Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 381


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Although I missed the opening of Xiangu World, Jun Xiaoyao actually didn’t care.

For him, he is not worried at all, the rest of Heaven’s Chosen will surpass himself.

So, he is at ease cultivation in the funeral world.

But it didn’t expect that in the ancient world, there is a Jun Family sequence that has fallen.

But when you think about it, this is normal.

This era is very cruel, and only a few people came to the end.

Even the ten major sequences of Jun Family, it is impossible to go on safely.

After a few sequences died, some clansman with excellent talents will naturally be promoted from the Jun Family in the future.

It’s cold and cruel, but it’s also true.

“Although there are some things that cannot be avoided, but the Immemorial Imperial Family, and the influence of the Divine Palace, you have passed.” Jun Xiaoyao pupil light is indifferent, and the killing intent freezes the void.

However, before going to Immortal World, he still needs to go back to Jiang Family and hand over the Nine Wonders of Reincarnation Undying Grass to Jiang Daoxu.

Soon, Jun Xiaoyao took a flying boat and sailed towards Jiang Family.

On the other side, in a certain area of ​​Xiangu World.

A silhouette rushes across the void.

That was a young girl, wearing a black gauze skirt, with a slender figure and an extremely beautiful appearance.

A pair of black and white fallen wings shook at will, and they could fly through the hundred zhang void.

It is the follower of Jun Xiaoyao, the successor of Swallow Fiendgod, Yan Qingying.

Yan Qingying’s progress is also extremely fast. As Lower Realm Heaven’s Chosen, her current cultivation base has reached the Great Perfection of the Void God Realm.

There is only a narrow gap from True God Realm.

This is attributed to her ability to swallow Fiendgod, which can swallow many innate talent sources and make her grow extremely fast.

Originally, Yan Qingying continued to cultivate at this speed, and soon he could break through to True God Realm.

But halfway, someone started secretly organizing and besieging her collectively.

“Yan Qingying, why bother struggling, avoiding past the first day of the first year, but not the fifteenth, under the call of Saintess, do you think you can survive the siege?”

“That is, the Fiendgod Kungfu should not reappear in the world. Saintess is compassionate and helpful to the world, willing to organize me to wait and kill the Fiendgod Kungfu in the bud. You should be obediently surrender.”

Behind Yan Qingying, hundreds of Heaven’s Chosen were chasing and killing her.

If there are only a few or a dozen people, then Yan Qingying can still kill a wave.

But there are too many hundreds of people.

The leading Heaven’s Chosen and the cultivation base have all reached the Late Stage or Great Perfection.

Yan Qingying alone, it is impossible to contend with so many people.

And most importantly, they were all called by one person to come and suppress her.

“Holy Sect Saintess, Homi!” Yan Qingying’s obsidian-like beautiful eyes flashed with extreme coldness.

Holy Sect, like human immortal sect and Demon immortal sect, is the Immortal Major Sect of Desolate Heaven Immortal Domain, and has a profound strength.

This time the Celestial World opened, Holy Sect also had two top figures participating.

Holy Sect son and Saintess Himiho.

It was Saintess Himiho who called on Heaven’s Chosen to besie her.

Yan Qingying asked herself, she and Meihu had never known each other, nor had anyone swallowed Holy Sect.

She didn’t understand why Himihu wanted people to besiege her.

Is it really just because you don’t want Fiendgod to become alive?

“You will pay the price for what you do.” Yan Qingying said coldly.

The Immortal World is huge, and it is random transmission when entering.

So Yan Qingying is not at all with Yiyu, Wangchuan and the others.

Moreover, they each have their own opportunities, and they won’t run into it at Early Stage.

That’s why Yan Qingying is isolated and helpless at this moment.

Hearing Yan Qingying’s words, the expressions of those Heaven’s Chosen who were chasing her changed vaguely.

They know that Yan Qingying is a follower of Jun Xiaoyao.

Encircling Yan Qingying is tantamount to offending Jun Xiaoyao to death.

But when I thought that Jun Xiaoyao hadn’t appeared yet, these Heaven’s Chosen was relieved.

“Heh, don’t mess with tiger skins, Jun Family Divine Child still doesn’t know if he can survive from the burial ground. Even if he comes out alive, his current cultivation base is not as good as me, right?” Heaven’s Chosen said with a sneer.

“Yes, and Immortal World doesn’t shy away from killing, and the Jun Family sequence has fallen a few. Do you still care about you as a small follower?” Another Heaven’s Chosen said.

“You courting death!”

Yan Qingying evaded, while swallowing Fiendgod, once again refining several Heaven’s Chosen into nothingness.

In this way, Yan Qingying fought and retreated, insisting.

She believes that Jun Xiaoyao will return with the strongest posture!

In Xiangu World, when the fighting between all parties reached a fever pitch.

At this time, Jun Xiaoyao has returned to Jiang Family.

When they saw Jun Xiaoyao appear, all Jiang Family clansman were stunned, and then exclaimed in ecstasy.

“Young Master…it is Young Master who is back!”

“Young Master really came back safely from Eternal Burial Ground!”

“Oh my god, this aura…I read it right, True God Realm!”

After sensing Jun Xiaoyao’s cultivation base aura, all Jiang Family clansman expressions are dull.

If it hadn’t been known that Jun Xiaoyao had gone to the burial ground, they even wondered if Jun Xiaoyao had come back from a stroll around Xiangu World.

Otherwise, how could the strength increase so fast, even better than those Heaven’s Chosen who are still experiencing in the ancient world.

“Xiaoyao, you can count back!”

Jiang Rou appeared in front of Jun Xiaoyao.

He touched his face again, and patted his shoulder again, as if to check whether Jun Xiaoyao was injured.

After discovering that Jun Xiaoyao was completely intact, Jiang Rou sighed in relief and said: “You have been to the burial ground for so long and have not come back, so you are worried about your dead mother.”

“Mother, don’t you know what a child can do for you, why worry.” Jun Xiaoyao laughed.

“By the way, where is Grandpa?” Jun Xiaoyao said.

“Your grandpa, his body is getting worse and worse.” Jiang Rou’s face was slightly pale.

“It doesn’t matter, the child is fortunate not to be insulted.” Jun Xiaoyao took out the Nine Wonders of Reincarnation Undying Grass.

In an instant, Heaven and Earth all around became quiet.

Those Jiang Family clansman, each and everyone’s eyes widened and their mouths opened silently.

In their expectation, it was a miracle that Jun Xiaoyao could return from the burial ground safely.

What made them didn’t expect is that Jun Xiaoyao actually brought back Undying Grass from the burial soil!

“Young Master is mighty!”

“As expected of me, Jiang Family Young Master!”

After a brief dead silence, there was a feverish exclamation.

Jun Xiaoyao is thorough, using his actions to prove his strength.

He is indeed worthy of the identity of Jiang Family Young Master!

After that, Jun Xiaoyao and Jiang Rou and the others directly went to the small World of Jiang Daoxu’s retreat.

We haven’t seen him for nearly a year, and Jiang Daoxu is much older.

When he saw Jun Xiaoyao come back safely, Jiang Daoxu also showed a smile on his face.

Although he knew that Jun Xiaoyao was okay, he was really relieved to see Jun Xiaoyao return without any problems.

“Grandpa, if it wasn’t for some of the ancient artifacts you gave, grandson might be really dangerous. This strain of Undying Grass, please refining.” Jun Xiaoyao handed out Undying Grass.

“Okay, okay, okay, I, Jiang Daoxu, how lucky I have such a grandson!”

Jiang Daoxu haha ​​smiled, and even said three good words. Obviously, he was extremely happy and proud of Jun Xiaoyao.

After that, Jiang Daoxu also began to retreat to refining Undying Grass.

With this Undying Grass, Jiang Daoxu does not say that he is restored to his previous Peak state, but at least his life is worry-free.

After solving the most important thing, Jun Xiaoyao is sighed in relief.

At this time, Jiang Rou stepped forward and said: “Xiaoyao, Shengyi and Luoli are all in Xiangu World, and you should also set off.”

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