Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 445


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In a place of opportunity in Ancient spirit earth, two shadows are cultivation.

One of the women is petite and exquisite, with lovely ice and snow, and the green silk is tied into a double ponytail, which looks lively and playful.

The curled eyelashes are slender, and underneath are a pair of bright and smart eyes, with a beautiful Qiong nose and pink lips like cherry blossoms.

She talks to the side girl from time to time, and when she smiles, she reveals two small tiger teeth and two lovely pear vortices on her cheeks.

It is the beloved person of Jiang Family, Jiang Luoli.

Although time has been passing by, Jiang Luoli’s height seems to be frozen, and there is not much change. It is still the 1.5 metres short leg.

As for the girl talking to her, with smooth, soft and glossy skin, she has a pretty face, and she has long blue hair pouring down. It is Jiang Chuhan.

“The opportunity here is almost digested. Let’s go to Sister Shengyi.” Jiang Chuhan said.

“Oh.” Jiang Luoli was slightly nodded, but he didn’t seem to be too interested.

“What’s the matter, I remember that you seemed to be the most sticky Sister Shengyi before, why didn’t you go looking for her after entering Xiangu?” Jiang Chuhan said.

“It’s nothing, people always have to grow up, can’t rely on others, Luoli himself, also work hard to become stronger!” Jiang Luoli squeezed his pink fist and cheered himself up.

After that, she also said with a smile: “Don’t say me, why didn’t you see Hua Yuanxiu looking for you?”

Hearing the words Hua Yuanxiu, Jiang Chuhan shook his head slightly.

Now she feels more and more insensitive to Hua Yuanxiu.

Jiang Chuhan felt upset when he thought of marrying Hua Yuanxiu after the end of the ancient world.

“Since I entered Xiangu, I don’t know where he has gone. I may have gone through the experience alone, looking for opportunities, but it’s okay, I don’t see it, I don’t bother.”

Jiang Chuhan doesn’t care.

She didn’t care about Hua Yuanxiu anymore.

At this time, in the distance, a beautiful shadow came, and the snow clothes moved, and the beautiful peerless was Jiang Shengyi.

“It’s Sister Shengyi.” Jiang Chuhan was surprised, didn’t expect Jiang Shengyi to come to them on his own initiative.

“Sister Shengyi.” Jiang Luoli also shouted.

“Well, your cultivation is not bad.” Jiang Shengyi responded.

It’s just that when she looked towards Jiang Luoli, there was an awkward color deep in her beautiful eyes.

For some reason, facing Jiang Luoli, she always felt a guilty conscience, as if she had done something wrong.

Jiang Shengyi also understands that Jiang Luoli looks like a silly girl, but sometimes his mind is extremely delicate.

Jiang Luoli is not aware of the relationship between her and Jun Xiaoyao at all.

But she never took the initiative to mention it.

However, invisible, Jiang Luoli’s relationship with her has undergone a subtle change.

No longer sticks to her as before, there is a vague barrier.

But now, it’s not the time to think about this kind of thing.

Jiang Shengyi screened out the disordered thoughts in his brain, opened the mouth and said: “I’m here to see you this time, there is something important, about Jun Family…”

Jiang Shengyi explained the matter briefly.

“What, there is such a thing?” Jiang Chuhan was also startled.

This is an absolute major event, which will shake the entire ancient immortal and even affect the pattern of influence in the future.

“Big Brother Xiaoyao is all right?” Jiang Luoli said nervously.

She also heard about Jun Xiaoyao’s entry into Xiangu.

Only in order not to disturb Jun Xiaoyao cultivation, Jiang Luoli forcibly resisted the miss and did not take the initiative to find him.

“Xiaoyao is okay. The Jun Family ancient freaks are now being targeted, so we Jiang Family must also gather our strength to help Jun Family.” Jiang Shengyi said.

“Well, let’s get Jiang Void Spirit and the others.” Jiang Luoli nodded.

She also realized the seriousness of the situation.

“Hey, I don’t know where Hua Yuanxiu is.” Jiang Chuhan shook his head.

She doesn’t expect Hua Yuanxiu to be strong, but it’s also a strength.

Soon, the three daughters of Jiang Family took action and gathered Heaven’s Chosen from Jiang Family.

On the other side, Jun Wushuang went to find people around Jun Xiaoyao.

Ancient spirit earth A certain place, a silhouette is fighting a certain Spirit Beast.

The aura of Spirit Beast has reached the Heavenly God realm.

The young man who was fighting against this Spirit Beast was heroic, topless, with the sun Totem on his chest, releasing endless brilliance.

He holds the Zhu Xing Destruction Bow, and his golden eyes are as bright as the sun.

It is the ancient emperor, the descendant of the Yi clan, Yi Yu.

He stretched his bow and pulled the strings, and the nine arrows were all fired. The nine arrows all fell on the same point, directly penetrating the Spirit Beast in the Heavenly God realm.

After killing Spirit Beast, Yi Yu also stepped forward and obtained a golden fruit of the sun guarded by Spirit Beast.

At this moment, a divine glow flashed in Yi Yu’s golden eyes.


A silhouette appeared in midair. It was a man wearing a yellow golden armor and a Nine Dragons crown. He was very mighty and imposing manner out of the ordinary.

It is the Jun Family 2nd sequence, Jun Wushuang.

“It turned out to be the 2nd sequence.” Yi Yu put down his guard and arched his hands slightly.

Although Yi Yu only recognizes Jun Xiaoyao as a master, he still gives some face to other Jun Family sequences.

“Yiyu, your strength has reached the Heavenly God level.” Jun Wushuang was surprised.

Who would have thought that even the followers of Jun Xiaoyao could reach the Heavenly God realm.

But when I think of the background of the descendants of the Yiyu Emperor clan, he is actually a descendant of Immortal Influence, not weaker than other descendants.

“I don’t know what happened to the 2nd sequence?” Yi Yu asked.

“It’s like this…” Jun Wushuang frowns informed Yi Yu of the matter.

“If there is such a thing, then it is incumbent for Yiyu to do so.” Yiyu agreed without hesitation.

Jun Family’s matter is Jun Xiaoyao’s matter.

Jun Xiaoyao’s matter is Yiyu’s matter.

“Okay, Divine Child did not misunderstand you.” Jun Wushuang nodded.

Immediately, together with Yi Yu, he began to look for other people.

Soon, they also found Yan Qingying.

Yan Qingying, who has the skill of swallowing Fiendgod, has grown up very quickly in Xiangu World.

Before, with the help of Jun Xiaoyao, he swallowed the Saintess Himihu and Minor Western Paradise Buddha girl, and the cultivation base breakthrough reached True God Realm.

Now, it has reached True God Realm Little Perfection.

Don’t look at the comparison with Yiyu in Heavenly God, it’s nothing.

But you have to know that Yan Qingying is a member of Lower Realm, and now it is extremely fast to be able to cultivation to this kind of realm.

After Jun Wushuang explained it, Yan Qingying also joined without the slightest hesitation.

In another area, there is a young man in a black golden robe, with black hair like ink, pale skin, and handsome appearance.

It looks thin and tall, like a white-faced scholar.

But his aura, which is permeated throughout, has reached the Heavenly God realm, and there is a sense of reincarnation permeating.

Across from him, several immortal creatures showed terrified look.

“Let… let us go… because we have no eyes…”

“Dare to seize the opportunity with me, courting death!”

Black clothed handsome young man, leaning out with one hand, in the sky there is a vague illusory shadow of roulette emerging, as if to draw sentient beings into reincarnation.

The immortal creatures turned into ashes before they even screamed.

“This feeling is pretty good.” The black clothed handsome young man smiled slightly.

Without Jun Xiaoyao by his side, he finally realized the feeling of freedom and aloof and remote again.

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