.

The Queen of the Tomb of the Ghost Mian had said before, and I wanted to talk to him.

Seeing Jun Xiaoyao’s gaze, the ghost face female burial emperor turned around and walked away.

Jun Xiaoyao also followed.

Li Xin and Ah Jiu are naturally interested and did not ask anything.

In a quiet place, the ghost face female buried emperor paused.

Jun Xiaoyao also stopped at the same time.

“This Sovereign is very puzzled, who are you?” The Queen of the Burial of the Ghost Face turned her back to Jun Xiaoyao, faintly said.

The female burial emperor wears a black skirt and has a slender figure, just like a mysterious and magnificent Black Rose.

This is too cute.

If the other burial creatures see this scene, they will probably doubt life.

Jun Xiaoyao can’t help but think that the ghost face female buried emperor may really be an iceberg type arrogant.

“If you don’t want to, then that’s all.” The ghost face female burial emperor body moved and was about to leave.

“Wait.” Jun Xiaoyao opened the mouth and said.

The female burial emperor stopped.

“The Queen is willing to show a helping hand, this Jun many thanks, this matter is nothing but no effort at all.” Jun Xiaoyao said.

As long as you don’t greedy him, you can do anything.

Hold a hug without getting pregnant.

Jun Xiaoyao stepped forward, a little hesitant, but still gently wrapped the empress’s waist.

If you are someone else, if you have the opportunity to get close to the Queen of Burial, you will probably be very excited, and you can’t even control your own hands.

But Jun Xiaoyao’s expression is plain, without any excitement.

The Empress’s body is cold, like a piece of ice.

While Jun Xiaoyao was holding it, the jade body trembled slightly, as if it was overcharged.

A long-lost warmth in memory, permeated.

But at the next moment, Jun Xiaoyao let go of his hand.

In the heart of the female burial emperor, there is an inexplicable sense of loss.

But she still said: “many thanks.”

“Well, when I learn the truth in the future, this Jun will come to you again.” Jun Xiaoyao turned and left without any lingering.

For a long time, the ghost face female buried emperor was faintly sighed.

One of her jade hands slightly lifted the ghost face on her face, and the jade face under that ghost face mask was already blushing.

The ghost face female buried emperor will also blush.

“Resurrection Lily blooms in the seven-color sky, and the flowers have become Immortal for a thousand years. I don’t want to become Immortal. I just want to wait for you to return in the vast red dust…”

The female burial emperor put on the grimace mask again, body moved and disappeared without a trace.

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