Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 376


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Long Aotian’s words spread above heaven under earth, shaking in all directions.

Except for the Ancestral Dragon Nest, many Immemorial Royal Family creatures take a deep breath.

It’s worthy of being the first generation of Ancestral Dragon Nest’s taboo. This tone is really big.

Even if the opponent is the famous Jun Xiaoyao, Long Aotian dare to say that anyone who offends him will die.

Doesn’t this mean that Long Aotian has the confidence to kill Jun Xiaoyao?

“It’s interesting, Jun Family Divine Child, the first generation of Ancestral Dragon Nest.”

“A man with Desolate Ancient Sacred Body, Supreme Bone.”

“One has Emperor Dragon Blood and seven Dragon Origin.”

“If these two people meet, what kind of conflict will occur, and who will win and who will lose?”

Many creatures on the periphery are thinking to themselves.

But because they are all Immemorial creatures, they still hope that Long Aotian can win.

“Before the opening of Xiangu World, I am going to Longji Princess.” Long Aotian said.

“That’s right, when the time comes Xiangu World opens, you can also take care of each other.” Ancestral Dragon Nest Elder hehe said with a smile.

Ancestral Dragon Nest had a prophecy before that, when Ssangyong was born, Ancestral Dragon would be popular.

The Ssangyong in the prophecy naturally refers to Long Aotian and Longji Princess.

If the two of them can join hands together, it might really be possible to kill Jun Xiaoyao.

At this moment, Long Aotian has another thought in his mind.

“Longji Princess, in terms of identity, status, innate talent, strength, but also qualified to be my woman, and can be the palace.”

As the protagonist of Destiny, Child of Destiny, Long Aotian’s vision of women is naturally very high.

And he is also impossible to have only one woman.

The harem palace must be opened, and the horse must be bred.

However, Long Aotian is only ambiguous about the women who are at their fingertips, and has no plans to give them any status.

And Longji Princess, with a high status and status, is enough to be his palace and assist him in becoming a king.

After that, Long Aotian went directly to Longji Princess.

The news of Long Aotian’s exit, as if spreading wings, spread to other corners of Immortal Domain.

This time, it caused a big earthquake.

On the eve of the opening of Xiangu World, Long Aotian just left the customs and made it clear that he was going to overwhelm the Heaven’s Chosen in Xiangu World and win the top spot.

A beautiful young man with purple clothed and purple hair stands among the mountains where Purple Qi is immersed and Ruiguang is rising.

“Long Aotian actually left the customs. Interesting. It seems that this Immortal World, my Immemorial Imperial Family, will overwhelm the Desolate Ancient Aristocratic Family.”

The handsome young man with purple hair muttered to himself. He has fine purple scales on his skin and two purple-golden Qilin horns on his forehead.

It is the top Heaven’s Chosen of Qilin ancient cave, Qilin son.

On the other side, in the depths of Myriad Phoenix Spirit Mountain, a round of fiery-red sun sinks in it.

A closer look, you can vaguely see a fuzzy silhouette on the back grows a pair of wings.

“Long Aotian has left the customs, it seems that Xiangu World will be more exciting, but… Then will Jun Xiaoyao come?”

This whispering silhouette is the Huangzi of Myriad Phoenix Spirit Mountain, Huang Tiange!

He is not afraid of any Immortal heirs, Aristocratic Family Heaven’s Chosen, but Jun Xiaoyao.

At the same time, in a certain Dao Prefecture, in an ancient mountain cave.

A beautiful shadow broke out.

It was a woman in a pink dress, with a delicate and charming appearance, beautiful eyes with peach blossoms, and her eyes flowed and she was charming and charming.

The figure is also very good, with charming curves.

The most striking thing is that there are six fox tails behind his hips, which are fluffy and very soft.

This girl is the goddess of Heavenly-Fox Race, Bai Meier.

Heavenly-Fox Race, rumored to own the Bloodline of Ancient Nine-Tailed Monster Fox.

Nine-Tailed Monster Fox is the Xeon Immortal Imperial Family, not in Desolate Heaven Immortal Domain, but in other Immortal Domains.

Heavenly-Fox Race is not the Immemorial Imperial Family, but it is the Peak Immemorial Royal Family, which is comparable to Nine Headed Lion Clan and Golden Wings Great Peng races.

“Gong Ying Tiannv exits!”

Several Heavenly-Fox Race maids approached respectfully.

“your servant feels it, the aura of the Aotian big brother, he has also left.”

Bai Mei’er has a peach heart in her eyes, a pair of jade hands covering her cheeks, her eyes are full of fanatical worship and idiots.

I even feel sick.

The maid of Heavenly-Fox Race who saw this scene is also used to it.

After all, Bai Meier was trapped in a Secret Realm in the Secret Realm.

At the time of despair, it was Long Aotian who appeared and came to the world like True Fated Son of Heaven and rescued her.

The powerful strength, the upright heroic posture, and the evil and unruly smile completely conquered Bai Meier.

From then on, Bai Meier became crazy in love with Long Aotian.

Because at that time, Bai Meier had to cultivation the Heavenly-Fox Race special cultivation technique and couldn’t be a child, so she didn’t have any intimacy with Long Aotian.

Now that she has achieved her cultivation technique, she is free.

The next step is to find Long Aotian.

“By the way, what else happened during my retreat?” Bai Meier asked casually.

The time of her retreat is not much different from Long Aotian.

So she is completely unclear about Jun Xiaoyao.

The maid of Heavenly-Fox Race tells a series of things that happened.

“What, the younger brother of the Aotian big brother was killed by the Jun Family Divine Child?” Bai Meier’s face was cold.

Long Aotian’s enemy is her enemy.

“You said that Jun Family Divine Child can outperform the Aotian big brother in terms of appearance, innate talent, and strength. How could that be possible? The Aotian big brother is the most perfect man.”

Hearing these Heavenly-Fox Race maids and some comments on Jun Xiaoyao, Bai Mei’er was noncommittal.

Heavenly-Fox Race is a race that looks at both face and strength.

powerhouse, they like it.

They like the handsome powerhouse better.

Long Aotian is perfectly in line with the aesthetic of Heavenly-Fox Race.

In addition to the hero saving the beauty bridge, Bai Meier naturally fell into the trap.

As for Jun Xiaoyao, she doesn’t understand, doesn’t care, nor is she interested.

What is Immortal, looks peerless, it sounds like an exaggerated rumor.

How could anyone in this world be so handsome?

Bai Meier doesn’t believe it anyway.

“When the fairy world opens, your servant must help the Aotian big brother.” Bai Meier’s eyes were obsessed and she chuckles spontaneously.

On the other side, Long Aotian also came to a mountain range.

The golden dragon palace, floating above the mountain range, is majestic in an imposing manner.

Long Aotian stepped directly in.

In the Dragon Palace, a peerless shadow is leaning on the dragon seat. It seems that Long Aotian will come.

The double dragons predicted by Ancestral Dragon Nest finally met.

Long Aotian looked at it, and there was a flash of stunning color in Golden’s pupils.

Even though he read countless women, he was still amazed at the moment that the woman in front of him was so noble and beautiful.

Long Ji Princess wears a fairy dress in a palace dress, leaning lazily on the Golden Dragon seat.

The green silk is like a waterfall, pouring down.

The peaks and mountains are full, and the waist is slender.

A pair of delicate, porcelain-like slender legs overlapped, barefoot and white, as pleasing as a work of art.

At this moment, Longji Princess has no longer been embarrassed during the battle with Jun Xiaoyao, and restored the arrogance and nobility of aloof and remote.

At the same time, her aura has also risen a lot, which is deep and unmeasurable, far from comparable to before.

But her mind is still full of Jun Xiaoyao’s shadow.

The shame of losing to Jun Xiaoyao is deeply in her heart.

Especially Jun Xiaoyao stepped on her chest and said that you are only worthy of being a mount, which is a shame that Longji Princess cannot erase.

And Long Aotian, after seeing Longji Princess, he was determined in his heart.

Longji Princess will be his palace.

As for whether Longji Princess is willing or not, Long Aotian doesn’t care.

The woman he wants is not unavailable.

What’s more, he and Longji Princess are also the best match.

If Long Aotian learns that he is a good match for the palace in mind, in the eyes of Jun Xiaoyao, he is only worthy of being a mount.

I wonder what Long Aotian feels in his mind?

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