Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 446


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This black clothed handsome young man is an ancient freak of the Demon Sect, Samsara Sacred Body.

As an ancient freak, his cultivation base has also reached the Heavenly God realm.

He was supposed to be aloof and remote, but Jun Xiaoyao planted a slave mark and became a slave.

At first, Wangchuan is still a little uncomfortable.

But after a long time, I don’t think there is anything.

Jun Family didn’t treat him as an ancient freak wrong, and gave him many opportunities.

It can be said that Wangchuan’s treatment is also quite good, not like a slave at all.

But occasionally, Wangchuan still misses when he is free.

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from a distance.

“It is worthy of being an ancient freak of the Demon Sect of Samsara, with a Sacred Body in Samsara, and the cultivation base has reached the Heavenly God realm.”

Wangchuan pupil light cast it. It was Jun Wushuang, Yiyu, and Yan Qingying.

“It’s you.” Wangchuan looked around and found that Jun Xiaoyao had not arrived.

Jun Wushuang was also very simple, directly telling Wangchuan of his future intentions.

Wangchuan thought slightly.

To be honest, anyone with a discerning eye knows that this action must be dangerous.

After all, there are too many enemies, and they are too strong.

But Jun Family is not bad for him. Although Jun Xiaoyao planted a slave mark on him, he didn’t humiliate him. It’s pretty good.

And if you don’t agree, if Jun Xiaoyao knows about it, the consequences will be miserable.

So Wangchuan didn’t hesitate and agreed directly.

Jun Wushuang is nodded.

Next, they went to Nine-Headed Lion again.

As the top Immemorial Royal Family, the strength of Nine-Headed Lion is undoubted, and it has also reached the True God Realm Great Perfection, which is a strong help.

In addition, they also found some people related to Jun Xiaoyao.

For example, Panwu Divine Dynasty Eldest Princess Wu Mingyue, Sacred Spirit Academy Saintess Hua Xiqing, and Purple Mansion Holy Land’s Su Ziqiong and the others.

Because of Jun Xiaoyao’s relationship, they also readily agreed.

In short, the Jun Family sequence unites all the forces that can be combined and prepares to fight to the death against influences such as the Immemorial Imperial Family.

For a time, the entire Ancient spirit earth, wind and rain are coming.

Over time, it took about a month or so.

In Ancient spirit earth, on a mountain top.

Gu Chanzi of the Royal Family of Tianchan opened his eyes, his eyes revealed the spirit, looked towards the tortoise shell in his hand.

“Finally found it.” Gu Chanzi mouth showing a smile.

In order to figure out the sleeping place of the last ancient freak in Jun Family, he also paid a great price.

“Have you finally figured it out?” Long Aotian and other Immemorial Imperial Family Heaven’s Chosen were also refreshed.

They waited for this moment.

“It should be in the area of ​​Xuantian mountain range.” Gu Chanzi said.

“Well, let’s set off directly. In addition, send a message to another team to let them also go to the Xuantian mountain range.” Long Aotian said.

They started to act.

“Wait for the last ancient Jun Family freak to fall, then it will be the turn of the Jun Family contemporary sequence.”

“Jun Xiaoyao, when you finally come out, if you find that you are the only one in the entire Jun Family, I don’t know how you would feel at that time?” Long Aotian suddenly looked forward to it.

Moreover, he not only wants those Jun Family sequences to die.

Those related to Jun Xiaoyao, followers and the like, will also be killed.

As for the women related to Jun Xiaoyao, they are all relegated to female slaves.

This is Long Aotian’s revenge against Jun Xiaoyao.

The team from Long Aotian and the team from Nether God Crown Prince simultaneously set off and rushed to the mountain range of Xuantian.

The noise made is also a bit big, and many Heaven’s Chosen around can feel it.

But they don’t have to hide anything anymore, because after killing the last ancient freak of the Jun Family, they will attack those Jun Family sequences.

“Oh my god, how come those Heaven’s Chosen from the Immemorial Imperial Family are all united?”

“Looking at their direction, it should be moved towards Xuantian mountain range.”

“What’s the matter, is there a chance for heaven defying in the Xuantian mountain range, otherwise, how come these Heaven’s Chosen are going in a group?”

“Not quite clear, but there is definitely a major event about to happen!”

This movement also attracted other Heaven’s Chosen in Ancient spirit earth.

Even some ancient freaks outside the body are attracted.

Desolate Ancient Ji Family, Desolate Ancient Ye Family, Demon immortal sect and other influence’s Heaven’s Chosen were also alarmed and followed behind them in secret.

They also expected it, for fear that a major event would happen.

On the other side, Jun Lingcang, who received the news, also gathered everyone, and moved towards the Xuantian mountain range.

For a time, the entire Ancient spirit earth, rising winds, scudding clouds.

A terrifying ultimate battle is about to begin!

Compared with the treacherous waves of Ancient spirit earth, the rest of the fairy world seems to be much calmer.

Xiangudao Lake is also peaceful.

However, this tranquility was broken.

An area in the Xiangudao Lake suddenly thundered, and the sky gathered thick layers of clouds, and the thunderbolt fell down.

Among the shining thunderbolt, a silhouette rose into the air, opening its mouth and howling, absorbing the thunderbolt in the sky.

It is Lei Mingyuan.

His eyes are like two lakes of thunder, three feet of thunder glow blooming, the whole body is wrapped around the thunderbolt, and the surface of his skin also has electric wires across from time to time.

Lei Mingyuan’s aura has reached the perfection period of True God Realm.

This kind of progress is tremendous to him.

Of course, this is due to the remains of Thunder Beast and the heart of Thunder Beast.

“My Sky Thunder Body has been turned on.” Lei Mingyuan’s eyes were extremely excited.

It turned out that although his Sky Thunder Body can be cultivated, it has not been fully awakened.

The Thunder Beast heart awakens Lei Mingyuan’s body of sky thunder.

Otherwise, his strength will not directly skyrocket to True God Realm Little Perfection.

Now, although he still can’t compete with those ancient freaks and Peak Heaven’s Chosen, he has reached the first-class Heaven’s Chosen level.

And this is all brought to him by Jun Xiaoyao.

“Sir Divine Child has not yet come out of the retreat. His progress must be stronger. Maybe he can break through to the Heavenly God realm.” Lei Ming said.

Jun Xiaoyao is full of calculations, but only 16 years old.

The 16-year-old Heavenly God powerhouse is simply unimaginable.

Just as Lei Mingyuan was thinking, on the edge of Xiangudao Lake, a Heaven’s Chosen tentatively walked up.

“en? You are…” Lei Mingyuan warned.

“I’m here to send a message for the Jun Family sequence. Before the sequence leaves, Jun Mulan asks us to tell Divine Child after he leaves the customs.” Heaven’s Chosen said.

After that, the Heaven’s Chosen told Lei Mingyuan the matter.

“What, Jun Family would encounter such a crisis?” Lei Mingyuan was also extremely surprised.

Who ever thought this would happen?

“I understand. When Sir Divine Child leaves the customs, I will tell him immediately.” Lei Mingyuan nodded and said.

The Heaven’s Chosen left.

“How long will Sir Divine Child leave?” Lei Mingyuan felt a little anxious.

Although his current status is just Jun Xiaoyao’s servant, in his heart, he has regarded Jun Xiaoyao as a master worth following.

At this moment, a terrifying coercion spread out like a blowout.

The pressure has reached the Heavenly God realm!

“That’s…” Lei Mingyuan’s heart trembled.

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